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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 (PS2) Cheats

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 cheats, Codes, Passwords, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 cheat codes.

Command codes

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How To Unlock All Legends and Others
Keep beating superstars in season mode until you get enough money and then go to main menu and go to your locker room then go to your computer select X than theirs a page says WWE.Shop and theirs legends then select R1 or R2 and then you can buy what ever you want but,,make sure you have money and that's it


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In-game Passwords
game options
PasswordWhat it does
gowgrowunlock ronsimons
Menu Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
Jeff9001K2Unlocks Jeff Hardy AND TOMMY DREAMER
title page
go to cheats menu and put in the cheat.
PasswordWhat it does
Jeff9001k2Unlock jeff hardy and tommy dreamer
Sabu ecw2006 Unlock sabu and sandman


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
ChristianBeat Edge FOR the Whc Championship at ECW One Night Stand in a Ladder Match
Jeff HardyBeat Mercury and Nitro IN A triple threat LADDER MATCH at SMACKDOWN
Unlockable Stage
UnlockableHow to unlock
BackstageBeat John Cena FOR the WWE Championship
Ambulance MatchPut RVD though a table twice


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Bar Brawl Finisher
First store a finisher. Get full momentum and strong irish whip your opponent into the big screen television and press L2. You will slam him into the television and onto the floor. Then a gold statue of Hulk Hogan will fall on top of them, giving you the K.O.
Bar Brawl Finisher
First store a finisher. Get full momentum and strong irish whip your opponent into the big screen television and press L1. You will slam him into the television and onto the floor. Then a gold statue of Hulk Hogan will fall on top of your opponent, giving him the K.O.

Basic way to win matches
An easy way to win matches is beat down your opponent with punches and basic grapples and some ground submission moves until your finisher is available, then save it and use it, and pin, for some reason, most of the time, right after you do your finisher and attempt pinning your opponent to the ground for the first time, they almost always kick out, but ignore that, after you pin them, if they do kick out, do more punches, basics grapples, and ground submissions until your finisher is ready, then pick up your opponent and do your finisher and pin him, from my experience, the second time you do your finisher and pin the opponent, it should be a simple 1 2 3 count !
Boogeyman appearance...in the bar
When fighting in the bar Irish Whip your opponent into the TV monitors. Perform a normal grapple and ,if successful, a picture of a Diva will apear and distract your opponent, if reversed, the boogetman will appear scaring you and your opponent will attempt a grapple on you.
Catch someone in mid-air
If you have an opponent on the top rope and they are about to jump off and perform an aerial attack, press L2 as they come near you and you can sometimes catch them in mid air and perform a grapple move on them.
D-Generation X Entrance
If you like D-X's theme song so much you dont have to play through Season mode just to Unlock it just make a CAW and than listen to the Theme Music.
easier controls
if you can't get used to the new controls on
SD vs Raw '07. just simply go to options on the main menu. then go to gameplay settings then control settings. then you have a choice between A,B,C, or D
D is the controls off of the past SD vs Raw's. or you can pick from the other ones
easiest way ever to win money in the bank on legend
create 5 wrestlers theyll be extremely weak since there overall is 30 something than change there movesets to someone like jillian hall and begin the match when its started dont fight from the start go out of the ring and grab one of the ladders and run up the ramp and set it up there.then grab the other and do the same. your opponents will keep fighting for a while then go up the ramp so grab a ladder and beat them down and rune back to the ring and set up the ladder and go for the briefcase. by the way use both analog sticks to grab the briefcase otherwise if someone knocks down the ladder youll still be up there grabbing it.
