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Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse Cheats

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse cheat codes.


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"SKL" slot
Just like in Xenosaga Episode I, there is an event slot which will give you extra skills points at the end of the battle, if you deplete the enemy HP during that slot.
Defeating most enemies and bosses during this "SKL" slot will grant you more skill points for your characters, which will allow you to further develop your party skills, in other words it is strongly recommended that you kill the enemy or boss during that slot.
Awakening Items
The Awakening items, are items that allow you to unlock double attacks for your characters, in order to get them, you must steal them from certain bosses. To steal items you have learn the Skill "Psycho Pocket" first, this skilled can be learned by completing the No.01 in the GS Campaign, which will get you "Secret Key 01" to unlock the Skill.

Now to get these Awakening Items from the bosses easier you can use an ether combination:

Analyze + Psycho Pocket = Rare Steal

With the first character press X and open the "Ether" menu, then boost the second character (that knows Psycho Pocket) and with the first one press the triangle button instead of circle on the "Analyze" skill, this will allow you to use "Rare steal".

Awakening I: Can be stolen from Adult Albedo when you destroy his arms in Sakura's Winter Dive.

Awakening II: Can be stolen from Orgulla in the Ormus Stronghold.

Awakening III: Can be stolen from Margulis in Labrynthos.

Awakening IV: Can be stolen from the Patriarch in Omega System

Book Shelf Tip
When you reach Shion's house you have an opportunity to play the Book Shelf minigame. When you first play it your actually doing a Civilian mission but after you beat that you can replay it up to level 4 where you get a nice prize for your troubles. However it can get tough in the upper levels and a little trick I found really helps.

When you start there is a time limit but you can actually pause the game and see all the book placements. So you can think of your next move or even several moves ahead and save loads of time. Or if your ever stuck just pause to over look the game so you don't mess it up even worse.

The best way I found to win was start organizing the shelves left to right, bottom to top (then top to bottom on the last 2 rows in the level 3 and 4 matches).

Hope these tips help.
How to beat adult Albedo.
First i had MOMO,Jr. and Kos-mos as my players.All of them should be past level 20.O.k when you enter the fight stock up to full and heal when you loss 200 hp.Then attack.Yep keep on attacking until an arm goes kapooie.Then you can deal some real damage.When the arm brakes of let MoMo and Jr.Shoot him 2 times then restock again.Remember heal when necessary.Then Kos-Mos your number 1 weapon.Press the X button then move it to the right so you can see SPECIAL near the bottom.Press Circle and Press cirle again on MINIGUN.That is the strongest damage KOS-MOS can do.You should also watch out for Albedos SOUL STRIKE.Damages up to 1000 hp can be done.Albedo will frequently heal his arms so you have to attack him until it brakes off again.Your team should also all have MEDICA a ether that you can use to heal.

TIP:When KOS-MOS's HP is in half you know it will take about 3 MEDICAS to heal her to full so use the hp boosts in you items.
Unlimted EXP
I found this tip out while i was leveling up on sub conscious winter.

Fight all enemies and save the game, then reload game and all enemies are back keep doing this and you'll be a high level.


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Clear Data - Ex Game
Beat the game first, and at the end, the game will ask you to make a clear data. Do so, and save over your existing/last one if you wish. Now load the clear data, and you will end up at the Save Plate in the Elza with Hakase/Professor blocking the way. There are events and extra dungeons can ONLY be unlocked by this. With this, your UMN will also have the map "Omega System".

However, even this is like an epilogue because you can now trigger all these events and secret dungeons, you are still considered to be BEFORE the end of the game, before going to the Omega System.
Skill Points Bonus
If you load the Xenosaga Episode I or Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded clear data, not only will you get the swimsuit skills for Ziggy and KOS-MOS, your characters' starting Skill Points will also be based on your characters' levels when you beat the game of Xenosaga Episode I or Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded. The formular is character level * 30 + 600. Hence if your characters' levels are at Level 99 when you beat Episode I, they will have 99 * 30 + 600 = 3570 Skill Points to begin with. Xenosaga Freaks data will get you the swim suit for Hakase/Professor.