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Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra cheat codes.


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Best Character Revival Tips
Get your characters Killed ?,probably you will use Revive M or safety and best ally ,but how about if they're running out or low of EP ? E.p recover may be the solution but they're only recover very little amount of Ep ,almost insufficient to execute Ether strike ,but here's a tip how to revive your characters with FULL performance ,first cast best ally or safety on at least one of your characters and to get this tip work make sure to stockpile a large or any amounts you want an item called "Seven Moons" and here's the magic, once the character/s get killed (make sure to have best ally or safety casted) in low E.P, the revived or survivor should use the Seven moons to the killed characters he/she will revived with full HP and EP ,do the same for another killed characters i believe this tip will be useful
Database Updates
There are two kinds of Database Updates, the ones that you receive automatically by progressing trough the story and the ones you have to search for because they are hidden in chests.

Update File 1: Located in S-Line Division Sector 3.
Search the containers after opening the green path.

Update File 2: Located in Pedea Island, in the Dark professor's laboratory. Use the secret elevator (it's the chair) to reach the basement, there go right and you will find a chest and the grave of the professor's pet.

Update File 3: Located in the Elsa, use assistant Scott's computer to read ALL the Federal Reports.

Update File 4: Located outside of the Archon Cathedral, search for a big statue and shoot it 4 times to reveal a chest.

Update File 5: Located in the Isolated Research Facility. Use all 9 data terminal and a hidden room will be revealed, check the computer there to obtain the update.

Update File 6: It's in the forest path in Militia, between where you found Vergil and the path to the old church.

Update File 7: Located in Dabrye Mine, in the cave where the Elsa landed in.

Update File 8: Located in the East Sector of Miltia City. Inside a building.

Update File 9: Located in the second room on the fifth floor of the Neurosis Treatment Facility.

Update File 10: Located in Labyrinthos in Margulis' room. Margulis's room is located on the First Floor, just past the doors in the central hall area with the "Save" and "Shop" Plates. The chest with the Update is in the lower right corner.

Update File 11: Located in a "Hidden" E.S. core area inside of the Merkabah. Go back to the Merkabah by using the E.V.S. and go to where you met Sellers in the story-line, there you'll find a switch to open a door to the core, which can only be accessed by travelling with the E.S.s, go there and you will find two chests, one with the Update File 11.

Update File 12: Located in the Durandal, it's a chest in the Bridge entrance. Left to the elevator

Update File 13: Located in the Red Sphere on Abel's Ark. When you find 4 teleporters crystals of different colors inside of the Red Sphere, take the white one, it will lead you to the chest with the update.

Update File 14: Located in the Floating Landmass in the Ancient Temple. It is in the second floor with the movable bridges. When you come off the elevator, you will see four crystals floating above the area to the left of your screen. You need to move the first bridge up to that platform. Examine the first console you see. This console is located on the same platform as the elevator to this floor. This will move the bridge up to the area with the four crystals. Fight the Gnosis that appear, and grab the update file.
ES Special Attacks (Anima Awakening)
Level 1 Awakening: Acquired in Chapter 3, when you first board your ES on the Floating Landmass.
Level 2 Awakening: Acquired in Chapter 6 at Labyrinthos, after securing new Vessels of Anima.
Level 3 Awakening: Acquired in Chapter 8 at Abel's Ark, after destroying the bosses within the four spheres.

ES Asher:
1 Shot Buster: Single medium beam attack
2 Flare Buster: All large fire attack
3 Cerberus: Single massive lightning attack

ES Dinah:
1 R-Fang: Single medium beam ether attack
2 X-Buster: All large beam ether attack
3 X-Cannon: Single massive beam ether attack

ES Reuben:
1 Iron Blade: Single medium physical attack
2 Garuda's Wrath: All large lightning attack
3 Lotus Blades: Single massive beam attack

ES Zebulun:
1 Aird Star: Single medium beam ether attack
2 Aird Rain: All large beam ether attack
3 Meteor Burst: All massive fire ether attack
Gameplay Tips
Equip gear to display data:
It is important to have one character and E.S. with an accesory that allows you to see the enemies' physical/elemental weaknesses and strengths. If you're not aware of these properties, you may waste a special attack, an ether attack or a tech attack only to see it land 0 damage or even heal the enemy.

