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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 (PS2) Cheats

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Another Royal Rumble Tip
There have been multiple threads asking: "How do you pick someone up and throw them over the ropes?"

You have to be two weight classes heavier than your opponent. Here is a list of the different weight classes.

- Ultra heavyweight (only Andre The Giant)
- Super Heavyweight
- Heavyweight
- Light Heavyweight
- Cruserweight
- Diva

For example Gene Snitsky is Super Heavyweight. He can pick up anyone that is Light Heavyweight and under.

To pick up your opponent (Providing you are two weight classes heavier than your desired opponent) press the circle button and the Up button on the d-pad.
Another way to Stack Tables/Ladder
Pick up the ladder/table and run directly at a set- up table that you want to stack it on. Keep running until you run out of stamina, and when you fall to one knee, the table/ladder should fall on top of the set-up table.
Attack Backstage Worker
During a backstage brawl in the backstage area, a WWE worker will occasionally purchase a drink from the vending machine. If you grapple in his direction while he is doing this, your character will grab him and give him a chop.
Attire in Entrance, Not Match
Yes, it is possible to wear some clothes in an entrance and not in the match, here's how you do it. First, put the desired piece of clothing on your CAW (create a wrestler), then in the section next to the clothes, select display setup. Find your attire and press X. A screen should come up where there are boxes with checks next to match, entrance, and cut screen. Press X on the place you don't want to see the attire.
Avoiding annoying camera effects
We all know how annoying the slow motion, black and white heart-beat camera effect during finishers get's after a few times, especially during The People's Elbow, or The Worm. However, there is a way of stopping this camera effect. Simply pause the game during the move, and then when you 'Return to Game', the move will be playing out normally, with no effects.
Backstage Table
The Table backstage with the food is breakable. Get close to it and go for a suplex and you will put the superstar through the Table.
Backstage Television Easter Egg
When you are in a backstage match, use Irish Whip on your opponent into the television twice to make the tv fall down.
Behind Opponet
Do a Grapple move(O or O + directional button) then tap the R1 button to go behind opponent for an easy behind finisher, or real grapple attack.
Benjamin Glitch
To hear this glitch two things are required, Jr and King must be commentating, and Benjamin needs to be in the match of course. Okay sometime during the match Jr will compliment Shelton on being an up and coming superstar,and how great he is. The funny thing is right after that King says the exact same thing. Then right after King says that the "conversation" picks up in a random spot.
Unlockable XP Through The Nose
Clear the RAW and Smackdown story modes in Season Mode (this will require two different WWE Superstars, like Eddie Guerrero and John Cena). Upon the clearing of the second season, you'll receive a message to confirm that you completed it. The points can even be used for create a characters that you made already.

CAW Farming
(If you don't want to wait like above.^)

Create a CAW that is a super heavyweight and get his attributes as high as you can (playing season mode once should do it). Then go to the CAW menu and copy him. Go into the copied CAW's profile and change his weight to DIVA weight and continue to exit.

Exit the CAW by going to continue but don't save. All the experience points from the copied CAW will be remove from that CAW and placed back in your experience pool. This will give you a ton of experience points and can be done over and over.
Choosing the show starter (loading)
To change the show starter to RAW when the game starts keep tapping the start button until the screen where the smackdown starter usually comes on.

