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Cheat - Effect

PointHogger - Always Special

DisplayCoordinates - Display Coordinates

IMissManuals - Enable Manuals

OotbaghForever -Full Boost

FirstPersonJam - First Person Skater

NowYouSeeMe - Invisible Skater

IWannaBeTallTall -Giganto-Skater

FourLights -Picasso Skater

ChimneySweep - Shadow Skater

EvilChimneySweep -Demon Skater

DownTheRabbitHole - Mini Skater

TightRopeWalker - Perfect Manual

LikeTiltingAPlate - Perfect Rail

IAmBob Perfect -Stats

BirdBirdBirdBird - Large Birds

BirdBirdBirdBirdBird - Really Large Birds

ShrinkThePeople- Tiny People

RaidTheWoodshed - Unlock All Boards & Outfits

AdventuresOfKwang - Unlock All Events

FreeBozzler - Unlock All Movies

ImInterfacing - Unlock All Skaters
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: spirit on August 16, 2007