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Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Tony Hawk's Underground cheat codes.


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129/129 Goals
If your confused about 129/129 goals, don't worry. You can complete 129/129 goals on Too Easy mode. It worked for me. 129/129 goals includes not only all the mission goals, but the special ones that have a coin over a pro skater's head.
Boardless at Manhatten
In career mode go to Manhatten. Here get in the nut vender's car. Walking around seventy-eight waters there is a lady. Drive over her with your car and when she slaps you get off you board. You will be standing there boardless and there will be no traffic.

note: if you do a trick your board will come back but there will still be no traffic.
Drive out side of levels
all you have to do is drive at a boundary and right after you hit it and respond, press reverse and you should be outside.
Easy Highscore/Combo Score
To complete the Highscore/Highscore Combo missions, simply go for a lip trick (Tap Triangle on half pipe, ledge or other objects) or grind (Tap Triangle above rails or certain objects) and hammer the Triangle, Square and Circle buttons (while keeping yourself balanced) and your combo will rack up huge scores.

Doing this will get you through Story Mode a lot quicker.
Easy Score
If you are in a contest at Tampa An or for some reason you want to find out a way to get more points easily, then read this. Go into a fat manuel, if you are street or vert and keep pressing either Square, X or Circle in any order. You should start to get lots of points, if you really want even more then you can ollie and just as you land do a Casper Handstand or a Yeah Right manuel. Using this tip should mean instant sucess with scores over a million in contests.
Evil Tiki
Go in Hawaii and find a small statue of an evil tiki. Go inside and you will be inside this weird volcano like place
extra fun
Wanna have some real fun then go to the K.I.S.S level and were the concert is you head in either one of the doors to the left or right and youll be sky high with a lot of accesible air time SK8 on
Find Mike Vallely
Go in story mode, then skate around the block a few times, then you'll see a guy with a blue shirt and black shoes, thats Mike Vallely.
when freestyling press the R2 button repetedly to spin your freestyle trick. this results in a highpoint value and a cool show.
fun with moon cheat
Once you get the no gravity cheat: ("getitup" in the cheat thing...) the go to tampa and go to the bridge that never goes down... get off your board and jump - but before you hit the ground then jumo again and again and again- keep doing this until you've reached the top of the bridge- its really cool! but be careful not to jump over the top of the bridge- all you'll do it hit the water!
Get on top of buildings!!
Go to create a goal and create one. Then when you place the ped you can place them on buildings that you could normally not get on top of. Then play the level and select view goals click on your goal and you'll be on a building. This doesn't work on all buildings.
Get to forbidden places.
first of all go to a place where if you land on the ground you die, like water. jump onto the area and right before you hit the water press start go to options and click set reset. if you did it at the right time you shouldn't have time to press start again after clicking set reset. if done correctly you will die, but imediately after(while the red lettering is still on the screen) click start go to options a click goto custum reset. You will be on that area.
Getting stats up easier
If you are having trouble doing a combo to get one stat up, then keep the combo going to get more and more, stop. The easiest way to get your stats up is to do one stat challenge for it, then land. Your stats will increase, making the next stat challenge easier. Keep doing this with all your stats, and most likely, you will have them full by the end of the game.
glitch: get under the hotel with out cheats
Go to vancover and go to the hotel. once you are in the lobby where there are the fountains look toward the side where the phones are. go to the lion head fountain on the left. jump ontop of it and very slowly start walking toward the left of the center of the window on the left. you should look like you jump right before you hit the window and you should then fall through the ground ( if you don't fall through just back up and try again).once you fall through walk to the right to fall a little bitt further then you can investigate.you can now go behind the front desk, in the displays at the front of the hotel, or even into the evalator if you get on you board.
Go Inside the Gym!
you know on school 2, there is a gap with the gym rails right? and next to it are closed gym doors. Well if you get off your board and stand next to those doors, rotate the camera, you should see a blue pool or some ramps. Now to get inside is easy, but requires some patience. Pause the game facing the opposite direction of the gym doors for 10-60 minutes. then unpause it and you should be able to gain access to the pool, and the ramps by going inside those once closed doors. There are more gaps for you to find, like: "High Pool Dive" or something like that. I know this because one time i was on that level and went to dinner and in about 30 minutes i saw that the gym doors were open. I hope this works for you, because if you want to attain all gaps, you will need to know how to get inside the gym.
Hidden Grind Combos
You might have noticed certain grinds taken out of the special tricks list. That's because you can now perform them at any time! To perform these, push the D-Pad in one direction and hit triangle twice.

