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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (PS2) Cheats

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Tony Hawk's American Wasteland cheat codes.

Command codes

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Moon Gravity and More!
First go to options,
then cheat codes and type in

uronfire = unlimited special
2them00n = moon gravity
grindxpert = never fall off when doin a grind or stall
2wheels! = never fall off doin a manual(u need 2 type in the !)
help1nghand = get mindy ony secret sk8ers.
h!tchar!de = perfect skitch the_condor = get matt hoffman on the secret sk8ers
sirius-dj = get jason ellis in the secret sk8ers
wiresnsk8 = robot tony hawks.


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awesome glitch
okay first you need to go to b.h then go to that weird part of town on the other side of the gate this should be done in free mode.set it as a restart point then go to the entrance to the skate ranch walk extremely carefully across the concrete then you will see a fence wall run and front tuck over it run to the slanted mansion and go into it head towards the center and you will fall under it. then set as your restart point just in case you screw up you can run for a while before you get sent back to the level but dont worry if you set it as your restart point then you should be able to come back at anytime you want to!! have fun!
awesome glitch in BH= beverly hills
this glitch is get on top of the gas station in beverly hills and go to the left building where the jeep billboard is and face right jump to the building in front of you after that you go to the very back corner and fall off and you will be behind the building.!!!!!!
Beating Tony Alva's Mission Easily
Obviously the first to parts of challenges are simple, but doing the bert slide down the hill is somewhat tough, but I've found a way to do it much easier, anyways, let's cut to the point. Even though he tells you that you have to do the move down the whole hill, however, this is false, if you start the bert slide right before the last 2 cones and and go through whilst in the bert slide, it will count as a completed mission, I hope this helps you
Doing a backflip - The Other Way
As you all know, this game allows you to do a backflip by tapped cirlc + up, up or down, down, well I have found another way, but it's only possible in one level, East La, now you know where the pump that sends you flying in the air is right, the one where Useless Dave has you acid drop a bloody mattress, well launch off that and press down until your person rotates fully and wallah, you have a backflip, it's fun to watch but it doesn't count unfortunately
east l.a bike super trick glitch
this will olny work in free skate or 2 player and for thoes who have completed the game.
1st you go to east L.A and then go to the bottom of the bridge with the broken train on it ride around on the bike until you see a pipe ride through the pipe until you turn then ride up the wall of the pipe and you will get stuck the do as many tricks as you want but you can't start moving again you will have to exit the game

it realy works!!!
This tip also applies to underground 2. In create a park, go to the cemetary theme. Make the park as big as it can get. Go to test play and go in the corner where there is a big crypt. If you wait a few seconds you can see a ghost fly right through it.
Ever notice that in every T.H.U.G game there were people messing with goats? In Wasteland you'll find the goat scene in Hollywood. Go to where the skate shop is in Hollywood. Skate up the QP to the left and into the pool. Then grind or grab onto the third rail, going left. Jump onto a little corner and bash the crack wall with your board. You will find the goat on the bed and a oil rig worker.
Grinding Easily
Keep the little pointer in the middle of the meter while you grinding on long rails. When you have a surface here you'll be able to skate on then on off the sides of the meter will turn green, allowing your character to get off the rail by him/herself.
Head Over Heelflips
First, head out to Santa Monica after you've helped the crazy construction guy demo the stairs. Jump and hang onto the top of the wall with the "5TN" logo sprayed on it. Then once you're on the ledge, shimmy all the way to the right, even if it looks like you're about to land on the blue railing, keep going. You will actually go through it. Make your way all the way to the end and you will find yourself neck down below the ground!! If your still not sure what wall your suppose to hang on, it's the one with the word RESTROOMS sprayed on it.
High Scorer
Whenever there is something that you can natas spin on do it and click the following command.

circle circle triangle triangle square square triangle triangle as long as you can.

I got more than a million by doing this.