Kill enemies with your special attacks:
This is a must if you want to have a strong party,
landing a finishing blow with your special attack will net you an extra 50% in experience, skill points, and gold per enemy. Using traps to fill an extra boost gauge before normal battles will help you finishing the battle with special attacks. And in boss battles, where I really really recommend you to land a finish strike, when you see that he doesn't have much HP left, you should use analyze to see the remaining HP of the boss and know when to use a special attack to finish him. Doing this will assure you to have a stronger party.
Hidden Map
In old Miltia, Go into the City, you have 2 sets of Binoculars. the first one is up a set of stairs and beside 2 trash cans. Look into the Binoculars at the park below. In the south east corner of the park, you will see something scribbled onto the pavement. It's a Map for the beach, with 2 X's Indicating the location of a hidden treasure chest, and the dark professors Hide-out.

I know, That map kinda made me flip out too, I could have used that map sooner but didn't think of finding it in the binoculars, but I guess they're there for a reason right?

(As for the second set of Binoculars.. If there IS a map in it, because I'm looking into it right now and can't find one, Please comment and tell me where it is.)
Optional bosses Omega ID
Omega ID
Location: CIT testing grounds
Head for the CIT testing grounds trough EVS, board the mono-carrier and proceed north through the area past the soldiers. Board the #2 Transporter. Go up the escalator and head through the demonstration area to the eastern transport dock. Board Transport #6 to go to the Special Weapon Development Division. Use the key you obtained from Citrine to open the lock and head inside. Operate the console in front of Omega to start the battle.

Before going with the battle recommendations, I-ll write the previous battle "preparatives":
First make sure you already have the strongest E.S. equipment in the game equipped. Second have a decent stock of E.S. healing items. Third any close range E.S. MUST have D-KILL R and D-KILL C equipped. Fourth have at least one E.S. with Sensor. And finally make sure every E.S. has D-Nullify Effect equipped.

You-ll fight Omega Universitas first, don-t worry he-s just a distraction, eliminate him without wasting any anima at all.
After defeating it, he-ll transform into Omega ID:
Omega ID has a changing elemental immunity ability. It will be weak to a certain element and nullify another. This will change EVERY round. This is why it is important ot have a sensor item equipped. The best thing to do is use the E.S. that can't do damage to heal then switch as the immunity switches. The same goes with special attacks, use them when he is weak to that certain element.
After a while, Omega ID will start using Destruction Wave, which will damage all your E.S.s and inflict status effects(this is why I told you to have D-Nullify Effect equipped). Be sure to keep your HP well above 40000 just in case it manages to critical on one of your E.S.s. Heal up right after, in case he decides to follow up with another one.
At about 60% of its HP, Omega ID will start using Waves of the Berserker. When you see this, have every character Charge, as it will follow with Dark Lord,which can hit your E.S. for more than 60000 HP if unguarded.
After you get him down to around 80% of his max health it will start analyzing your anima gauges. If more than one of your E.S. has level one or above of the Anima gauge there is a chance of Omega ID healing himself for 150,000 HP by using Will of Yin and Yang. So from this point on use Anima awakening level 1 only. Also it will use Dark Lord twice in a row on the same E.S., so be careful about that.

Be sure to get a Finish Strike bonus and good luck with it.
After the fight you will obtain Decoder 06, as well as the Emperor's Bracelet.
Read the In-Game Database
As soon as you get a Database update, I suggest reading it. If you don't remember the storyline from the last game, or just want to refresh your memory on something, all of the details are in there.
Special clothes
Allen's swimsuit: After beating the game save your "clear data", load it and you'll have Allen's Swimsuit

chaos Flawless: Do the same you did to get Allen's swimsuit

chaos' Swimsuit: Go to the Floating Landmass Crypt through EVS, there use the console at the entrance to the temple to gain access to a secret area.

Jin's Swimsuit: In Labyrinthos in a treasure box in Margulis's Room

Jr.'s Swimsuit: In Miltia World Map right side open a treasure box.

KOS-MOS D Unit V1: It can be bought at the store

KOS-MOS' Swimsuit: In Elsa E.S. Bay, first complete the Segment Address, access this data to confirm completion and then talk to Theodore.

MOMO's Swimsuit: In Dabrye Mine's Entrance, first defeat Mai, then return to entrance and play with the crane game a few times.

Shion Research Uniform: You have to steal it from Red Testament's ally.

Shion's Swimsuit: In Pedea Island, West Side through EVS, search Shion's housing for a treasure box.

Shion White Shirt: Steal it from Red Testament.