Easy Challenges
If you want the Super Star and Legendary Trophies, just turn DQ Off. This is PARTICUALLY USEFULL when trying to beat Personality Disorder (Dude Love ** VS Mankind, Cactus Jack, & Mick Foley) and Mexicool or Mexifools? (Mexicools \"Psicosis and Super Crazy **\" VS The Brothers of Destruction \"The Undertaker VS Kane\") and an other\'s you\'re having difficulty beating.
Easy GM Mode Win + Infinite EXP Points
How to win the GM Mode easily without any 'pain'.
1. Go to Game Modes.
2. Click on General Manager Mode.
3. Choose witch brand you want and roster type (I recommend the one you have the default full roster).
4. Choose 2 Player mode.
5. Make matches that aren't expensive but good for Player 1 and always make blank match cards to Player 2.
5.1 Don't forget that P1 needs the best roster and if you want other brand's wrestler, you should need to make a trade, go to P2 and make it accept.
6. Complete all the GM season until Wrestlemania. Put Player 1'sd best superstars in it and Player 2 doesn't make nothing.
You can enjoy Mr. McMahon almost firing the other noob and giving you the General Manager Award!
Now when you win the award, it will enable some cool GM options (like No Costs, No Moral Affects) + Infinity Experience Points for your superstars!
Easy Royal Rumble Win
Yes you could fight and claw your way to victory but that takes too long. Simply stand in one of the turnbuckle corners and when a superstar comes near you run to the corner across from it. It can be done by going back in forth between two but it's easier to do by using all four. The superstar will still come towards you but when he gets into the center of the ring he will lose focus of you. Just remember to regain stamina when needed.
Easy Rumble elimination
When you see a participant trying to eliminate another, wait at the last second before you know the opponent on the apron will counter to then help the participant eliminate the opponent, as it causes practically a 100% chance of being eliminated.
easy way to beat royal rumble
this is the easiest thing to do. what you do is be the "great"khali and enter in at number 1. then just take your oponent and irish whip them over the top ropes. then use a easy grapple and they will fall off the mat and you probably may have about 10-20 seconds to get the fans attenchen so they realease whos boss. have fun. ive also done this its totaly easy!
easy way to get into the crowd!!!
get a chair and do the vandaminator in front of the black barrier it is sometimes hard to do but you will get used to it
Easy win at hell in a cell
First of all, Just climb up onto the top of the cell and taunt, this will make your oponent(s) climb up onto the top. then punch them off or use the speacial interactive grapple to push them off. becarefull the dont reseverse this or you might be the one falling from the cell. if its a single hell in the cell, try jumping from the top after your oponent is knocked of the cell and knocked out. another way is to open up the top of the cell so that theres no roofing in that area. (to do this use a slamming move on the two "squares" on the top of the cell 2 times) then keep going up there and make your oponent run to you. then move out the way and they will fall through. then you can pin them.
Easy winning
Go into options and set the damage really high and impossible to counter, then any challenges you can't beat will become easy.
Easy Wins in Season Mode
If u have a superstar with a 90 or above and u don't want to play, u can skip and win the match: This only happens with a real WWE superstar, not with Caws, (people that u can used to win easier in season mode, John Cena, Mick Foley, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and other top superstrar)
Extremely Easy Mr. Money In The Bank Win
When doing the Mr. Money In The Bank ladder match. 1) Choose The Great Khali as your player then choose all cruiser weight people. (Kid Kash Gregory Helms Super Crazy Psicosis Rey Mysterio and Daivari are my Best.) as your COM people for the match. 2) Then play it. 3) Keep doing Punches and kicks until everyone is red. 4) Then throw everybody out of the ring. 5) Climb the ladder and reach the briefcase.