This is helpful when you are playing in classic mode wherein you should get high scores
How to exit between B.H. Parking Lot and S.M. Parking Lot
Just do the Moon Walk, Walk towards the parking lot and whack! to super jump. You'll fall onto the B.H. Parking.
how to get about 500,000 points on a bike
first you need to have moon gravity and you have to be on the casino level, first go to the top floor of the casino( the gold floored one) and turn moon gravity on and then get a bike, you need to go to the fan jump gap thing then do the gap and head for the big building , opposite the pools and try to hit the top half of the building while doing a back flip and tail whip at the same time if you hold the trick and land it you should have about 500,000 point
look like you walked out of fire!
go to every store and make your hair as red as it can go and do that with every else like with your clothes and shoes your shirt and your pants and last but not least your board. WALLA your skater looks like he walked out of fire
Marseille Secret
Go to the middle of the grassy area and locate the smallest tree there. A light post stands near it. Make your skater graze the tree and it will fall onto the wall and reveal a secret area.
Other Ways to Fall In The Sky
Aside from Downtown, you can Fall In The Sky in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. ONLY IN FREE SKATE.

Here it goes:

Hollywood: Do the GBSCG on the Clothes Shop. Go to the far wall and Wall Run Up then Front Tuck. This shuld do the trick.

B.H.: Do the same thing to get to the Neighborhood but do not go Far. Keep moving onto the wall of the Skate Ranch entrance' til you go beyond it.

Theres No Way Out so you have to Quit or Restart.
Secret Spots (carful)
Beverly hills shop top

go near the garage with the police.then hop onto the QP. make sure you have the Moon gravity cheat on ( 2them00n ). then run up the side of the wall. you will reach a ledge. run up the wall again util you reach the top. make sure you land on the triangle roof instead of the flat roof.

Holly-wood secret hangout

go to where the dino head was and run up the wall where there is a ledge. p.s. the one away from the street. once you reach the ledge run along the wall until you reach a nothe wall jump up the wall and do a front tuck onto the second building. once you reach it there is two spots the bill board and the mall roof to reach the mall roof jump onto the steel roof and vwala your at the best hiding place. p.s. it might not be too secret. well anymore.

Downtown Parkour Extrodinare

go to the park in down town with all the graffiti and if you go towards the street on the side away from the dog you will see a blue bar structure. first you run up the wall and grab the first bar the the second. keep doing this until you get near the roof then that is as far as you can go. you will need this trick to get to the tagger near the fountain. p.s. have fun.

contact me at habbo.ca create an acount thensearch greenberet95 in the freind tab. i will tell you more tips and tricks if im online
this is a tricky move because it needs to be done fastly. do these tricks like a pro

Jump on a quarterpipe then do these

left left circle, right square, up square, down circle.
Skate Ranch - Enter Elevator Without Being Sent Down
In the skate ranch after you unlock it, go to free skate and walk into the elevator on top of the mini mountain where you do the strange decoration boost gap and as it says going down, click start and go to game progress - set restart, then leave the start menu, then after you go down and come out of the elevator, go to the start menu again, then go to game progress - goto restart and bam ! Enjoy
Street with rude name!!!
Go to downtown where you learn the Focus trick from Master Zen(near Vans Skatepark. There is a street sign with a rude name for the street.It made me chuckle.
Unlockable Characters
Clear Story Mode (Easy)
Robot Tony

Clear Story Mode (Normal)
Little John
Jason Ellis

Clear Story Mode (Hard/Sick)

Clear Classic Mode (Normal)
Billie Joe

Clear Classic Mode (Sick/Hard)
Mat Hoffman

Achieve 100% in Classic Mode
Master Zen
Hardhat Guy
Downtown Guy
Grafitti Guy

Achieve 100% in Story Mode
Camera Guy

Clear All Skate Ranch Missions
Carnival Guy
Downtown Guy
French Guy

Clear All Gaps
Oil Rig Guy
Street Performer
Unlockable Movies
To Unlock the following movies you need to.

