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WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain Cheats

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain cheat codes.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Jimmy SnukaBuy him for $35000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
Million Dollar ManBuy him for $35000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
Sgt. SlaughterBuy him for $35000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
Old School UndertakerBuy him for $35000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
AnimalBuy him for $35000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
HawkBuy him for $35000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
Unlockable Stages
UnlockableHow to unlock
Times SquareBuy for 10000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
Smackdown BBuy for 3000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
RAW BBuy for 3000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
Wrestlemania XIXBuy for 5000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
SummerslamBuy for 3000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
RebellionBuy for 3000 SD Dollars in Season Mode
HeatBuy all other Arenas
VelocityBuy all other Arenas


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In a match that allows interference, press R3 during the match to have someone come to your aid. Only works if you're in a stable.

Front side of ring:slege hamer. Left sid of ring:Chair.Right side of ring:chair.Back side of ring Table(in a tlc match it is a stell lid) Left side of barracade by the front of ring:Chiar(Only in the Raw arena)
16-Wheeler Pain
This is for anyone in the Parking Lot in a Hardcore Match - I discovered this recently as I was playing. When you Irish Whip your opponent towards the WWE Trailer Truck, and hold the directional pad button, your character will ram his face against the truck, causing some damage.
Ankle Lock standing up
With a wrestler who has the Ankle Lock as a finisher, if they reverse a Toe Kick, they will grab the foot. From there they can hit L1 and twist them into an Ankle Lock.

Note: This may also work with the Crippler Crossface
Backstage HIAC
There is a backstage HIAC, it is in the Boiler room. It is to the right of the door with the carts with crates. You can put people through the top of it, and break a side of it, the bottom left side. When you fall off of it, it causes the same damage as fallnig off the actual Hell In a Cell.
Battle Royal: Get back into the ring
you need two players.
get eliminated and have your friend out too. have him slam you into the post outside, and grapple him where you hit his head on the post, and slam him in the ring. he will be in the ring.
Better royal rumble number
To get a higher number in the royal rumble. whenever eric bishcoff spins the wheel for your number in the royal rumble, if it is low start again you will always get a differant number.
Break the car
if you are in a season and you are the hardcore champ, you will sometimes have to defend the title after a PPV match you have been in. just before the defence you will get attacked by your opponent in the parking lot. when the match starts, you will see two cars( a blue one and a white one) Irish whip your opponent into different sections of the car. Pieces of the car will fly off. once this occurs, irish whip your opponent into the car again, they will end up on the roof. you then pick then up and do a grapple move or a finisher( powerbomb, clokeslam, oklahoma slam, batista lifting and toss etc)The car wheels will then fly off and the roof will then collapse.
When creating a running animation create it so the character is skating. When you give this animation to a character he/she will not be able to be Irish whipped into the turnbuckle making it hard for someone who has a finisher at the turnbuckle to use it. Also your characters running speed will be improved.
In the Gym there is a slight crack in the wall irish whip yur opponent ino the wall twice and it will reveal a new place
Create a Legend
Create a wrestler (if u havent already done so) then make his/her entrance the following.
Music:No Music
Moves:Hill billy jim stg slaughter or any other legend's entrance moves
Disqualification Tip
If you need help in injuring your opponent with DQ On, there are some moves you can do which wont get you disqualified.
•Throwing opponent into the steel steps
•Throwing opponent into steel turnbuckle post
•Putting opponent on barracade
•Putting opponent through announcers table
•Throwing a weapon at opponent

Infact, you may also throw weapons at the Referee and still not get disqualified.
Easy Hardcore Match Win
When in a hardcore match, get to the parking lot. Run over to the tractor trailer. When your opponent comes near, irish whip him towards it, but a little ways away, not close to it. He should automatically jump up onto the trailer. After this, he'll walk off and crash to the floor! He loses tons of damage! Repeat this process and finally pin him when he is all red.
Easy Season Win
Hint: Easy Season Win
In season mode, set up a table in the corner of the ring and move near it until the computer opponent puts you through it. They will be disqualified, and you will win the match, getting more respect and superstar points.
Easy Win (When DQ is off)
Go outside of the ring. The upper side which has a table. Take the table by pressing Square in the middle of the ring. After you get it go in the ring and set it up on one of the turnbuckles. Stand close to the table and your opponent will eventually grapple you and you will win! Good Luck winning the match.
Easy wins
In a season match when DQ is on, get a table and put it in the turnbuckle, (be quick or the ref will take it off you) then run into it a few times, your opponent will automaticly throw you through the table, resulting in a DQ and an easy win for you!