If you do it right RAW's starter will be on rather than the smackdown one.
Commentators Call Women Men
In exhibition have a fight for the Womens Championship on a set where H.R and King commentate . After the match when the winner is posing you will hear J.R saying "What a great match. He sure earned the victory." Or something along those lines.
Daivari Shouts in Farsi
Choose a singles match with a manager. Select a wrestler, then choose Daivari as your manager. During the course of the match you will hear Daivari occasionally shout a sentence in Farsi.
Defend WWE and World Heavyweight Titles without unlocking them!
If you haven't done the Season Mode but still want to defend these titles go to GM Mode and set matches for these titles. After you set the matches you can play the matches defending the titles. The title for Smackdown will be the World Heavyweight Championship and for Raw the WWE Championship.
Diva Chant
While playing a match with divas you will sometimes here a chant of "Divas suck".
Do finisher without having Smackdown! Icon
First your guy must have a diving Smackdown. Now set up a 1 on 1 latter match. Set up the ladder up and get on, he will get up too. Punch him until you are able to grapple him, then press up and your guy will push him down and do the finisher without needing or using a Smackdown! Icon, so you can save it for later.
Draining Opponents Staminina + Easy Win
In order to drain your opponents stamina, and set yourself up for an easy win if you have Ring Out ON, leave the ring, and stand near the bottom of the entrance ramp. Perform one submission, then lift your opponent up and power irish whip them up the entrance ramp, they'll run all the way up to the top, and by the time they get there they'll have no stamina left.

If you are playing in a singles match, roll back in to the ring for an easy win, but if it's a hardcore match, follow your opponent up the ramp, then work them over. They'll show little resistance because of their lack of stamina. This can also be used to buy time in ladder matches and give yourself time to get the belt. In tag match, power irish whip your opponent up the ramp, then double team the guy left in the ring.
Easier Elimination Chamber Title
One of the more difficult trophies to obtain requires you to eliminate all 5 opponents in an Elimination Chamber match on Legend difficulty. To make things easier, create 5 male diva weight CAWS and don't assign them any points. Then set up the match, playing as Triple H, starting order 1 and with KO on. Even on Legend difficulty all your opponents should be fairly easy fodder. A few moves should be enough to put their heads on orange or red, and a Pedigree will either knock them straight out or let you pin them easily. Just make sure none of them get a chance to pin or submit any of the others, you have to eliminate all of them.
Easy Challange completion
Challenges can be more easily completed on 2P mode. Just plug in a second controller and select two players. If you need to pin them, just attack them, then go for the pin and you will be able to do so with no opposition.
Easy GM Mode
General Manager mode can be made far easier if you use two controllers, and control both brands. You can sabotage one show and still get the trophy at the end.

First go to GM mode then plug in a second controller and choose the 2 player mode. Now choose the shows and you control both of
Easy GM of the Year Award on 1 Player
To easily complete a General Manager mode and win the GM of the Year Award there is no need to go on two players. If you want to complete it the honest way then simply take your two highest rated superstars and fill the card with Last Man Standing Matches every single week. The results should be great for all of the matches and the other show will lose fans.

Your superstars however will become injured and this is inevitable, so when he is injured just switch him for the next highest superstar and repeat the process. Because they are in high rated matches the popularity of the superstar will also go up so the opposing brand will still lose fans.

Now as this happens some of your "less used" superstars will complain. So simply replace the first match in your section of last man standing matches for a match which will make the unhappy superstars happy again. For example if 5 stars are complaining about not being used then set up a 5 Man Battle Royal featuring all of them. If any are complaining about a title shot then add any available champ into the mix with his title on the line.

Also for the Promo spots do some advertising which will give you money so you can end up with more money every week.

You will win over every fan this way and easily get GM of the Year Award without needing to plug in a second controller.

Good Luck

Easy hell in a cell wins
Get on top of the cell. Your opponent should follow you. But before your opponent stands up kick your opponent until he falls. Do this until his body is red. Once his body is red throw him off one more time and go for the pin.
Easy Slobber Knocker
To get a easy slobber knocker win use any powerfull superstar (Undertaker, Big Show, Triple H..) and play as a clean superstar. Hit your opponents with a big move as soon as they enter the ring, whether it be a running attack or a power grapple. Now, climb to the top turnbuckle and hit any aerial move. You'll have full momentum which you can use to hit your finisher on your opponent and get the quick KO, or set them up as easy prey for a submission.