Please Note: You may have to repeat step 4.

Doing it with weak CAWS did not work. It took me 91 minutes to do it and I lost. My way takes about 10-20 minutes if you're skilled. I have not even had the game for a week and I have almost completed it!
Extremely easy ways to win H3ll in a cell match!
-throw opponent off the top of the cell with an ultimate control move, after your HUD pops up again regain stanima.
-do non special moves like Stonecold Stunner#2, Tomestone Piledriver#2, Death Valley Driver (Northern Lights Driver),Superchokeslam,SUPERRKO,
- Specials like Pedigree, Show Stopper, Spere4, The Rock Bottom, The Peoples Elbow, Sweetchinmusic
and TheLastRide.
Funny commentary - battle of the commentators
When competing in the "battle of the commentators" challenge, you will notice that your character, Jerry Lawler, is also the commentator for the match you are wrestling in. However THQ added some funny commentary to this, Jerry Lawler will say something along the lines of:

"wow, I never thought I would get to see myself wrestle in a match before!"

It is very funny, there are more lines like this too.
Get a Weapon at Parking Lot
First set up a parking lot brawl match. After you have done that irish whip your opponent into the garbage truck. The garbage truck trunk will open. once it is open go near the garbage truck and press x. If you did it right you would have a shovel.
Get NEW weapons
when you go into the crowd area( where the TV, speakers, tables) the audiwnce on the sides hang weapons over and if you walk toward them and press the weapon grab button, you will get that new weapon. There are only canes, belts, and umbrellas and they suck and you can only hit them once before it breaks.
Hint - Preset Moves Sets
Moveset 1 - Eugene
Moveset 2 - Sylvan or Dupree
Moveset 3 - Charlie Haas
Moveset 4 - Brian Kendrick or London
Moveset 5 - Hurricane
Moveset 6 - Orlando Jordan
Moveset 7 - Taijri
Moveset 8 - Chris Jericho
Moveset 9 - Rhyno
Moveset 10 - Dreamer
Moveset 11 - Bubba Ray Dudley
Moveset 12 - D-Von Dudley
Moveset 13 - Spike Dudley
Moveset 14 - Jeff Hardy
Moveset 15 - Christian
Moveset 16 - AJ Styles
Moveset 17 - Goldberg
Moveset 18 - Scott Stiener
Moveset 19 - Sting
Moveset 20 - X-Pac
Moveset 21 - Kevin Nash
Moveset 22 - unknown (finisher is Double Axe Handle from turnbuckle)
Moveset 23 - British Bulldog or Animal
Moveset 24 - Hawk
Moveset 25 - Ultimate Warrior
Hot Spots
Hot spots when dragging opponent by hair:

Inside the ring:

Turnbuckle: 10 count head punch
Turnbuckle: 10 count head bang on turnbuckle (when turnbuckle is exposed)
Ring ropes: Groin to ropes (when opponent is stood up)
Ring ropes: Stand on head and strangle with ring ropes (when opponent is down)

Outside the ring:

Ring post: arm slam to post
Announcer tables 1: Head slam off table, strangle with cord
Announcer tables 2: (after taking off plastic covering of table) head pound off table
Crowd barrier: slam torso onto ring barrier
Corner Crowd barrier next to Spanish announce table: Irish whip over crowd barrier, into crowd

Crowd area:

Crowd barrier: Slam opponents head off crowd barrier
Electric speakers: Slam into electric speakers
Corner crowd barrier: Irish whip opponent back over crowd barrier, to outside of ring

Hot spots when Irish whip someone into object:

Inside the ring:

Turnbuckle: grapple in turnbuckle
Ring ropes: grapple on ring ropes

Outside the ring:

Crowd barrier: slam torso onto ring barrier
Ring post: Head pound on ring post
Corner crowd barrier near Spanish announce table: Clothesline over crowd barrier into crowd

Crowd area:

Crowd barrier: Toss opponent over crowd barrier, into crowd
Electric speakers: Electrocute opponent on electric speakers
How To Win a Royal Rumble Easily With Batista
to win a royal rumble real easily with Batista do the Following:

1. Get A Finisher and Store it.

2.Strong Grappel sum1 |HINT:(Batista is Heavyweight, he can pick up anyone)Make sure to do the Strong Grappel when u pick them up,insted of 2 options u will see three, choose up, then move twords the ropes and click R3, u will throw the person outside the ring,that means they r eliminated (this DOES take a finisher)

3.BONUS HINT: In a Burry Alive Match, i dont know if its Batista or not,but it happened to me, Triple H can throw sum1 in the coffin (*(man) ***(Coffin)* ---- ***) He would land in the coffin. done the same way as in Royal Rumble, must be pointing twords coffin.
How to win the Tester Challenge
The final challenge is the Special challenge. Mickie James vs. The Great Kali. And it is on legend mode and you can not go out of the ring. How to win is to just keep presing the SQUARE button. Just in till he gets in the red then give him a finisher.
Legend championships
Smoking Skull Championship - unlock it by winning the Royal Rumble Trophy then buy it for $ 5.000 in the WWE Shop

n.W.o. Championship - unlock it by winning the SummerSlam Trophy then buy it for $ 3.500 in the WWE Shop

The Hardcore Championship Belt - Win the Superstar Challenge Trophy

The Million Dollar Championship Belt - Win the Legend Challenge Trophy

Legend Mode Challenge: Defeat Khali
Im sure alot of you have tried to do this, and found it almost impossible. Im no different.

The Great Khali v Mickie James in Legend mode.
Unless you are utterly an expert at this game,
it will be very hard to win unless you make a
few adjustments.

First off, switch Khali's moveset to someone's like Jillian Hall. Or if you really want to mess with him, change all of his moves manually to the worst possible ones in the game, such as those crappy DDT's that nobody likes. Change his special moves to something like an Elbow Drop from the top rope. Its unlikely to see Khali climb there, so he will not be using it for awhile.

Next, change Mickie James moveset to someone like Rey Mysterio. He has the best crusierweight moveset in the game, and only one of his moves requires lifting the opponent.

Finally, go to options and set all of the CPU's settings, like Reversal and such to '0'. That will help alot with this.

