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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 (PS2) Cheats

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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a little fun with chairs
If your a hardcore superstar your going to love this one,

Take a chair and knock the opponent down (if its not a no DQ, then hit x either at the leg or the throat and hit your square, this will hurt your opponent

ConChairto: knock an opponent on his face then get a chair and push x, your superstar will place the chair right under his opponent and grab another chair and start swinging
All trades accepted, cost off
Beat Gm Mode in order to unlock the ability so that all of your trades are accepted and that you don't have to pay for anything in GM Mode
Get the according amount of points in Hall of Fame mode to unlock the following arenas:

5 pts - No Way Out
6 pts - Vengeance
7 pts - ECW's One Night Stand
8 pts - December to Dismember
9 pts - New Year's Revolution
10 pts - SummerSlam
12 pts - WrestleMania 23
beat gm mode quickly and easily
once gm mode is started with any brand. Get a roster of 12 superstars(prefferably not to good superstars) and put them all in rivarlies that last an extremely long time, such as to each mixed brand ppv, rather than going from ppv to ppv.(after your rivarlries hit 13 weeks,you will have a lot of 5 star matches which results in progress) and after about three months of ongoing rivalrys, your progress percent will increasing heavily,quickly. Also, it increases faster with a not so good roster because all superstars will improve which adds even more progress. Do your weekly events. Once your long rivalyies die out, start new ones,(repeat the process until you are the gm of the year.

This cheat makes gm mode shorter and easier to complete
(turn injuries,morale and rivalry length off before you start your year.
Cheat Menu
Can't find the cheat menu?

It's only in the NTSC (American, Canadian, etc) version of the game, not the PAL (Europe, Australia, etc) version.
Crowd glitch
Pick up the ring bell and charge your opponent with it when your opponent is stood next to the crowd barrier in front of the entrance ramp, if you miss your attack you will usually glitch your way into the crowd area, the part where you are not supposed to be.
Easily finish legend progress
Simulate everything go to the very end of the calender and simulate it all your progress will grow slowly but it quicker then fighting it all. also you get tons of cash along the way
easy beat the clock sprint win
Set options on NO DQ before starting the tournament. Once you have finished your first match, play as your opponents and make them run out of time. Then when you fight the champion hit the champion with weapons until he/she's health is in the red then pin them. Same thing for tag team beat the clock sprints.
Easy Gm Mode
First of all, pick Raw, and have a at least 4 legends unlocked, or some caws, then go and fire all divas on your brand, theres 4, and just forget the women's championship, then go and sign the 4 best caws/legends from free agency, then go options - play options and turn off everything. Now just have special matches weekly and have as many rivalries as possible, I used 6-7, then just keep tossing in big matches, and doing random promos and daily things like randomly interview someone about there website, follow this and you can win GM Mode in one year by Survivor Series, I've done it myself
Easy Money
In 24/7 mode, choose a created player (regardless if they are bad or not, it won't matter). Go to the callendar and scroll all the way down to the Wrestlemania Pay Per View. Choose to simulate all the dates up to then (this will take a little while). Once you are caught up you can wrestle your match or simulate that as well, it won't matter. Once you are done, you should have about $680,000.00 or so, give or take.

You can repeat this as many times as you like.
Easy money and Vince McMahon
This requires a little patience to set up, but it is worth it. First sign as many superstars on a yearly contract as possible. Go to play options and turn everything off and put it on balanced. Now create some rivalries. PLAY 3 weeks to get money. Sign more people on yearly contracts. Now simulate until the day before Wrestlemania. You should have a fair amount of money. At Wrestlemania play your title match and defend the title. Presto, you have unlocked Vince to buy with the money you got!!
Easy royal rumble win
Go to options and turn off reversals for the AI, then start the 30-man royal rumble challenge as HBK on legend difficulty. All you have to do is irish whip your opponents over the top rope and grapple them off (they won't reverse). Repeat this process and you will eliminate each and every single 29 superstars that come in the ring in less than 20 minutes.
Easy Royal Rumble win on Legend difficuly as number 1
First start the match with a superstar that has a highflyer ability. Then choose your entry number as 1. After that start rolling around the ring with the R2 and L2 buttons. When at the last person weken them with a red body part and go close to the ropes to throw them out.
Easy Royal Rumble win!
First, Strong Irish Whip your opponent until he/she is hanging onto the ropes. When this happens, use the Fists of Fury like 5-7 times. Now, engage the minigame where you're trying to get the out and there will be so little red in the bar. It's easy, until another person comes in while you're doing that. Have fun and good luck.
End of the Year in GM Mode
Unfortunately, as opposed to what it says when you finish the year in GM Mode, you will NOT be able to preserve a superstar from being drafted OR be able to manually choose the third pick.

