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Dungeon Worm

Most people think that you can get Dungeon Worm at the end of the game. Maybe it is true but I have passed the game so many times that I have almost five duplicates of every card you can get at the end. But the real place to get Dungeon Worm is in the shop right before the battle with Kaiba at the King Colosseum. (Note: you might need to get all the capsule monsters before he is unlocked)
Verified by: noegin123 Submitted by: Dark Duelist on January 27, 2007

Duplicate Monsters

In order to duplicate monsters, you need two unique save files. They either have to be named differently or have different Symbol attributes. Also make sure that the monster you want to duplicate is in your capsule stock.
For example, let's say you have a save file named "Player 1" and you want to duplicate a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Put the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in your capsule stock. Then start a brand new campaign game and name it something different like "Player 2."

Now go into Versus mode and pit Player 1 against Player 2, each using their own respective save file. In the duel options under "Ante Monster" have Player 1 bet the Blue-Eyes White Dragon that was in its capsule stock. Proceed with the duel and have Player 2 beat Player 1 either the old-fashioned way, or have Player 1 surrender.

After the duel is over, have Player 2 save its game file, in order to register the newly acquired Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but do not save Player 1's save game file. Now exit to the Title Screen. Player 2 will now have a duplicate of Player 1's Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

If you want to transfer the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Player 2 to Player 1, just repeat the steps and reverse the procedure from Player 1 to Player 2. You can duplicate as many monsters as you want this way, and it makes it easy to obtain fusions that require 3 monsters, such as Harpie Lady Sisters or the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
Verified by: harvestmoon61, Marmar Submitted by: Super Vegeta on March 31, 2005


Dark Witch- Place a Level 4 LaMoon in a square with 50 light

Fireyarou- Level Flame Manipulator to Level 3

Great Moth Place- a Level3 Larvae Moth in a Square that has 30 Wood

High Tide Gyojin- Place a Level 6 Root Water in a Square that has 50 Water

Hunter Spider- Level Kumootoku to Level 4

Hysoube- Place a Level 6 Psychic kappa in a Square that has 50 Water

Larvae Moth- Place a Level 3 Petit Moth in a Square that has 30 Wood

Magician of Black Chaos- Place a Level 4 Dark
Magician in a Square with 40 Dark

Manga Ryu-Ran- Level Ryu-Ran to Level 2

Mon-Larvas- Level Larvas up to Level 4

Penguin Knight- Place a Level 3 Penguin Soldier in a Square that has 40 Water

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth- Place a Level 3
Great Moth in a Square that has 40 Wood

Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon- Place a Level 4 Red-Eyes Black Dragon in a square with 60 Dark

Rock Spirit Place a Level- 5 Haniwa in a Square that has 40 Earth

Ryu-Kishin Powered- Level Ryu-Kishin up to Level 5

Shining FriendShip- Level Petit Angel up to Level 5

Trent- Level Anchient Tree of Enlightenment to Level 4

Tripwire Beast- Level Electric Lizard to Level 6
Verified by: co_keren28 Submitted by: Super Vegeta on March 31, 2005


Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon 3 Blue eyes white dragons at level 2

Cyber Saurus Blast Juggler lv. 5 & Two-Headed King Rex Lv.4

Darkfire Dragon Firegrass & Petit Dragon lv. 5

Flame Swordsman Flame Manipulator & Masaki the Legendary Swordsman at lv. 4

Flying Penguin Penguin Soldier & Penguin Knight lv. 2

Gate Guardian Sanga, Suijin, and Kazejin at lv.3

Harpie Lady Sisters 3 Harpie Ladies Lv. 3

Kaminari Attack Ocubeam & Mega Thundeball at lv. 5

Kwagar Hercules Hercules Beetle & Kuwagata ALpha lv. 3

Metal Dragon Lesser Dragon lv.3 & Steel Ogre Grotto #1 lv.3

Metal Zoa Zoa lv. 2 & steel scorpion lv. 3

Millennium Golem Destroyer Golem & The Statue of
Easter Island at lv. 5

Rabid Horseman Battle Ox & Mystic Horseman at level 3

Summoned Lord Exodia R. & L. arms, R & L legs and exodia the forbidden one all at lv. 2

Thousand Dragon Time Wizard lv. 3 & Baby Dragon lv. 5

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon 2 Thunder dragons at lv. 4
Verified by: Shad0w_MasTer Submitted by: Super Vegeta on March 31, 2005

Giant Mech-Soldier

To unlock the powerful monster that is very useful in duels against light, you can beat Stage 1 without losing/surrendering to unlock Giant Mech Soldier.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Thunder850 on July 28, 2007

good formation

You should always place a large health monster in the middle and depending on the player play defensive. there is 3 people you shouldn't play defensive with that is: Yami Bakura, Rex Raptor and normal Bakura (depending what side you got) and with every offense player the is a defense like Mia, Duke Devlin and Final Yami Marik. For a good defense use long but not as powerful and short but powerful ranged monsters. For offense always use 3+ monsters and have fast movers and 1 bad attack should be lead to retreat and quick monsters are good use for quick attacks on the opponent. (only in emergency's use symbol for defense)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Ashley on September 04, 2007


There are much monsters that are hard to get, and that are requested for fusions or evolutions, and I have found most of them, so I will tell you in this cheat about difficult found cards or the location of the cards that are requested for fusions and evolutions:
You have to have 3 blue eyes white dragons of level 2 to fuse them together, and get the blue eyes ultimate dragon, and there are different locations for them.

