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Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht Cheats

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht cheat codes.


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"Point Bonus" slot
Try to always kill enemies in the "Point Bonus" slot of the Event Slot, and be sure to do this with EVERY BOSS. This is important because you can get massive amount of tech/ether/skill points from them if you get a X10 bonus. Of course if you can't get the "Point Bonus" slot and you feel that the enemy is killing you, it's better to finish instead of dying.
Something that will surely help you is the "Boost", simply use it with any character to get that certain turn during the "Point Bonus" slot in order to finish the boss!
Destroying Objects
After receiving an e-mail about the "vapourizer plug-in", push Square on an object with target to destroy them. When multiple objects are nearby, you can switch targets by pushing L1 or R1.
Early Level-Ups
When you first start the game, go to the AGWS hangar in the Woglinde and talk to the man on the right working on the AGWS. He'll ask you if you want to test out your own AGWS. Say yes, but when you get in the fight, instead of wasting the AGWS FHP, use Shion and use her Tech Attacks to defeat the AGWS. This way, you can get early levels and get tech points to upgrade your Tech Attack's speed and level. If you need to recover your HP/EP, go to Shion's room and rest.
easy money!!!
Don't you love these things?! Okay all you have to do is get momo's dark septor attack and go to the Cathedral ship and defeat the gnois to get rubies, emeralds, and sappiers and then sell them. Easy and pretty well known right?
Ein Rugel, Doppelwogel Strategy
After the boss fight with Simeon, go back to the Elsa by going to the first tower and sliding down to where you came in. Rest at Shion's bed to recover your party's HP and EP. Then save at the save point and buy any items you need from the EVS plate. Use the elevator to go down to the lower level. Go to the AGWS hangar and talk to the robot standing in top center. If you don't already have these items, buy them:

GRD20AG (Federation Army Grenade Launcher) x6
Cockpit Guard (prevents Pilot Sleep and Confusion) x3
Engine Shield (prevents Engine Stop) x3
Guard Recovery (restores 10% of Max FHP while guarding) x3

If you don't have enough money, use the EVS Save point and go to the Encephalon Simulator. Step in the spotlight and defeat the enemies; this'll get you 1600 G per battle and experience. If you run out of spotlights, leave the simulator and come back. Rest at Shion's bed to recover HP and EP regularly. Once you have enough G, buy the above items. Equip two grenade launchers to each AGWS and one of everything else. While you're still there, buy any possible generator/frame upgrades if you haven't done this before. Also, restore the FHP for all three AGWS if you used them in the previous battle. Now, go back to the Song of Nephilim and back to the tower where you fought Simeon.

Eijn Rugel, Doppelwogel
HP: 3600, 4400, respectively

For this boss fight, you need to use Shion, chaos, and Jr., with the preferred AGWS assigned to each one. At the beginning of the battle, you'll be fighting Eijn Rugel only. Once you defeat him, he'll transform into Doppelwogel. Get everyone into their AGWS as soon as possible (your characters should go first). His first form is easy. During the character's first turn, guard. Don't worry about his attacks, they are weak, and if you equipped everything I told you, none of his status attacks will affect you. Once you have 6 AP, use W-Act with the Grenade Launchers. This should do 800-1000 damage, so this form will be over soon. He'll then transform into Doppelwogel. He's a lot stronger now, but if you Guard, W-Act, and repeat, you should have no trouble. He has a Pilot Sleep and Engine Stop status attacks, but if you equipped everything I told you, they'll have no effect. Just keep using W-Act, and you should finish the battle with your FHP over 1000 with each AWGS.
Getting F-Scythe for KOS-MOS (trough e-mails)
1st E-mail: After the scene at the Realian lab, go two screens north. In this hallway there's a resting place semi-hidden to the left. Enter for an Email. Tell Miyuki you'll help (1st answer).

2nd E-mail: After you speak with the Woglinde captain, you'll get the sprinkler plug-in, Download it.

Now later in the game you'll receive an E-mail with the F-Scythe for KOS-MOS, you can't miss this E-mail, so don't worry!
Getting FB-Shot for KOS-MOS (trough e-mails)
1st E-mail: After speaking to Woglinde's captain, head right and up. Walk between the plant and the left wall. You should get an investment Email. The correct response is #2, Vector.

2nd E-mail: After you tell the Elsa captain you'll check the catapult, walk towards the save point outside the bridge. Invest in #1, Venture.