Tip in no DQ match:
When DQ is off, beat down your opponent, get out of the ring, go to the apron and press SQUARE, you will now be armed with a sledgehammer, press X and you will begin to choke them, this will do massive damage and can't be reversed.

Repeat until there whole body is red (not there actuall body, but there body meter), this may take a few chokes, this will also build up your SD! meter and you should have 5 icons. Then proceed to do 5 consecutive finishers for a garanteed win.
U can use this tip in either exhibiton matches(certain ones) and in season. when ever u fight in the PARKING LOT u can irish whip your opponent in to the electrocution area in front of the blue car. it takes once to knock the fence down and another to electrocute him. after go for the easy pin.
elimination chamber
here is a tip to win the elimination chamber match.

get you and your opponent outside the ring and keep irish-whipping him/her into the cage and if you want you can whip him/her into the glass. do this untill their head is red on their health bar and then pin them. there you go, instant win!
Escape The Elimination Chamber
When a chamber is empty simply go on the corresponding turnbuckle, when you are at the top wait for your opponent to come over to you and get ready to jump. Once you jump off the turnbuckle (as soon as one foot leaves it) press forward and triangle. You should magically appear on the outside behind the crowd barricade and in the fans. You will realize if this has failed as your opponent will have hit you. You can now move in the crowd and go on the ramp. To get back in the chamber simply walk straight towards it.
Escape the Elimination Chamber!!!
To escape the Elimination Chamber, have two people controlling in the match and make them both have diving spear off the turnbuckle as one of their aerial moves like Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, practise doing that move and make sure you're not eliminated during the match. It'd be best to use weak people in the match. Eliminate everyone except the two people controlling in the match-up, player 1 climb all the way on top of the chamber (square whilst on turnbuckle) and then make the other get on the turnbuckle beneath the chamber that 1 player is on, then get 2 player (the one who is on the turnbuckle) to execute the diving spear. He will land outside the chamber! Then make player 1 on top of the chamber do diving spear and he should escape, you can now fight out the chamber but don't stand too close, or you'll automatically re-enter the chamber, you can also run out of the stadium into the middle of nowhere, but don't go too far, the game will crash!
Five easy Steps to Boost Stats
Step 1: Start a season mode with an actual WWE character,

Step 2: Keep winning match after match after match. And you will get lots of points. But DO NOT use them on the WWE superstar

Step 3: Create a wrestler if you havent already done so.