Up Nosegrind to Pivot
Down 5-0 Overturn
Left Hurricane
Right Salad
Up-Left Hang Ten Nosegrind
Up-Right Crail Slide
Down-Left Double Blunt Slide
Down-Right Darkslide
Hidden Skaters
At the Create-a-Skater screen, if you enter in these names, you can skate as these players.

1337 (Rulon Raymond)
Akira2s (C Surla)
Alan Flores buffoon (Pete Day)
Alex Garcia
Andy Marchel
arrr (Captain Cody)
Big Tex (green skinned cowboy with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, Hawaiian shirt, shoots, and a tribal tattoo)
Chauwa Steel
Chris Rausch
ChrisP (Chris Peacock)
crom (Eric Grosser)
Daddy Mac (Dana MacKenzie)
Dan Nelson
Dave Stohl
DDT (Darren Thorne)
deadendroad (Ralph D'Amato)
fatass (Brad Bulkley)
FROGHAM (Kendall)
GEIGER (Jake Geiger)
Guilt Ladle (Kevin Mulhall)
Hammer (Ted Barber)
Henry Ji
Jason Uyeda
Jeremy Andersen
Joel Jewett
Johnny Ow (Chum)
leedsleedsleeds (Wardy)
Mike Ward
moreuberthaned (Mikey Ortai)
M'YAK (Rock)
Noly (Nolan Nelson)
NSJEFF (Jeff Morgan)
POOPER (Paul Robinson)
Stacey D
tao zheng
The Kraken
The Swink
THEDOC (Adam Lippmann)
Todd Wahoske
TOPBLOKE (Dave Cowling)
TSUEnami! (Todd Sue)
woodchuck (Michelle Deyo)
Yawgurt (Gary Jesdanun)
ZiG (Zac Drake)
keep going up
you know that if you have moon you can scale buildings, but if you get to high you stay floating if you hold forward or fall if you don't do anything. there is a way of overcomeing this. while you are stopped rapidly press X. While pressing x let go of forward( keep pressing x after you let go of forward). you will jump up. at the climax of your jump hold forward and do this over and over again.

note: eventually you will reach the very top of the level where there is an invisible ceiling and you can't go any higher.
To get the kiss video ride into all the kiss letters on 'hotter than hell'
To get the kiss concert(in gameplay) do the same thing
note: this will only work once you have unlocked the video
You will see the kiss players on the stage and all 3 kiss songs will play before the concert finishes.

If you are lost and you can not find anyone to talk to, Pause and go to goals, Press X over one you have not done and you will immmedatly be there!
Lounge in the Cash building
After you give those warm nuts to the security guards they will lte you in the building. Go up to the top floor(inside)and go into the elevator. In a split second you will find yourself in a lounge with an aquarium and nice music. This spot is great if your playing hide and go seek online, The person I played against could not find me for a long while.(smiley face
To get inside the mall in Tampa, ride up one of the quarter pipe next to the entrance and press R2 to spine through the glass to another quarter pipe inside the mall.
messed up
When you go to san diego and you talk to Rodney Mullen he shows you how to do a 540 flip off a roof top and then acid drop into the quarterpipe where the horse is, but instead of the 540 flip being in yellow th acid drop is highligted, i don't know if it is a glitch or not but it is weird
Moon Gravity glitch
put the moon gravity cheat on and climb the stadiam in vancover on right and keep jumping up and right then you fall behid the gate but you can go thourgh it so stay away from it walk to the building wall or away from the white sritps and start to skate forever but if you fall and you don't hit the white then you are stuck (and the 2 player could win easily then)
Punch/Slap Eric (Alternate)
To do this just beat the game on any two difficulties. When you beat it the second time it should have the Alternate ending where your character punches him instead of having to complete his line.
reset grind balance meter
Ok, just go along grinding, and whenever you need to reset the balance (especially helpful online)

juust do a double tap grind such as left left triangle.

but the most popular one that works best is the darkslide.
Down and right together. then triangle,triangle!!