These things usually happened if you had the most fans AND if you won the WrestleMania tournament.
fast stable exp points(for hall of fame dx challenge)
To gain fast exp. points after creating a stable to this, set up a normal two on two tag match,once this is done make sure no rules are altered, (your team selection and your opponets must be an existing stable)as soon as the match starts, grab a chair and hit the legal man. This will result in a DQ.... but you will gain 1600 exp. points rather than completing the match and only getting 300. Also when the match is completed, do a rematch and repeat the process. Your points will add up very quickly.

Also, once you beat DX in your hall of fame challenge, if you have not completed the hardy boyz summerslam tlc match, do so with your created stable(your stable will be unstoppable!!)
Get weapons in any match
In some matches like single matches there are no weapons you can use in the ring.To use some go out of the ring and go up and right where the bar is.Press X and you will enter an area not visible unless you go there.There are a lot of weapons there but getting your opponent there is more annoying than the following method.Simply go out of the ring.The ring has four sides so choose one of them and get in it's middle.Press X and your character will search under the ring for a weapon but this won't work in matches like Hell in a Cell or if you already have done so and the weapon you took hasn't been destroyed.
GM Mode Goal breakdown

These are the goals for GM Mode, broken down into catagories:

Easy to achieve

5-Star Rating PPV Match - 2%
5-Star Rating Normal Match - 1%
5-Star Rating PPV Show - 2%
3 Thumbs-up Rivalry Rating - 2%
13 Week Rivalry - 3%
No injuries for a month - 1%

Joint PPV Wins - 2%
Survivor Series Win - 1%
Defeat Other Shows' Champion - 2%
1 Million Fans - 2%
Royal Rumble Win - 3%
5-Star WrestleMania Match - 5%
WrestleMania Win - 5%
5-Star Rating Streak - 5%

Difficult to achieve

Top 5 Brand Supremacy - 3%
Top 10 Brand Supremacy - 2%
Top 15 Brand Supremacy - 1%
#1 Superstar - 1%
$10 Million Cash - 3%
15 Match Win Streak - 2%
GM Mode Guide
heres a quick guide for gm mode:
Choose Either Raw Or Smackdown, and use the WWE roster. turn on any legends before starting. Now, Don't choose anyone for Championships. (If you keep them vacant untill the closest PPV, as at the ppv you have more match options to make it more exciting meaning you can get high ratings, it also gets you chance to have a Number 1 Contender storyline for more ratings)

when the year starts select the laptop, and choose options, and then select gameplay options. from here, turn off Superstar Morale and Injuries.

Then, Contract the best rival stories you can, and defiantly contract the writer of "Loser Leaves The Brand". And Choose some superstars to do a Number One Contender Match for the Brands Worst Championship. Now, Select 2 Superstars to rival for the Best Championship, (e.g: wwe). Now, Have Other Rivalries.

Now, Get rid of some of the superstars your not going to use, as they will make your money lower. after releasing some superstars/diva's, hire everyone for another 5 weeks. You also might consider trading useless superstars for other brand's better superstars, and see if you can get an agreement.

That's about it.
Having Fun with different types of weapons
Chairs: Con chair to, Warping the chair around the neck or leg, and stopmping on it. Opponent laying in the turnbuckle having the chair by his or her face.