Bails N' Burns 1 of 2 - Clear Classic mode
Bails N' Burns 2 of 2 - Achieve 100% completed in Story Mode
Dev-Team Skates - Achieve 100% completed in Classic Mode
American Wasteland - Clear Story Mode
Unlockable Things
American Wasteland= Beat Story mode on any setting

Pro Bails 1= Beat Classic mode on any setting

Pro Bails 2= Complete 100% of Story mode

Neversoft Skates= Comlete 100% of Classic mode

Robo-Tony, Mindy Beat Story mode on Easy

Lil' John, Iggy, Jason Ellis= Beat Story mode on Normal

Jimbo, Murphy, Mega Beat Story mode on Sick

PED Group A: Baller, Welder, Camera Guy, Cholo= Complete 100% of Story mode

PED Groub B: Barber, Carnival Worker, Dogtown Guy, French Man[b]= Get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces and complete Skate Ranch Missions

[b]Billie Joe, Boone Beat Classic mode on Normal
Matt Hoffman, Useless Dave
Beat Classic mode on Sick

PED Group C: Master Zen, Hard Hat Worker, Dogtown Guy 2, Graffiti Dude= Complete 100% of Classic Mode

PED Group D: Oil Rig Worker, Police Man, Performer, Boone in Briefs= Complete 100% of all Gaps
Play as Baller
Get a 100% completion in Story mode to unlock Baller.

Play as Barber
Successfully complete all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces to unlock Barber.

Play as Billy Joe
Successfully complete Classic mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Billy Joe from Green Day.

Play as Boone
Successfully complete Classic mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Boone.

Play as Boone in Briefs
Get a 100% gap completion to unlock Boone in his briefs.

Play as Camera Guy
Get a 100% completion in Story mode to unlock Camera Guy.

Play as Carnival Worker
Successfully complete all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces to unlock Carnival Worker.

Play as Cholo
Get a 100% completion in Story mode to unlock Cholo.

Play as Dogtown Guy
Successfully complete all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces to unlock Dogtown Guy.

Play as Dogtown Guy 2
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode to unlock Dogtown Guy 2.

Play as French Man
Successfully complete all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces to unlock French Man.

Play as Graffiti Dude
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode to unlock Graffiti Dude.

Play as Hard Hat Worker
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode to unlock Hard Hat Worker.

Play as Iggy
Successfully complete Story mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Iggy.

Play as Jason Ellis
Successfully complete Story mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Jason Ellis.

Play as Jimbo
Successfully complete Story mode on the Hard or Sick difficulty setting to unlock Jimbo.

Play as Lil' John
Successfully complete Story mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Lil' John.

Play as Mega
Successfully complete Story mode on the Hard or Sick difficulty setting to unlock Mega.

Play as Mindy
Successfully complete Story mode on the Easy difficulty setting to unlock Mindy.

Play as Oil Rig Worker
Get a 100% gap completion to unlock Oil Rig Worker.

Play as Performer
Get a 100% gap completion to unlock Performer.

Play as Police Man
Get a 100% gap completion to unlock Police Man.

Play as Robo-Tony
Successfully complete Story mode on the Easy difficulty setting to unlock Robo-Tony.

Play as Useless Dave
Successfully complete Clasisc mode on the Hard or Sick difficulty setting to unlock Useless Dave.

Play as Welder
Get a 100% completion in Story mode to unlock Welder.

American Wasteland Final Movie
Successfully complete Story mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the American Wasteland Final movie.

Neversoft Skates Movie
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode to unlock the Neversoft Skates movie.

Pro Bails 1 Movie
Successfully complete Classic mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the Pro Bails 1 movie.

Pro Bails 2 Movie
Get a 100% completion in Story mode to unlock the Pro Bails 2 movie.

Play as Master Zen
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode to unlock Master Zen.

Play as Murphy
Successfully complete Story mode on the Hard or Sick difficulty setting to unlock Murphy.


