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Tomb Raider: Anniversary Cheats

Tomb Raider: Anniversary cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Tips

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When u r battleing the t-rex u will see spikes coming out of some of the walls.So get the t-rex angry by shooting it in the a head a couple of times.When its angry it charges at u so move in frout of the spikes coming out of the wall the jump to the side when it charges at u the t-rex will hit the spikes and lose alot of helth.keep on doing it and it will die.
Submitted by: xnaa on July 07, 2007

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Cheats

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for the centaur battle.... important for the green rays
ok so first you get one really mad and it rears up and starts to fire the ray. you have 2 options: 1) duck(the petrification rays wont hit you unless you are standing) or 2)press triangle repeatedly until they are done. a word to the wise: if using the shotgun/50 calber pistols, #1 is highly recommended
Submitted by: TRAluver&newbie on August 13, 2007
If you ever get stuck on a certain part in the game, then save it before you do anything, that way when you die for some reason, you'll start back where you saved it.
Submitted by: Synthesis on July 04, 2007
Unlockable costumes:
    Camouflage suit: Obtain the relic from the Temple of Khamoon
    Catsuit: Obtain the relic from the Sanctuary of the Scion
    Classic: Obtain the relic from The Lost Valley
    Croft Manor Sport: Obtain the Athenian Owl relic from Midas's Palace
    Golden: Obtain the Griffin-Head relic from Midas's Palace
    Legend: Obtain the relic from the Mountain Caves
Submitted by: Ecto on July 04, 2007
Unlockable music:
Croft Manor music theme: Complete Croft Manor
Submitted by: Ecto on July 04, 2007
Unlockable Special
Style Units: Achieve 100% completion on your profile by getting all artifacts and relics in the game to unlock the Style Units level (Rewards > Special).
Submitted by: Ecto on July 04, 2007