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Zone of the Enders cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Zone of the Enders cheat codes.

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Zone of the Enders Cheats

Versus mode
Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock versus mode with five frames and most stages. Complete the game on any difficulty setting twice to unlock the remaining two frames and stages.
submitted by nesbitt

Alternate ending music
Complete the game on any difficulty setting and get an "A" rank on all five rescue missions to hear a different ending theme during the end credits.
submitted by nesbitt


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"Sword clashing"
An alternative way to defend yourself from close combat attacks of the enemy is to press the "square" button when you see the enemy launches its attack, by doing so, Jehuty's sword will clash with the enemy's weapon. You'll have time to counter-attack the enemy after clashing, so take advantage of that.

Best close combat combo
The most effective combo in close combat to destroy an enemy unit is: Start with a dash-slash attack, followed by a two hit slash combo and then perform a burst-slash attack (R2 + Square).
This attack will likely destroy most enemies. But if it doesn't, after doing the attack, dash away from the enemy and trow some laser missiles (while dashing press the square button when you are away from the enemy) and then a burst-shot attack (while standing still press and hold the R2 and then press square)
Cyclops enemies can be quite dangerous, they are like boxers, they try to punch you during close combat and can cause you tons of damage by doing so. To avoid them try dash-slash just before they punch you and then follow the dash-slash attack with a slash combo. Of course, it's simply better to keep your distance from them if they are too many, so using burst-shoot or long range sub-weapons is helpful to take them out.
Dashing for your live!
Dashing is really important to survive, knowing when and in which direction to dash in order to dodge an enemy attack will allow you to have a better battle performance with Jehuty. You can also use dashing to counter attack, the distance dashing attack, which are laser missile, and then close dashing attack which is the dash-slash attack, will allow to quickly dispatch an enemy unit after dodging its attack.
Enemy squads tagged with a "S"
You'll notice that in certain areas there will be enemy squads tagged with a "S" besides there level.
This means that you'd better be careful when fighting them, they are like an "elite" squad, so they are usually more powerful than the rest.
Also these squads generally carry the passcodes for key programs or sub-weapons. So dealing with some of them is unavoidable.
The Mummy-heads enemies have a really annoying dual laser attack that can cause huge amounts of damage to Jehuty, specially in high difficulty settings.
To get rid of these enemies quickly it is recommended to use the "Halberd" subweapon to attack them. If you don't have, then quickly go forward to the Mummy-head enemy, while shooting in order to stop it from performing the attack and then start doing a slash combo or a dash-slash attack followed by a burst-slash, that will work too.


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To unlock Versus mode without completing the game, enter at "Push Start Button" Screen:

Circle, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down x 2, Up x 2.
How To Get the Second "True" Ending
Destroy ALL buildings and survivors during missions and SOS missions. Also, you must destroy the colony shaft completely during the fifth and final SOS mission in the game. Afterwards continue onward as normal. Tyrant will be your final boss. After defeating Tyrant, go to the MOUNTAIN.1 stage and you'll recieve the bad ending.
Max out health and ammo:
After pausing the game pressL1,L1,L2,L2,L1,R1,L1, R1,R2,R1

NOTE: This reduced your fighters level by one.
unlimited health
at the title screen press circle,squre,R1,R2,L3triangle.
Unlock Versus Mode
Press O, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up. This opens Versus Mode with all of the available characters and enviroments.