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glich into E.L.A
first go to downtown go to the fountain on the left there will be a ramp go up the and try to get above the green house (it wont work if your not above) the press R1+L! to get off skateboard and wait till your in tunnel go though tunnel then your in E.L.A you can use bus, bike, do bike missions and do money missions as well as getting clothes, tattoos and pimping your board. you will unlock this map in free skate and 2player .There's no need to restart you can go thought the wall and the other end of tunnel to get back to downtown
In a ramp
go to Hollywood and where the sheep people are . further down there's a see-through ramp go to the left of it walk into the left corner until you climb over some thing then walk to back wall and your in the wall
Security Camera glitch
To start this glitch go to story mode, Find any place where it switches your camera to a security camera. Once you find one quickly hit start when it changes your camera. Hit quit. And there you have it, if done correctly your menu should look like the security camera without the numbers or words. This glitch will follow you through any mode.
SuperDuper Jump
With MOON GRAVITY on go to the Oil Rig and you find a giant bowl with a pole underneath it.Go and sticker slap or wall plant that pole and you will go flying to DECK 2!!!


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Air Shuffle
Its basicly flying well ollieing in the sky.
Get created or pre-created manual trick.

Set it to left right triangle or vise verser.

Do trick ollie out of it and catch board.

Then press x

Repeat the whole thing in mid air.
Its eazyer off tall buildings
All of the unlockables
American Wasteland - Beat Story mode on any setting
Pro Bails 1 - Beat Classic mode on any setting
Pro Bails 2 - Complete 100% of Story mode
Neversoft Skates - Comlete 100% of Classic mode
Robo-Tony, Mindy - Beat Story mode on Easy
Lil' John, Iggy, Jason Ellis - Beat Story mode on Normal
Jimbo, Murphy, Mega - Beat Story mode on Sick
PED Group A: Baller, Welder, Camera Guy, Cholo - Complete 100% of Story mode
PED Groub B: Barber, Carnival Worker, Dogtown Guy, French Man - Get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces and complete Skate Ranch Missions
Billie Joe, Boone - Beat Classic mode on Normal
Matt Hoffman, Useless Dave Beat Classic mode on Sick
PED Group C: Master Zen, Hard Hat Worker, Dogtown Guy 2, Graffiti Dude - Complete 100% of Classic Mode
PED Group D: Oil Rig Worker, Police Man, Performer, Boone in Briefs - Complete 100% of all Gaps
Always Special - Collect all gaps in every level
Moon Gravity - Collect all gaps in every level
Perfect Manual - Collect all gaps in every level
Perfect Rail - Collect all gaps in every level
Perfect Skitch - Collect all gaps in every level
Cheat Mode
Get a 100% gap completion to unlock the "Always Special", "Moon Gravity", "Perfect Manual", "Perfect Rail", and "Perfect Skitch" cheat options. Successfully complete all Sponsor Challenges to unlock the "Full Stats" cheat option.
Free Powerade
Inside the Vans Skatepark, up on the ledges you'll find a few vending machines. One has a blue powerade machine on it. Slap the machine with your board and after a few seconds a blue powerade bottle will fall out.
Full stat
To get full stat you need to complete all sponcor challenge.
Glitch - Ride A Invisible Bike
When your player is on a bike in Story mode, go into a nose manual (hold Up on ground). While you are in the manual, remove controller one. Doing this will allow your player to never fall. While in the manual, re-insert the controller and wipe out. Your player will then pick up an invisible bike. You can do anything on the invisible bike just as you could on a normal bike. When you wipe out, the player will pick up a visible bike.
Glitch: Get in the Slanted Mansion in Beverly Hills
You need Moon Gravity, it can be Story Mode, Free Skate or 2 Player Mode, but Story Mode is the easiest, Free Skate and 2 Player is Harder. Go to the building where you had to do a mission with Boone, The Front Flip to Acid Drop, something like that. The Buildings will have Pools on top of them. Go the Last Building. Try to Hang on to the Yellowish Ledge and Get Up. After your Up, walk to the White Ledge, it will be a bit Slanted. After your at the White Ledge Head to your Right, the way the Slanted Mansion is, at the edge turn left and walk towards that way, stop at the second line, you can see lines where your walking, stop at the second one or you'll die, Face Towards the Building your at, Front Tuck twice then quickly Wall Run then quickly Front Tuck again. You'll End Up over the Fake Glass and be on top of the building your at without getting Out of Bounds. Go to your Right until you see a wall, just go through it and you'll fall in the Grass where you couldn't go before. Once there you can walk without getting Out of Bounds, Don't go to Far or you will. You can Go through hills and go inside the Mansion that was slanted.
Glitch: Get to the other Tunnel in Downtown
You need Moon Gravity, "2them00n". This can be done only in Story Mode, you can do it in Free Skate but it's much harder and it will get you mad. Go close to where the Vans Park entrance is, and nearby should be Tunnel that you can't go in, you should be in some kind of little bridge.
All you have to do is Look at the Horizontal Thick Bar, where you can use it as a kicker, look more and you should see Three Thinner Bars and they're Vertical, line up with one of them and go back a little to gain speed. Head Towards and when you jump from the kicker Bone Ollie across, you have to make sure to go Straight or it might not work, if it did, you should land close to the Tunnel without getting Out of Bounds. Once there you can go through the Tunnel but then you really can't do anything there except the "FALLING IN THE SKY GLITCH"
Glitch: Go past the Fence to another Neighborhood in B.H
Do you know where the Skate Ranch Entrance is in Beverly Hills, and to your right there is another neighborhood but if you try to go over the Fence you'll get Out of Bounds, There's a way to get there without Dying. You need Moon Gravity, You can do this in Story Mode, Free Skate Mode or 2 Player Mode. Free Skate and 2 Player Modes are the easiest. For Story Mode, just go to the entrance and don't go in Yet, look at the Ground, one side there's Concrete and another side there's Green Water that looks like Grass, go in Between those. Wall Run Up and Front Tuck once or twice and try to land on the Concrete that's up there. Once your Up don't touch the Brown Dirt or you might get Out of Bounds, Walk towards the Green Grassy area of the hill, Don't fall to the Neighborhood yet, You got to go a bit far,
Once you're a bit far, you can walk Down to the Grass there and you'll be in the Neighborhood without getting Out of Bounds.