Repeat this for each person and you should eliminate them before they even have a chance to hurt you.
Easy Stable XP
You know when you create a stable you got to work your way up by levels here is a easy way:

Find a Stable with the highest level don't break the stable change the name of it and put your CAWs or anybody else in the Stable then raise the XP all the way up
Easy Tag Team Win....
Start a tag match, Make the computer the legal man for your team, when on the outside grab the legal computer competitor and beat the hell out of him until the Ref gets his 10 count finished.
Easy Win
For a win in like one and a half minutes this is what you have to do:

Change your moveset to The Undertaker's (all moves) you can change the finishers back but make sure they effect the head a lot
Then nail the Big Boot (UP & X)
Pick them up
Grapple (LEFT & O)
Grapple Move (LEFT & O) its a DDT
Keep oon doing this and since O and LEFT is a sig grapple Special will build up faster then nail your finisher and pin.

There now you can win most of your matches in a minute and a half.
Easy win in multi-man Hell in a cells
Escape from the cell, climb to the top and keeping throwing your opponent (from now on known a 'A') off the top using the strong Irish whip (hold triangle and circle). Then do it to the next opponent (from now on known as 'B') by the time 'A' is back up, 'B' will be down on the floor. Keep repeating this process in till both men are red, then climb down and pin one of them. The other shouldn't have time to get up due to his injuries. If the opponents won't follow you to the top taunting increases your momentum bar and often makes them follow you.

This tip is very use full for Challenges.
Extra Damage/Interactivity in Cage Match
During a cage match, it's best to use the actual steel structure to your advantage as much as you can. Below are some ways of doing so:

1. Irish whip your opponent into the turnbuckle, then press () + Any Direction and you will perform a grapple into the cage, such as rubbing their face into the cage.

2. Use the power irish whip to any side of the cage, and your opponent will smash straight into the cage.

3. When your opponent is resting groggily on the ropes, press () + Any Direction to perform a unique grapple into the cage, such as a catapault.
Friday Night Smackdown
Throughout the season they say Smackdown is on Thursday Nights. However during a match in season I heard Cole and Tazz arguing about who has the better brand, etc. Now I thought I was going to here the same things they always say, instead Cole begins to say "But could you imagine guys like HHH, Batista, Chris Jericho on Friday Night Smackdown".

This line is very rare as I have only heard it once after countless hours of playing. The best way to reproduce it would be playing Smackdown star vs Smackdown star during exhibition, or play a season on Smackdown.
Glitch - Irish Whip
Sometimes when you Irish Whip your opponent into the ropes, they will slide across the ring, not moving their legs.
Glitch - Jump off cell roof without consequence.
Usually when you do a diving attack from the roof of the cell, and miss, you'll feel the impact and end up most likely with a significant amount of damage. However, if you do a axe handle attack, where you jump, and land on your feet, from the side of the cell facing the entrance, and land on the left crowd barrier, you'll land on your feet and take no damage. This can be useful when you need to get down quickly to break up a pin or submission, especially if it is occuring on the entrance ramp.
Glitch - Ladder Match
In a ladder match pick a 1P vs 2P match. Each player should take a ladder and position it in the middle of the ring. The player on the left should climb on the right side of the ladder and the player on the right should climb on the left side. Now at the same time jump for the title. Both players will grab the title and be going through each other. After a while both will drop and you will be automatically transported to the main menu where your game will most likely freeze.
Glitch - Lock opponent out of the cell
This glitch can be tricky to pull off on purpose, I've only ever done it twice, but if you can pull it off it's an awesome glitch.

Firstly, set up a Hell in a Cell match, then knock your opponent to the gap inbetween the ring and the cell, while they are right next to the cell wall, sometimes laying on the gorund, and sometimes just after you have grappled them, press () + Down and if the glitch works they'll now be on the outside of the cell. If you haven't unlocked the door yet, it's impossible for them to get back in because you can't break the door open from the outside.

Now's the time to sit in the middle of the ring and laugh out loud at the guy stuck on the outside. Now taunt until you have a stored finisher and full momentum, then open the door and hit him with your finisher.

This can also happen when you're outside the cell, and close to the wall, but having your opponent drift through the cell wall isn't as cool because they can just come back out via the door.

