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Armageddon Riders Cheats

Armageddon Riders cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.

Armageddon Riders Trophies

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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Artist (Bronze)Collect all skins.
Aviator (Bronze)Jump for 2865 meters.
Blonde (Bronze)Destroy 50 cars.
Exorcist (Bronze)Crush 6666 zombies.
General (Bronze)Destroy 10 wanderers.
Hipster (Bronze)Destroy 50 sharks.
Rockefeller (Bronze)Earn a Million.
Adventurer (Silver)Get all rare artifcats.
Collider (Silver)Complete main missions.
Geek (Silver)Play for 10 hours.
Fanatic (Gold)Get all in game trophies.
Submitted by: Intoxication on June 04, 2011