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Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour

  • By Neversoft for PC, PSP, PS2, Xbox, GBA, GC

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour (PS2) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour cheat codes.


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cheat menu cheat
PasswordWhat it does
straightedgePerfect Balance/Grind
likepaulieAlways Special
4WHEELERUnlock Paulie "Wheels of Fury" Ryan
beverhausenUnlock Nigel Beverhausen
boxofficeUnlock all movies
d3structionUnlock all levels in Free Skate and Classic Modes
2popnutsnever fail any tricks
Menu Passwords
Enter this cheat in the "Enter Cheat" menu to unlock all of the levels.
PasswordWhat it does
accesspassunlocks all levels


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Easy High Score In Barcelona
Ok so pretty close to where you start you'll find the arcade machine. Go to it, and when you start turn right, then go up the green ramp to get some speed. Then, when you come back down turn a little bit then do rail rated challenge, and make sure you grind the rail on the balcony all the way, then at the end of it jump off and do a kickflip/double kickflip. This will get you about 20,000 points. Do this twice and you'll have the high score, and with time to spare. Hope this helps!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: This will only work if you've already done rail rated challenge!!!)

And here's some extra secret areas and stuff like that below.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Boston: Cannon Grind Of DestructionLight your board on fire, then grind one of the cannons. Then grind the other cannon while the first is still lit up.
Barcelona: Ole. Do I Really Have To Say More?This also unlocks the bull fighter. Get some tomatoes, then somewhere around the map you'll find a guy throwing tomatoes at a cage with a bull in it. Throw a few tomatoes, and the bull will break out of its cage.
New Orleans: Raise The Dead(This is also a goal, and unlocks the voodoo doctor) Go to the right side of the map, then go in the cemetery. There'll be 5 crypts, each with skulls on them. Knock all the skulls off the crypts, and the voodoo doctor will come and raise the dead, turning Nawlins into an undead wasteland.
Australia: Construction Is Destructive(This is yet another goal, 2 actually, and unlocks... well, i forgot his name) Go to the area with the construction workers. Do a natas spin on the fire hydrant for a certain amount of time, and it'll open up a new area. Go in there, then follow the cave, and you'll find a guy in a go kart. Then, get him, and grind on the crane thing.
Pro Skater: Escape 2 Worlds, And Get Stuck In H3llGo up the area with the aliens meditating, but don't go to them. Once you go through the door, go left. You'll be in an area with 2 green rails. Grind 1 of them to the end, then sticker slap the red panel. Go back and do it on the other side. This will open a portal to a Mayan temple. Once there, graffiti tag on the five idol statues in the walls. 3 are inside, and 2 are outside. Then, it'll open another portal, go in that one, and you'll be in H-E-Double hockey sticks. Then, if you grind the ribs at the end of that, and sticker slap the poles in a certain area, it'll open the giant demon statue's mouth. Go in it, and you'll be in a room. Through a door in that room, you'll see the devil.
The Triangle: Alien StudiesIn The Triangle, there's a lot of weird CRAP scattered around the place. And in the middle of all this weird junk, there's 2 or 3 helicopters, 1 of them has 3 white and red missiles, grind a certain one of those missiles, and it'll fire all 3. 2 at the mountain, and 1 at a halfpipe. Then, go in the mountain, and there will be 3 windows, each with aliens doing different activities.
Los Angeles: Bridge DestructionThere will be 4 special metal rails called "quake rails", and they're all fairly near eachother. So grind those 4, and it will start an earthquake.


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A Jealous Jesse James
When you take control of Jesse James in Boston, hear him mumble things like "Tony Hawk who?" and "Jesse James' Underground".

A spot of jealousy, Jesse?
In Boston if you go to the bank on the wall next to it there is an ATM. If you sticker slap it enough money will fly out.
Boston (Fire Cannons)
As you can see theres two cannons in boston, so go to where the cannons are face the construction site and go right, so light up your skateboard and grind the two cannons and if you do it right this should activate a cutscene.
Cheat Mode
Beat all of the levels in the classic mode and then clear every gap in the fifteen levels. Cheats will then appear in game options.
Crazy Cat Attacks
In the Skatopia level, on the closest hill fron the entrance to the level, there is a ragged purple cat standing on its legs. Skate past it to see it jump on your head and make cat-like noises for a few seconds.
When on either vehicle or 'board, tapping the directional pad up or down results in a flip with the trick you perform.