Once you have done all of this, it may take a slightly skilled player one or two tries to defeat him. It was quite easy for me after doing all of this.
Make things interesting
Start any match, go to match set up, close your eyes and press Square to randomise who your character will be, do the same for your opponent. Keep pressing X to skip past arena select and match start - (Don\'t open your eyes until the entrance) - and wait and see who your mystery superstar and opponent is, it can sometimes throw up some very interesting matches.
Money in the bank
To win this match bring both ladders up the the tritontron. When all the cpus are up there with you run down with a ladder and try to win. If unsuccessfull try again by brnging the ladder up there again.
Money In The Bank - Easy Win
For this it is recommended to turn off stamina and possibly put the controls for the computer AI as nothing for all the settings.

Stand outside the ring but make sure every weopon you can get is inside, after the wrestlers start to get injured, take both ladders to the top of the stage and set them up, then all of the superstars will come upto the stage to get the ladders to take back to the ring, pick one ladder up and do a running attack on everyone whilst they're fighing for the spare ladder, at this point they will all fall over and hopefully will be knocked out, run to the ring, climb the ladder and do it with two hands so it's a lot quicker.
Money in the bank challenge - how to win easier
I just completed the Money in the bank challenge last night - win Money in the bank on Legend difficulty, it is hard as hell. My advise on completing this difficult challenge is use someone big and someone small. Example, I was Khali against 5 Cruiserweights which made the job a little easier, I was more durable so after 10 minutes of playing everyone was on red health except me. It took me 45 minutes to complete it, even if you are someone as big as Khali it is still difficult to win. What you should do is let the AI work down the MITB meter until it is nearly at the bottom, then break it up, now when you climb the ladder you have more of a chance of winning because you only need to bring the meter down a little more to win as all the hard work has been done for you. You could get unlucky and have someone else nip in and steal it, or you could get it down yourself if you do it right.

Be patient, it is an annoying match, the ladders are way sensitive so if you are on top of the ladder trying to get the briefcase you nearly always get pushed off the ladder when someone does a high impact move, and don't forget that they're 5 other guys in there with you, so just bide your time and take advantage of being bigger than everyone else.

Good luck. I have RVD's MITB briefcase as a collectible in my locker room as proof that nothing in this game is impossible, just challenging.
Money In The Bank Tip
Create a Superstar but only (dont HAVE to actually) change the weight to cruiserweight (or something like that) and then create for more. Try the match like that and be anyone (a heavyweight would help).
Money In The Bank Trophy
If you're having difficulty getting this, goto the options, I believe In-Game in the options menu from the main menu. Turn the computer AI ALL THE WAY down. Set it on Legend Difficulty. Select The Big Show or The Great Khali (An Ultra Heavyweight is the best in this case, you can also use a Super Heavyweight like The Undertaker or Umaga) as the character you want to play as, then have him go against five Cruiserweights, I select The Mexicools (Psicosis and Super Crazy), Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerrero, and Khasrow Daivari as my opponents. Becuase of the size difference, they cannot do some of their moves, they cannot do Toe Kicks, they do FAR less damage to you, cannot lift/slam you, meanwhile you have all but the Speed Advantange. Just try not to mess your legs up. I won the trophy in roughly 15-20 minutes. It's best to make them all red, and knock them out of the ring before attempting to grab the Briefcase.
New features with ladders
There are 5 things which I think are really fun which you can do with ladders, some you may already know, some you may not know:

1. When a ladder is set up lean another ladder against it, when ur opponent climbs the other side you run up the ladder and clothesline him, also if you run up and push both L3 & R3 up, your player should grab the briefcase then obviously you have to find the sweet spot. sometimes it don't work though you have to be accurate.

2. When a ladder is on the floor get your opponent in a grapple state then drag him to the ladder and he'll put him into the ladder and it will turn into a environmental grapple move where he closes the ladder on him repeatedly.

3. When a ladder is set in the corner, just like number 2 drag towards it and it should throw the ladder on the floor and put his leg in the ladder and repeatedly open and close it.

4. When a ladder is set in the corner push R3 up or down and he'll throw the opponent on the floor and throw the ladder on him and then climb the turnbuckle and do a 5 star frog splashon the ladder.

5. When the ladder is in your hands push R3 in any direction and he'll put the ladder on the floor and place your opponent on the ladder. Then push R3 in any direction and he'll do a leg drop on the opponent but if he is 2 weight classes lower than you the he will lift him up and do a scoop slam on the ladder.
New thing i found
Credit to Verdant_Abyss for finding this but since I don't think it's been contributed, I'll do that part, well, apparently, in Hell in a Cell, go outside, take cover off announcers table, climb the Cell and ultimate control chokeslam in the tables direction and it shows a cut scene of that happening
No-DQ In DQ Match (Useful in Season Mode)
If you are in match with DQ's, and you want to use chairs, hammers, etc. Get referees Attention Somewhere else!

