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Apache: Air Assault Cheats

Apache: Air Assault cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.

Apache: Air Assault Trophies

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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
You Complete Me (Platinum)Earn all available Trophies for Apache: Air Assault
Flying Colors (Bronze)Complete “Take off” mission
Locksmith (Bronze)Unlock all chapters
Wave Goodbye (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in The Sky is Burning
Bridge Burner (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Whiteout in Co-op mode
Radio Silenced (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Over and Out
Drug Bust (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in The River Deep in Co-op mode
Overwatch (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in The Gang’s All Here
Four Eyes (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Lord of War in Co-op mode
Crude Defender (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Sharks in the Water
Demolition Man (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Holidays in Hell in Co-op mode
Stopping Power (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Sunshine Units
Highly Survivable (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in City on Fire
Point And Shoot (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in On the X
Ace Of Diamonds (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in A Diamond in the Rough
Chemical Killer (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Rain in the Desert
Rigged With Explosives (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Ship of Fools
A Leaf On The Wind (Bronze)Complete A Damn Shame
Rumble in the Jungle (Bronze)Complete specific mission objective in Turkey Shoot
Dominator (Bronze)Win the “Domination” mission in Squad Operations
Team Player (Bronze)Win all Squad Operations missions in any flight mode
Desert Striker (Silver)Finish Tazirstan Chapter on Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Feet Wet (Silver)Finish Africa Chapter on Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Jungle Striker (Silver)Finish Amazon Chapter on Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Rotorhead (Gold)Complete the Campaign
Helicopterrific (Gold)Complete the Campaign and Squad Operations
Apache Of Two (Silver)Win any 3 missions from the Campaign in Co-op on any difficulty
Second The Best (Gold)Complete all secondary objectives in Campaign mode
Shot At Fame (Bronze)Post scores to all Leaderboards
Deadliest Home Videos (Bronze)Watch a replay
Hotshot (Bronze)Kill 10 enemies in FLIR view
Touchdown (Bronze)Complete a landing at a landing zone in Realistic or Veteran difficulty
Ripple Effect (Bronze)Kill 8 ground units with one Hellfire ripple shot
See It, Shoot It (Bronze)Enable setting “control turret in zoom” and kill 5 enemies by gun in this mode
New Veteran (Bronze)Win any mission on Veteran difficulty
This Is The End (Bronze)Play the Credits
Squadrowned (Bronze)Win one Squad mission in Xbox LIVE Co-op mode
What, No Roflcopter? (Bronze)Complete free flight with each helicopter
Big Brother Is Watching You (Bronze)Use satellite view in each location
Sticky Trigger Finger (Bronze)Using the 30mm cannon, kill 20 enemies without letting go of the trigger
Peppy’s Request (Bronze)Do a barrel roll!
Keeping It Real (Bronze)Play one mission entirely in cockpit view
Not A Scratch (Bronze)Complete any mission without dying on any difficulty
Gunfighter (Bronze)Kill 30 enemy ground units with the 30mm cannon
Rocketman (Bronze)Kill 70 enemy ground units with the Hydra 70 rockets
Hell Yeah (Bronze)Kill 114 enemy ground units with the AGM 114 Hellfire missiles
Sting Like A Bee (Bronze)Kill 9 enemy air units with the FIM-92 Stinger missiles
I Can Dance All Day (Bronze)Avoid 15 incoming missiles
Skin Deep (Bronze)Unlock all skins for all helicopters
Bumper Stickers! (Bronze)Unlock twenty decals
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