3rd E-mail: As you show MOMO and Ziggy around Elsa, go to the B2 save point room and walk in the northern area. You'll get your reward from the previous Email.

4th E-mail: Now head to the catapult for another investment E-mail. Put your money into Vector, choice #3.

Now later in the game you'll obtain this weapon for KOS-MOS, it's a guaranteed E-mail, so don't worry you won't miss it!
Giant Robots
While battling some of your characters (which you choose for a particular battle) can climb into giant robots. These robots can have large rifles, missile pods, and energy swords. But by climbing into these robots you will lose a turn. Remember robot damage cannot be easily fixed.
Gigas Best Strategy
When Gnosis attacks the Kukai Foundation, you will be asked to save people on Sector 26 and 27. After saving everyone, exit the City Sector 26 & 27 (you will be left with only one exit on this chapter). When you get to the exit the Gigas boss will appear, you should have Jr on you party for the battle with this boss.

Gigas will divide its power and split to two. When Jr gets his turn use his Misty ether attack to prevent the two Gigas from using DeathBringer and any other spells. Then you can attack them with any physical and tech attacks, ether attacks doesn't work well here.

Gigas' physical attacks would get 250 and up off your party's HP so just continue to heal your party and dont let their HP get lower than 400 just to make sure.
You should have no problem as long as Misty ether has its effect.
Gigas Strategy
Gigas is the boss you fight in Sector 26 & 27 after the Gnosis raid the Kukai Foundation. Before you even go to Sector 26 & 27 to start the mission, go to the AGWS garage sector and buy six gatling guns, three beam pods, three Auxilary Armor B, three Cockpit Guards, and three Guard Recovery. Also buy new Frames and Generators if you must, and restore the FHP. Equip two gatling guns to each AGWS, and equip one of each of the remaining items. Then go to the sector and rescue the people. Then, when you go back to the beginning of the Sector, Gigas will appear. Before you encounter him, save and use a Bio Sphere at the save point in the "Our Treasure" Inn. Repair your AGWS with Frame Repairs if needed. After you've equipped your AGWS, switch your party to Shion, Chaos, and Jr. and assign the AGWS. Now, encounter Gigas.

Gigas (2)
HP: 2800

At the beginning of the fight, Gigas will use "Power Distribution" and divide himself into two, with 2800 HP each. Your characters should go first, so get them into their AGWS on their first turn. The Gigas have several attacks, ranging from about 125-300 damage. Some are single attacks, some are 'all' attacks. They'll both go when everyone is in their AGWS. When the characters get their second turn, guard with everyone. This will restore about 150-180 HP with "Guard Recovery" equipped. The Gigas will attack again. Now when your characters get their turns, they'll have 6 AP if your guarded like I told you. Go to the menu and choose W-Act. If it isn't available, then either 1) you don't have 6 AP for some reason or 2) you don't have two of the same weapon, in this case Gatling Guns, equipped. If they are defending, W-Act will do 300-400 damage. Normally, it does 600-800, and a critical hit does 1000-1100 damage. Concentrate on killing one first so you don't have to deal with their annoying attacks. Repeat this pattern, Guard, W-Act, then repeat. Don't ever leave your AGWS, since you can't repair your AGWS in battle and characters that die in the AGWS can't be revived. Your charatcers shouldn't die however. If one of the Gigas has under 300 HP remaining, don't wait for W-Act; just attack him normally with the Gatling Gun and it should die. Once one is dead, your AGWS should have between 500-1300 FHP, depending on how they were attacked. Use the same strategy and concentrate on killing the last one. Don't ever, I reapeat, EVER, leave your AGWS, even if you are dying, because once the last one's HP drops below 800, he'll use an instant death attack on any character outside an AGWS. It never misses, and if you try to revive them, the character who tries to revive the fallen charatcer will get killed as well. So don't ever leave the AGWS. I didn't die and everyone's FHP was above 300 at the end. One Gigas will be much easier to handle since it doesn't attack as often. Once you defeat both Gigas, save again at the "Our Treasure" Inn and restock on any items you need from the nearby mayor. Leave Sector 26 & 27 and go to the AGWS garage to restore the FHP (100 Gold for each AGWS) and buy any other parts you want before returning to the Durandal.
M.O.M.O.'s first transformation
Go to the Cathedral Ship (inside the Gnosis). When you get to the stairs to go up (not the ladder), have MOMO as your lead character and search near the boxes. It should be there.
Meaning of the Games Subtitle
For those that are curious, but may not know; 'Der Willie Zur Macht' can be translated into English as the following "The Will To Power". This is a famous reference to the works of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.
In order to play mini-games, you need the game passport. They are given by conversing with certain people in the game. Once you have the passport, go to a save point with "EVS" above it. Once there, you go to the menu and select key-item. Choose the game passport you want to play and push Action.
Quickly sneaking up on enemies
By pushing R2 you won't alert enemies with your footsteps. Or push R2 over and over again while moving behind or out of the range of the enemies' view.
Robot Parts
Torso 2: Dock Colony, Junk Store. Defeat the Arthra 26 series that appears on the central floor of the second tower on Song Of Nephilim system. Destroy the fourth box in the location where five boxes are in a line.