Glitch - Standing Frog Splash
To do a standing frog splash (a la SYM), play as RVD, and when you have a stored finisher, power irish whip your opponent to the outside of the ring. Climb up on the crowd barrier, and press L1. Van Dam will float down onto the floor, then perform the frog splash, from a standing position.
Glitch-Unbreakable Table
To do this u will need another glitch to exit the Steel Cage

Alright all you have to do is get out of a steel cage and walk over to the announcer table,climb up on the table with ur opponet and use either a suplex,powerbomb,chokeslam, or Piledriver on the table. If this works u will hear the table breal but it wont fall apart. half ur body will be in the table while ur other half will be sticking out of the table. Feel free to walk back and forth in and out of the table.
Glitch: 619!
When you play Rey Mysterio, yiou may go to a rope, but the other ropes move and the one your moving on isn't.You just go past it like a ghost.
GM Mode - Great Jobbers
Are you tired of some cruiserweight jobber, beating 3 of your best wrestlers in a handicap when you simulate the match? Well to stop this, either take control of the jobber with DQ on, and quickly hit one of the opposing wrestlers with a weapon from under the ring. Or, to decrease the chances of the jobber winning in the match, go to Create a Wrestler mode and just get a default diva and save that wrestler. Her overall should be like 33 meaning she won't have a very high chance at all of beating the wrestler(s) you wish to win.
GM Tip
Do not put your characters in high quality match ups every week.Those main event matches can cause an injury to your wrestler in one week.The match that seems to give the most fatigue is the Armagedon Hell in a Cell Match.Only do that match with superstars with empty or little fatigue
Go with the crowd
Go to exhibition. Then go to main events choose a ladder match. As your superstar choose Eddie Guerrero. Then choose any other opponent to fight with you. Once you are competing in the match break both commentators tables. Take the ladder outside with you. Put your opponent as close as possible to the barricade. Go up the ladder(be sure you have a finisher to do this). Then press L1.
Helpful Hint
If you are in a ladder match of something to that extent with ladders, then don't try to do a 5 Star Frog Splash, or any other high impact top rope finisher off the top of it. It is too far a jump, so when you land, it will have little or no effect as it usually would off of the turnbuckle.
Holy S**t
During an exhibition match, go outside and throw your opponent on the announcer's table. Then use a finisher. If it breaks the table, the crowd will occassionally chant,"Holy S**T". I thought it is pretty funny myself.
How to go to Velocity
Lose the match against OJ during the 'Torries Contract' storyline and you will be versing a low carder, and sometimes even a diva on Velocity. Things will return to normal the next week.
Irreversible diving attacks + Easy momentem gain
When your opponent is lying on the mat, go to the top rope and use any 'diving attack vs. standing opponent' move such as an axe handle and the superstar will land on the other wrestler, but he can't reverse it, as it didn't properly connect, but you will still gain a lot of momentem.
Legend Loading Screens
Win the royal rumble in season mode then go into your locker room and activate the legend loading screens
Light Weights Can Pick Up Heavyweights
If you pick a lightweight vs a heavyweight in a parking lot brawl drag your opponent by the head while he is standing up and press circle your player should smash his head on the window and if you do it again your player will pick the opponent up and throw him throw the window.

That's the only way a lightweight can pick up a heavyweight.
Maintain Fueds in GM Mode
Often, when two people are fueding, one will get fatigued, so you'll need to rest them, but if you don't have a match, the fued will end, unless you do a rivalry promo. Another way is to have one of the people in the fued be the special referee for person they are fueding with vs. a different person. This way one will be rested, and the popularity of the fued will be maintained.
Managerial Services of Trish
If you play a season of RAW, and win Trish's contract in the 'A Special Friend' storyline, you will get her as your manager. However, you can also use her as your manager if you win the Royal Rumble on Smackdown! and then when given the option to jump to RAW and face Triple H for the world title, take it and select DIVA in your match.
Manual 619
To do a manual 619, get the opponent damaged (in the red) on both the head and torso. Then, make them groggy on the ropes. When they are leaning against the ropes, quickly run at them and press square then X, they will fall to their knees and land on the second rope, where they will receive a 619.

