WALL-E (PS2) Cheats

WALL-E cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PS2.


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Cheat Codes in Extras Menu.
Enter one of the following passwords at the options menu to activate the corresponding cheat function:

What it doesPassword
BOTOFWARKills everything in range
STEALTHARMORno one sees you
RAINBOWLASERlaser changes colour
EXPLOSIVEWORLDall cubes are explosive
GLOWINTHEDARKdoes what it says on the tin
BOTOFMYSTERYWALL-E wears ski goggles
GOLDENTRACKSsame as number 5
kisskisskisswhite brobe and wall-e will kiss
WALLEFFECTWall-e and Eve have no limited health.
BESTWAYSWall-e story "Trash Shoot" have no limited time.
EVERBAGPACKWall-e wears his backpack anytime.