This is easy;

1. Grapple Referee
2. Irish Whip him outside the ring.
3. Get chair or other weapon and beat your opponent.

Look little to referee if you use this, course if hes up, he will DQ you.
Pick Up Heavy Opponents
To pick up heavier opponents, get full momentum. You then can pick up heavier opponents.
Pinball Machine
In the exhibition when you are choosing your superstar choose Dude Love, Cactus Jack, Mankind, or Mick Foley. Make sure you make this match a bar brawl match. Then with the superstar you picked strong irish whip your opponent into any of the two pinball machines. Next, press any directional button along with the circle button. Then your superstar will throw your opponents face into the glass and break it. The head will get stuck. Then it explodes!
Pipers changing boots
While in storyline cutscene's and even his own entrance, Rowdy Pipers boots are black. However in the match they are red.
Preset Entrances
Superstar 01: British Bulldog
Superstar 02: Hollywood Hulk Hogan (nWo)
Superstar 03: The Hurricane
Superstar 04: Doug Basham
Superstar 05: Danny Basham
Superstar 06: Ted DiBiasi
Superstar 07: Scott 2 Hotty
Superstar 08: Muhammad Hasan
Superstar 09: Andre The Giant
Superstar 10: Jimmy Hart
Superstar 11: Paul London/Brain Kendrick
Superstar 12: Jake \"The Snake\" Roberts
Superstar 13: Brock Lesnar
Superstar 14: Stacey Kebler
Superstar 15: Christy Hemme
Superstar 16: Eugene
Superstar 17: Chris Jericho
Superstar 18: Christian
Superstar 19: Orlando Jordan
Really get in the crowd!!! and fight on top of the frame work in th crowd area.
Play a 2 player match with no interference so the crowd area is open. then both of you go to the crowd area and take the referee with you. then irish whip the referee on to the barricade where the people are, then push R3 in any direction and it should throw the referee over the barricade. while your doing this, the other should run towards you so he pushes you into the crowd. Now you and the referee are in the crowd area and you can beat up. while you are in the crowd area go behind the framework and make the other guy climb it and make him jump, he obviously cant jump onto you because you are in a glitched zone so he will land on the frame work now he will be standing on the framework. Then make the other guy behind the framework come back in the crowd space and make him then climb the framework and make him attack you but try to stay a bit far from him. Now make him jump, he should still land on the framework. When he gets up then you both can fight on top of there and if weapons are close by you can automatically pick them up. Its obviously a bit of a glitch.
First, get someone with the chair special "Vandaminator". Then get a stored special. Next, get a chair then go down to where you can see the apron cover thing with your opponent. use the vandaminator then start running downward. the game will glitch, and show you running into a black abyss.
Remove Turnbuckle Pad
To remove a turnbuckle pad stand in the corner of the turnbuckle you want to remove the pad from and use direction (towards turnbuckle) + X to remove the pad.
Royal Rumble
Don't waste time weakening opponents to much, because you will use up stamina, just eliminate everyone that comes in as fast as possible and always have a stored finisher so that you can counter if you are holding onto the ropes.
Royal Rumble tip
Whenever you in a Royal Rumble remember to always have a finisher stored that way you could easily avoid being thrown out through grapples or ultimate grapples. The objective of the match is to be last man standing not to be the one to eliminate all. Try to avoid being in conflict between other superstars, avoid fighting at all risk.
Royal Rumble Trophy
Win the 30-man royal rumble match in season mode to unlock the royal rumble trophy and the Stone Cold Steve Austin package.
Save yourself in Royal Rumble
When you're irish-whipped to the apron, you need a stored finisher to get back into the ring. Simply press L1 while on the apron to get back in. Getting a finisher by doing lots of moves on the participants in the ring is a good way of keeping yourself safe in a Royal Rumble match.
Spinner Belt
If your superstar has a 'spinner belt' then you can make it spin during entrances. Simply hold down R2 and the spinner will spin.
Superstar challenge - Mexilcools Mexifools!
Want to win this challenge? And so easy as you can?
Do this!

Go to Create-A-Move-Set and change Undertaker & Kanes Move-Sets to something else. (Ex. Mickie James) & Choose to your own Move-Sets Something better. (Ex. Kane, Taker, Big Show, Etc.) And beat Kane & Taker.