Stairs: Powerbomb on the back, slamming heads into

Annoucer Tables: choking an opponent with the wiring, slamping heads into it: FINISHER: Leap of Faith
Tables: Start table of fire: Powerbomb threw the burning table. Suplex, Threw burning table, Superplex into a burning table:FINISHER: performs signature moves from real WWE SUperstars

Ring Bell: Hit the opponent in the back of the head

Guitar: Smack an opponent only once
hbk elbow
to have shawn michaels flyin elbow without the pin give him the go to move sets and go to diving moves and give shawn michaels the move called the startruck
Mad skillz
All you've got to do is play a real good charecter like the Undertaker for instance and just sim to end of season like 3 times(it will take a while) then play ur person and train with all the money.
hope it helped
max out tag team attributes
first get 1500 stable points then spend on any stable u want to get up and continue but dont go to the menu where u select a stable just go back to teamwork attributes and u will have all ur points back keep on doing this to max out ur attributes
million dollor sallary in 24/7 seseon mode
To get a million dollor salary keep simulating your season mode to wrestlemania(about 5 or 6 times)then teddy long will call you and tell you your sallary per year and per week.
Money In The Bank
Take one ladder and take it to the entrance stage and drop it. Get back in the ring and grab the other ladder and beat everyone with it. Sometimes two or three people will go out of the ring to get the other ladder so you should get the case easily in two or three tries.
No Extreme Rules
Contrary to many beliefs, there is no Extreme Rules match in GM Mode, not even if you pick ECW as a brand. You can only play that match in exhibition mode.
On fire
To set tables on fire you have to have full momentum (I think) then face a table and press Triangle to set it on fire.(can't be in a finisher situation)
Quick wins on single matches
Be John Cena and have 1 ultimate control grapple as a suplex. When u start the match run and clothesline him right away. Then pick him up and suplex him twice. Then irish whip him into a corner (have him facing out). Use the super RKO grapple (if u dont have it switch it) u should have a finisher. use the *bleep* until the tap out. This works about 3/4 of the time and it takes about 1 min.
Raising Custom Title Prestige
If You Want to raise a custom title's prestige UP, Select Game Modes, Tournament, Create Tournament, Then By Default It Is The WWE CHAMPIONSHIP. to change it, press X, And select your belt. Then, Set up the tournament. Simulate all matches EXCEPT the Title Match Beetween the 2 finalist. Try and make it an intresting match, so If you have 2 controllers, get a freind to make it more intresting. If the match goes for a long time, and Has alot of Close Pinfalls, Finishers and Enviroment Grapples, It increases the Prestige. If you simulate the last match, you don't get any prestige. Later, You can sell the belt. Selling a belt with no prestige wont get you much money, but selling one with alot of prestige gives you more money.
Super Easy win over any difficulty ( Hard or even legend! )
First of all, before you start the match, turn the reverse and everthing off in the options mode for only the cpu. Now becom any superstar. And you can verse any superstar you want. Now do this, because the opponent can't reverse anything, just do a running stike, then wen their on the ground keep on diving off the top rope. ( Make sure that the diving move is not a pining one, or else the opponent will get up quick )
Now keep on jumoing on and off the turnbuckle and shortly your opponent will have a red body ( or head ). Then pin and become the winner! I did this in evrysingle on of my matches and won sooo quickly, hope this helped!
Swanton off announcer desk
to normally do a swanton off a ladder or turn buckle but now an announcer desk quite simple. first take of the wwe logo then lay out your opponent on the mat right in front of desk then try to get your finisher up. once you do climb on to the desk by hitting triangle then it should say triangle to do your finisher then swanton with Jeff hardy or a created superstar.
To set a table on fire, face it with a full momentum meter (not stored) and press TRIANGLE. You'll still have a full meter. Drag opponet toward it. When near it, use finisher to slam them through flaming table!

Take the bottom announcer table cover off in a HIAC (HELL IN A CELL) match, then climb cell. Ultimate control attack (Non repetive powerbomb, the same one as HBK/Finaly, chokeslam or gorrila press work best) your opponent off the ell in bottom right corner. They'll be slammed off the edge AND thrugh the table!

