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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue (PS2) Cheats

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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3 Biliby Sightings
This is in bush rescue. When going into Juluis' Lab go on the roof there will be a biliby behind a small teepee.
The 2nd one is this way > the arrow. When you see the research lab go the way the arrow's facing then jump off there will be a platform land on the platform and there will be a Biliby.
This last one is in Gunna Gunna. After you find a cave with uber lizards at the bottom there will be platforms. Follow the platforms until you find a rock go on the rock and there will be a bilby.
It is best 2 check around corners by maneuvering ur camera so u can see around the corner.
Use the left analog stick to your advantage.
You dont wanna bump into a bunch of Uber Frills do you?
Some corners conseal things like Uber frills, Madam Mopoke's Secrets or even Traps. Just remeber to check.
Deadly and Doomerangs
To get the Deadly Rang you have to beat Patchy(first boss) then get on Shazza's truck and press Select. Look at the map- there should be a shop, that is Sly's shack. You can buy the Deadlyrang for 30,000 Opals then the ?????? will be the Doomerangs. You can buy them for 75,000 opals.
To buy the Deadlyrang,you must buy all the other standard rangs.
Health Restore
Go in water and dive then go back out.
How to kill Patchy
To beat Patchy attack his head. After a short time, you have to hit the tail. Make sure you dodge the attack after that. You have to hit the rocket launchers.
Recommended: Lasherang
Killing Uber Lizards
To kill those beasts you need a upgraded rang.
Maddam Mossells secret
Maddam Mossells secret can only be unhidden by the X-Rang or Infarang.

By the way Maddam mossels shop is on your map in burramadgee.
Recommended money to upgrade rangs.
I recommend you bring at least 150000 opals.
All upgrades are 8000 -or over- opals.
The Doomerang is 75000 and the Sly's previous rang, the Deadlyrang is 30000.
I hope this helps.
Secret Ending
To get the SECRET ending you must have all cogs(I think),boomerangs,all missions completed.
Sly's Shack
Sly's shack is located southwest from the centre of the map and shows as a mini clock/ watch.
When you arrive get off the fourbie and head towards the big tree.
Climb it, and then u will be by the entrance to Sly's Shack.


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All bunyip licences
During the Game press :
Start (2), Triangle, Start (2), Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X
Get 100,000 opals
During the game press :
Start (2), Triangle, Start (2), Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, X