You can also do something else to them if you want.
The Boogeyman
Set up a parking lot brawl. Then irish whip your opponent into the car(next to the truck that is sppining). The boogeyman will appear.
the cheat easy win is wrong in some matches
do not get the opponent disqulified in every match like title matches you must face the player one on one no ring out count no dq jus give him the twist of fate if u r matt hardy or fu if john cena lol

who ever put in the cheat easy win is a bit *bleep*ed!
Ultimate control (Hell in a cell)
In a hell in a cell match, you canthrow your opponent off the cell using ultimate control moves like chokeslam, powerbomb etc. When you do these moves, your opponent will fall off the cell in slow motion effect and if you do chokeslam next to the announcer table with the table top off from the top of the cell, your opponent will go crashing through the announcer table.
Unlimited experience points
Win the GM of The Year Trophy to get unlimited Experience Points and new GM Mode options
Unlock Arenas
No Mercy Arena - Win the No Mercy Trophy in Season Mode

Unforgiven Arena - Win the Unforgiven Trophy in Season Mode

WrestleMania 22 Arena - Win the WrestleMania Trophy in Season Mode

Backlash Arena - Win the Backlash Trophy in Season Mode

Vengeance Arena - Win the Vengeance Trophy in Season Mode

SummerSlam Arena - Win the SummerSlam Trophy in Season Mode

Saturday Night Main Event Arena - Win the Superstar Challenge Trophy

ECW One Night Stand II Arena - Win the Money In The Bank Trophy

Unlock legends
Legends can only be unlocked in season mode, a new legend is unlocked by completing PPV events in season mode. Below is the list of legends and how to unlock them.

Bam Bam Bigelow: Win at Unforgiven
Bret Hart: Win at Survivor Series
Cactus Jack: Win at SummerSlam
Dude Love: Win at SummerSlam
Hulk Hogan: Win ar WrestleMania
Jerry "the King" Lawler: Win at No Way Out
Mankind: Win at SummerSlam
Mr. Perfect: Win at Backlash
Shane McMahon: Win at Armageddon
Stone Cold Steve Austin: Win at Royal Rumble PPV
Tazz: Win at No Way Out
The Anvil Jim Neidhart: Win at Survivor Series
The Rock: Win at WrestleMania
Unlock Legends and others
Go to season play lots of matches and win than make sure you have enough money to buy legends and other things after this whole thing get out of season mode than go to your locker room then go to your computer and get WWE.Shop and it will say how much $ does the legends cost and select L1 For other things or you can select R2 For the other pages.
Unlock loading screens
Divas Loading Screens - Win the No Mercy Trophy

Legend loading screen - Win the Legend Challenge Trophy

Use a tire as a weapon
In a parking lot brawl strong irish whip your opponent into the stack of tires. A tire would fall. To pick it up press X.
Common sense tip here, but the obvious best way to defeat a heavier opponent is to use weapons. Distract the referee and hack away for the victory.


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The Great Khali - Ultra Heavyweight
If you set up an Exhibition match, and select The Great Khali he will appear as an ultra Heavyweight superstar! This is also seen in General Manager Mode.
But if you create a wrestler, you can't make your created superstar ultra! The maximum is Super Heaviweight.

So this is definitely a hidden/unique weight level!

Note: Being an Ultra Heavyweight superstar doesn't give you any advantages that Super Heavyweight doesn't. Heavyweights and Super Heavyweights can still slam him, for example!


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619 in parking lot
Set up a parking lot brawl. Choose rey mysterio as your superstar vs anyone else. Then irish whip your opponent into the middle of the limo(at first you will hear a glass shader). Then do it again(this time the glass must have broken). Get a finisher irish whip him once more an press L1.
  • Easy table finishers
When using a caw with the gore as a finisher
put a table by the turnbuckle and irish whip them into the table. Then use the gore to smash them
Alternate attires
Triple H Suit - Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 4,000

JBL Suit - Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 5,000

Masked Kane - Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 4,000

Bar Brawl Finisher
First store a finisher. Get full momentum and strong irish whip your opponent into the big screen television and press L1. You will slam him into the television and onto the floor. Then a gold statue of Hulk Hogan will fall on top of your opponent, giving him the K.O.

Beat GM Mode in 1 Hour
When you start GM mode, choose "draft your roster." Just draft two big popularity superstars (like triple h, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Batista, Hogan, Undertaker or anyone else like that). Just pick those two and end your draft. After Vinnie Mac sends you the message, go to options. Turn injuries off and 'repeat the previous week' on the match card option.