Pressign UP twice on the D-Pad gives you a front-flip and DOWN twice gives you a backflip.
Getting off the board
Getting of the board is key in THUG. To get off you board, press R1+L1. You can do this at any point in a combo as well as in the air.
Goat man
In boston Where you go through the window,(when you start go right and then again right into the area)Where you find the Star wars kid, Go through the other window on the opposite side of the arch.
going into toilets and huts
go and create a park select the blue toilet (small stuff) put it in your park then select: hut put it in your park (buildings/venciels) go for a test playgoto the blue toilet and hang on it (in front of the door) then press simply x and your in the toilet to get out press R1+L1 now the hut stand with your face to the one of the sides of the house then double jump against the wall and put the left stick forwards some times its a kind of tricky with the firt jump wait a little for the second jump you will just fall trough the roof to get out justwalk trough the door.
Head-Banging Results
When you bail, bounding TRIANGLE to the end of Tantrum meter results in an animation where your character will smash their board in half with their head.

You may not have known this since you really have to nail TRIANGLE hard to get the meter full.
Looking Authentic
If you want your tricks to look as real and authentic as possible, try finding some long steps and using Focus Mode to execute tricks down them.

--To enter Focus Mode, press L3 when your Special Bar is full.
Natas Spin
To do the Natas Spin.

Approach an object, such as a trash can, statue, fire hydrant, or a pole, while standing on the board.

Then Jump at it and press Triangle while holding R1
Party Girls Flash
In the New Orleans level, throw beads at any of the party girls and they'll flash their ding-dongs censored by a 'CENSORED' logo.
Red Eyes
Go onto the Boston Tea Paryt boat, on the main deck there is an opening, if you move your camera pointing at the opening you can see what appear to be a bunch of moving and blinking red glowing eyes.
Ride on beach in Australia
To ride on the beach in Australia climb up the pole with the wires on the sand, get on your board ollie and do a back flip if you land it the lifeguard will not blow his whistle.

NOTE: When you ollie the lifeguard will blow his whistle and you won't be able to ride.
secret character information
beating story mode easy:

3.Phil Margera
4.Spacemonkey 1

beating storymode normal:

1.Alien Doctor
2.Boat Captain
3.Lost Soul 1
4.Paulie Ryan
5.The Hand

story mode sick:
1.C.O.D Soldier
2.German Drunk 1
4.Nigel Beaverhausen
5.zombie 1

classic mode normal:

1.Inline skater
2.Natas Kaupas
3.Ramp kid
4. Steve-O
5.Thps1 Tony Hawk

classic mode sick:
1.Alien leader
2.Big foot
4.Jesse James
5.Space Monkey 2

these are the characters i have but my friend got Eric sparrow from beating story mode 100% it is cool but i know how to get these characters very easily get the perfect rail code which is straight edge and u must have always special which is likepaulie and 1 more cheat code all levels which is d3struct the first 2 codes will help u thru classic mode this last code will make u skip all the way to the last level which is skatopia and u dont have to do all the other levels to get the characters from story mode and sometimes u have to do d3struct twice i hope u love this code please rate!!! Thankyou
Skatopia Arcade Message
In Skatopia, when you go up to the arcade machine, it will display the previous scores, like all other levels. If you have not submited any scores, the initials should read:


If you look closely at the initials, you will see that it reads: "Ten Hardcore Years Kicking Your Ass".

This probably refers to the fact that 2004 was Neversoft's 10th year. I'm not sure if there are messages in the other arcade machines, so you can see that on your own.
Star Wars Kid
While you're in the Boston level, ollie through the glass windows on the building one or two to the left of the one where Ben Franklin is hiding. This puts you in a room with a TV on the wall. Stand in front of the TV and the star wars kid will get up and start yelling. Press circle & he'll show you his skills..
THPS sign
1. Go to the Philadelphia
2. And then, find the THPS sign (red colour)
3. And then, jump the ramp to get more speed, and you get the Gap, THPS Sign, and Past hop
I hope this is will help you to complete more gaps!
Training tip
Try first to complete the training beceause you stats will increase after done then go to boston.
Movie Unlocks

