Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Cheats

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Heimdall and Ull
Heimdall and Ull: Found in floor 2, by encountering walking enemies. Near The Dia's Drop Down Where Sage's Arcanum,Sorcerer' Savvy,Goddess Tincture,Spirit Tincture, Where Those Items Lay You Can Find Them On The Walking Enemy Only ,Thats Where I Fought Them Both At once Or You Find One Seperate
Heimdall and Ull: Found in floor 2, by encountering walking enemies. Near The Dia's Drop Down Where Sage's Arcanum,Sorcerer' Savvy,Goddess Tincture,Spirit Tincture, Where Those Items Lay You Can Find Them On The Walking Enemy Only ,Thats Where I Fought Them Both At once Or You Find One Of Them Not Together: Fight Everyone Dont Run you'll Find Them Easy Dont Use Low Levels For THIS Cause You Might Bump into Both And Watch Out... LOL I got Sword And The Sooth Bow On Fighting Them Both But Depends i Only FOUND THEM THERE So Check At ur own Risk If U use low Lvl People Jus Bring Exp For Eveeryone then If U want Exp For Fighters Not Used And Healing +200% Make Sure To Have Good Items Or Mages Makes Up If U Use toughness For More Health Points good For Low Level Partys So try It if u want those items worth it if u use Silmeria Or Any Bow users Or Great Swrd Users MAJOR DAMAGE so consider using ur high levels + Exp For Everyone Sealstone N healtpoints + 200% for items and spells and if u got good Sealstone points to use , Use Dia's For Damage Up Tolerance Up An Damage Resistance Etc For A Good Advantage.
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Fight Ballistic Rhino (boss) again
Early in the game fighting the boss Ballistic Rhino again is a good way to level up fast. To do so just return to Royal Underground Path to the screen where you first fought with him and check the magic platform, a message will prompt telling you that there is a dark and dangerous presence, ignore the warning and approach the platform, a battle will trigger and you will fight the boss again, you can fight him as many times as you want to. So keep doing it to level up your Einherjars and your characters.
Killing the Kobold King the quick and east way!
Having trouble with the Kobold King? All you need is a mage with Poison Blow and he's all yours. Kill off all his minions which shouldn't be too hard (they are just regular kobolds), Be sure to stay out of the king's attack radius. When his minions are all dead separate your mage into a group by him self using the D-pad and place all your other characters as far away from kobold king as possible. Walk up to the king with your mage again staying out of his attack area (one hit will likely kill your character) and use "poison blow". Once Kobold King is poisoned, quickly dash away using R1 a number of times in quick succession and join your other party members on the opposite end of the battle field. If you are far enough away from Kobold King, he will not follow after you! Then you can just hold L3 (the left joy stick button to fast forward through combat). I don't know if this was a glitch or what, but I tried is several times and he never once came after me, he just ran around in the far corner and died of poison. It will stop damaging him when he gets to 1 hit point left, but it is pretty easy to finish him off from there!

more crystals more experience no sealstone
Is it early in the game and you dont have any sealstones ,accessories or cool skills to help you earn more CRYSTALS and EXP in battle? Fear not i have devised a way to earn the maximum amount of crystals (80) in almost every battle. Im sure you can use other combinations of characters but i used Richelle, Tyrith (light warriors) and Mthra, Alm (sorcerers). First, set the attack ascending sword to one of Tyriths attack slots or any attack that knocks the foe off balance and strikes upwards on any light warrior. This will hit the enemy into the air for about two seconds. While the enemy is dangling in the air attack him with both of your sorcerers using the lightning bolt attack. This will produce a twenty hit combo. The weaker your characters are the better for every strike your enemy receives while in mid air, you will receive one crystal. If you were to attack every enemy on the board in the way that i have just described until they are all dead than you will get over eighty crystals per battle. However, you can not receive more than eighty crystals per battle so you must get a feel for how many times you should use this technique. Heres another tip, hit the enemy while he is on the ground and you will get extra exp crystals. The battle will last longer but will give you a chance to earn more items. Also you wont have to worry about the blinking bar of balls on the side of the screen, although i think each one represents ten crystals or something like that so dont forget to add this into effect. Have fun getting all those ridiculously overpriced sealstones.
near indestructable
If you are having some trouble with some parts in the gate like divinity voids there are some good items and skills that can help you greatly when fighting. firstly let me explaine how i have my party set up. I decided to set Freya as the lead person. Valkyrie in the back and Hrist and Bhrams on the sides. every body knows that all of Bhrams weapons can regenerate his health.

you can give Freya the same ability but you sacrafice some attack power to do it. trust me its well worth it when your facing some enemies that can kill you quickly. you must teach her these skills. Toughness, and Tripple Edge. after that its only a matter of the items and attacks.
you set up heavenly sword, mystic chain and finally heavenly punishment. in that order you can't be blocked very often.

The items you need are any item that leeches hp off of your enemies. i used the blood sucking fang. the hamstar because it gives freya 100% resistance to every status ailment except frailty. next you use great eagle heart and a power bangle.

if your not in a divinity void you should use the life force blessing because it doubles the effect of hp regen. this even works on all bosses of the seraphic gate untill the end of the second playthrough of the gate.

after that your on your own for now. good luck!!!


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Change background music during battles
After you beat the game once,hold L2 while entering battle.
chateau obsession show up Ch. 6
If you go to Crell Monteraigne and talk to the dog he mentions Chateau Obession and it shows on the map
Dylan, Leone and the Wand of Apocalypse
To make Dylan and Leone re-join your party and to receive the Wand of Apocalypse you must defeat Gabriel Celeste (boss) in the 1st floor of the Seraphic Gate. These 2 characters will re-join your party at the lvl you had them the last time they were with you.
Extra Ending Scene
In the final boss battle, don't use the recent added character to your party (you'll who I am talking about when you reach that battle) If you defeat the final boss without using that character in your active party, the ending will feature an extra scene. I must warn you, it's a really short scene, so it isn't a great addition... but something is something.
Hard Mode
Finish the game to make any New Game playthroughs harder. The current difficult level is represented by crystals on the main screen. Every game clear adds one crystal, and 10 crystals will become a big one. The max is 5 big crystals (difficulty increased 50 times).
Have Silmeria in your party
In order to have Silmeria in your party you must first defeat Woden on floor 2 of the Seraphic Gate.
Hidden Cut-Scene
After the boss battle in the top of the Yggdrasil, you'll have to find Rufus' ring, do so and instead of going to Valhalla like the game says, go back to the top of the Yggdrasil. A secret cut-scene will play.
Secret Dungeon
Save the game at the last save point to unlock the Seraphic Gate on the world map. This secret dungeon has new characters, items and powerful enemies to be found. Once you beat it you can enter it again and the enemies will have gotten even stronger. In other words expect some challenge in this place.
Valkyrie Profile 1 Battle Music
In New Game + just hold L1 while entering a battle.