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Wild ARMs 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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black market
to get to the black market you have to into a house inside little twister sipin the wheel to get outside

then throw the box that is right beside you, to walk outside of the town keep walking along the brik wall (don't go too far away from it) and you will eventually find a shak go inside it and you're in the black market. but you probably can't go inside the door well you need the black pass...

Black pass: inside the cajing tower you will have to go up a few floors til you find a door with a cage on it (it's actually an elevator) go down to the first floor (you will appear at a different spot) use a dupicator to open the chest and you've got the black pass.

you can buy:

X1 - EX file key
Xinfinit - wish star
Xinfinit - dragon fossil

things you you can sell then buy at the black market:

gimel coin
(any elemental ring)
(any status protection)

now these things co$t alot of money so if you have the gold lisence every thing costs 1\2 of the original price.

gold license: in the dessication fasility go up to the room wher there are two huge moveable blocks then position the camera so it's faceing the way you came in now move the block that is against the wall there will be a hidden door go init and fight the optional boss and the gold lisence is yours!


Easy gella
At the start of the game you may not have much gella, so go to the baskar colony when you are at least level ten and have the first four mediums and use arcana to kill the red balloons. This will give you an elemental gem which sells for 100 gella. Repeat in places with more than one enemy once your arcana is stronger, for more gems a battle.
optional boss locations (and othor stuff)
here is a list of all the optional bosses in the game
location - name - requirements difficultie (10 stars) - reward
Green Loge - Jhon Dee - karmer dolls - ******* - ebony shadow

Dessication facility - not shure - karmer dolls - ***** - gold lisence

Gunners Hevan - bad news - beat Emporor Madurk - ********* - EX file key

Abyss F10 - epherm 'Zien - lombradia - ** - dragon idol

Abyss F30 - not shure - lombradia - *** - bosster kit

Abyss F60 - not shure - lombradia - not shure - bone

Abyss F100 - Ragu O Ragula - lombradia and time - ****** - sherif star

Abyss F100 - Ragu O Ragula R2 - Lombradia and time -****** - EX file key

Den of Masima - not shure - Lomradia and karmer dolls - (defeat 100) EX file key

Gunner's heven - Emporor Madurk - beat master's league - **** - not shure

Ka Dingle - Power Trask - Karmer dolls - ****** - golden dawn

Sea of sands - Balal que naga - sand kraft - * - suitcase

Sea of sands - Balal que naga R2 - sand craft - ** - EX file key

Ark of Destiny - Bombur - karmer dolls - **** - prism stick

Little Twister - Karken - karmer dolls - ******* - comet mark

Mimer's Well - Lothilia - type "emeth" as the password on floor 8 - ** - ice ring


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Easier way to get all EX options
Instead of having to find all 15 Ex File Keys, you only really need to find 8. Every time you wanna use an EX option just load the data file and use the keys, if you want to use another option then load the file again.
Easy money
When you get to Serpent's Coil, the enemy there will always be Jells and always appear in numbers of three or more. They are immune to physical attacks. When you are at level 10 or greater, use only elemental Arcanas. After the battle, notice that you will get Arcana Gems exactly according to the Arcana used to kill the Jells. Every battle can result in three or more Arcana Gems. Each gem can be sold it for 100 Gellas. Every enemy you kill using an Arcana is bound to give away Arcana gems.
Easy way to level... If not a bit boring
I just found a way to one button battle and level up if you have a few free hours and at least the sandcraft, teleport orb, and a cannon that has 6 shots or better. Teleport to boot hill, get in your sandcraft and just hold X. (I recommend going into your options screen and changing Battle Command to "fixed" and Cursor to "memory") A dune king will attack you and if you put your fastest RFX (virginia for me) in your gunners position and fire all shots he/she should die within 1 round. My levels when I started this were around 40, and within an hour I'm closer to 50.
Massive Exp - Kraken
Have Water ward(maxed) on everyone and go to little twister and use the kramer dolls near the well to start a fight with Kraken(hidden Boss).When you start just have everyone defend or not attack him, and let him use all the water moves he wants cuz they all do no damage and everytime you water ward is used it add 0.1x on the exp chart so....if he used that water move 100 times...then the exp you earn from him is 99.9 times the regular ammount which gives you alot of levels but takes patience.Note:Kraken doesnt always use the water move and just attacks you regularly but its not alot of damage is you have like 3000hp.
One-hit kills
As soon as you can, equip the Bunker Cannon II on the Sandcraft. When in battle, always use the force ability "Fire all ammo at once". You should be able to kill all monsters in one hit.
Quick level
The best way to earn experience depends on where you are in the game. During the begining you shouldn't worry to much about your level, just fight the monsters where you are and work more on hidden items and places that you need to come back to. When you get your sandcraft you can earn up to 1000 experience fighting monsters in the dunes (the sea of sand). This is good until you are about level 40-50, than the task gets slow and painfully boring. As soon as you are able start the Alien Invasion side quest (you find and fight alien towers to defeat the alien invasion) after defeating a couple towers Choas will apear as an enemy you randomly run into around the area of defeated towers. 1 choas gives you 10,000 experience, but they also will inflict almost every status adnormality on all your characters. It is best to fight them after you have gotten all the mediums then to use Gallows Force Ablility and put Status Lock on all your players, then use performance on all your charaters also. When you run into 3 choas at once use Virginia's Force Ability and the lucky cards to doudle everyone's experience. The lucky cards can be used once per character per battle so don't waste them trying to use more or on low experience monsters
The Ice Queen
May contain SPOILERS if you haven't finished game.

(Be sure to do this after Mimir's Well, and it would help if your levels are at least over 50)
(Also, I don't think you get anything special for this fight, but it does give you some valuable EXP)

Once you've obtained the Grappling Hook and gone back to the Ark of Destiny, I'm sure you've noticed that there is a higher level to the library. Use the Hook to get up there, and read the book (can't remember which one, sorry!) that tells your about the Ice Queen in Mimir's Well. Well, it's pretty obvious what to do now. Go to Mimir's Well, and get to the area at the very end where Werner typed in the password 'TOMORROW'.
Type in 'EMETH', and you'll automatically be thrown into a boss battle.

--- Lolithia
--- Resistant --- Ice
--- Weak --- Fire

A pretty easy battle. Start of by having Virginia using 'Mystic' + a 'Lucky Card'. This will give everyone double EXP. Make sure Gallows has the ability 'Weakness' and have him cast Fire Arcana. Also, if you use 'Attachment' in conjunction with the Fire element on your most (physically) powerful character (for me that was Clive) and have him/her attack, it will do some pretty heavy damage.
If you wanna cheat then just use Finest Arts a few times.
And there we go! Another optional boss battle out of the way. What fun.
unlock stuff
if you've ever gotten an EX-file key and ever wondered what it did...

1 key - see characters status

2 keys - when you complete the game lets you start a new game with the same amaunt of EXP and gella also lets you keep all the items that you got

4 keys - lets you watch different versions of the quitting movie

8 keys - lets you watch different versions of the starting movie
View character portraits
During any non-cinematic dialog, press Select to view a portrait of the character who is talking.
Wild AMRs3
Lineylines Obsivitory 3rd floor in need to password