In Royal Rumbles, beat your opponent to some red some orange damage, or all red, and store fighting style(needs to be Power House). Activate, then use ultimate control. You'll easily slam your opponents semseless. Do it near ropes to slam them out!

You can't have your CAWs as a Power House and High Flyer. It just won't let you.

Barbed Wire sticks can be lit on fire. While holding one, use a full momentum meter to light it! It will break easily but will raise hell and deal greater damage.

In a First Blood match, set your primary ability to Brawler. Store it and use Wreck Shop so they cant reverse ur strikes. Get them on the floor and keep using Ground & Pound. They won't reverse it. It gives head damage quickly and will make them bleed easily.

There are 2 types of U. Contol powerbomb. 1) Repeating Bomb. You can do 3 powerbombs repeatedly. You can spin round. Last bomb will be a Last Ride. 2) PowerBomb/Driver. In the first bit, you can choose to lift them up for a Bomb or you can Piledriver. This bomb is slightly more powerful and mmite be only one to slam 'em of cell in HIAC, but can't be repeated.

As far as I know, the TKO is the most powerful move.
The Rock - Can be purchased for $210,000 after defeating the Rock in a match on legend difficulty using Stone Cold.

Stone Cold - Can be purchased for $210,000 after defeating Stone Cold in a submission match using Bret Hart on legend difficulty.

Mick Foley - Can be purchased for $210,000 after defeating Mick Foley in a Hell in a cell match using the Undertaker on legend difficulty.

Rick Rude - Rick Rude is available to purchase for $210,000 from the start of the game.

Roddy Piper - Piper is available to purchase for $210,000 from the start of the game.

Terry Funk - Available to purchase for $210,000 after defeating Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and the Sandman in an ECW extreme rules match fatal fourway using any superstar on legend difficulty.

Sabu - Sabu is available to purchase for $210,000 from the start of the game.

Bret Hart - Available to purchase for $210,000 after defeating Bret Hart in a 30-minute ironman using Shawn Michaels on legend difficulty.

Vince McMahon - Vince can be purchased for $110,000 after winning/defending successfully a championship title at Wrestlemania 23 in 24/7 mode.

Shane McMahon - Shane is available to purchase for $110,000 from the start of the game.

JBL - JBL is available to purchase for $110,000 from the start of the game.

HHH DX attire - HHH DX attire can be purchased for $60,000 from the start of the game.

HBK DX attire - HBK DX attire can be purchased for $60,000 from the start of the game.

Bald Vince McMahon - Bald Vince can be purchased for $60,000 once you purchase Vince McMahon regular.

Million dollar championship - The million dollar championship can be purchased for $20,000 once you obtain the rank of "hall of famer"

Hardcore championship - The hardcore championship can be purchased for $20,000 once you obtain the rank "hall of famer".

WWF Attitude Championship - The WWF Attitude championship can be purchased for $20,000 once you obtain the rank "hall of famer".

WCW world championship - The WCW world championship can be purchased for $20,000 once you obtain the rank "hall of famer".

Move set 1 - Move set 1 can be purchased for your CAW for $15,000 from the start of the game.

Move set 2 - Move set 2 can be unlocked for your CAW for $15,000 from the start of the game.

Move set 3 - Move set 3 can be purchased for your CAW for £15,000 from the start of the game.

Preset move set - When move set 1, 2, and 3 are unlocked, moves table set also become available to purchase for $15,000.

HHH DX entrance - HHH DX entrance can be purchased for $30,000.

HBK DX entrance - HBK DX entrance can be purchased for $30,000.
Win matches in Single Matches in Season Mode with ease
Whenever you're booked in a singles match with or without a manager, you can finish that match in less than a minute.

Before the match starts you are given the decision to either use your character or your opponent. Use your opponent. As soon as the match starts, leave the ring and wait for the referee to count you out. After the count of ten, you win the match.