Note : This works for anyone that has "Fake Diving Attack" (the 619 look-a-like) as their "Diving Out OF Ring Attack".
More WWE Cash
If you need more cash, play through season as one of the legends that are usable in season, and you will recieve $10,000 WWE Dollars for each match in stead of 5000 if you used a regular superstar.
More, More Cash
Instead of using a wwe legend on normal diffuculty level for season mode, use a wwe legend and set the diffuculty on LEGEND. I tried it with a regular wrestler and got $15,000 if i won a match on RAW or Smackdown!. And $15,000 if I won at PPV's. I think you might earn $20,000.
Most Head Damaged Move
Go outside of the ring and irish whip your opponent onto the corner of the post. Grapple him and he will start bleeding when he is pushed into the ring.(Only if he has a yellow head)
New Crowd Chant
Haven't heard this said before, but during an Elimination Chamber match when down to the last two people, try fighting in the ring and continually reversing moves and generally not doing anything exciting. You'll start to hear a "Boring" chant. Not sure if this works in other match types, but there can be no harm in trying it out!
New Kane Chant
While playing any type of match with or against Kane, sometime during the match you will hear a 'See No Evil' Chant. The thing that amazes me is THIS GAME CAME OUT 4 MONTHS BEFORE THE MOVIE!
Cool ain't it.
no more injurys!!!
To get rid of injurys in GM mode just follow this steps:

1. realise injured superstar.
2. go to free agency and go to add/remove.
3.remove injured superstar and click x.
4. go back and add the injured superstar.
5. next week go and buy him.

WARNING: superstar will lose his current popularity level EX: triple H starting popularity 83. popularity before you remove him 90. popularity after he comes back 83.
Royal Rumble Tip
Get a piece of an opponents body red and irish whip them over the ropes for an instant elimination.
Secret Finishers
How to do Casket Finishers
To do a casket finisher store one finisher and get your momentum full so the bar is flashing, when it is irish whip your opponent into the casket and press L1...this will do a casket finisher and end the match without having to close the casket lid

Parking Lot Brawl - Limo Finisher
To use a special Parking Lot Brawl Finisher, first get a stored special. Then build your momentum meter up again and grapple your opponent near the rear door of JBL's limo. Now perform a grapple strike to have your opponent by the hair and move toward the rear door of the limo. Now press the grapple button again with no direction to throw your opponent into the limo and start a little cutscene/pre-programmed action. Your character will go to the blue Pickup Truck, enter it, start the truck up and drive it into the Limo causing an explosion and the instant KO.
Secret Weapon
When in a Parking Lot Brawl match, grapple your opponent next to the big WWE truck. Nextly, throw your opponent into the side of it with a hard throw (O and then O again). You will see that the side of the truck falls down and you can climb in there. Inside is a metal object. Pick it up with square and beat your opponent senseless!
Sick of the AI reversing your every move?
If so then you can also adjust the CPU's AI from the option's menu.
Stacking Ladders on the announcers table
Pick up a ladder and walk in between the two announcer tables. Then , either straight up or straight down, try and set up the ladder as close as you can to the table, and the ladder should be set up on top of the table.