Right leg 3: Kukai Foundation Cleaners 1F. The treasure box in Bunnie's house in the Encephlon.

Right arm 7: Woglinde, front of Sergeant Major Swagger. Talk to Swaine on Woglinde during the Gnosis attack.

Left Leg 8: Elsa, corridor of the cargo bay. Before the Gnosis attack, talk to the woman in Ironman Bar in Kukai Foundation City Sector 26/27 to learn about the Engagement Ring. Search The White Tub on the second floor of the cleaners to obtain Fish Detector. Go to Gaignun's private beach and catch the fish that has the Engagement Ring. Return to the bar and give the ring back to the woman.

Left arm 9: Inside Gnosis mothership, Research Lab 3F. The treasure box guarded by Stribog (the long armed monster) inside the Gnosis mothership.
Skipping scenes
If you don't wanna see a scene press:
Start, Triangle.
Slide Deck Key
When you are onboard the Elsa, before the ship is attacked, you can speak to the repair robot in the A.G.W.S. hangar. He mentions that he is the hardest worker, and that while he was cleaning one of the cabins he lost his key to the Slide Deck. The key can be found on the couch in the lounge of Cabin 2 (the southern-most cabin).
Three light emitted pillars in Third Tower
Step 1: First, blast three blue light emitted pillars.
Step 2: Second, bast one light emitted pillar.
Step 3: Third/Finally/Lastly, blast four red light emitted pillars.
U.M.N mini-game Passports
Note: In order to use all the passports, you must find a gold save point, and then you must enter the character menu, find the given passport in your items, and press O on them to activate them.

Battle Passport - Unlocks? A.G.W.S mini-game, Where? After exiting KOS-MOS' simulator at the beginning of the game, head north in the vector lab to an exit which leads to an area above where you currently are. There is a female Vector employee up there. Talk to her, and she will tell you there is a present for you in the simulator. Return to where you fought the boss in the simulator, and open the red box there for a battle passport.

Drill Passport - Unlocks? Drilling mini-game, Where? While on your way to the deck in the Woglinde, you will come upon an area laden with junk with a massive drilling apparatus to your left. Speak to the man in the orange worksuit, and then destroy all the debris with the drill. Upon completion, you will receive the drill passport.

Card Passport - Unlocks? Xenocard mini-game, Where? Onboard the Elsa there is a dining room in the southernmost portion of the ship on the first floor (the floor with the deck and the sleeping quarters). There is a robotic bartender in the dining room. Talk to him to acquire the card passport.

Casino Passport - Unlocks? Casino mini-game, Where? On the Durandal, there is a game room (i.e casino) in the upper right portion of the Residential Area. Enter the game room to find a chest on the far right side of the room with a casino passport.


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Easy Money
First off this requires both the Card and Casino Passports as well having all cards from the starter set. All you have to is play poker until you have at least 50,000 coins than go to the prize exchange and purchase 99 Starter Set fo 400 coins each. After getting the 99 Starter Sets exit the Casino and activate the Card passport tha go open the starter sets. If you have three of each card than you get 200 gold for each starter which will result in 19,800 easy earned gold. quick tip start out a the level three poker and always go double or nothing unless you get strait flush or better.
Get the Erde Kasier without all six robot parts!
Make sure you have everything except for the body part (which you can get right after the Song of Nephilim dungeon). Give the professor your head to make Shion's 3rd ether. Then exit and re-enter. Apparently, the game will think that you have collected all the parts, and proceed with the Erde Kaiser sequence. Go get Scott from the bar and you can get the Erde Kaiser one full dungeon early.
This will make the bosses in the Song of Nephilim a breeze.
Great Joe hidden, Ace Pilot, and Mintia hidden boss areas
to fight great joe, which if you beat him, you get the third swimsuit item, and also get him as a summon monster for junior, set junior as the main on screen character. then go to the residential area of kukai and enter the green carpeted room. great joe is hiding in a closet. beat him to unlock the swimsuit and the summon ether GREAT JOE, which can evolve into BUSTER JOE, for Jr. Only.