Ziggy Swimsuit: Clear advanced Hakox levels.
Ultimate weapons
You can start the side-quest to get every ultimate weapons for your party members after the events in Abel's Ark (DISC 2)

Shion - Miyuki Special
To obtain this weapon walk by the UMN "machine" at the Elsa (near the saving point, the shop and the EVS; Again this must done after the events in Abel's Ark)and Miyuki will contact you and offer you to make Shion's ultimate weapon, but she needs a geocrystal from you. The rough geocrystal is acquired on the floating landmass by destroying the giant purple crystal. If you don't have it, go back to the floating landmass using the EVS.
Go to the UMN "machine" again, she'll tell you that you have a rough crystal, but she needs a pure one, so go to the women's quarters and have Bunnie refine it for you. Go back to the UMN "machine" and Shion's ultimate weapon Miyuki Special is all yours!

Getting KOS-MOS's ultimate weapon is quite simple, but expensive After the events in Abel's Ark, this weapon will appear in the online store, but you'll need 300,000G to buy it.

chaos - God Breath
Talk to the droid in the bar inside of the Elsa , who is obsessed with a stone, he will tell you that you need to return to Abel's Ark, once you are there go back to each of the spheres you previously entered.
Head for the rooms where Zohar emulators were spinning in each of the spheres, there you'll find a shinning light, examine it.After getting all four of them, go to the "core"( the room the spheres are rotating around) and you will receive "God's Breath" and an item called "The Universe"

Jr - Vaquero
In order to get this weapon you must finish the fifth world of Hakox (a game that is located inside the bar of the Elsa)
I wish you good luck with this one, you'll need it.
In my opinion, this is the hardest ultimate weapon to obtain.

Ziggy - Gnosis Nail
Talk to CABRILLO, the android near the E.S. elevator on the first floor of the Elsa, he'll say he will make Ziggy his final weapon the Gnosis Nail. But in exchange you'll need to collect 99 Sephirotic canes!
They are found only on Azazel and Armaros Gnosis which are only found in the final two maps of the game.
Just stay around a save point and keep fighting
those Gnosis, reset the map when needed (to make them re-appear).
While this isn't hard, it is really tedious, so only people with patience and free time should do it.

MOMO - Moon Bridge
Go into the women's quarters on the Elsa and talk with KAMIKAZE. The droid will tell you that
the Elsa's pet Alby has gone missing into the Durandal through EVS.
Go there and talk to the dog at the docks.
It will run off and operate the transport train in the Durandel. Head to the park and go up the escalator to see another scene with the dog.
Then enter the park and head for the right side to see the finally receive the weapon Heaven's Door.
Then head back for the Elsa and speak with KAMIKAZE one more time to receive the Mood Bridge and finally speak with VALENCIA (another droid) in the Elsa's E.S. Hanger to use Heaven's Door.

Jin - VB-Dawn
In the men's quarters bathroom of the Elsa is a droid called PANACHE, he will tell you that he is learning how to make a legendary sword. But he needs some ingredients:
1)Buy a weapon called the VB-Crimson and make sure to leave it unequipped.
2)Next is a special Item called the Prayer Beads.
To get it walk around the world map of Miltia, it's on the right side, there is a district that is locked, use the code 5150 on the door and the district will now be unlocked, there you will receive the Prayer Beads.

With both of these items PANACHE will forge the legendary sword VB-Dawn and you will also receive an accessory called Nine Stones.


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Best SP level spot
Go to Abel's Ark, and go to the Red floating ball. Whenever 5 enemies appear in a battle, Anima Lv 2 them and you should get 30 Sp, and almost 2000 exp
Erde Kaiser Sigma Weekness
Sigma Sheild 1 weekness:Erde Kaiser
Sigma Sheild 2 weekness:Erde Kaiser Fury*
Sigam Sheild 3 weeknessark Erde Kaiser**

*To get Erde Kaiser Fury u got to get it from the segment file in labarathoys

**To get Dark Erde Kaiser you must defeat omega ID in CAT testing Ground at UMN.The Key that u obtain when defeat 687 can be used
List of characters special attacks
1 Phoenix Strike: Single large break + absorb Gnosis soul. Boost cost: 2
2 Imperial Judgement: All medium ice ether attack . Boost cost: 2 Level acquired:34
3 Beloved Gospel Auto revive all allies with max HP once. Boost cost: 3 Level acquired: 50

1 G-Shot: Single large physical attack. Boost cost: 2
2 X-Buster: All medium beam ether attack. Boost cost: 2 Level acquired: 31
3 D-Teneritas: Single massive fire ether attack. Boost cost: 4. Acquired in Chapter 10 after defeating T-elos for the second time.

