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X-Men Legends cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more X-Men Legends cheat codes.


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Avalanche & Sabretooth
When you first start out run straight to the teleporter on the other side. Sabretooth will follow but Avalanche wont. When you get to the teleporter use Cyclops to do range attacks, Sabretoothh wont fight back he might only move around. So keep attacking him wit Cyclops until he dies. Go to Avalanche and switch to Wolverine. Use his special (Brutal Slash i believe its called) and jus keep swiping and chop of his health. Just jump to avoid his attacks. When Sabretooth gets revived, just repeat. If you still can't beat it doing it like this, do it 2player. Use Iceman and Cyclops against Sabretooth. Hope you kick their a**es!
Easy Level Up. (a bit later in the game)
When you get Graduation Exam 400, enter, find the Professor and wait for the Astral Furies. 1 Astral Fury is worth 100,000 Exp and when you first get this, that can level you up twice in one shot. They are very easy to defeat and have low attack power. You have 2 minutes to go at it and there will always be 2 Furies in the arena at a time because they respawn instantaneously. If you don't watch the Professor though, the other monsters will take him out and the object is to keep him protected and destroy 6 statues.
Free health and energy
Along with the experience you receive when you fo to the Danger Room "Teamwork 101" (HINT: NEVER complete this session.) If your group is low on health, visit the danger room, load TEAMWORK 101, and collect the health and energy bonuses to you're full. Return to the game…heal your group…go back and repeat until your satisfied.
(Plus: you get experience, and sometimes RARE items are dropped.)
how to get leveled up easily
First you have to beat the mission when your up on the rooftops(make sure you get the danger room disc) after you beat that mission you will be in the X-mansion. Then take the tour of the sub-basement then end the tour BUT DO NOT GO TO THE WAR ROOM! Go to the danger room instead. Select teamwork 101 then all you have to do is get leveled up but make sure you get your calls up. After you've completed the session just select restart and follow the same steps until you get your teammates to your desired level.
pumull pyro
when aganist pyro have rogue beast cyclops ice man or jean . have rogue and beast throw items and cyclops beam him then get jean or iceman attack with level one specials . this always works on 2player.


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To get a special costume set, just type in the following at the beginning menu screen:

Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Down, Start

A confirmation message will appear if entered correctly.

To access the new costumes, find a save point where you can 'change your team'. You'll notice a new option appear as a button press called "skin". Press Square to toggle between unlocked skins.

To get the 70's original Uncanny X-Men costumes for Iceman, Wolverine, Jean, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Beast.

To get the Weapon X costume, talk to Wolverine during the intermission mansion exploration. He can be found in the hangar after one of the first five missions, and you'll get the Weapon X cutscene.