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Battlefield 4 (PS3) Cheats

Battlefield 4 cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Collect all other Battlefield 4™ Trophies
Storm bringer (Silver)Obtain 20 000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign
A one-man riot (Silver)Obtain 11 000 points in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign
Terror of the deep (Silver)Obtain 11 000 points in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign
Gladiator (Silver)Obtain 12 000 points in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign
Above and beyond the call (Silver)Complete all Assignments in the Campaign
Demolition man (Silver)Obtain 15 000 points in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign
Guardian of the fleet (Silver)Obtain 6 000 points in the Suez mission in the Campaign
Full arsenal (Gold)Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign
Fish (Bronze)Complete the Campaign on Easy
Dunn's pride (Silver)Obtain 7 000 points in the Baku mission in the Campaign
Braving the storm (Bronze)Complete the Singapore mission in the Campaign
Wolves in sheep's clothing (Bronze)Complete the Shanghai mission in the Campaign
The fall of a Titan (Bronze)Complete the South China Sea mission in the Campaign
Dead by dawn (Bronze)Complete the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign
Guns at dawn (Bronze)Complete the Suez mission in the Campaign
Fishing in Baku (Bronze)Complete the Baku mission in the Campaign
Antediluvian (Bronze)Complete the Tashgar mission in the Campaign
It was on the way... (Bronze)Find 6 collectibles in the Campaign
Took a casual look around (Bronze)Find 9 collectibles in the Campaign
Methodical search (Bronze)Find 15 collectibles in the Campaign
Done some searching (Bronze)Find 12 collectibles in the Campaign
No stone left unturned (Bronze)Find 18 collectibles in the Campaign
Every nook and cranny (Bronze)Find 21 collectibles in the Campaign
Stumbled over it (Bronze)Find 3 collectibles in the Campaign
Wolf (Silver)Complete the Campaign on Normal
Tombstone (Silver)Complete the Campaign on Hard
Recon (Gold)Find 28 collectibles in the Campaign
Well placed (Bronze)Get 10 kills with C4 in the Baku mission in the Campaign
Wrecker (Bronze)Get 10 multi-kills in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign
Blood wake (Bronze)Get 30 headshots in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign
War turtle (Bronze)Get 15 kills with RPG in the Singapore mission in the Campaign
Infiltrator (Bronze)Get 10 adrenaline kills in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign
Shawshank (Bronze)Get 5 kills with Shank in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign
For tombstone (Bronze)Let the Valkyrie be destroyed in the Campaign
For the people (Bronze)Sacrifice Irish to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign
For the cause (Bronze)Sacrifice Hannah to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign
Patience is a virtue (Silver)Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign
Turn around... (Bronze)Perform 5 dog tag kills in Multiplayer
Won them all (Bronze)Win a round of each game mode
.45 old school (Silver)Perform 45 kills with the M1911 Handgun in Multiplayer
Bomb squad (Silver)Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration
Call me "Sir" (Gold)Reach rank 25.


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Base Map Levolutions
Achieve the objectives outlined below to alter maps in various and often impressive ways!
DawnbreakerLocate two valves beneath the central avenue of the map, then interact with them to maximize the pressure in the pipelines that run along the street. This causes the pipelines to explode, which will destroy the bridge.
Flood ZoneThe large leve can be destroyed by using explosive weapons or rockets on the large crack, flooding the streets. This renders a battle pickup and certain routes inaccessible, but also opens up others as well as allowing for the use of amphibious vehicles.
Golmud RailwayThe IED's located throughout the map can be detonated by locating and using control consoles, or simply using explosive weapons. When they explode, the IED's will leave large craters which alter the landscape.
Hainan ResortThe oil spills can be set ablaze using explosives and flammables in order to burn down both wings of the central hotel. In addition to rendering those portions of the hotel inaccessible, the thick smoke will also serve to reduce visibility which can be handy.
Lancang DamThe dam itself can be broken by using rockets and explosves on the large crack, forcing large debris to fall to the ground and naturally altering the landscape around it. The resulting damage will disable the electricity in the area as well as reduce visibility. Note however that this will also disable a battle pickup.
