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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 (PS2) Cheats

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Road To WrestleMania Unlockables
UnlockableHow to unlock
# CAS Moveset 1In Batista/Rey's RTWM, have Batista win the Rumble, Rey lose to Edge at NWO, and Rey lose the tag titles against Morrison and Miz.
# CAS Moveset 2In Batista/Rey's RTWM, have Rey win the Rumble, Batista lose to Edge at NWO, and Batista lose the tag titles against Morrison and Miz.
Cena's Friend in the millataryPlay Cena in road to wrestle maina and beat mvp at wrestle maina
Tribute To The Troops ArenaPlay Cena in Road To WrestleMaina and beat MVP at Tribute To The Troops Make Him Tap
Create Move Set 3Play as Triple H and pin edge in the triple threat match
masked manComplete Chris Jericho's RTWM
Backstage Area Pin Morrison in the Punk/Big Daddy V/Morrison Triple Threat Match in CM Punk's RTWM
Brothers of Destruction entrance Complete Undertaker's RTWM
Chris Jericho Classic Attire In Jericho's Road to WrestleMania, question Jeff Hardy about being The Masked Man. Then defeat him
CM Punk's Attire B Put Elijah Burke through a table in RTWM
Code Tron Video Accuse Kennedy of being the Masked Man
D-Generation X Attire, Entrance Music, Video and Animations Beat HHH's RTWM
Evolution Music and Video Beat Batista in Triple H's RTWM in under 2 and a half minutes to unlock Evolution's music and entrance video
Finlay's Zombie Attire Have Undertaker help Rey beat Finlay in his RTWM
Gauntlet Match Finish John Cena's RTWM
Hornswoggle (Non-Playable Manager) Defeat Santino Marella in Undertaker's RTWM, then defeat Finlay in a faster time
Layla Defeat Big Daddy V at the No Way Out PPV in under 2 and a half minutes during CM Punk's RTWM
More Moves for Create-A-Move Set Mode Pin Edge in Triple H's 1st match in RTWM
Mr. McMahon Finish Rey & Batista's RTWM
Santino Marella's Zombie Attire Have Undertaker help Rey beat Santino in his RTWM
SNME Arena Perform a finisher on all 3 opponents in your 2-on-3 tag match
Tazz Finish CM Punk's RTWM
The Boogeyman Completed The Undertakers RTWM Story
Tony Give both Umaga and Regal an 'FU' during Cena's RTWM Storyline
Unlock Snitsky Make MVP bleed in Cena's RTW
WCW Heavyweight Belt and WCW Faction Pin Finlay in Week 3 of Chris Jericho's RTWM
Zombie Santino Marella Complete Undertakers MOTW
Unlockable BackStage
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
BogeymanBeat Undertaker's RTWM
Unlockable Stage
UnlockableHow to unlock
Wwf Raw In War 1998-1999Beat Edge In a Ladder Match
Enter the cheat code exactly as shown in the Options Menu to unlock your playable character.
UnlockableHow to unlock
kip up in session modeyou need to win 6 titles(any titles)
high flyer in session modeyou have to win the cruiserweight belt
bloodshed in session modeyou have to make any 10 people to bust them open and you have to get bust open 10 times aswell(dont try bust open the ref he cant bleed)
weapon grapple in session modebreak 25 weapons on any one(ref doesnt count)
double table stackingbreak 50 tables(im sure its 50 and any table will do) hope this helps you all


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Easy win in 'Hell in a Cell'
If your match is, 'Hell in a Cell' and your having trouble winning then dont worry, just follow this and you'll win in no time!:

1) As soon as the match starts, get out of the cage and climb up the cage.
2) Once your opponent comes up the cage, press (R1 + right, on the right analouge stick) and the opponent should fall off the cage, delivering lots of dmg and momentum.
3) Once the oppenont falls off, jump on your opponent from the top of the cage. This also delivers lot of dmg to the opponent.
4) Next, go the the middle of the cage, and you should see this door. Once your opponent gets up and follows you to the top of the ring, press R1 + down (on the right analouge stick) and then face the little door on top of the cage and then press UP, DOWN (depends which superstar you are).
(To make it faster, just do your finsiher/signiture but make sure you face the door on top of the cage).
5) Do step 4, 2 times and then the door should open make your opponent fall as well as you and then quickly get up and pin the opponent.

(This guide has a 70% of winning).
Hell In A Cell-Easy Break Through
Using Kane,press R1 and left to do a power grapple and then up.When Kane lifts someone, use the moving stick(default left stick)to move kane to the breakable part of the cell, then press dwon and Kane will break the cell's roof almost all of the time!!You both MUST be on the roof of the cell to do this.
Move Theft
To get this ability, you must defeat 20 DIFFERENT Superstars.


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Referee in the corner
If you manage to irish whip the referee in a corner - preferably his back facing you - and you irish whip your opponent towards the same corner, the opponent will go through the referee. But he won't be laying against the turnbuckle obviously.
Steel Steps
When you irish whip your opponent towards the steel steps, he'll stumble and lay upon the side. If you irish whip another opponent towards, he will go through the other person as well. (similar to referee turnbuckle glitch)

Easter eggs

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When you begin a match against Festus(CPU), when the bell rings, the A.I. will automatically perform a specific taunt of Festus slapping his head and going crazy and he will more than likely charge towards you with a running move.
Kane's Tombstone
If you team Kane and The Undertaker together in tag team action, Kane will have a tendency to use the Tombstone has his finisher instead of the chokeslam from hell.