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Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Cheats

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament cheat codes.

Command codes

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Turbo Mode
Unlocks Turbo Mode - circle, X, right, X, up, square


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How To Unlock All Fighters
Here's how to unlock everyone without using the cheat

Rinku: In Skirmish Mode, complete 2 rounds with a Perfect (not getting hit) in 1 player mode under hard difficulty

Roto: Complete Dark Tournament Episode 9

Zeru: In Skirmish Mode, win Five in a row (any difficulty) in 1 player

Chu: Win a token game match with Chu's card in the deck in 1 player

M1: Complete Dark Tournament Episode 15

M2: Beat Arcade Mode with M1 as Final Opponent

M3: In Skirmish Mode Tag Team, beat Hiei and Kurama with M1 and M2.in 1 player

Dr. Ichigaiki: Complete Dark Tournament Episode 16

Gama: Complete Arcade mode with Touya as Final Opponent

Touya: Complete Dark Tournament Episode 21

Jin: Defeat him with perfect (not getting hit) in Dark Tournament Episode 23

Risho: Destroy 75% of the arena floor in any 1 player mode

Makintaro: Complete Dark Tournament Episode 22

Kuro Momotaro: Complete Arcade mode with Makintaro as Final Opponent

Shishi Wakamaru: In Skirmish Mode, beat Masked Fighter with Yusuke in the cave under 1 player, and the difficulty set to hard

Suzuka: Complete Survival mode with Shishi Wakamaru

Karasu: Defeat Kurasu with Yoko Kurama (Kurama's tranformation) in survival mode

Bui: Complete Dr. Ichigaki's Survival mode

Elder Toguro: In Skirmish Mode, beat Younger Toguro without him activating his "increase strength" move in 1 player mode, and the difficulty set to hard.

Younger Toguro: Complete Dark Tournament Episode 31
You can only earn or unlock different places when you reach there and beat the the person your facing. For example, If the place is the forest and your facing Genkai, you have to beat her first in order to unlock it!
Unlocking Alternative Costumes
Yusuke's alternate costume: Beat Yusuke in any 1 player mode

Kurama's alternate costume: Complete Arcade Mode with Kurama as Final Opponent

Hiei's alternate costume: Win a Skirmish Mode Tag Team fight against five opponents with Hiei in 1 player mode

Kuwabara's alternate costume: Complete Kuwabara's training against Kuwabara

Bui's alternate costume: Complete Arcade Mode with Bui as Final Opponent

Elder Toguro's alternate costume: Defeat Younger Toguro in Dark Tournament Episode 2

Younger Toguro's alternate costume: Complete Arcade Mode with Yusuke and Younger Toguro as Final Opponent


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all fighters
press square,up,square,circle,down,circle.
Free spirit Energy P1- Square, x, cyrcle, square,x, cyrcle.

Free spirit Energy P2- Down, Up, cyrcle, Left, X, Right.

No Damage P1- cyrcle, Square, Down, left, crycle, Square.

No Damage P2- up, square, left, square, cyrcle, square.

Unlock all chapters- up, down, X, crycle, square, right.

Unlock all Environments- up, right, left, right, X, X.

Unlock all Fighters- square, up, square, cyrcle, down, cyrcle.

Unlock all modes- left, right, down, right, X, cyrcle.

Unlock all Tokens- cyrcle, square, cyrcle, square, square, down
Infinite Health Player 1
At the cheat menu under options, type in:

circle square down left circle square

It should give you infinite health in all modes.
infinite spirit energy!!
at the cheat code input screen press,
if you put it in right then you should have unlimited spirit energy.