Step 4: Start a season with your CAW

Step 5: Go in to your stat area and boost everything up

* This will work forever and ever, just keep repeating steps 1-5, and you will get more stats, but it can sometimes take a lnog time, lol*
heavy undertaker
whenever your opponent pick shawn micheals or vince mcmahon pick undertaker beacause they cannot lift him up
Hint: Walls of Jericho on Ladder thus easy way to win ladder match!
Once again, have two player playing in a singles title ladder match. Make one Chris Jericho and the other whoever you want, set the ladder up and make both players climb it on either side (Hint: Two people or just one must be playing as one player and two player)then make whichever player who is Chris Jericho keep punching his opponent (X) until he slithers down the ladder and rests on it dazed, then press down and circle at the same time to do the walls of Jericho on the ladder, you then finish the move and throw the person down to the floor, then jump up and grab the belt to win!
You can also do arm drags and superplexes off the ladder too, but you tend to stay down on the floor longer than your opponent!
How to break opponents through tables without being DQ
The strange thing is, referee SEES it. Just set up the table in the ring and whip your opponents on it. Press the circle, and both of you will stand up on the table. Do a move, and you WON'T BE DISQUALIFIED! Try it!
How to get Kurt Angle bald!
The week before Judgement Day, when your opponent challenges you to a loser leaves town match, choose 'just stare him down.' On Judgement Day, Kurt Angle will challenge you to a hair vs. hair match! Whether you win or lose, Angle will lose his hair!
how to get the opponent busted open faster
use triple h , then while in a grapple press left and o, to get in the signature grapple , then press left to do a dangerous ddt , do this about 3 to 4 times and thell be bleeding in no time. or while running press x to do a running knee bash to the face and thell be busted open .
how to spear without a smackdown
If you are in match pick someone who does the spear,i will choose Goldberg,let you oppent push you to the ropes,the press R2 and then the person spears you oppent.
how to use a weapon in a D.Q. match
you have to get a chair then press up x to the refree then he will be knocked out to D.Q. you then keep on slamming your oppenet but when the refree wakes up drop your weapon!!!! or u will get D.Q.
How to win easier
When you want to use some weapons in the regular match,attack the referee then when the referee is lying down you can get a weapon
How to win easily a cage match
You need a created player,Goldberg or Brock to do this.You just need to kick the opponent with a toe kick and go back a few steps and run to the opponent and press 'O' when you are near him he will put a mini spear(not the smack)(Goldberg) or a STO(Brock).After putting it immediately climb the cell without any delay.He will not wake up till you get to the other side.You can also use this in the very beginning of the match.If you are playing with a created player change his move to spear(not the smack)or STO.
Into the Trunk
In the room where you can go to the training room, boiler and ring, climb down the ladder and your opponent should follow you aswell. You should see a trunk yo your left. Irish whip your opponent into it and he should go into it. Soon the opponent will appear and get out, but they will collapse onto the floor.
Knock down the referee without getting DQ
During a match, if you are having trouble defeating an opponent, run towards the referee and press the X button, he will be down flat on the mat and this will give you an oppurtunity to use weapons( make sure that you are not loscked on to him
Knock wrestlers off helicopter
In Times Square you can knock other wrestlers
off of the helicopter by getting a wheel trim
and throwing it at the wrestler by pressing O.
Ladder Match Triple Threat Easy Win
Make sure an opponent knows Triple H Deathlock. If they lock it in on your opponent, remember it takes so long to finish off? While this happens, it is too easy for you to simply get lots of time to rip off the belt. Ta-daa!
Ladder under the ring!
This may only work in Exhibition. or only in season, Or only in singles match or hardcore match but at Bad blood, Select Stone Cold Steve Austin as your character & get outside the ring and search the right side of the ring. He will pull out a ladder that works fine!
Last Man Standing
Do not taunt when you're opponent is down on a LMS match. This will actually make him recover faster. Just stay still and perhaps you'll win.
Leave the Cage in a Cage Match, Without Winning!
Must be in multi-player mode:-

Have a friend climb in the same side of the cage as you are, when you get up there, press X and you will fall get out of the cage but not win.
Lumberjack Hint
When you are a lumberjack, it is boring and you rarely get to fight the legal players. But if you set a table up by one of the turnbuckles, when a legal player is in the corner, you can stand on the table and attack the player. It does inflict damage and can knock the person out the ring.
Go backstage to Times Square, and break all of the windows on the buildings. Eventually a Mannequin and Trolley will pop out.
More realistic Finishers
To make John Cena's finisher more complete and similar to real life, make his two finishers:

1. FU
2. Power of the Punch.
Most powerful weapon
The most powerful weapon is the sledgehammer. It can help a lot in hardcore matches.
When you get the part in the movie, accept. You will skip a few months and get to have a sit down interview with Jim Ross.
Never trust the Smackdown! GM!
never talk to Stephanie McMahon outside her office!You will only lose points & if you are very lucky you can get away without losing anything!
Play as female CAW in season
To be able to use any female CAWs in Season Mode as your character, just go to Edit on the Create-an-Appearance menu, and choose one of your female CAWs. Then, go to Profile, then Biography, ann from there go to Gender and change it to either Male or Other. Everyone in Season mode will still refer to you as they would a male, and you can also do everything you can do as if you were a male; Flirt with a WWE Diva, Raise Stats etc.
Poetry In Motion
To execute the 'Poetry In Motion' whenever or whereever the match is. Make sure the an opponent is crouching on the floor. Quickly tap Square and X at the same time, on their back, you will do a diving move, which can be the "Hardy Boyz" Poetry in motion. If you do it early enough you can give the crouching opponent an elbow to the back of the head.
Pre made faces
Face 1,1 ?
Face 2,2 Big Bossman
Face 3,3 al snow
Face 4,4 Funaki i believe
Face 5,5 Scott Hall
Face 6,6 Justin Credible
Face 7,7 Bull Buchanon
Face 8,8 David Becham(football player)
Face 9,9 Earl hebner
Face 10,10 Mick Foley
Face 11,11 Essa Rios
Face 12,12 Road dogg Jesse James
Face 13,13 Ken Smarock
Face 14,14 ?
Face 15,15 Could be Bill Demott
Face 16,16 Ron the truthe Killings
Face 17,17 could be stevie richards or HBK
Face 18,18 Mr. Perfect (RIP)
Face 19,19 Might be Shannon moore
Face 20,20 Crash (RIP)
Face 21,21 Dlo Brown
Face 22,22 Could be a good mideon
Face 23,23 could be hogan
Face 24,24 another earl hebner perhaps
Face 25,25 could be william regal
Face 26,26 maybe pat patterson
Face 27,27 maybe brisco
Face 18,16 Good new taker face
Face 14,20 a good rey mysterio
preset movelist
here is the preset movelist for this game along with who's moves are they.