Note : This only works at the SmackDown! arena, any SmackDown! PPV or and joint arena. This will not work on the RAW announcer table.
Stacking Tables outside the ring
Set up a table outside the ring, right next to the ring apron. Then get another table and slide it into the ring, but so it is close enough to fall out the other side. If done properly, the second table should slide right under the ropes onto the table set up outside the ring.
If you keep losing matches because it seems your stamina isn't charging fast enough, go to OPTIONS, then ADVANCED GAMEPLAY OPTIONS, there you can change the quickness of charging the meter up, or if you're really sick of it, turn off the feature entirely, though it may not eliminate it from Season mode.
Unlimited Beer Bottles
In bar brawl go over to the bottles of beer and press square and your dude will take a bottle. It only lasts one hit, but there is an infinite amount of them. If you hit the ref it wont disappear.
Unlimited Money
For unlimited money in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 there is no need to use any cheat devices. You only require two memory cards and two controllers. With player 1 make a sufficient amount of money so you can create your own WWE Championship Belt. Then go to the PS2 browser and copy the data across onto both memory cards. Now both cards should have the title. Set up a double title match and make player 1 win. This will increase the value on both belts. You can sell one of the belts and repeat the process again and again.
Unlockable move sets and whom they belong to
1.) Hardcore Holly
2.) Val Venis
3.) Rick Steiner
4.) Maven
5.) Rhyno
6.) Buh-Buh-Ray Dudley
7.) D-Von Dudley
8.) Luther Reigns
9.) Lance Storm
10.) Rikishi
11.) Ultimo Dragon
12.) Billy Gunn
13.) Chuck Palumbo
14.) Matt Hardy
15.) Jeff Hardy
16.) Rodney Mack
17.) Goldberg
18.) Scott Steiner
19.) Sting
20.) X-Pac
21.) Kevin Nash
22.) Scott Hall
23.) Animal
24.) Hawk
25.) Ultimate Warrior
Upgrading Stables
In order to Upgrade a Stable's Attributes first one needs to have some experience, to do this play any character in Season Mode or if you have completed the Season for each brand one has unlimited experience.

Then put members of the Stable in a Tag Team Match in Exhibition Mode or a Tag Team or Handicap Match in General Manager Mode.

When one has had the members of a particular Stable in enough Tag matches then one can go to the Create Mode and Upgrade the Stable's Attributes until their Teamwork rating is 10 and the attributes are maxed out.
Useful tip for GM mode
If you want all the good charecters gor GM mode heres what you do.
first when you are choosing between draft and regular roster click start abd turn off all the people you want.
dont pick anyone in the draft and let your rival gm pick all the bad people.
then go to free agents and press start again and turn the people on.
Wait 1 week with no matches and stuff then the following week they will be in the free agents list.
you can then take all of them you want.
We want Torrie
Sometimes in matches when you are in a 1 on 1 match with divas you might hear the crowd shouting "We want Torrie we want Torrie
Win in just a couple of moves
You wanna win but you wanna make it fair... There is a way how and its a perfect strategy
When choosing your wrestler make sure to check there ability and in which there finishing move.
Now for Example Kurt Angle his finisher is the Angle Lock meaning your gonna have to focus on the legs most of the match achieve this by repeating the same leg manouver over and over again finally once your opponents specific part is on red go for the kill your finsher tap it tap the remote with this strategy the cost for you to tap is not that much finally your opponent will tap. or KO, Or pinfall but it depends on your finisher.


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All Bonus Moves
To get this, you have to unlock all legends and win the Tough Enough trophy.
Alternate Cage Escape
Besides the conventional cage escape glitch, there is another recently discovered way of escaping the cage without ending the match. You will need a second controller to do this.

Climb to the top of the cage, and then stay right at the top, near the corner, but not on the corner. Now use the other controller to get the other character to the other side of the corner, just a short distance away from you. Now, use the first character to excecute a spinning leg kick or missile drop kick, and you will knock the other superstar back in to the ring, while falling to the outside yourself.

On the outside, no weapons can be used, and the announce tables cannot be broken.
Baseball bats
In the bar brawl you can get baseball bats. Strong irish whip your opponent into the glass(next to the basketball hoop, and next to were there is a lot of wine bottles.)Then press up,circle. Then once again strong irish whip your opponent and press up, circle. Your superstar will get a baseball bat. To hit press x. To get more strong irish whip your opponent and press up, circle.
Closeline your opponent to hell
In a bar brawl strong irish whip your opponent into the counter. Then press circle,up. And you will closeline him.
Easy Rumble
During Season Mode you HAVE to win the Royal Rumble no matter what.

Skip all the matches leading to the Rumble, including the Rumble itself. The match will be restarted with just 6 people, you, the rumble winner and 4 other superstars at random. Eliminate them and then you have won the rumble by only getting through 5 superstars.