School Junk
Start at school II and have moon gravity on. Where you start, turn around and get off your board. Start jumping in the left corner and you will notice that there are some strange item just floating there.
secret level in moscow.
when you start moscow turn 90 degrees right and jump up the brown platform thingy. on your left there are windows the 5th one you can jump into. have fun in THE HANGER in tony hawk 2!
First, you must have unlocked the cool specials cheat. Go on Too Easy or Beginner (doesn't work on Sick, may work on Normal). Make one of your special moves a flip (preferably) or a grab. Then, move close to a rail. Perform the move so that you do the special in slow motion, and before the move finishes (and so while the slow-mo is still going on) grind the rail. If you do it right you'll be skating slow-mo constantly. To turn it off, just do another special and let it run its course (or just quit the level).
Story Mode: Learn Special Moves
In each level in story mode you will find a pro skater with a different icon above their heads. Some move, so you'll have to catch them. When you find one, they will teach you a new special trick, and you will get a new special trick slot.
tallest point in manhattan
Have on moon gravity. Go to the building with the face on it. get into the bowl on top then jump on to the highway. start jumping on the wall opposite the building till you get stuck. then keep going up by tapping X and pressing forward at the hight of the jump then letting it go and do it again.after doing that for a few seconds head over toward the tunnel on the highway and just keep jumping up these walls. You will finally get to the tallest building in Manhatten.If you go to the other end of the building you can jump off and be outside the street barriers without that darn red print sending you back.
In Tampa, When you do Tampa AM, always try and do as many transfers as possible. these give u alot of points!!!
Under levels
to do this you need to get to an area where you are stuck when standing. Get on your board and hold forward. When you are upside down get off you board. you will be slightly lower than before. just keep doing this and you will be underneath the level.


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Getting into white and brownish buildings
Go to the Manhattan level, once you start, turn around. You will see two buldings. One is white, and the other one is a brownish color.(this cheat will only work if you have moon gravity on) On the white building, jump on the dome over the doors. Then press and hold X. Soon, you will reach the top. You will fall down(make sure you are still over the doors and when you are going up, you are holding the analog stick towards the buildings)into the lobby. It's a little boring, and when you get out through the doors they don't shatter or open. You cando the same thing with the other building, but it doesn't have a dome over the doors.


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All FMV sequences
Secret "Cheat Codes" at the option menu, then enter digivid as a code
Cheat codes
Perfect Rail balance
- Go to options and then cheat codes. Now enter either
letitslide or sweetbalance

Cheat codes/secrets
Cheat Codes

Enter the code in the cheats menu under options.

getitup - Moon gravity
noforce - moon physics
keepitsteady - Perfect Manuals
letitslide - Perfect rail balance
digivid - Unlocks All Thug Movies

These cheats can be turned on or off in the start menu.

Always Special - Complete 129/129 Goals
Cool Specials - Complete 129/129 Goals
Flame (While Grinding) - Complete 129/129 Goals
Kid Mode - Complete 129/129 Goals
Moon Gravity - Complete 129/129 Goals
Perfect Manual - Complete 129/129 Goals
Perfect Rail - Complete 129/129 Goals
Perfect Skitch - Complete 129/129 Goals
Rollerskates - Complete 129/129 Goals

Complete all 129 goals under the sick difficulty.
During the intro the thing that eats eric in the alley way is T.H.U.D.
Cheats, and Unlockables
These cheats can be turned on or off through the start menu.

Movie: KISS Concert Activate K-I-S-S letters on Hotter Than Hell level

Create-a-Deck Mode Beat "Slamma Jamma" on Story Mode

Movie: Bails 1 Find 3 secret tapes

Movie: Bails 2 Find 6 secret tapes

Movie: Always Hard Find 9 secret tapes

Pedestrians Find every GAP in the game

Level: THPS2 Hangar Find old skool icon on Moscow map

Venice Beach There is a small smoking Tiki god statue (from the beach) in the back left corner of Hawaii in front of a shop. Ollie into it and hit triangle.

