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Cross Edge cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.

Cross Edge Trophies

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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Crossover Conquest (Platinum)Earn this trophy by unlocking all other Cross Edge trophies.
The Entitled (Bronze)Unlock any trophy (ingame trophies).
The Bully (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemy units.
The Newbie (Bronze)Survive 35 battles.
The Badass (Bronze) Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.
The Juggler (Bronze)Exceed a 50-hit combo!
The Skywalker (Silver)Reach 300 AGI. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
The Meat Shield (Silver)Reach 300 VIT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
The Juicer (Silver)Reach 300 STR. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
The Know-It-All (Silver)Reach 300 INT. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
The Gambler (Silver)Reach 300 LCK. (Equipment’s effect doesn’t count.)
The Stalker (Silver)Unlock all character profiles. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
The Patron (Silver)Unlock all gallery art. (Use the % on the upper-right screen)
The God of Death (Silver)Defeat 3,000 enemy units.
The Highlander (Silver)Survive 900 battles.
The World Champ (Silver)Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage!
The Aggressor (Silver)Exceed a 400-hit combo.
The Gun Runner (Gold) Collect every type of weapon.
The Battle Ready (Gold)Collect every type of armor.
The Fashionista (Gold)Collect every type of accessory.
The Packrat (Gold)Collect every type of item.
The Grave Robber (Gold)Find 150 hidden items using Search.
The Dood (Gold)Earn the true ending. (Unlocked after the true ending.)
The Hikikomori (Gold)Earn every single title. (Unlocked when all the title are given at the guild. Each title is counted when unlocked, so if you don’t do this task from the beginning, you may not reach the point.)
Submitted by: Krunal on May 25, 2009

Cross Edge Tips

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Character & Form Unlocks
How to Recruit Jedah
1. Defeat Jedah in TruthEnd in 5-1

How to Recruit Judas
1. Defeat Judas in TruthEnd in 5-1

How to Recruit Augustine
1. Defeat Augustine in TruthEnd in 5-1

How to Recruit Borudo
1. Defeat Borudo in TruthEnd in 5-1

How to Recruit Ruritsuhi
1. Defeat Ruritsuhi in TruthEnd in 5-1

How to Unlock all Forms for Characters
1. Access all diamond shaped events. Last one in 5-1
Submitted by: Tenshi on June 13, 2009
Lazarus Battle [World 3-2]
In the final battle against Lazarus in World 3-2 you're only supposed to fight with York, however if you use 'switch' you can bring in other characters into the battle, making the battle extremely easier...
Submitted by: Krunal on November 06, 2009
True Ending Route Requirements
True Route Conditions
1. Lilth, Dimitri, and the three siblings must join your side
2. View all of Marie's alchemy events
3. Ayatane lives
4. Defeat Lazarus on the first encounter
5. Defeat Aneesha only in all encounters (three in total)
6. Do not injure or defeat Augustine on the second encounter
7. Witness Touya's communication before the prison break
8. Witness the three siblings talk in 5-1 (True Route Secured)

How to Recruit Lilth and Dimitri
1. Defeat Lilth only in the first encounter
2. After the first battle with Touya/Aneesha in 1-2, go to 2-1 for event
3. After the battle with Jedah in 4-1, go to 2-3 and 2-2 respectively for events

How to Recruit Llma and Elma (the two sisters)
1. Witness Mikoto talk with the three siblings in 4-2 before Touya's communication

How to Recruit Vivi (the brother)
1. After Llma and Elma joined you, clear region 4-3 and enter chamber to 5-1

Marie Alchemy Events (All alchemy events share a unique music)
1. View Alchemy event in 3-1
2. View Alchemy event in 2-2
3. View Alchemy event in 1-2
4. View Alchemy event in 2-3
5. View Alchemy event in 3-2
6. View Alchemy event in 3-3

Ayatane Survival Conditions
1. View Ayatane event in 3-1
2. View Ayatane event in 2-2
3. View Ayatane event in 1-3
4. View Ayatane event in 3-3
5. In the battle against Judas and Jedah in the last prison break event, Ayatane must not fall. Using revival herb won't change the result.
6. Witness Marie healing event in 4-3. (Ayatane healed)

Hot Spring Events (note that these hot spring events are interdependent and time sensitive hence you cannot access event 2 without having accessed event 1)
1. After recruiting Felicia, 2-1
2. Enter region 2-2, 2-1
3. Enter region 2-3, 1-1
4. Enter chamber to 4-1, 3-3
5. Enter 5-1, 4-3
6. After reaching TruthEnd, 5-1
Submitted by: Tenshi on June 14, 2009