Glitch: Make naual text disappear!
Face a flat wall with a gap inbetween you and the wall by a jump. You want the distance to be that if you ollie you'll be flat up against the wall.
Got it? Good. Ollie up to the wall and land in a manual. Quickly press Triangle to wall-push. The balance meter will show up, you'll get points for the manual but the game won't list it in the tricks that you'[ve done!
Super Jump

You know those Bouncy (Proxy) Walls you run into, You know if you do the GBSCG on Buildings you might run into it. Also sometimes those walls make you do the Moon Walk and if you Whack!, You launch Up High. Anyways A Super Jump can be done on any Proxy Wall, all you got to do is, Manual towards the Wall and once you hit the wall, get off your board immediately, If you did it right you will be in the floating position, Now just get on your board and you'll launch up high.

Ivisible Skateboard in Story Mode

Just do the Moon Walk, then throw your board and it will launch you up high, get your board back, before you land throw your board again, and you will be ridin off with an Invisible Skateboard.
Or look for an OB(Out of Bounds), step on it and let go of your skateboard at the same time. It will get you an Invisible Skateboard. These do work on Free Skate too.

This is Pretty Difficult at First but once you do it a few times it'll turn Easy.
You need Moon Gravity…2them00n…
Go where the Graffiti Dude made you Graffiti in the Building, Close to the East L.A entrance.
They're 2 Buildings; one has Red Bricks, some fading out, and another building with White Bricks, You'll see Blue Pipes.
Go on Top in Between both buildings. On the White Bricks Building you'll see Graffiti that says JUCE with Bold Letters. Starting from the Red Brick Building head to the JUCE building and Wall plant or Sticker Slap twice or three times until you're on top of the Red Brick Building, Once on top you'll see Some sort of Saloon Wall or Something. Go at the Back of the Wall. You should go through, walk in slowly and strangely you'll see a Crack that you can fall through, fall through It and you should be inside the Buildings. Look to your Left and get out of the Building, You should be Out of Bounds without dying. Below will be a Road. You can Bone Ollie across the Road to Explore, But Don't Yet. Fall Down to the Road. To your Left should be a Tunnel, Go through. If you keep going at the End You Should See the Sky, You'll see The Rest of L.A, kind of looking like a Floating Island in the Sky. If you try to go it'll send you back. Well Go at the End But Not Too Close. Starting From the wall in your left go to other Wall, Ollie then Wall Plant you should head to the other wall, Wall Plant that Wall, and it will send you back at the other wall, this time Right when your about to touch the wall get off your board and Wall Run Up. You should fall over the wall and into The Sky; you should fall for about 5 Seconds. Get back into your Skateboard and You Should See yourself closer. When you're on your skateboard it looks like your Sky Diving. It will take a Few tries unless you're Lucky.
You can get back out so you have to quit or restart.