01-WWR William Regal
02-WAS Al Snow
03-WSD Spike Dudley
04-WBR Bradshaw
05-WFA Farooq
06-WBG Billy Gunn
07-WCP Chuck Palumbo
08-WBK Billy Kidman
09WS2H Scotty 2 Hotty
10-WTA Tazz
11-WHH Hardcore Holly
12-WJN Jaimie Noble
13-WJR Jamal/Rosey
14-WTD Tommy Dreamer
15-WBD Bill DeMott
16-WFU Sho Funaki
17-WCR Crash Holly (R.I.P)
18-OJH Jeff Hardy
19-ORA Raven
20-OXP X-Pac
22-ODL D Lo Brown
23-OJC Justin Credible
24-OGF Godfather
25-OSB Steve Blackman
26-OSM Shane McMahon
27-OBB Big Bossman
28-NJPS Perry Saturn
29-AJMA Mike Awesome
30-ODM Dean Malenko
31-OMP Mister Perfect (R.I.P)
32-OMF Mick Foley
33-CBH Brett Hart
34-ZAG Andre the Giant
35-ZBB Bob Backlund
36-OER Essa Rios
37-ORD Road Dogg
38-DLTF Terry Funk
39-CRR Razor Ramon
40-CST Sting
41-LKS Ken Shamrock
42-CJJ Jeff Jarrett
43-KTM TAKA Michinoku
44-WJKS Kensuke Sasake
45-AJKM Keiji Mutoh
46-NJMC Masa Chono
47-NJHT Hiroyoshi Tenzan
48-NJMN Manabu Nakanishi
49-NJYN Yugi Nagata
50-NJJL Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
51-AJKK Kendo Kanshin
52-AJTK Toshiaki Kawada
53-FRGT Genichiro Tenryu
54-WJVD Big Van Vader
55-NOMM Mitsuharu Misawa
56-NOKK Kenta Kobashi
57-NOJA Jun Akiyama
58-PAI Antonio Inoki
59-ZONO Naoya Ogawa
60-ZOSH Shinya Hashimoto
61-MGS The Great Sasuke
62-JAO Atsushi Onita
63-WIV Ivory
64-MS Fred Durst
65-PAT Shoot Set 1
66-PGP Shoot Set 2
67-JIDA Joshi Set A
68-JIDB Joshi Set B
69-MEX Luchador Set
70-OHH Hulk Hogan
71-OUW Ultimate Warrior
Referee Walks Through Table
Get in a match. (Any type with tables and a referee in it.) Then set up a table in a corner. Have the referee go in front of the table but not on it. Then run yourself on the table. Teh referee should be standing halfway through the table. Then hit the referee. He will act like if he's on hurt on the turnbuckle instead of on the table.
If you want to get revenge over a person who has realy been bothering you, beat him in a match and then after when it asks whether you wish to "Attack Him" or "Shake Hands", chose the attack option and he will never both you in story mode again.
royal rumble
when in the royal rumble use a character that has the body press front slam and use it to toss the opponent over the top rope with ease.

or you could just block the opponents move when you are at the ropes; but that isn't as much fun in comparison.
Skip a few months
When you are challenged to the loser leaves town match, lose on purpose. You will continue from January, months and months away!
Skip like a month in season
When you start season mode, lose your very first match and you won't have another one until after backlash.
spear without finisher
toe kick your opponent move back hit the triangle button and then press the cirlce button you will spear your opponent this works for goldberg,batista and edge i knw this much
Stacking tables
To stack tables, throw a table onto another and then climb up onto the first table. Then set up the table you threw up there.
Strippers R' Us
Give any woman the finisher "The People's Elbow".
In any match type, use "The People's Elbow". Since the diva doesn't have elbow pads, instead they'll take off their top. Do it again, and they take off the pants. Try it one last time...and your PS2 will freeze.