Operation LockerOpponents can be trapped within the prison by locking them within the gates; what's more, a nearby tower can be made to fall on them by hitting it with enough explosives. Keep in mind that destroying the tower also renders the routes and weapons it typically provides inaccessible for the duration of the match, and players outside of the prison must still deal with a raging snowstorm which periodically reduces visibility.
Paracel StormThe intensifying storm that lasts throughout the match will ocassionally cause a wind turbine to be struck by lighting, destroying it. This in turn forces the large US destroyer ship crashing ashore, altering the landscape around the crash site. However this opens access to the ship's AA weapons as well as a new battle pickup, but keep in mind that the storm will continue to reduce visibility as well as make the waves more treacherous to navigate for players who take to the seas.
Rogue TransmissionThe large radio telescope receiver can be sent crashing into the dish below by destroying the cables that support it. This obviously changes the map where the dish was, as well as disabling the vehicle spawn for the duration of the match.
Siege of ShanghaiDestroying the support structures of the central skyscraper using explosive weapons will force it to collapse in spectacular fashion, dramatically altering the landscape surrounding it to the point of shifting the position of a capture point. Meanwhile the bollards on the bridges leading to the tower can be raised and lowered, hampering access to it via vehicles.
Zavod 311Trigger the timer within the central building to set off a large warhead that takes the smokestack with it when it explodes. This contaminates the area where the explosion takes place with harmful radiation, not to mention making it inaccessible for vehicles.
Dog Tag Locations
Check the following locations in each level to locate all 19 dog tags
UnlockableHow to unlock
Nice PlayStuck to bulletin board with knife, through first door to your right in tutorial
One Way TripInstead of dropping down the hole near courtyard that leads to the first gadget weapon cache, jump over it and look for the dog tag stuck to the shutters of middle window
Sergeant DunnAfter the building collapses on your squad, go to the crashed helicopter and search the copilot seat for dog tag before exiting the area
One Man RiotWhen mission starts, go right and down the alley, then turn left and grab it off the door with a glowing red light
Going UpCheck above elevator in hotel lobby
Business CasualAfter the tank chase, go to the back of the alley and look for a gate at a dead end behind a tree with the dog tag
South China Sea-
CarcharodonWhen mission starts, go down the first hallway and enter the barracks found just before two men standing near the glowing red light. The dog tag is on the top bunk bed
Lord Of The WavesAfter locating the G-46 and resurfacing into a room, look for a door with a glowing green light. To the left should be a brown pillar; look behind it to find the dog tag near some debris
Agent KovicAfter rescuing Hannah from the infirmary and returning to the upper deck, go outside and turn right, then search the copilot seat of the crashed helicopter
Horizontal RainLocated on the beat near an empty white boat to the left of your starting position
Armored ColumnCheck behind the bar counter at the club where your squad gets into a fight
The Grounded DogWhen you arrive at the hangar with a large blue and white passenger plane, use the ramp to climb onto the left wing and grab the dog tag off the plane door
Kunlun Mountains-
Cage FighterAfter rescuing Irish, check one of the holding cells to the right and down the hall
Freedom At Any CostClimb onto the catwalk of the room where you need protect to Dima while he is hacking the control room, then scale the left wall and grab it off the broken electrical box
Shaw-Shanked RedemptionJust before taking the tram down the mountain, go underneath the platform and walk to the ledge. Look over and down the ledge to find the dog tag sticking out
The Destruction EnthusiastAfter reaching the park, locate a building near the bridge with the blue blankets hanging above its staircase, then look for a blue truck. Destroy it so that you can enter the truck ahead of it, where you'll find this dog tag
Upstream SwimmerAfter reaching the base and destroying the hostile helicopter, climb to the top of the office building using the yellow ladder to the left. Jump over to the black scaffolding and grab the dog tag
The RebelDuring the fight on the flight deck, look around the left side for a white plane. Climb onto it using the right wing, then head toward the tail to find the dog tag
Fleet GuardianAfter reaching the infirmary inside the Valkyrie, check behind the second set of curtains on the right and find the dog tag on top of one of the beds in the medbay
Unlockable Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
MacheteComplete single-player campaign
M249Complete single-player campaign
M412 REXComplete single-player campaign
P90Complete single-player campaign
QBZ-95-1Complete single-player campaign
ShankComplete single-player campaign