This saves a lot of time in Season and makes everything so much easier for you.
Easy Wins
Fight an opponent on the outside of the ring. Wait until the referee's count reaches "8", then Irish Whip him or her into the barricade. Run back into the ring and you will win the match by count out
Glitch - Wrestling Outside the Steel Cage Match
Play 2 players in the steel cage match. Get one player to climb on the bottom right corner side of the cage. The minute the players reach the top, get the other player to grapple press where the wrestler is climbing. Your wrestler should of done a German Suplex. Both of you should of fallen of to the mat, but if the glitch occurs, both of you should fall outside the rign and you can wrestle outside.

You can go back in and get out either through the door, or climbing the cage and win just like the regular match if you've had enough. Have fun.
GM Mode Tip....
When one of your Popular superstar only have 1 Week Reaining on his/her contract, DO NOT RENEW THEIR CONTRACT! you can still use them to get another Popular Superstar, all you have to do is Trade them with a Superstar who have the Same Popularity.

Triple H Have 100 Popularity,but his Contract only have 1 Week Remaining. Trade him with Cena who also have 100 Popularity. Run and Simulate your Show, Then go to the Free Agency List and you will See Triple H's Name on it, Sign him again. YOU GOT A HIGH RATED SUPERSTAR WITH SO MUCH EAS.
Helpful Hint
If you are in a ladder match of something to that extent with ladders, then don't try to do a 5 Star Frog Splash, or any other high impact top rope finisher off the top of it. It is too far a jump, so when you land, it will have little or no effect as it usually would off of the turnbuckle.
JBL's Horn
To get JBL's horns play a parking lot brawl match and go to the front of the limo and press square. You will have successfully picked up the horns to use as a weapon.
new way to unlock many secrets
In Season mode use the SKIP option in many matches in order to unlock many hidden items. for instance in the CASKET MATCH when given the option at the beginning of the match press SKIP, you will automatically WIN the match and get the URN and other bonuses, also use the SKIP option during the ROYAL RUMBLE to unlock almost ALL movesets. try the skip option alot and see what items come avaliable.
Steel Chair Ender
For this you must have a finisher icon in stock (just like the stage enders) as well have a match where the No DQ option is on. Hit the opponent in the stomach with a chair and press L1.
Superstar Loading Screens
Win the Elimination Chamber trophy.
The ECW Title
In the SmackDown! Season mode, when RVD asks you to join ECW, accept his invitation. In the SmackDown! episode before WrestleMania, Vince McMahon will reveal that it was a set-up and that RVD is indeed a SmackDown! superstar. RVD will attack you and say that at WrestleMania he will defend the WWE (not ECW) title in a Hardcore match. Defeat RVD in the Hardcore match at WrestleMania and your superstar will spray paint "ECW" on the title and proceed to do the Van Terminator to RVD.
The Force!!
have a guy with swanton bomb as a finisher.Choose a tlc/ladder match climb up the ladder.make sure the ladder is near the ropes. punch the other dude until you can grapple.press up+o and he will push the othe guy down,and does the swnton bomb and falls out the ring but the other guy will act like he is hurt
Triple H's and JBL's alternate attire
To unlock Triple H's and JBL's alternate attires you need to win the GM award of the year trophy.
Unlimited Created Wrestler Points
Successfully complete a season in SmackDown! and RAW to get unlimited created wrestler points.
Unlimited Exp
To get unlimited exp, you need to complete both seasons: Raw and Smackdown.
Unlock all arenas
Unlockable: ECW One Night Stand
Complete the Rising Star of challenges in Challenge Mode.

Unlockable: Wrestlemania 9 Arena
Finish all the WWE Superstar challenges in Challenge mode.