Note: In Bra and Panties match, if you strip yourself down to your B+P using this cheat, make sure the opponent doesn't try to Strip you down or the PS2 will freeze.
Superstar defeut stats
A-Train 72
Batista 72
Big Show 81
Booker T 81
Brock Lesnar 91
Bubba Ray Dudley 69
Charlie Haas 73
Chavo Guerrero 67
Chris Benoit 86
Chris Jericho 85
Christian 69
D-Von Dudley 68
Eddie Guerrero 74
Edge 79
Eric Bischoff 52
George Steele 75
Goldberg 90
Goldust 68
Hillbilly Jim 73
The Hurricane 68
Iron Shiek 83
Jazz 50
John Cena 75
Kane 82
Kevin Nash 83
Kurt Angle 89
Lance Storm 70
Lita 48
Matt Hardy 70
Nicholai Volkoff 78
Randy Orton 70
Rey Mysterio 74
Rhyno 74
Ric Flair 75
Rico 63
Rikishi 71
Rob Van Dam 81
The Rock 87
Roddy Piper 84
Rodney Mack 65
Sable 44
Scott Steiner 80
Sean O'Haire 65
Shawn Michaels 80
Shelton Benjamin 73
Stacy Keibler 46
Stephanie McMahon 44
Steve Austin 85
Steven Richards 63
Tajiri 65
Test 74
Torrie Wilson 46
Triple H 90
Trish Stratus 50
Ultimo Dragon 70
Undertaker 85
Val Venis 65
Victoria 49
Vince McMahon 64
Superstars that are in the game
Big Show
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
D-Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Eric Bischoff
George Steele
Hillbilly Jim
The Hurricane
Iron Shiek
John Cena
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Matt Hardy
Nicholai Volkoff
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
The Rock
Roddy Piper
Rodney Mack
Scott Steiner
Sean O'Haire
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stacy Keibler
Stephanie McMahon
Steve Austin
Steven Richards
Torrie Wilson
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Ultimo Dragon
Val Venis
Vince McMahon
Switch between you and tag partner
In a normal tag/six man tag match, normally when you make a tag to your partner, you take control of your partner. But if you quickly press select after the tag, or at any time during the match, you will switch back to your character. This is good for beating down your opponent's partner, and if your partner is about to get into trouble, press select and you will take control of him, hopefully to stop him losing the match.
Tables Cheat
In a DQ On match, set a table into a corner. Keep running into it, til your opponent grapples you. If you are on and facing table, they'll slam you through and get DQ'd
-Use the Women's Toe Kick. It deals greater damage than the regular Toe Kick.
Tower of doom
Throw a table onto an announcer table. Stack them. Get another table and stack that onto the table you just set up. Grab a ladder and throw it up onto the top table. Climb up there and set up the ladder. If you do a move up here off the ladder, it's sick! Try it!
go onto exbidition mode choose a wrestler then when you get to the arena menu press left once choode outside arena a then when you get outside get hold of the trolly by pressing square the go behind your opponent and press up and then x this will knock your opponent into the cart (this is quite funny) p.s it is easyer to do this in 2 player mode.
Two Undertakers
You cannot have two Undertakers in Season at the same time. My tip to you is to stick with the Old-School Deadman Style, as he is more current to WWE Television, and also cooler to have a rilvary with.
Undertaker's opposite day
Unlock old school undertaker(35'000 smack down dollors in the shop zone in season) now make undertaker's entrance moves ect the undertaker and the undertaker's entrance moves ect undertaker's. or change a random super star's auto setting to undertaker now change undertakers auto setting to the undertaker and the undertaker's auto setting to your random super star's auto setting now default ur random super star's move set.now both undertakers will be each other
Wall Crack
In the Gym there is a slight crack in the wall irish whip yur opponent ino the wall twice and it will reveal a new place
wheel trim
when you go onto hsrdcore in exhibition choose any wrestler then press left 1 and a "back stages " menu will com up choose outside arena a then when you get outside there will be a shopping trolly, a fire extinguisher, a bin lid, a bin, a sledghammer and 2 more things that look like bin lids but htey are wheel trims pick one up by using the square button then press circle your wrestler will chuck the wheel trim and it will fly like a frisby (it is quite cool)
Win by Disqualification
In a match with disqualification get out of the ring and on the top side of the ring, press square to get a table from under the ring. Get back in the ring and put it up against a turnbuckle by pressing square + the direction pad. Keep running yourself into it and eventually your opponent will grapple you and put you through the table and you will win by DQ.


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2 Champions
At the start, make Kurt Angle and your character both faces/heels and have them on the same show. Win a championship (U.S., I-C, Hardcore or Cruiserweight would be ideal). Wait until Kurt Angle shows up backstage somewhere. Talk to him and he'll talk about how he's a gold medallist, a WWE Champion, blah blah blah. Then you'll have 2 options. You can tell him he sucks or say your a little nervous about your match. Pick the second one. He will say that your friends, buddies, amigos, a team and say he'll help you in your match tonight. He will interfere in the match. Wait till he gets in the ring then pin your opponent. There will be a tag team winning animation. After the animation where your opponent's on the ground, you and Angle will celebrate as a team and there will be 2 titles!

Royal Rumble Dive
If you are on the top turnbuckle, and your indicator is aimed at someone who just got eliminated, DO NOT DIVE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! You will still dive at them and get eliminated

Easter eggs

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Bonus Clip!
After you beat season mode and the Credits Play if you don't skip them and watch all the credits a mini clip will appear of John Cena rapping about the game.
Bonus Manager Clip
In season mode if you chose to have a manager and you helped her defeat the Superstar at whatever PPV if you are in a match at Wrestlemania a bonus clip of your chosen manager will play where she says she knows you have wanted this opportunity for so long
Credits Unlocked
To unlock Credits just complete Season mode and they will become unlocked
Stripper Divas!
In a Bra Panties Match if you change the Diva you are playing as finisher to The Peoples Elbow before the match if you use it in the Bra and Panties Match the Diva Will Strip herself repeat again until she's in her Bra and Panties. However,! Do not use the finisher more than twice other wise the game with freeze but you can still win the match in your Bra and Panties


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Buying something without fighting a match
After you buy the item start the match. Then when the match starts exit. Now you can use the item or person in other game modes.
Copy Your Opponent Finisher
To copy your opponent's finishing move, you need 2 Smackdown! specials ready. Once you do, get into your opponent's finishing move situation and press L1, while holding L2. You will then perform your opponent's finishing move, and if you're really cheeky, pin them afterwards and get the 1-2-3!
Find the wall that appears to be cracked, and Irish whip your opponent into it. The wall should break away, and you have a hidden area.
Defeat backstage opponents easily.

For an easy backstage win, in the parking lot, whip your opponent into the large WWE truck to the far right of the room. Your opponent will jump up onto the truck, and since there is no other way to get down, they'll walk off. This causes extreme damage to all parts of their body. Repeat until your opponent is damaged so badly he can't kick out of a pin.
Easy Hell In A Cell Wins
Climb the cell and wait on the other guy. When he gets there continue to toe kick him off the side. It might not hurt him the first time but it will after a while. (I beat Brock Lesnar like that without even getting hurt.)
Easy set-up for a special
Hold Down/Left or Down/Right and press Attack. This will have the wrestler perform a straight kick to the stomach and stun them for more than enough time for you to press L1 to do your special. This works for all wrestlers. To do your opponents special move, hold L2 then press L1.
easy smackdown!
You can use anyone and be anywhere that u can exite the ring. Once the match starts get out of the ring, your opponent should follow u, when he gets close to the ropes press up,over,or down(depending on which side of the ring u r on) plus O. That should stun ur opponent long enough for u to quickly get in the ring and get in front or back of him then press L1. Theres ur smack down!
Easy Winning ( by cheating )
get a table and set it up in one of the corners . make ur opponent through you on the table . if ure lucky thy will grapple u and they will get DQed .

remember tht DQ should be on .
Easy Wins in Hardcore Matches
This secret (non-obvious ingame trick) allows you to get easy wins in hardcore matches. In the corridor with the cage structure, climb it, break the two panels on top. Stand at the upper right side of it, and watch as the AI blindly walks into the hole, damaging himself as he falls down. This trick allows you to win effortlessly.
ECW Patch
GS2v2/AR2v2 NTSC
DE9F497A C8B0826F

DE9F4902 BCA99B83 -4Tables Always On
FEB5DE39 BCA99B85 -Anywhere Falls Always On
FEB5DECD BCA99B84 -Backstage Indicators On
FEB5DE3A BCA99B83 -Ring out always on
FEB5DED3 BCA99B83 -DQ Always Off
FEB5DEC5 BCA99B83 -Ring out Count always off

ECW World Title
DEB971D9 281B0ADA

ECW World Champion
DEB96859 281B0ADA
DEB96858 24ECBBE7
DEB9685B 251908E4
DEB9685A DCC909F2
DEB96865 BCA99B83

Intercontinental Championship to ECW T.V TItle
DEB96838 281D04D6
DEB9683A BCA99B83

Intercontinental Champion to ECW T.V Champion
DEB970A8 290A03C6
DEB970AB 2A1804F3

World Tag Team Championship to ECW Tag Title
DEB96819 DC10FCD7
DEB96818 281D04D6
DEB9681A BCA99B83

World Tag Team Champion to ECW Tag Champion
DEB97089 DC10FCD7
DEB97088 290A03C6
DEB9708B 291804F3
DEB9708A BCA99B83

bWo Text Modifications
Main Character Faction name to bWo


Corporation Text to bWo

Most Current ECW Championships :
World Champion is Rhino

TV Champion is Rhino

Season Arena to No Mercy

FEB970F3 BCA99B83

No Mercy to ECW
FEB97749 BCA99BC6
FEB9774B BCA99B83

Elimination Chamber: Shatter Glass
You can shatter the glass by irish whipping someone into them. It will do a lot of damage to them. It does not matter if the Chamber is occupied or not.
Escape the Chamber
The most simplist glitch in the game...

Get someone on top of the chamber, you go on the turnbuckle in front of it.. You do a missile dropkick to the guy on top of the chamber and you go through and into the crowds, execpt you float in a way
Falling Widow's Peak
This is what you have to do in season mode go to shopzone and unlock the timesquare. Go to exibition and select hardcore match.Pick Victoria as you fight whoever.Select the timesquare.Go to where it says smackdown climb up the ladder all the way to the top,your opponet should follow you.Get close to the do your smackdown.Victoria will do her widow's peak you and your opponet will fall, your opponet will fall and you will catch her and do the WIDOW'S PEAK!!!
Get Lumberjacks in the ring
To get a lumberjack in the ring, irish whip him to the steel post at the back of a turnbuckle, and use the move in which you bang their head on it, and throw them in the ring.
This does work and if you are the lumberjack you can attack the people, but after a while the refferee should take you back out.
Get out of the Elimination Chambeer
You need 2 human controlled players for this in which atleast one of them has to have "the diving spear".The player without the diving spear climbs the cage on the bottom left hand side and the other player climbs the turnbuckle also on the bottom left hand side.Make the player on the turnbuckle do the diving spear(both players must be faced on each other of course) to the other player and he will be land outside.If the other player wishes to join him just press x and he will dive out.Because of this all the graphics are broken and you can go through walls and if you wanna re-enter the chamber just walk straight through the cage.
Hidden FMV
If you watch the entire credits. After the credits a hidden FMV will play. John Cena will do a freestyle rap about the game.
How to win titles easy
When in a title match go outside the ring and get a weapon. There is no DQ in title matches so there for you can make them weak fast.

NOTE:Makes you raise special faster to.
In a match that allows interference, press R3 during the match to have someone come to your aid. Only works if you're in a stable.
Little Hell in a Cell
In the room where you have options to go to the ring or boiler room, you should see a cage. In the middle of the cage they should be two squares. Do some slamming moves onto these squares. (Do slamming move twice). Then the opponent should fall through with you and you should have caused damage to your opponent. The only way to get out is, go to the left-sided cage and press SQUARE, if your strenght is over 8-10, u should be able to break it down so you can get out, but if lower you cant go anywhere else.
More than 1 champion
well more of a dumb glitch all you have to do is on start a new season is pick the smackdown champ and take out all the best wrestlers lke big show and HHH etc. then when your season starts saying what a success wrestlemaina was start program and CHAMP#2 will come out it got kinda confuseing. But you wont wrestle him a diff wrestler will take his place try it it's funny
Opponent gets teleported outside of the hell in the cell
Get any superstar and go to the hell in a cell match. Once you start the match, go close to the ropes and let your opponent to be there (close to the ropes). Once he is close to the ropes, grapple him and he will be magically teleported on the other side.
refree winning glitch
you have to be kane vs anybody in a First Blood match . when your head is shining red then somehow if you hit the kane powerbomb on the refree he will counter it into a DDT . and you will be busted open . then after the refree wins . they will show two Earl Hebner's . one of them raising the other's hand in victory . its cool .
Reversing/Avoiding moves
Press L2 or R2 to avoid/reverse strikes or grapples respectively, and you have two chances with strikes, by either reversing the move, or dodging the oncoming attack.
Swanton bomb from the ladder without using finishers...
The ladder battles where you punch grapple someone untill you can swing them off the ladder.

Usual moves are
O -- (forgot)
Up/Down+O -- Superplex
Left/Right+O -- Arm drag

Have the move setting OJH(Jeff Hardy) and do Down/Up+O on the ladder and he'll push the opponant off and do a swanton bomb, no finishers taken.
TaZZ Replaces Iron Sheik
Iron Sheik becomes Tazz ( HEX NTSC w/ line breakdown )
004C81F8 00000041 : Iron Sheik's Identity is Tazz
104C81FA 00006154 : Iron Sheik's Name begins "Ta"
204C81FC 00007A7A : Iron Sheik's Name continues ( and ends ) "zz( 00 00 )"
004C8210 00000000 : Iron Sheik has no Ring Name ( Just in case )
204C8228 7A7A6154 : Iron Sheik's Nickname begins "Tazz"
004C822C 00000000 : Iron Sheik's Nickname ends

Iron Sheik Becomes Tazz ( AR2/GS2V2 or below NTSC )
DEB27CA6 3623FCD7
The Rock beats up The Rock
Go into season and become WWE Champion with The Rock. Then start another season with the Champs in place and play as The Rock. You will then begin a feud with some high-card wrestler, but in all the Cut-Scenes The Rock will confront The Rock and in the last segment The Rock will come out in a cage match and attack himself. Pretty weird, but funny. Try It.
The Unlockables and hiddens
Ok, this is for everyone asking about hidden or unlockable items, so here they are...


Times Square - $10,000
Smackdown B - $3000
RAW B - $3000
Wrestlemania XIX - $5000
Summerslam - $3000
Rebellion - $3000


Rock - $8000
Austin - $8000
HHH - $8000
Undertaker - $8000
RVD - $6000
Angle - $8000
Jericho - $6000
Benoit - $6000
Kane - $6000
Show - $6000
Edge - $6000
Steiner - $6000
Stephanie - $5000
Vince - $5000
Bischoff - $3000
Flair - $6000
Rico - $3000
Brock - $8000
Michaels - $6000

Moves set

Moves set 1 (USA set 1) - $2500
Moves set 2 (USA set 2) - $2500
Moves set 3 (USA set 3) - $2500
Moves set 4 (USA set 4) - $2500
Moves set 5 (Japan set 1) - $2500
Moves set 6 (Japan set 2) - $2500
Moves set 7 (etc set) - $2500


Superfly Snuka - $35,000
Million Dollar Man - $35,000
Sgt Slaughter - $35,000
Old School Taker - $35,000
Animal - $35,000
Hawk - $35,000

Bra and Panties

Bra and Panties 1 (Torrie) - $8000
Bra and Panties 2 (Sable) - $8000
Bra and Panties 3 (Stacey) - $8000
Bra and Panties 4 (Trish) - $8000
Bra and Panties 5 (Lita) - $8000
Bra and Panties 6 (Jazz) - $8000
Bra and Panties 7 (Victoria) - $8000

Divas Loading Screen

Divas Loading Screen 1 (Torrie) - $2000
Divas Loading Screen 2 (Sable) - $2000
Divas Loading Screen 3 (Stacey) - $2000
Divas Loading Screen 4 (Trish) - $2000
Divas Loading Screen 5 (Lita) - $2000
Divas Loading Screen 6 (Jazz) - $2000
Divas Loading Screen 7 (Victoria) - $2000

That's everything you can unlock. I still have a few "???" on some moves and taunts after I opened all the moves sets. I havn't figured out how to unlock them yet. When I do, I'll edit this post
Unlockable Move Sets
When buying move sets in Shopzone you don't get all the moves after buying all the move sets. when you buy the wwe legends (old scholl taker, sgt. slaughter etc.), it unlocks all of their moves so you must buy all move sets and people before you have all the moves in create mode.
Unlocking Arenas
The following arenas can be unlocked for the corresponding price in Shopzone in Season for use in Exhibition mode:

Times Square (Backstage area): 10,000
Smackdown B Arena: 3,000
Raw B Arena: 3,000
Wrestlemania XIX: 7,000
Summerslam: 5,000
Rebellion: 5,000
Unlocking video
To unlock a video, complete season once.
Walk on Treadmill
To walk on the treadmill which is located in the training room, go up to it and press square. Continue to do this to keep going. This will get you up to 5 finishers if you do it long enough. So its an easy way to get a finisher