To unlock more things for Momo, you can fight Mintia. Mintia can be found in two places, but I only know one for now. Set Momo as the main onscreen character, and head to the room on the top of the iron man bar. (it's the room where you can see the first level of the iron man bar from the balcony) Fight Mintia the first time here, to get a Penguin Rod for Momo, and some new ether moves for her.

To fight the Ace Pilot, search the U-Tic simulator, which is the place ziggy is assigned to save somebody in story mode, and look for a room on the north eastern side. In that room is a soldier that will look at you, but won't fight you unless you touch him. He's also blocking a segment door. Beat him in battle and he'll board his mighty AGWS, which I think is a GEAR. The mech is called Meld Gareth. Beat it to get a lot of EXP. early in the game. It has about 5200 HP. Leave the sim and return to fight him again, this time he will be in the Din Gareth, which has about 8200 HP. Using Erde Kaiser on him is the fastest way to beat him. This mech gives lots of EXP. You can always return to the room and fight the same mech (Din) over and over to level up quicker when you reach level 40.
In-game reset
During the game, hold:
L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select

MOMO Armor!
Once you get to the Cathedral Ship (the Giant Gnoisis where the Elsa and everyone get seperated) have MOMO as your leading chacter. The one you get the area where you blow up something and a bridge falls to get a treasue chest and a fight with a Blue (or was it Red, maybe Blue) Golem thing, there should be light eminationg like there is something with. With MOMO go over and press '0'. Then MOMO will do some talk and you will have a new ether abilty that is Star Wind (it is also armor for 3 turns). I don't know what it does so I don't know if it is a waste of time or not.
Most powerful Ether move, the "ERDE KAISER", and other summons.
Collecting the robot parts from the various hidden 'segment' doors in the game will eventually lead to the discovery of ROBOT PARTS.

Collect two arms, and go to the robot academy in kukai foundtation, and talk to the proffesor. He will create for you, Shion's 1st summon monster ether move. This one is called THRONI BLADE, and costs about 16 EP. It attacks all enemies, and initially does an average of 1400 damage to all enemies on the battle screen. You can use these summon moves only once per battle.

If you take two robot legs to the Professor, you get the Dominion Tank. Also for Shion. This one takes off about 2100 off all enemies, and costs 20 EP.

If you take the robot head to the professor, you get SERAPHIM BIRD. It takes off about 3400 off every enemy on the battlefield, and costs 24 EP.

If you take the the two arms, two legs, and head, as well as the robot torso, you can make the strongest attack summon in the game, the giant robot, ERDE KAISER. Erde takes off 9999 of every enemy on the field, no matter what. It costs 60 EP, and also, as all of these moves are, is only for Shion. You cannont transfer these moves to other characters.

Also, having the angel ring item, from another segment door, makes the costs of all ether moves half of what it's supposed to be. This, with the Erde Kaiser, can topple any enemy. It's great to level up your characters in any area with Erde. Also, make sure you have plenty of Ether and Ether pack S' ready.
Time to swim!
During the game, you may come across an item called 'swim suit'. One is hidden on the field, and one is rewarded in the driller mini game, for beating mission 5 - attack of the killer bunnie.

when equipping the suit, character in battle, other than ziggy and kosmos, will change into their swim trunks/suit from the beach scene!
also, when beating a battle, the tech points are given a 25% boost. that means whoever is wearing the suit at the end of the battle will get 25% more tech points that usual. also, ziggy and kosmos can extract this ability, so they can use it too, although they both refuse to change clothes!

*eyes kosmos curiously*
unlocking weapons and the last AGWS for the battle minigame
to get weapons, simply buy them from agws shops. the weapons that are unequipped by the agws become available in the minigame. basically, take all weapons off the agws, then enter the minigame to have access to the ones you have.

to get the agws suits in the game, you must have them for your party in the story. to get the last 3, you need to buy the secret agws units for characters. you can buy them from the dock colony agws shop near the end of the game. there are the vx-4000, the ag-04, and the ag-05.
they are expensive, so i suggest you get money from the 4 soldiers and the 1 mech ship in the encephalon sim. ((the enemies on the map that have the spotlights)) - as they give you the most money in the game. about 1600G.