Unlockable: Wrestle Mania 21
Complete the Amatuer challenges in Challenge Mode.
Unlock Move Set 1, 2, 3
Play Season Mode with a Smackdown! superstar. Play through the whole season to unlock Move Sets 1, 2, and 3.
Unlock Secret Area
To unlock a secret area when playing in a Parking Lot Brawl match, go over to the large black truck with the WWE logo on the side, then power irish whip them into the side of it a few times. Doing this will break the side and allow you to move around in the truck, where there will be several crates and a steel pipe.
Unlock Wrestlemania 9 arena and Legend steel cage
complete the surperstar challenges.
Unlockable Legends
The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase= unlock this by winning the Challenge Mode WWE Superstar trophy
Andre The Giant= Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 28.000
Bret "Hit Man" Hart= Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 28.000
British Bulldog "Davey Boy Smith"= Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 28.000
Hollywood Hogan= unlock this by winning the SmackDown! Season trophy
Hulk Hogan 80's= unlock this by winning the RAW Season trophy
Jake "The Snake" Roberts= Unlock this legend by buying it in WWE SmackDown!Vs.RAW 2006 on the PSP(TM) system and copying it onto the console
Jimmy Hart= unlock this by winning the Tough Enough Trophy
Junkyard Dog= Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 28.000
Mankind= Purchase in the WWE Shop for $ 28.000
Stone Cold= Beat a whole Raw season
The Rock= Beat a whole Smackdown season
Unlockable Trophies - How to Unlock Them
Here is a list of unlockable trophies and how to unlock them.

Tough Enough Trophy - Win 10 matches with 1 CAW

Match Veteran Trophy - Play in every type of match in Exhibition mode

100 Wins Trophy - Win 100 matches

Amateur Challenge Trophy - Complete all Amateur Challenges

Rising Star Trophy - Complete all Rising Star challenges

WWE Superstar Trophy - Complete all WWE Superstar challenges

WWE Legend Trophy - Complete all WWE Legend challenges

WWE Challenge Trophy - Successfully complete all of the set challenges

Legend Killer Trophy - Win the Legend Battle Royal in season mode

Undertaker's Urn Trophy - Beat The Undertaker in the Buried Alive match in season mode

Royal Rumble Trophy - Win the Royal Rumble match in season mode

Elimination Chamber Trophy - Win an elimination chamber match on legend difficulty and eliminate all 5 other superstars

Bar Room Brawl Trophy - Successfully win the Bar Room Brawl in season mode
Unlockable: Juke Box
You must get the Bar Room Brawl Trophy.
Carlito T-Shirt= unlock this by winning the Challenge Mode Amateur trophy

Hardcore Championship Belt= unlock this by winning the Challenge Mode Legend trophy

The Million Dollar Championship= Belt unlock this by winning the Challenge Mode Legend trophy

Batista Figure= unlock by winning the 100 Wins trophy

Bret Hart Sunglasses= unlock by unlocking Bret Hart

British Bulldog's Bulldog= unlock by unlocking British Bulldog

Carlito Apple= Purchase in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500

Eddie Lowrider= Purchase in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500

Eugene Stuffed Animal= Purchase in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500

Hulk Hogan Bobblehead= unlock by unlocking Hogan 80's

JBL $100 Bill Purchase= in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500

JBL Limousine= Purchase in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500

Jimmy Hart Megaphone= unlock by unlocking Jimmy Hart

John Cena Figure= unlock by winning the 100 Wins trophy

John Cena Lock Chain= unlock by winning the Elimination Chamber trophy

Kane Mask= Purchase in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500

Kurt Angle Gold Metal= unlock by winning the Elimination Chamber trophy

Regal Brass Knuckles= Purchase in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500

The Rock Bobblehead= unlock by unlocking The Rock

Undertaker Motorbike= Purchase in the Locker Room Shop for $ 1.500
We want Matt!!
I'm not sure about Edge but when you pick Lita you will hear the fans chant "we want matt!". Try it out.
World Titles
Unlock World Heavyweight Title for Exhibition Mode= Beat RAW Season and win at Wrestlemania

Unlock WWE Title for Exhibition Mode= Beat Smackdown Season and win at Wrestlemania.
Wrestlemania Tournament : Easy Win
When you get to the Wrestlemania Tournament in GM Mode, play as the opposing brands superstar and purposely lose. You will then win the tournament and get a free pick in the post-Wrestlemania Draft.