Go to your card and set up the two superstars in five huge matches like "h3ll in a cell", "ironman", "backstage brawls", "ladder match", and whatever else you want. This will bring in huge ratings every week. Your two superstars will be fatigued but won't get injured. Every week you should have the same card so just keep running through the weeks with the same high rated card and you'll win GM mode and infinite stats in less than an hour.

Genius, I know.
DX tag entrance
Win the Vengeance trophy to unlock the DX tag entrance for purchase at the WWE Shop.
Easier Way To Fight In Crowd
An easier way to get in the crowd why fighting is to go on the bend in the baracade right next to the comentators desk. when you are facing the bend or "curve"press x and your superstar will hop the baracade. if you don't know what bend im talking about keep doing matches untill teh tips (at the starting of a match) has a picture of teh baracades with a green circle. that is the place.
Easy GM of the Year win
Go to GM Mode and make it 2 players, then select Draft Roster, then choose the people you want. After that, go to Options and turn match settings to re-run and then play the opposing show. After the opposing shows' superstars contract expires, don't buy him anymore; instead turn all of his matches vacant for the rest of the GM Mode. You will win the GM of the Year trophy
Easy way to get in the actual crowd!
Ok, this is cool.
Start a hell in a cell match with two players.
One of the players has to be the undertaker, as far as i know. Grab either the opponent or the referee in the upper left corner of the ring With Undertaker. Start a chokeslam and carry the other person down to the lower left corner.
Face the rope, then throw the oppent down.
Climb the lower left turn buckle. with the opponent still on the ground, hit x then keep pressing down while prssing other buttons until you eventually end out of the cage and into the crowd!

*some credit goes to Zavern, who experimented one doin this cute little cheat!

Experiment a little in the Cell match

Have fun!
Easy way to win in a Hell in a Cell Match
Damage your oponent it all ways you can. After about three minutes open the door and climb on the top of the cell. When your oponent is climbing up the cell stand infront of him/her. When your enemy is on the cell while laying down after climbing up pick him up by holding R1 then press "X". Right after picking them up do a stong graple move by pressing R1 and right analog stip up. You would do a choke slam and throw them of the cell. It does a extreme amount of damage, you would get your special almost every time.

Easy Win
If you want to win season mode with no challenge what-so-ever simply plug another controller in and select 'multiplayer'. Choose the second controller and simply get controller 2 disqualified.
Easy win in personality disorder
It may sound impossible, a 3 on 1 handicap match on legend difficulty, but using this simple technique you can beat it in a minute.

Go to "options" and turn ring out count on, (10 count, if it isn't on already). Now take your superstar and run up the entrance ramp, if you are lucky, all 3 of your opponents will follow you, if not, just be patient because sometimes one person will follow you up the ramp and the other 2 will keep on getting in and out of the ring to restart the 10 count. Once someone has followed you, attack them, run back to the ring, and get back in time for the 10 count and your opponent will be counted out and you will win easily.
Fire Truck Finisher

ok, now i now some of you cant find very many ways of knocking out your opponent in parking lot brawls but this is sure to help you.
You will see on the fire truck it says Fire Department and on the left of that there are a lot of gauges and stuff. You will need to Irish Whip your opponent there and u should bang there opponents head on it a couple of times. then you will see the big escape ladder mover over the paring lot and from there on you must get your finisher and store it if you want it doesn't matter and on the right of the writing there is a small hanging off the side of the truck. Irish Whip them there and walk up behind them and it will say tap L1 for finisher so press L1 and your opponent will be on top of the escape ladder over the parking lot and they will keep hitting each other then you push him/her off the ladder and falling to the ground and that will leave you on top. If you don't want to jump off and land on him/her if your in reach just press X and you will saftley get down. After that if he is not knock out you can get back up there when ever you want just go to the ladder where you start the finisher and you can climb up but you only go half way so press triangle again and you be on the very top. Have Fun.
Garbage Truck Finisher
Set up a parking lot brawl match. Then store a finisher. After get full momentum. Once you have done that strong irish whip your opponent towards the garbage truck. Then press L1.
get out of the steel cage
you may need 3 human characters to do this but i think you could do it with 2 human characters. first get one player to climb up near the bottom left of the cage but not to the top of the cage. then with the next player climb next to the other player and he should push him towards the left side of the cage keep doing this then climb on the turn buckle then with player who is climbing press r1 he should jump off and he should land outside the ring then you could use the announcer table to do leap of faith.
Getting really in the crowd (2 players)
This is a way of getting the other superstar, in the crowd, where the fans actully sit. not where the weapons are but where the crowd really are.