School 2 There's a red icon in the back 1/4 pipe section of the train station in NJ, get it.

You can get all of these by completing all 129 goals:

Perfect balance
Perfect manual
Moon Gravity
Always special

Unlock these by completing all gaps:

Play as peds

Unlock these players by going to the create a skater option... Type in for a name:

Big Tex
1337 Greenie

And more!

UNLOCK ROCK STAR:Beat Normal or Sick difficulty
IRON MAN: Complete story mode on any difficulty
Gene simmons:Complete Normal Or sick difficulty
Game Shark cheats
All of this codes can only be used with a Gameshark device for the oficial PlayStation 2 game console.

Always on (M):
94D495E6 36E60266
Description: This cheat must be on in order for the rest of the cheats to work.

Infinite Special:
249035E8 31B4D135
248A35EA 3896D18D
241035E8 30B4D19D
248A35EA B896D1BD
Description: Always use specials (one button)

Infinite Mission time:
24D09668 16B4C55C
Description: Have infinite time on missions, ect.
Glitch: Outside of Tampa
Get into career mode and go to Tampa. Once there get into the state trooper car. You Must drive over the aligator near the party boat. when you respawn head straight down the road toward the barriers heading out of the leave. once past the barriers stay on the side walk on the left and try to turn into the fenceon this side. you should be able to go through it and the building and come out on a street. turn left on this street and keep going. when you see the fence seperating this road and th swamp keep going( don't drive into the swamp, stay on the dirt hill next to it). when you reach the end of the dirt just drive into the water. You can drive on top of it. Form here you can explore the river, go under the level or even try to find more glitches. Have fun!
Hidden Characters
Gene Simmons: Finish Story mode on Normal difficulty.

Iron Man: Finish Story mode.

KISS Video: Collect the letters K, I, S, and S in the Hotter Than Hell level to open a special video. Do it twice to see a full performance.

Pedestrian Skaters: Finish every gap.
Hidden Levels
This are the hidden Levels:

Hangar: In the Moscow level, find the Christmas lights on the brown building. Grind towards the larger building and go through the window to find the item that unlocks the Hangar.

School 2: At the train station in New Jersey, there is an item above the left ramp by the rails. Collect in to unlock School 2.

Venice: Find the tiki statue in the Hawaii level and go inside it all the way down to the end of the tunnel to get the item that unlocks the Venice level.

Hotter Than Hell: Finish Story mode on Normal difficulty.
Moon Gravity Cheat
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter noforce as a code, or you can get it once you complete all 129 goals.
Moon Gravity Cheat (Alternative)
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter getitup as a code, or you can get it once you complete all 129 goals.
no gravity
enter 'noforce' as a cheat and moon gravity will be actavited

Moderator Edit :: The code may be "getitup" instead of "noforce".
Perfect Balance
Enter keepitsteady into the cheats section from the main menu, then options.

Then while playing pause the game, go onto options, then look for cheats, where you can turn this on and off.

This also counts for lip tricks.
Perfect Manual
Type in keepitsteady at the cheat menu for perfect manuals!
Perfect Rail
Type in letitslide in the main menu options at the cheats screen
Perfect Rail balance (alternate)
Type in SWEETBALANCE at the cheat screen.
Play as Daisy from THPS4
In Create-A-Skater mode, select the pre-created skaters. Select Daisy. Now, change her name to Daisy, and change her other information if you wish. Now save her. You can now play as Daisy.
POP goes the hair!
NOTE:You have to complete all 129 goals to do this.

With the "Kid Mode" cheat on, watch a story mode video. You'll see the hair (sort of) floating above the girl's/boy's head! I think it looks best with the buzzed style.
unlock character
beat story mode.

any level: unlock IRON MAN from marvel comics.

normal or sick: gene simmons from kiss

sick: t.h.u.d ( if you dont no who that is look at the part where eric is skating at the begging of the game win you first turn it on the monster is thud)
Unlock Venice
In hawaii there is a statue or a tiki. Jump it to its mouth and skate down the tunnle then if you jump high enough you can grab an icon and unlock venice.