You don't need Moon Gravity
I'm Not sure this a Glitch but on Downtown close to where the East L.A entrance is, you should see A Building with Red Bricks where you'll see Blue Pipes Too. On The Building with Red Bricks you should see and Umbrella, not an Umbrella but t those things that shade you from the Sun, Not sure what it's called but it should be Green with Pink Stripes. Go Under and Wall Run up the Wall, when you touch the Green Pink Thingy Press the Jumping Button Twice and you should be Sent Somewhere in the Back Close to the Entrance to East L.A. kind of like a Portal, Pretty Cool.


You can Skate in the Skate Shop in Hollywood,
You need Moon Gravity. It has to be Story Mode
What you have to do is go to where the Sheep Easter egg is, if you don't know, Go to where the skate Shop is and to your left there is a Ramp that can take you on top of the Building and it has a Pool on top. Once on top, go at edge of the Building and with The Pool Go on Top with Bone Ollie or Boneless you should see a little Balcony that you can land on. You can crack the cracked wall and the sheep is inside with another dude, but don't yet stay at the Balcony. Facing Away from the Cracked Wall you should see a Railing, Front Tuck to that and Grind it, you should be slow not fast. At the end you have to Sticker Slap the Building so you won't fall and go back at the Railing. But once you get back to Railing Wall Ride then Wallie the Building to your right Then You'll see another wall, Wall Run Up to it then Front Tuck. You should be On Top of the Romperwood Hotel. That's the Way to get on top, if you find another way on top then use that. Once on top look to your Right and get on top that wall by Wall Running then Front Tucking. Then once On Top again. Fall to your right you should still be in the same building but Yea. Go straight and should see a Billboard. Go at the Edge of the Building and Jump straight to other Building with another billboard. Once there Go Left until you fall and you'll end up in the Store. You can Skate and Graffiti and you can even Hit The Girl with the Mohawk when you throw your skateboard at her. But if you talk to the Girl the Game will Freeze, so don't. There's no way out so you gotta Quit or Restart.


You need Moon Gravity…2them00n…
Go to the Building with a Display of a Bra and the Boobs are too big, close to the Stores. In Front Of The Building there should be a Ramp. Gain Sped and Bone ollie Until you are on top of that Building. Go straight from there but don't fall. Turn Left And Go straight But Not Too Far, go slowly or you'll fall in the Parking Lot that leads to Santa Monica. With the Camera Look above your head so you can see. At the Edge, look to your right, you can fall. You should see Light Green Grass, and Dark Green Grass. Fall to the Light Green Grass cuz if you fall in the Dark Green you'll be Out of Balance. Well Once you fall you can Explore, but don't yet. Go through the White Building and Look to your Left. You should see the stores. Bone Ollie across, if You don't Make it you'll fall in the Parking Lot Below. If you do you'll end up in the Stores. It's Pretty Cool.


There is Bridge on East L.A that you can go on.
You have to have Moon Gravity...2them00n...
All you have to do is go to that one building, the one you had to do a Mission with Boone with a Helicopter, If you don't know, look for where the Bus is and Across the Street there is a Building and a Door, go in the door and you'll end on Top. Look straight after coming from the door and you'll see some sort of room that you can go on top, youll see ladders. Go on top and look to your right you'll see another builiding higher then the one your on...Go Back a little to gain speed with you skateboard, go and Bone Ollie across and once you touch the building Wall Run up and Front Tuck, it may take a few tries but you'll be on top if you do it right. Once On Top Go straight at the edge, you have to walk not on your skateboard, walk to the edge and Front Tuck a Few Times you'll fall down and end up in the bridge, it's pretty cool, it goes pretty long both ways.