There will be one to get from kaiba in area 4, and two from kaiba, too, in the last area (new path), or if you wanted to get something else from him after you finish the game, re finish it using load to start from the begining with the cards that you gained in the first tournament where you get the third from one of kaiba duels, or after every duel in the first area, go check the grandpa market it would exist there, then level them to 2, to be able to fuse them to get the BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON.
You have to pay much attention and strength and time if you really want to summon the summoned lord exodia, because he has real wide attack range, and often kills enemy with one attack, and another good thing he levels up quickly.

There is a hand you get when you duel grandpa and the rest, you have to check the grandpa market after every duel and at the end of the first tournament you should have got 4 of his pieces, except the head which you will get in the 2nd tournament if you check the shop after every duel in the first area, then level them to level 2 and fuse them and you got SUMMONED LORD EXODIA.

In this one to get the monsters is too simple but leveling them up would take some time, I am talking about the time wizard and the baby dragon which can be fused to become the thousand dragon.
You get them if you check the market after finishing the first area and when fused the time wizard must be level 3 and the baby dragon level 5 to brig a THOUSAND DRAGON.

And now let us go to the evolved cards :

I have for you the location of the flame manipulator and the larvae moth, flame manipulator can be found in the market if you usually visit it or if you want to have it from Mai, then level him up to level 3 and evolve him to get the FIREYAROU.

And the easiest way to get the larvae moth is to win it from weevil underwood, and if you level it to 3 and put it in alocation that has 30 wood in the duel you would have a great moth.

After all I thank who read my cheat and I give the permission to borrow my information hope I helped, and more one thing, I guarantee that all the cheats are right because I tried all of the cheats written above, thanks again.
Verified by: plushy1anthony_9_9 Submitted by: anonymous on May 11, 2005

How to get a very good monster

A very, very good monster; Firewing Pegasus can be obtained by beating Area 2 without losing or surrendering.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Thunder850 on July 28, 2007


When your monsters are dead, surrender, then the next match all your monsters are going to be alive!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: sonicaler on May 31, 2008

Perfectly ultimate great moth

A lot of people have made the mistake that great moth evolves at level 3 ina square that has 40 wood. Ther half right Your great moth has to be level 4 and on a square with 40 wood. Use pegasus stage in king colosseum to make great moth evolve.
I've done it and confirmed it to be true
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: dark dueler on January 15, 2007

Rare Cards

Win the game to get these cards at random.

Note: You only get 3 cards below each time you beat the game so you may need to beat it multiple times to get all the cards in the game.

1. Dungeon Worm - Beat the game once (random).
2. Fortress Whale - Beat the game once (random).
3. Giltia the Dark Knight - Beat the game once (random).
4. Javelin Beetle - Beat the game once (random).
5. Red Eyes Black Dragon - Beat the game once (random).
6. Rigras Leever - Beat the game once (random).
7. Sanga of Thunder - Beat the game once (random).
8. Super War Lion - Beat the game once (random).
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: mharbenedict34 on June 10, 2005

Try not to evolve Petit Moth

To be honest, you don't really want to evolve Petit Moth. A few reasons:

1. Larvae Moth isn't much more.
2. You can obtain Larvae Moth from Weevil Underwood.
3. Petit Moth cost 25 MP, and Larvae Moth 43, and Petit Moth can squeeze into tight places with his low MP.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Thunder850 on July 28, 2007

Use a large army

Don't be stupid and get a small monster like Time Wizard to the enemy army alone, or your small monster is most likely to be destroyed. Take your whole army one at a time.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Thunder850 on May 19, 2007

Easter eggs

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duplicate any monster you want

you can duplicate any monster you want all you need is two ps2 controllers yourself the game and a memory card go to two player but first copy/save your file on another file then go to two player plug both controlers anie any monster you want andjust u play and win and you get the duplicates you want as long as you have the monsters
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: noegin123 on January 31, 2010


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Head of Exodia

If you want to make the ultimate summoned lord Exodia, you must obtain the Exodia head. To obtain the head, you must obtain all of the limbs:

Right Leg: Can be obtained at the beginning of the game.

Left Leg: Can be obtained by beating Stage 1 normally.

Right Arm: Can be obtained from Grandpa's duel

Left Arm: Can be obtained by beating Stage 3 without losing/surrendering.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Thunder850 on July 28, 2007