Finish Story mode to unlock World Destruction Tour Movie
Finish all gaps on all 15 levels to unlock Cheat Codes Movie
Finish classic mode to unlock Pro Bails 1 Movie
Finish Story with 100% to unlock Pro Bails 2 Movie
Finish Classic Mode with 100% to unlock Neversoft Skates Movie

Character Unlocks

Finish Boston Story Mode to unlock Ben Franklin
Finish Barcelona Story Mode to unlock Bull Fighter
Finish Berlin in Story to unlock Graffiti Tagger
Finish classic mode on sick to unlock Jesse James
Finish New Orleans in Story to unlock Jester
Finish classic mode on Sick to unlock Natas Kaupas
Finish Story on Sick to unlock Nigel
Finish Story on Sick to unlock Call of Duty Soldier
Finish Story on Normal to unlock Paulie
Finish Story on Easy to unlock Pedestrian Group A
Finish Story on Easy to unlock Shrek, Phil Margera, Geek Kid, Alien & Space Monkey
Finish Story on Normal to unlock Pedestrian Group B
Finish Story on Sick to unlock Pedestrian Group C
Finish Classic Mode on Normal to unlock Pedestrian Group D
Finish Classic Mode on Sick to unlock Pedestrian Group E
Finish Story with 100% to unlock Pedestrian Group F
Finish Classic Mode with 100% to unlock Pedestrian Group G
Finish Story on Easy to unlock Phil Margera
Finish Story to unlock Pro Skater Level
Finish Skatopia in Story to unlock Ryan Sheckler
Finish Australia in story mode to unlock Shrimp Vendor
Finish classic mode on Normal to unlock Steve-O
Finish story mode on Normal to unlock The Hand
Finish classic mode on Normal to unlock Original
walking in water
Their is a cheat for american wasteland where you can walk on water in the oil rig. You can do the same thing in the New Orleans level. Just go close to the water where the fary boat is and set your restart. Then get closer to the water without getting out of bounds and set your restart. Continue this until you will be able to walk in the water. You will not be able to go far but it is still fun.

Easter eggs

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Hidden Message in New Orleans
On the New Orleans arcade machine, without any scores set by you, there is a "hidden" message:


It says: "Paulie 'Wheels of Fury' Ryan s*ck it"


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Character Unlocks
Finish Boston Story Mode to unlock Ben Franklin.
Finish Barcelona Story Mode to unlock Bull Fighter.
Finish Berlin in Story Mode to unlock Graffiti Tagger.
Finish Classic Mode on sick to unlock Jesse James.
Finish New Orleans in Story Mode to unlock Jester.
Finish classic mode on sick to unlock Natas Kaupas.
Finish story on sick mode to unlock Nigel
Finish story on sick mode to unlock Call of Duty Soldier.
Finish story on normal to unlock Paulie
Finish story mode on easy to unlock Pedestrian group A.
Finish story on easy to unlock Shrek, Phil Margera, Geek Kid, Alien, & Space Monkey.
Finish story mode on normal to unlock pedestrian group B.
Finish story on sick to unlock pedestrian group C.
Finish classic mode on normal to unlock pedestrian group D.
Finish classic mode on sick to unlock pedestrian group E.
Finish story with 100% to unlock pedestrian group F.
Finish classic mode with 100% to unlock pedestrian group G.
Finish story mode on easy to unlock Phil Margera.
Finish story to unlock pro skater level.
Finish skatopia in story to unlock Ryan Sheckler.
Finish Australia in story mode to unlock Shrimp Vendor.
Finish classic mode on normal to unlock Steve-O.
Finish story on normal to unlock The Hand.
Finish Classic mode on normal to unlock Original Tony Hawk.

Cheat For All The Movies
At the cheat menu enter: 'boxoffice', and then when you go to the movie menu you will have every unlockable movie...Enjoy!
this cheat unlocks secret characters but not all of them.You can use these characters in classic mode!! ENJOY!
Glitch 1: In training, go to where the mini pool is and grind on the left hand side, Just as your about to hit the end, jump, do a pop-shovit and bail off of your board. You should be able to walk under Training.