Kinda the same as The stores of Beverly Hills except you actually go inside this time. Do the Same, Go up the Ramp of the Bra Display Buiding with Moon Gravity and land on top. Go straight and near the edge turn left and go till you get to an edge again. Turn right fall in the Light Green Grass cuz the Dark Green Grass is Out of Bounds. Go straight from there, you will see a tree. Go straight until you fall in the store, if you don't, look between the tree and the White Building. Just walk straight to the Concrete and you'll fall through. Once inside you can do the same as Hollywood, Skate, Throw your skateboard at the dude to knock him down, except this time you can get out. Just go in the Front of the Store where there is an Empty space but can't go there, and just front tuck you'll pop out from Underground and in Front of the Store. Try graffiting in the store and when you get out and go back in the real store where you can't skate, you will see it there. If you want to go behind the Counter where the French Guy is, just Go where the Backpacks are on the wall, in the Front of The Counter, Front Tuck and Wall Run Up and hold Up to go to the Other side, this Time you can go Behind the Counter and that little room with Boxes and also the Empty space you couldn't go before.


Same as The Stores Glitch in Beverly Hills, Get Moon Gravity and Go Up the Bra Displaying Building, Fall in the Light Green Area Part and Stay. Look to your Right, you will see hedges, Slowly walk in them and you will see a Long Narrow opening, and it looks like you can fall in the B.H Parking Lot. Fall in The Opening and Quickly Press and Hold Up or Down before you land, you will go through and end up in Between the Beverly Hills Parking Lot and The Santa Monica Parking Lot, except you will no longer be in B.H anymore, you will be in Santa Monica. You can See the Passing Cars From S.M. There's No Way Out so you have to Quit. Quit and Go To Story Mode and Put Continue Story Mode and you will start in Santa Monica. When your in Between Both Parking Lots, you will see a building with Lights Flashing Different Colors. Head Straight to there, keep going and Front Tucking, and You will Fall in The Sky just like Downtown, Same as Downtown, there's No Way Out, So Quit or Restart.

Just Bail with your Bike, and right after you bail, Pause and Set Restart, you will have an Extra Bike to kick around.


This can be done in Free Skate and Story Mode. Grab your Bike and go to any warp. Don't go in Yet, Set your Bike by the Warp. Go in the Warp and Pickup your Bike almost at the Same Time. Try to Head in the Warp First and Quickly Pick your Bike Up. If Succesful You will go Thru the Warp but you will start Heading to your Bike, Up or Down, depends on where you set your Bike. You will go Thru to The Level to Pick up your Bike. You can do this in any Warp. Try Downtown's Warp by The Stores, The one that takes you Down.


This is only in FREE SKATE. Try Downtown. Ok First Perform the WALK THRU THE LEVEL GLITCH, Right when your walking to pick up your Bike, Pause and Set Restart and then Quickly Go To your Restart before you pick up your Bike. Once you pick up your Bike, Set Your Bike aside and Ride your Skateboard, When You Hold Up or Grind you will Stretch your Arms out and you will be in Christ Mode. Whatever you do Don't do any Flip Tricks or the Game will freeze.


Only in Free Skate. Start High Score Run, Then Press the Button to drop your skateboard then really quickly Pause and End High Score. If Succesful, you will go to a Restart and Start riding an Invisible Skateboard.


This is BGSCG which stands for Bail Grind Set Custom Glitch. With this Glitch you can go thru almost any Building, Window, Wall, Shops etc. ONLY IN FREE SKATE. All you have to do is make your player stand by a Shop. Then Pause and Set Restart. Now Find anything you can grind on and grind it. Bail to your Right or Left depending how you Placed you Player. If You set your Player and the Shop is on the Right, Bail to Your Right, If you set him and the Shop is on the Left, Bail to your Left. When You Bail Pause Before he lands and Go to Restart and you will go Thru the Wall into the Shop. Make sure He Bails to the Right or Left, and Not on his Balls or Straight, or it won't Work. You can Use this Glitch to go thru almost any building, wall, window, whatever.


