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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (PS2) Cheats

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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100% Complete Reward *Spoiler*
Once you have gotten all the possible items in the game (Cogs, opals, bilbys, thunder eggs AND "secret" pictures*) You can now access the "Movies" option at the main menu when you go to "Extras"

You will be able to see the main movies that were shown throughout the game PLUS you'll be given a special "Outtakes" movie, its very funny!

battle robot on the final lvl
Ok, first use frostyrang to freeze the cannons and then bite them. When all cannons are destroyed boomerang the door. Then go down the tunnel dodging the flames. Time it right. When you get through just keep running around in a circle around the tubes of wires in the middle and megarang the enemies. There are unlimited enemies so when you have some space flamarang the tubes and wires. When all of the wires are destroyed the place will start to shake, so go back outside and sly will give you the doomerang. Also the head of the robot will fall of. Launch the doomerang into the space in the neck and guide it through the tunnels dodging all the obstacles to the end. Good luck!

beat sly
use the cheat code to get the techno rangs and use the kaboomarang and jus throw it everyware
Beat Giant Hog Thing
Okay,you got to let him run at you.Now,get in front of a stump.When he runs,move so he gets hit.Dodge his other attacks.Do this repeatly until the Giant Hog Thing is K.O.And there`s a level where you ride on it.
Easy last level
Getting unlimited health on the last level makes it much easier.
Extra high jump
Perform a boomerang glide at the very peak of your jumps. If executed correctly, you will gain a little more altitude than normal, and allow you to reach certain areas more easily.
Get the power egg in the ship wreck
When you get to the ship wreck go to the left side of the ship. Look for the window and aim inside and look for the red button. When you hit it go to the other side and you should see an open door on the ship. Go into the door and the power egg should be somewhere inside of it.
How to beat Crikey
So when you fight the metel shark,Crikey,go under water and you`ll see some bubbles.Go to where there coming from and hit em with you`re aquarang.Go to the surface and wait till Crikey bites it,and then hit it with you`re flamerang.And there is an entrence to the lighthouse where you can get an extra life.
how to beat sly
get the multieyrang out and run aruond and keep on throwing untill you beat him
how to get to the ship wreck
O.K. when yo go to ship rex, go to the little ocean by the beach where Rex is. Go into the gate underwater and go to the left until you get to the big circular rock thing. Go underwater until you find the tunnel on the other side of it. you should be in a little pool in the big circular rock. (You should know it because of the big crabs in it.) Go to the other little pool and go underwater until you find a different tunnel. Go into it and you should see the ship wreck.
Restore Health
If you are low on health, you can dive under water and when you come out again you will have full health.
tazmanian tiger
By collecting 15 Golden Cogs you will unlock the Zoomerang.

By collecting 20 Golden Cogs you will unlock the Multirang.

By collecting 30 Golden Cogs you will unlock the Infrarang.

to open the gate in lyre lyre lvl
go on to the trap door and use the zoomerang go to tys view (L2) and you should see a blue button hit that and that opens the gate
what rangs you can get
here is a list of rangs you can get:
elemental boomerangs: 1:flamerang 2:frostyrang 3:zappyrang 4oomerang*

technorangs: 1:zoomerang 2:multirang 3:infrarang 4:megarang 5:kaboomerang *only available in last battle
Where all rainbow scales are in rainbow cliffs
-1- Behind the yellow house in Blibli Station

-2- Behind the purple house in Blibli Station

-3- There's an alcove in the back of the Talisman Tower, glide from the tower
to the alcove behind for the scale inside

-4- On a ledge at the right side of the Talisman Tower

-5- From the Talisman Tower, glide in direction of the waterfall with a cave
behind it and grab the scale in mid-air on your way

-6- Behind Julius' lab

-7- Next to the wheel left of Julius' lab

-8- From Julius' lab, follow the small path to the left and get the scale in
a corner of the wall at the start of the path (look carefully)

-9- At the end of the path mentioned above, near the extra life next to the

-10- Look behind the wall at the left of the entrance of Pippy Beach for a

-11- At the right of the entrance of Lake Burril, look along the wall for the

-12- In a corner of the rock face in the area with many pillars in the water

-13- Climb on the pillars to access the upper part of the cave behind the
waterfall to find the scale

-14- Next to the wall on the land at the right of the waterfall with a cave

-15- Behind the ice veil in the tunnel leading to Pippy Beach, use the
flamerang to break it

-16- Look at the bottom of the lake (when you can swim underwater)

-17- Look at the bottom of the lake for this one too

-18- At the entrance of Lake Burril, throw the Frostyrang at the trees on fire
to destroy them. The scale is behind

-19- On the highest wooden platform in Lake Burril

-20- Go near the waterfall next to Julius' lab and take out the frostyrang.
Enter Ty's view and look down at the water. Throw the frostyrang into the
water to create an ice block on the water's surface. Jump on it and create
other ice platforms until you reach the scale over the water. (This is the
scale that requires the platform over the water that you have to hit a button
to make it move, but you don't even need it...)

-21- In gate zone, in front of the entrance

-22- Also in gate zone, turn to the right after entering

-23- At the emplacement of Julius' machine in Blibli Station after he moves
to the next place

-24- At the emplacement of Julius' machine in Pippy Beach after he moves
to the next place

-25- At the emplacement of Julius' machine in Lake Burril after he moves
to the next place


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Walk on Lava
Put in *unlimited health* (R1 L1 R1 L1 triangle triangle triangle circle circle) and go to Cass' Crest. You will be able to walk on the lava.

Easter eggs

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Picture sounds
When collecting pictures, they make a tone, if you collect enough pictures fast enough (most easily noticeable in the bonus level) the series of tones create the main theme of the game.


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*Unlimited Health*
Press L1 R1 L1 R1 Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle Circle Circle while playing. There is no need to pause the game.
99 lives within minutes
go to rainbow cliffs, and get the hidden life by julius's lab, and exit level, now go anywahere and come bak to rainbow cliffs, the life will be there! keep doing this until u get 99 lives
Bonus Level & alternate ending
Beat the game and collect all Opals, Eggs and Cogs to unlock a bonus level and an alternate ending.
Elemental Rangs, Diveing & Swimming Abilities
Durring game play press L1, R1, L1, R1, triangle, triangle, Square, Square, triangle, square
To unlock ALL item in the gallery, type in:
L1, R1, L1, R1, Triangle x2, X, X, R2, square, R2, square
Glitch: ship rex
go to ship rex and go to the quick sand area, now go towards the area with the falling coconuts, BUT NOT TOO FAR, look for the skull on the wall to your left, and find the part of the wall that looks like u can step on it, step on it and jump to your left at the edge of the wall.If u did everything correctly, u will get ontop of the area with the billby. This was found by me
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
during gameplay press:

L1 R1 L1 R1 Triangle Triangle Circle Square Square Circle R2 R2

if you entered the code right you´ll hear a sound and if you look in the sky you´ll see lines leading to the important things. a yellow line for each cog, green for the opals and grey for the bilbies.
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger FLYING SEAHORSE Cheat Code
Go To The Level Rex Marks The Spot Then Find Anchor Island(it Has A Huge Rock Anchor On It)
Go To Were You Can See Volcano Smoke(stay On The Island) Look Up With Tys View And Equip The Zoomerang, Zoom In And There Should Be a Flying Seahorses.
unlock extra level
collect all eggs, cogs and opals to unlock an extra level
Unlocking all the Technorangs
If you dont want to wait to gather all of the technorangs then heres a great tip During gameplay press L1, R1, L1, R1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square.

it should work on account that i have done it many times myself