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Easy Summerslam Unlock
First, go to WWE 24/7 Mode and select to play as a general manager. Now select any brand (preferable RAW or SmackDown!)and you can either select to draft your roster or use the WWE Roster. I chose to use the preset RAW Roster. Now extend 2 superstars contracts until just past SummerSlam. Also Extend Jeff Hardys Contract to just after SummerSlam. Then go to propose trades and select SmackDown.Then give them one of your high qality superstars (eg. John Cena, Triple H, HBK)To trade for Matt Hardy. If Successful go back to your roster and extend Matt Hardys contract. Next go to your calendar and skip the dates to summerslam.To do this, keep pressing the down button until you see summerslam. Select it and it should say do you want to simulate the days up to this event? or something like that.

Now just wait for it to get to summer slam.
Once it is finished close your calendar and go to your laptop.the go down to options.Change the difficulty to legend.Now go back to your calendar and select the PPV. Then set up a 2 on 2 TLC with the two superstars that had their contracts extended against the hardys. Make sure you play this match against the hardys DON'T BE A HARDY!!

Now if you win this match, good
Now quit 24/7 And go down to the Hall Of Fame.
It will say that August 27,2000 was cleared.
Depending on if you done all of the hall of fame events before this and 2 more you will get summerslam and the great american bash for use in exhibition. This only works if you have done all the hall of fame events before the hardy event and two more (i done the king of the ring event and the rock vs stone cold)

Have fun!!!!

Easter eggs

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Custom Belt Fun
When you create any belt w/ a spinner, you can spin it when viewing it, but, when the character makes his entrance, you can spin it by pressing and holding the R2 button. For example, when you play a match that asks you if you want to put the title on the line, select yes and select a custom title belt that has a spinner on it. Then, when your character is making his entrance and has that belt on and press and hold the R2 button and you will see the spinning part of the belt spin. TRY IT!!!


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Alternate Easy Season Mode Win
At the match screen, select your opponent. As soon as the match begins, go outside and grab a steel chair/sledgehammer and strike your opponent, which will result in DQ.

Dx Costumes
For HHH and HBK's secondary costumes (DX attire), enter the following code (exactly as shown including caps in appropriate spots):


Note: The cheats are only available in NTSC (American, Canadian versions.
Easy Cash
Start a new game on 24/7 Mode with a created wrestler. He doesn't even have to be any good. On the Calendar, scroll down to WrestleMania PPV and select it. Choose to simulate each and every match to this date. It will take a while, but at the end of simulation, you will have made quite a load of bucks. You can also repeat this as many times as you wish.

It will be useful to buy premium packs for your created superstars.
Easy Way To Win GM Mode
The simplest and quickest way to win GM Mode is first draft new roster. Then only choose 2 players to put on your roster with a one year contract. Then make one clean, one dirty but make them both the tag team champions but dont give them any other title. Then go to options and turn everything off (especially injuries) then put the match card settings as re-run. Then go to your rivalries and start any 5 star rating rivalry between them and then go to your first match card. Put Them in dangerous matches with a lot of fatigue level and put them in yhe main event for the world title and any other match for the intercontinental or U.S title but dont any leave blank matches and make sure the same 2 superstars are fighting in every match. Then for the promos put either interview space, rivalry in place of a match or slander promotion for higher rating and popularity boosts. Then finalize match card and first week you probably might not get good ratings (depends what superstars you got) but next week the show will be minimum 4 stars if you dont skip any days from the calendar. Do events & activities for both your superstars, ones which will boost their popularity. Dont skip any days and keep on doing this and you should get the GM of the year trophy in half an hour of playing and in the game after about 3 or 4 months. Whatever you do, dont use CAWs for GM mode because its just gonna slow down your progress.
Kelly Kelly Secondary Costume
For Kelly Kelly's alternate attire (ie. Costume B) go to options, cheats and type in (exactly as shown including caps in appropriate spots):


Note: The cheats are only available in NTSC (American, Canadian versions.
Use weapons with DQ on without getting banned
When you use a weapon with DQ on you get DQed and lose the match.This is easily taken care of.
First to make sure that your opponent doesn't move around and is arder to hit knock him down.
Then get behind the referee and do a grapple move on him,he will be down a lot of seconds and won't see you when you smack your opponents.
Make sure you: