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Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007

  • By KCEJ for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, PSP, PS2

Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 (PS2) Cheats

Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 cheat codes.


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A good master league team
Have these players if you want a very good master league team.Use a 3,5,2 formation(or it might say 3,4,1,2)


DEFENDERS:Ferdinand, F.Cannaravo, Ashley Cole
It doesnt matter what position you put them in for defence

MIDFIELDERS:Roberto Carlos(DMF), Beckham(DMF), C.Ronaldo(RMF, right midfield), Ronaldiniho(LMF, left midfield), Shevchenko(AMF, attackive midfielder)
I put positions cos it does matter where they go in midfield.

ATTACKERS:Adriano, Henry
Sub:Ronaldo (you can sub ronaldo for shevchenko aswell)

This is a very good team and you should win all your matches with this team.
All the players on PES-Shop
This is their real names:
Page 1
Keytori: Kerlon
Law Kit: Roy Keane
Furipaso: Philips
Rona Kira: Roger Milla
Mowkerai: Mostovoi
Al Aumera: A. Aguinaga
Boramikki: Boksic
Reylack: Redknapp
Semini: Sensini
Iwam Russel: Ian Rush
Islero: Hierro
Salsalo: Zamorano
Huno Sametz: Hugo Sánchez
Elcherino: Eusebio

Page 2
Enbuler: Elber
Elimelto: Edmundo
Efervoltz: Effenberg
Scireni: Scifo
Froequertoli: Francescoli
Bkhalin: Blokhin
Ganarrin: Garrincha
Kayukin: Karpin
Carl Anagleko: Carlos Alberto
Verdonan: Valderrama
Guarzo Nerla: Gustavo Nery
Camirra: Caniggia
Coul Lomer: Claudio Lopez
Cruz Rorez: C. Rodriguez

Page 3
Hanue: Hagi
Potelk: Popescu
Durlmints: Dalglish
Korthe: Kocsis
Dari Sinpa: Dario Silva
Zarmec: Zahovic
Sagatz: Salas
Lirazel: Lizarazu
Gianpaas: Giannini
Jil Paniska: Juninho Paulista
Wiego: Weah
Benuki: Best
Gulangiala: Guardiola
Bohren: Boban

Page 4
Sforga: Sforza
Sagaf: Franklin Salas
Seiron: Sergi
Shurak: Suker
De Squeran: Di Stefano
Siljome: Simeone
Dely Run: Dennis Law
Sarteric: Savicevic
Djerac: Dzajic
Ladane: Ravelli
Iemona: Yeboah
Burnolen: Brolin
Stjanoric: Stojkovic
Morteno: Montero

Page 5
Parl Salsa: Paulo Sousa
Balthan Low: Vagner Love
Pal Arselon: P. Andersson
Elkama: Mboma
Balanov: Balakov
Shirawtel: Schemichel
Lemtiel: Lentini
Caremeli: Cavenaghi
Pursel: Puskas
Bussarana: Butragueno
Landroam: Brian Laudrup
Froma: Fran
Fil Da Buuni: F. De Boer

Page 6
Skorimilov: Stoichkov
Alna: Adu
Mirakenic: Mijatovic
Brander: Bremner
Hoeitor: Hassler
Kena Antenon: K. Andersson
Cardoro: Cardoso
Barool: Bakero
Chimral: Chilavert
Higore: Higuita
Rozerio: Romario
Calmen: Campos
Mile Healy: Mark Hughes
Simane: Simone

Page 7
Vunlersen: Vonlathan
Orhaimnalz: Overmars
Dairsell: Desailly
Dalshir: Dahlin
Mil Landelef: Michael Laudrup
Djiutaleff: Djorkaeff
Sortund: Skoglund?
Le Tecela: Le Tissier
Rootz Eliquelo: Luis Enrique
Yalem: Yashin
Shiare: Shearer
Bemkap: Bergkamp
Alele: Azizi
Azpnira: Asprilla

Page 8
Al Imile: Ilie
Silawten: Simonsen
Hejumok: Herzog
Betlav: Belanov
Emnejaer: Elkjaer
Jameyron: Jennings
Girocani: Giovanni
Djeraigho: Djaminha
Selce Colerton: Sergio Conceicao
Begrstaron: Beguiristain
Ziede: Ziege
Irtein: Irwin

Page 9
Barcao: Falcao
Remoole: Revivo
Hecarro: Henao
Pursari: Protti
Bonsak: Boniek
Vueton: Veron
Maycao: Magrao
Marrius: Matthews
Fule: Foe
Pjiromel: Preud'homme
Lulu Serian: Luis Suarez
Ragli: Radebe
Runan Dona: Ruben Sosa
Derrai: Dugarry

Page 10
Ron Da buuni: R. De Boer
Cartoni: Carboni
Minilovic: Mihajlovic
Ramaeno: Ravenelli
Jernisch: Jeremies
Prosimeski: Prosinecki
Fenorra: Ferrara
Tareski: Tassotti
Janlu: Jardel
Joy Corsa: Jorge Costa
Saint Dengalo: S. Delgado
Sicanto: Serebrennikov

Page 11
Hinterfern: Winterburn
Pettscho: Pessotto
Ambletone: Anderton
Potequino: Pochettino
Dental: Dixon
Borjich: Bosnich
Qulym: Quinn
Magateler: McAteer
Olovto: Onopko
Oyleh: Oliseh
Wlect: West
Sondoh: Songo'O

Page 12
Fsow: Flo
Deliuton: Denilson
Bolsic: Balic
Malo Sila: Mauro Silva
Malquin: Martyn

Cool, huh?
cool shot
to be able to shoot like this the player must have a technique of more than 90 and weak foot freq. of 3 or less, then run parallel to the opposing goal with your strongest foot facing the goal and shoot the player will then instead of hitting with his weak foot bring his strong foot behind his weak foot and shoot which is pretty damn cool when it works out, rivaldo and maradonna are the only ones who originally do this
Defenders up for corners!
Picture it!

Last minute of the final, losing 1-0: you win a corner with England!

Beckham goes to take the corner, and waiting in teh box is Owen, Rooney and Lennon! Whilst Rio and JT are having a tea party on the half-way line!!


You must have asked yourself! why aren't they up here? Well, simple sollution!
Before playing with any team on Formation Settings, go to Team Stratergy, the Attack/Defence and set to the top one!

If you need to attack during the game now press and hold L2 and tap R1 (you'll notice the Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue bar move) Red=Full Attack / Blue=Full Defence
easier free kicks
To score easy free kicks, simply aim the shot to the opposite side of the keeper, then tap the cross button (O button if your using the original buttons) the 'chip' should just bounce under the cross bar if you do it rite!!
free kicks
25 metres or less = down & square
26-30 metres = square
30 and over = up and square
Free Kicks (Best Way to Score)
Free Kicks rely on certain aspects:
1. Kree Kick accuracy and Swerve of the taker
2. GoalKeeping Skills of the 'Keeper
3. Position of ball (distance and width)


To score free-kicks from the edge of area: aim to the empty space of the goal and tap O. This chips the ball over the wall and usually in. Alternatively, hold DOWN as you tap O to try and roll the ball under the wall.


To score from 19-24m: Aim as usual when you wish to apply curl. Fill the power bar half way, press and hold TRIANGLE and DOWN (+ the curl direction)


25m+: Same as above but use X and UP instead of TRIANGLE and DOWN.

*Note: This won't always work, as PES FK system isn't consistent, so don't go mad if it doses't work*
Good Young Players For Masteleague
GK : Casillas
RB : Sergio Ramos
LB : Clichy
CB : Kompany
CB : Agger/Anton Ferdinand
RM : C. Ronaldo
LM : Robben
DM : Mascerano
AM : Messi
FW : Rooney
FW : Torres/Robinho
Hint - Real Boot Edit

Nike Mercurial Vapor
Base: 1
Part 1: 5
Part 2: 5
Part 3: 5
Heel: 5
Stencil: Off
Shoelaces: 3
Shoe Tongue: 2
Tip: if you want to change the color of the "nike logo" you change the base color.

Nike Total 90:
Base: 1
Part 1: 5
Part 2: 5
Part 3: 5
Heel: 5
Stencil: 1 - Inside
Shoelaces: 4
Shoe Tongue: Off
Tip: the tip of the Nike MV is applied in Total 90 too

Puma Kings
Base: 1
Part 1: 1
Part 2: 1
Part 3: 1
Heel: 2
Stencil: Off
Shoelaces: 1
Shoe Tongue: 1
Umbro Elite X
Base: 2
Part 1: 9
Part 2: Off
Part 3: Off
Heel: 9
Stencil: 20
Shoelaces: 1
Shoe Tongue: 4
Queens land Park
This Stadium should actually be called Suncorp Stadium or Queensland Park, but its real name is Suncorp Stadium. :-)
ronaldo skill
at the end of the first or second half, if cristiano ronaldo has the ball, he will do a little skill, works most of the time
Sell your Older Master League Players
Ifyour either struggling for points or want to sign that big summer signing then listen up because I have the perfect solution for you.

Sell you older players - 32,33,34,35+ year old players. You will not play them as much as they are past their peak and their stats will only decrease so why not sell them for more than they are worth.

It works for any team. For Arsenal - Sell Freddie Ljungberg as he is well past his peak and his stats decrease rapidly. You would think that he wouldn't be worth that much but you could sell him for 10,000 points or maybe even higher. Just keep righting for that perfect offer!

Try it!
Solid Striker
This egg has appeared in the last two Pro Evolution Soccor games, but this recorded instance can be seen in PES6. if you select 'PES UNITED' as your team and then scrool through the player roster, you will see that one of the players is called 'Metelger'a reference to a certain othe Konami game by the name of Metal Gear Solid.
The R2 Freekick
When taking a free kick. You should aim a tad wide of the goal. When you hold down O, you should also hold down R2 to get more curl.

It makes the game more realistic and trust me, you will score so many more free kicks


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Better shooting
Shooting well is a major pain in Pes6 but I have found a cheat code that makes players play more controlled and precise as well as lower shots.Simply do this: Start the match,then press Triangle,release it and press L1,release it, and press L2,release it and finally press X briefly and release it.Then you can carry on with your game nd bombard the opposition with shots whenever you can. Ever since I discovered this cheat more than 90% of my goals are low shots(some are grounders) and my shooting in the 18 yard box is 100 times better.However it's no guarantee that some shots will still not be wide or wild and high especially if you are dashing or under pressure from opposition but they will be a lot less.I hope this works for others because it works wonders for me .It's unusual but please try it and verify.Thanks.
dog football team
win cups, leagues and matches to earn p.e.s. With the p.e.s you have earned go to pes shop and go onto \'appearance- hairstyles\' when you are on that buy all special hairsyles- (the hairstyles should be dog heads) then create a team- team from other leagues b or c. edit the appearance of the players in that team and put their hairstyle as special hairstyles. scroll through special hairstyles until you get to the dog heads. have a different dog head for each player and when you play a match it looks like dogs are playing! enjoy!
Handy Cross
For people who don't already know and have difficulties scoring from crosses, try this.

As you know when you're running down either the right or the left wing your first decision is to cross the ball into the box and some people have diffrerent difficulties getting on the end of them. Well if you cut inside with your winger, hold L1 and press O+O really quick if you're near the the edge of the box and the winger will cross the ball at a good speed and down low. The first thing the keeper will do is try catch the ball but he always pounces it out and there should always be an attacker for you on the end of it for a tap in.

Should work 9 times out of 10
Playing with Costumes
If you have 5000 pes points spare, then head down to the PES Shop and buy the costumes. This means that you can play with either
  • Penguins
  • Dinosaurs
  • Ostriches

    It is always a laugh when you are with your mates but remember, you can only use this with non-licensed teams. So, you can't play with Arsenal, Man United etc
  • Simple Goal's
    Right for all you people out their who can't beat your mate when he comes round for a game or want to put one over someone in master league mode and make a fool out of the goal keeper or if you simply want to score goal after goal then here is how you do it ...

    play with two wing forwards preferably pacey ones I use Joaquin and Saviola. Run with the ball with your wing forward and when you get as close as you possibly can to the by-line (place where the ball crosses the line for a goal-kick or corner) press the circle button on your ps2 controller 3 times as the ball comes to the goal-keeper he will go to ground and try and stop the ball but 99% he can't, this means he will either put it into his own net, parry the ball to one of your players (or the opposing teams depending on where your players are) or knock it out for a corner.

    That my friends is the way you can beat almost everyone you play at this game.