First make sure the comentator table you are going to use has no top on it. then make The second player be lying down on it. IT CANT BE COLLAPSED YET! then do a leap of faith onto the comentator table. the second player should be then rolling on the ground. as the second player tilt the analog stick to face the baracade. then when your superstar is about to get up, it should roll towards the baracade. when they get up they will be behind the baracade where the crowd is. nwo you can rome the stadium and pass through baracades. if you go out, you wont be able to get back in. you can only pass through the real fan area and get through to the other side. your superstar wont be able to go up to the high area because it will ust go through the walls. you can go behind the ramp, but if you are up there if you go down the ramp it will quit the glitch.

Have Fun!
Hearse KO
In a parking lot barwl store a finisher. After you have done that get full momentum. Once you have gotten that strong irish whip you opponent into the hearse(it is the one that is facing the oposite direction). Then press L1.
Leap Of Faith
Want to deliver an elbow drop from the turnbuckle through the announcers table? Simply have a finisher stored and remove the monitors from either announcers table. Irish whip your opponent onto the table and walk towards the table, use your stored finisher by pressing L1 and you will watch a short cutscene with your character delivering the Leap of Faith.
Money in the bank win in 10 mins
When you start a money in the bank game, get a ladder and use it to get your finisher. The nset up the ladder near the ropes and climb up the side closer to the ropes. When an opponent climbs up press L1 and you will throw the opponent out of the ring. I was kane and made the great khali red in 3 throws. Keep doing the routine until everybody is red. Then throw them out of the ring and get the briefcase.
Pre-Set Entrance List
This is a list of the Pre-Created Entrances in Create-an-Entrance mode:

Superstar 01: British Bulldog
Superstar 02: Hollywood Hulk Hogan (nWo)
Superstar 03: The Hurricane
Superstar 04: Doug Basham
Superstar 05: Danny Basham
Superstar 06: Ted DiBiasi
Superstar 07: Scotty 2 Hotty
Superstar 08: Muhammad Hassan
Superstar 09: Andre The Giant
Superstar 10: Jimmy Hart
Superstar 11: Paul London/Brian Kendrick
Superstar 12: Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Superstar 13: Brock Lesnar
Superstar 14: Stacey Keibler
Superstar 15: Christy Hemme
Superstar 16: Eugene
Superstar 17: Chris Jericho
Superstar 18: Christian
Superstar 19: Orlando Jorden
Quick way to win via GM Mode
If you want a match to be won quickly(as long as you don't won't the one of the titles to change hands) take control of the wrestler you want to lose, make sure DQ is on and get out a chair from under the ring. Hit your opponent with the chair and you've made sure of your win.

Remember, you can't win a title if the opposing player is disqualified. Only use this method for a quick win on singles, tag etc. Anything that you can be DQed in.
Royal Rumble Win In Season Mode
First choose Randy Orton or JBL. Then in season mode dont battle for the championship in any chapters. You will go through 3 or 4 chapters. If you do this then you will finally come up to the chapter Royal Rumble. If you win you get the Royal Rumble trophy and a chance to battle for the title at Wrestlemania in season mode.
Royal Rumble-less oponents
in the R.Rumble match store a finisher then ultimate grapple your oponent,out of the ring(preference LIFT UP) when another superstar is almost in the ring
Seriously get INTO crowd!
Ok, this is easy, but it will take a few tries.
start a hell in the cell match with two people.
pick your character, then on the second controller, pick the undertaker. as far as i know, thats the only way is with undertaker.

Ok, take the Undertaker and hold your character in the chokeslam hold. (R1+R3 then push in R3)

Go to the upper left turn buckle while in chokeslam hold, then head down to the bottom left turn buckle, in chokeslam you character.

climb on the bottom left turn buckle, then, press the button that makes you jump off the top rope, and immediatley start hitting down and other buttons. Youll either be in the crowd or out of the cell. keep doing it and youll get it.

trust me, i found this by mistake, and its easier than it sounds!

Email on what you think, or if you just want more cheats!

stone cold imitation
In a bar room brawl store a finisher and drag your opponent to the bar. He will give him a beer they drink and your superstar will stun him

note: not a finisher to my knowlodge
Unlock Legend Challenges
As you buy legends from Shop Zone,
More and more challenges will begin to appear
with the superstar you buy. After buying all legends all the challenges will be unlocked for legend challenge mode.
Win the Money In the Bank in Under a Minute
Having trouble winning the Money in the Bank match but you can win a singles ladder match? Well then just hook up a multitap and make it a 5 player/1 computer match. It automatically turns the money in the bank into a singles match.

However, this will not unlock the ECW one night stand arena.