Ok, this only Free Skate. Go to the Pipe that usally takes you to Santa Monica, It will be closed. Go straight ahead, if your at the right place you'll slide down the slanted part of the pipe, Don't walk just stand and slide, you will stop close to the water if your at the right place. Set Restart where you stopped, so when you fall in the Water, you can go back to your restart. Ok Now, heres the hard part. Move a little towards the water then quickly pause, if you did it right you can Set Restart there, so do it. Now Tap a little towards the water and immediately after you tap, Pause, and Set Restart. Keep up this process until When you Pause and Go to Restart, you will be able to Walk in the Water. You can Skate too but don't Jump or you'll fall in the water, You can go Really Far, and once your Far you can Jump. There is a Huge Area to play on.


This is really hard to Perform, If Lucky, you'll get it at the first try. You can only do this in Santa Monica, FREE SKATE ONLY. Go By the Ferris Wheel, and on Walk Mode, You can do this in Skate Mode but it's much harder, Get in Walk Mode and by the Ferris Wheel there is Water, you can do it anywhere but it seems easier there. Walk into the water, not jump, Walk. Right Before he's about to touch the Water, Pause and Set Restart. If Succesful you will be able to Walk in Water, Don't Jump, or you'll fall in Water. It's not as Huge as the Oil Rig's but it's fun.
Invisible Ledge
in Hollywood on the right side of the Dinowood building go to the qps go near the ledge and wall run up the Romperwood side, you should shimmy on a invisible ledge.
massive sexy score
in story mode get on your bike and go to East La go to near where the entrance to the casino is and there should be a yellow fire hydrant with a blue hose coming out of it bank drop on it and hold triangle then you can do lots of tricks and get massive scores i have a score of 706,538,690 after a while you will probably go really long and thin to.
Perfect Grind
To grind perfictly type "grindXpert".
Perfect Grind, Perfect Manual, and Perfect Moon Gravity on in 2 Player Mode.
In order to have Moon Gravity, Perfect Grind and Manual on in 2 Player Mode, you first enter the cheats in (if they are already in, skip this part). Then, you go to free skate. (What I personally do next is I skate for a few minutes to wear them in. This is not required, but I suggest it, because it works for me.)Then save. Push the reset button on your system. When the game menu comes back up, go to 2 Player. When you skate, you should be able to play with these cheats on.
Perfect Manual
To preform a perfect manual type "2wheels!"
Perfect Skitch
Enter in h!tchar!de in the cheat codes menu.
Play as Matt Hoffman
At the Cheat Codes menu type in "the_condor" and you will be able to play as Matt Hoffman.
ride BMX with crooked arms
when you are on a bike bunny hop then do a x-up and hold it then you will have your arms crooked
super spinning glitch in the casino
You need the moon gravity cheat for this glitch.
When you are in the casino, go to either of the 2 air blowing ramps. It does work for both sides. Go off of the air blowing ramp you choose and do a good old boned ollie. Begin to spin like you would do with any other type of spin.
Try to hit the top of those white pillars you will spin towards. It still works even if you go over them a little bit. If you do this right, you will rebound off and head back to the side you started on. When you land, you will have spun about 4500 degrees.
Unilimited Special
Type uronfire at the CHEATS menu
Unlockable Characters
Play as Jason Ellis

Enter "sirius-DJ" as a code to unlock Jason Ellis. Alternately, successfully complete Story mode on the Normal difficulty setting.

Play as Matt Hoffman

Enter "the_condor" as a code to unlock Matt Hoffman. Alternately, successfully complete Clasisc mode on the Hard or Sick difficulty setting.

Play as Mindy

Enter "help1nghand" as a code to unlock Mindy. Alternately, successfully complete Story mode on the Easy difficulty setting.
Walking in concrete glitch
In santa monica in the parking garage, go to the opposite wall to the bus. Do a sticker slap, and you will land inside the walls. Walk outside of the walls to walk in concrete! you can fix this by jumping or going on a lower surface.