Glitch 2: In Airport, at the first, turn around and go up to a corner of th doors, and pres Up+Circle. This glitch may take longer but you'll be able to walk outside of the airport.
Glitch: Super-Fast Multiplier
You need Infinite balance, "straightedge".Start a liptrick w\a Nose Stall and multiply as much as possible. Jump off and Land in an Invert(DOWN + ^)
and the multiplying speed is doubled! yes doubled! you can revert and do this all over again.

And thats how you can get massive scores.
go inside house
first, when you create a park you go to the option that has buildings in it.

second, pick the house that has 2 levels and has brick and white sideing, insert agains side of park (this is very important).

third, go to test play.

forth, go behind house.

fifth, turn the same direction as the side you entered for instance if you enter on the left side of the building turn left, if you enter on the right side turn right (this should give you a veiw of the inside of the house).

sixth, get off your board and walk twards the inside of the building (this is a great place to be diring firefight, you can shoot out but they can\'t shoot in).

to exit walk through wall.

Movie Unlock
Finish Story mode to unlock World Destruction Tour Movie.
Finish all gaps on all 15 levels to unlock Cheat Codes Movie.
Finish Classic Mode to unlock Pro Bails 1 Movie.
Finish Story with 100% to unlock Pro Bails 2 Movie.
Finish Classic Mode with 100% to unlock Neversoft Skates Movie.
Perfect balance
To get perfect balance just type straightedge into the cheats menu.
Perfect Grind
Go to the options menu and go to the cheat menu and enter "straightedge" and get perfect grind.

Make sure you turn it on during gameplay.
Secret Charactures
Once you beat the game, not classic, then you will unlock a varity of charactures including shrek, space mouse 1, and an alien. This is when you beat it on easy. If you beat the game again on normal, hard, or any other levels, you will get more charactures.
skatopia hanging
in skatopia, go to the top of the mountain. when you get to the part with the quarter pipe(s) all around you go to the left part of it. find the one that is darker than the rest.
hang on it. once you are hanging move over to the right
until you stop moving. press down on the alalog stick.
you will start flashing and then u will pull of the ramp. you will stay in the hanging position and you can go around the whole level like that...pretty cool.
Still cat
In the skatopia level, get smokebombs and go over to the purple cat and have it attack you. Then, while it's on your head, throw a smokebomb and the cat will go completely still. Make sure you hit the cat. The cat will stay on your head even when you do tricks. After a while, the cat would start walking in place. To get it off your head, go to where the cat was originally and run into the trailer.
Throw Objects in Mid-Air
You may not have noticed this, but while holding any object - may it be apples, shrimps, beads or whatever - you can throw them in mid-air by tapping SQUARE. Holding SQUARE or pushing it in conjunction with any direction will result in a trick.
Tony Hawk's Cheats and Tips
straightedge ----- Infinite Rail/Lip balance
oldskool ----- Unlock Natas Kaupas
sellout ----- Unlock Nigel Beaverhousen
4-wheeler ----- Unlock Paulie

Alien--- Complete Story mode on Easy
Alien Doctor---- Complete Story mode on Normal
All Cheat Codes---- Find all the gaps
Ben Franklin---- Complete the Find Ben Franklin Goal in Boston
Ben Franklin ----Complete Boston in Story mode
Bigfoot -----Complete Story mode on Sick
Bull Fighter -----Complete the Free the Bull Fighter Goal in Barcelona
Bull Fighter---- Complete Barcelona in Story Mode
Call of Duty Soldier---- Complete Story Mode on Sick

Cheat Codes Movie---- Complete all gaps on all 15 levels

Geeky Kid--- Complete Story mode on Easy

Graffiti Tagger---- Complete the Find the Graffiti Tagger Goal in Berlin

Graffiti Tagger---- Complete Berlin in Story Mode

Jesse James---- Complete Classic Mode on Sick
Uber Freak Out
To get the best freak out in the game repetedly press triangles as soon as u have fallen and it will shot straight to the top and your skater will smash the board in 2 with his/her head.

cool huh??
Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen
Enter in : sellout to unlock Nigel Beaverhausen
Unlock Paulie "Wheel of Fury" Ryan
Put "4WHEELER" as a cheat to unlock Paulie.