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blow up car

if you are in a car chase or just want to blow up a car hold r1 until it goes in slow mo and point just below the lisence plateyou might have to hit a few times and it might be better if you had the aim helper and it the bullseye will go red if you are on the right spot
Verified by: picilo Submitted by: tim mcgowan on June 09, 2005

Easy car shooting

If you're having trouble chasing down suspects in cars, I have an easy way. Get in front of the car. Then, press 0 (E-brake) and turn the control stick sharply left or right untill you have made a complete 180 and are facing the car you are chasing. Then mash the R-1 button (shoot) untill the driver is dead or the tires pop. Or, if you're chasing a suspect in a empty area, instead of shooting, just press the E-Brake again and smash into his/her car. The car will most likely be totaled, so the suspect will be forced to escape the car. But since the road is empty, he will not be able to escape into another car. Then press L-1 to get out of the car and chase him down.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: GNLK on April 18, 2004

Easy Good Cop Points

You need to go on the stealth missions ie:Sneaking in or Spa Infiltration

When you use a stun attack(SQUARE) you will hear the noise AAHHH! Your ninja symbol will go up a point the more u do it the more cop points youll get.

This always works I was on -25 points trying to get good cop status it took me ages on 'Bonus Cruisin'

WARNING:You must complete the mission toget the points!Userwise youll lose all the points
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Oli on December 21, 2006


Those who don't make eye contact are guilty.
Verified by: satan096 Submitted by: Mutant Imp on May 31, 2006


Those who don't make eye contact are guilty.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mutant Imp on May 31, 2006


Those who don't make eye contact are guilty.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mutant Imp on May 31, 2006


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Alternate Identites

Enter any of the following codes when creating a license plate then press L1 + R1 + X when the okay button is highlighted.

TFAN - Become a gangster
HARA - Become a working asian
MRFU - Become an asian
HAWG - Become a biker
TATS - Become a lady
MNKY - Become a male punk
J1MM - Become a nasty corpse
PIMP - Become a pimp
P1MP - Become a pimp
FATT - Become a police officer
5WAT - Become a S.W.A.T. member
B00Z - Become a street bum
B1G1 - Become police chief
ROSA - Become your partner
HURT_M3 - Become your partner with lingerie on
JASS - Become a donkey
PHAM - Become a butcher
M1K3 - Become a commando
BRUZ - Become a famous boxer
B00B - Become a female punk
FUZZ - Become Johnson the police officer
Verified by: redchaos, badboy90 Submitted by: Scarchelli on November 11, 2003

Bonus Ending Movie

Complete the game and obtain all 3 endings, to gain access to a 4th bonus ending where FBI Agent Masterson and Nick compete in a breakdancing competition.
Verified by: Scarchelli, Mutant Imp Submitted by: Kuduros on November 15, 2003

change cars colors

while makin license plate press L1+R1 and up or down using toggle
Verified by: LoboKhan Submitted by: 0812 on November 19, 2003

Character Cheats



Bold - What to type in
Italic - Who you play as


HAWG - Play as a biker
JASS - Play as a blind, mado-sachoism, donkey smoking a cigarette
PHAM - Play as a butcher
M1K3 - Play as a commando
BRUZ - Play as a famous boxer
BOOB - Play as a female punk
TFAN - Play as a gangster
TATS - Play as a lady who has tatoos everywhere
MNKY - Play as a male punk
J1MM - Play as a nasty corpse
PIMP - Play as a pimp
FATT - Play as a police officer in a higher position
5WAT - Play as a SWAT team member
BOOZ - Play as a street bum
HARA - Play as a working Asian
MRFU - Play as someone that likes gambling
FUZZ - Play as Johnson the Police officer
LOLA - Play as Lola
B1G1 - Play as your female boss
ROSA - Play as your partner
HURT_M3 - Play as your member, but wearing lingerie instead
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Alvaroduck on September 11, 2007

Different Identidies

When Creating A license Plate Type in the following and press l1+r1 when Selecting Ok

Gangster - TFAN (When you get upgrade your car health his shirt changes)

Jimmy Fu - MRFU
George The Cop - FATT
Rosie in a stripper Top -Hurt_M3
Triad Terroist -M1K3/MIK3
Johnson - FUZZ

WARNING: When Playing Dogg Patrol u dont play Snoop Dogg. And In Story Mode u still have Nicks Voice but their mouths dont move.

Verified by: mu bai2 Submitted by: Oli on December 24, 2006

get east good cop points

go to the mision when you have to get into the gulag by the back enterence in sneaking missions use the good cop stun thing and you will get points you can do this mission over and over do this when you need points
Verified by: Teforne Submitted by: nobody important on November 24, 2003

Interesting Cheats

On Pause Menu, press the following:

To Increase car size (must be inside a car first)- DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, X

To display Nick's position- X, CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Saint Malice on November 16, 2003

Menu Screen Manipulation

Use the right analogue stick on the main menu to scroll the monochrome city background forward and backward at will.
Verified by: Scarchelli, beeko Submitted by: Jeevan on November 10, 2003

show your coordinates in the game's map

go to map screen.
press x, circle, square, triangle.

it shows your current position on the map as x,y coordinates. helpful for knowing where stuff is in the game.
Verified by: Scarchelli, badboy90 Submitted by: djebonyx on November 10, 2003

Stopping Vehicles

When performing a police chase make sure you always have spike drops, if so get ahead of the vehicle and throw them st the street once this is done the vehicle will spin out of control allowing you to arrest him succesfully and earn some good cop points
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Beat55 on January 31, 2007


Verified by: Teforne Submitted by: NICOLAS ORTEGA on January 07, 2004

True Crime: Streets of LA cheats

These cheats must be entered on the map screen(press select during gameplay):

To unlock all car manieurves-Left,right,left,right,x

All combat stats- Up,down,up,down,x

All gunplay stats- right,left,right,left,x

Show Nick's Postion- x,circle,square,triangle

Increase Vehicle Size- down,down,down,x

Unlock All cars- Up,right,down.left,up,x


To play the game as diffrent characters,start a new game and enter the following codes when creating a licence plate.To confirm the code,highlight ok and press X,L1,R1

Rosie- Rosa
Rosie Undressed- HURT_m3
The Chief- B1G1
Officer Johnson- FUZZ
Old Cop- FATT
Swat officer- 5WAT
Commando- M1K3
Worker- HARA
Stripper- BOOB
Punk- MNKY
Gangster- TFAN
Fat Boxer- BRUZ
Buthcer- PHAM
Wu's Concubine- TATS
Biker Boy- HAWG
Street Bum- BOOZ
Living Dead- J1MM
Smoking Donkey- JASS
Verified by: NeoHoltsky Submitted by: Ritus on January 30, 2004

Unlock Snoop Dogg

In order to accsess the hidden superstar, you must find all 30 golden bones. To find the 1st bone, go to Santa Monica Municipal Airport and then park in the car park. Oppisite the building is another parking lot and in the centre you can find the 1st bone, the location of the others appear on the map.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Poached_Egg on March 22, 2004