1 Spark Waltz: Single large physical attack. Boost cost: 2
2 Dragon Dance:Single large lightning attack. Boost cost:3 Level acquired: 22
3 Lightning Waltz Single massive lightning attack. boost cost: 4. Acquired in Chapter 10 after defeating ES Levi, re-enter the room where you fought with it and examine the sparkling object.

1 Requiem: Single large physical + absorb soul Gnosis & Bio. Boost cost: 2
2 Storm Waltz: All medium physical + large break attack. Boost cost: 2. Level acquired: 30
3 Red Dragon: All large fire ether attack. Boost cost: 4 Level acquired 43

1 Freeze Shock: Single large ice ether attack. Boost cost: 2
2 Guilty Rain: All medium lightning ether attack. Boost cost: 2. Level acquired: 24
3 Gold Crown: Casts Offensive, Defensive and Balance Up. Boost cost: 2 Level acquired 48

1 Break Bash: Single heavy break + higher crit to Bio. Boost cost: 2
2 Lock Shot: All medium beam ether + seal boost. Boost cost: 2 Level acquired 26
3 MS2: Single large fire attack. Boost cost:3 Level acquired 41

1 Penetrate: Single large physical attack. Boost cost:2
2 Hind: All medium fire attack. Boost cost:2 Level acquired 26
3 Intruder: Single massive fire + medium break attack. Boost cost:4 Level acquired 40
Massive Skill points
Enemies in Abel's Ark RED BALL give around 30 SP if they are hit with an Anima Lv.2. They also drop valuable Ether Cores(worth massive G if sold in a large mass
Optional bosses Erde Kaiser Sigma
Erde Kaiser Sigma
Location: Pedea Island, the secret laboratory of the Dark Professor, past the water you'll find a rocky structure, check the wall until you find a destroyable segment, go trough the the newly open door and you'll find the laboratory talk with the coconut monkey, see the Dark professor's last will and talk with the monkey again, accept the challenge and you'll fight Erde Kaiser Sigma.

Be sure of having your attacker's master skill (Blood Dancer, Heaven Tracker, Overtaker, etc.), and have Safety or Best Ally on every participating character.
You'll need the three ether attacks Erde Kaiser, Erde Kaiser fury and Dark Erde Kaiser; to be honest you don't need them to defeat him, but it will be easier with them.

First of all, put on your Safety or Best Ally ethers. Having Recover EP will help as well. Start pounding away at him and he will eventually start using his shields. Counter Kaiser Shield I using Erde Kaiser, Kaiser Shield II using Erde Kaiser Fury, and Kaiser Shield III using Dark Erde Kaiser.
If you don't have these ether attacks, the you'll have to destroy the shield by using your characters attacks:
Shield One: weak to lightning
Shield Two: weak to ice.
Shield Three: weak to fire.
After all three shield are down, Erde Kaiser Sigma will start attacking normally. Use Beam attacks and strong break attacks to hurt Erde Kaiser Sigma, of course use special attacks when possible. It is highly recommended to use your character's offensive master skills (Overtaker, Blood Dancer, Heaven Tracker) to deal more damage to the giant robot.

Erde Kaiser Sigma's attacks will probably be fatal for your characters, so be sure of having Safety/Best Ally.
When Erde Kaiser Sigma gets low on HP, it will ready Kaiser Victory Spark. If everybody has best ally, you are safe .
Finally do everything that it takes to finish the battle with a finish strike, as you get some MAJOR points.

By defeating Erde Kaiser Sigma you will get Decoder 3 and the Gustav Wrist. Note that Decoder 3's door is in the basement of the Professor's lab. Once opened you will get to use Erde Kaiser Sigma ether skill.
This skill is way too powerful and makes the game too easy (you can kill the last boss with two hits of Erde Kaiser Sigma) so it's up to you if you want to use it or not.

Shion's Vector Costume
Have a Xenosaga episode II clear game data save on your memory card, And at the title screen of Xenosaga episode III, start a new game. And it lets you load up a Xenosaga episode II save file. Once you do that, Shion will have her "Vector" costume, for the new game.
Shions Vector uniform
Have a Xenosaga episode II clear game data save on your memory card, And at the title screen of Xenosaga episode III, start a new game. And it lets you load up a Xenosaga episode II save file. Once you do that, Shion will have her Vector costume, for the new game (Which is the one he wore in episode I)
Swimsuit Mode
Beat the game once to unlock Swimsuit mode in the Memory Code event viewer.
Unlock swimsuit mode
Beat the game once to unlock Swimsuit mode in the Memory Code event viewer.