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Paintball Mode
Complete the very first level in under one minute to unlock paintball mode.
submitted by Gamesmaster (gingeuk2k@hotmail.com)

Duckin' 'N' Divin'
When moving and shooting at the same time, try crouching up and down and strafing from side to side while moving towards the enemy. This gives your opponent quite a hard time targeting you.
submitted by Gamesmaster (gingeuk2k@hotmail.com)

Enemies don't die
Pause during a game, choose the Statistics screen and while pressing and holding L1 L2 R1 R2, press Left, Right, Up, Down, and then Triangle, Circle, Square, Select. A beep will sound if done correctly. Now the Timesplitter enemies will not die!
submitted by Herschel Hoffmeyer (gateswood7@aol.com)

Unlock site
Complete the level (chinese) in normal difficulty to unlock the site as a playable arcade level!
submitted by solidus (david.luna@luna.co.uk)

Extra arcade mode features
Complete the first 3 levels in story mode on any difficulty setting to unlock the Village, Chemical Plant, and Planet-X levels in arcade mode.

Doing so will also unlock new playable characters:

Dr. Seth Graven
Dr. Katje Nadir
Fingers McKenzie
Ravelle Velvet
Sebastian Photon
Angel Perez Bots

Unlock other characters
To unlock new characters, you must complete specific levels on easy difficuly setting and story mode:

CharactersLevel to complete
Badass Cyborg2005 Cyberden level
Chinese Chef1970 Chinese level
Cultist1935 Tomb

Challenge Mode
Complete Story mode to unlock Challenge Mode, which allows you to compete in different challenging situations.

Challenge Rewards
Complete the given challenge to obtain the corresponding reward:

Complete This ChallengeReward
3A: Tin Man Challenge3B Level & Robofish as a Bot in Arcade mode
3B: Lobster RunChallenge 3C Level & the "All Enemies Are Robofish" cheat
3C: Bowl Them OverUnlock Robofish as a playable character in Arcade mode.
4A: Shame if Something Got BrokenChallenge 4B Level.
4B: Don't Wait Around Challenge 4C Level & the 'Enemy Bricks' cheat
4C: Brick Flung High Unlock brick as a weapon in Arcade mode
Challenge 5-A First Impressionsunlock The Impersonator as Bot in arcade mode and 5-B Lasting Impressions level
5-B Lasting Impressionsunlock the "All Enemies Are Impersonators" cheat and 5-C Who's he Trying to Impress? level
5-C Who's he Trying to Impress?unlock The Impersonator as a playable character in arcade mode and 6-A Barrel Blast level
6-A Barrel Blastunlock 6-B Bodyguard level
6-B Bodyguardunlock Gasmask SWAT as playable character in arcade mode and 6-C Heist level
6-C Heistunlock Veiled SWAT as a Bot and playable character in arcade mode and 7-A Shop 'Til You Drop level
7-A Shop 'Til You Dropunlock Ginger as a Bot in arcade mode and 7-B Sorry, Was That Your Bag? level
7-B Sorry, Was That Your Bag?unlock "All Enemies Are Gingerbreads" cheat and 7-C Everyone Must Go! level
7-C Everyone Must Go!unlock Gingerbead as a playable character in arcade mode and 8-A Girls 'n' Boys level
8-A Girls 'n' Boysunlock Fun-Bunny as a Bot in arcade mode and 8-B Dinner Dates level
8-B Dinner Datesunlock the "All Enemies Are Bunnies" cheat and 8-C Bone Grab level
8-C Bone Grabunlock Farrah Fun-Bunny as a playable character in arcade mode and 9-A I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming level
9-A I Can't Hear Anyone Screamingunlock TimeSplitters as a Bot Set in arcade mode; TimeSplitter, and TimeSplitter (Same name, different character) as bots in arcade mode; and 9-B Flight Delay level
9-B Flight Delayunlock TimeSplitter as a playable character in arcade mode

Multiplayer Strategy
After logging in countless hours of 4-player battles on Timesplitters, I felt like sharing a few strategies I like to use. This is written with the assumption that you are playing with no radar and auto-aim off which is how I only play.

Camoflage yourself. Once you know what level your playing on, pick a character that wears the same color as the backround on the level. For example, Cyberden has a reddish color to it; pick Badass Cyborg. Castle has a somewhat purple/blue color; pick Jaques Misere. This can be extremly helpful, especially when your "creeping" on someone, which brings me into my next point.

I have found there are generally 4 types of fighting that goes on in Timesplitters.

1) Creeping: This is when you see someone but they don't see you and you are in short range of them. To do this succesfully you must have a 1 shot 1 kill gun, like a shotgun or rocket launcher. You also must be a good shot or else it will turn into the second type of fight which is...

2) Face-to-Face: This is when you both see each other and are both going at it. Alot of people try to duck and fight but that only works when your within punching distance. Then it can be extremely effective. To effectively fight Face-to-Face you must sidestep and dodge. You also must be very smooth with your pivoting so that you can follow your opponent as he moves. Just about any gun can work for this, although some much better than others. I find the rocket launcher very hard to use for this type of fighting but I've seen some people that are butter with it. I prefer the shotguns for face-to-face.

3) Sniping: Sniping is pretty self-explanatory. I like M-16's and the assault rifle for this. I think regular sniping rifles are useless since they aren't automatic, and the M-16's and assalt rifle both have a zoom in aim. This oftentimes turns into a long range face-to-face fight if you don't kill fast enough. In long range face-to-face fights, the person with the better guns usually wins. Don't attempt to snipe if your using a non-snipe gun and your target has a sniping gun. You will die fast. Also, always stay aware of what is going on around you. Standing still to shoot someone can be very dangerous, as someone may be creeping on you.

4) Last but not least: Ambushing. Ambushing is alot like creeping only when you ambush, your opponent sees you, but doesn't have enough time to react. Ambushing involves jumping off ledges to greet an opponent with a spray of bullets, or storming a room and killing everything in sight. The biggest difference between creeping and ambushing is when you creep, you usually have a plan of attack. When you ambush, you know you have kick ass guns, full health, and you storm a room or a position with the intent of killing everything in it. This can be very satisfying, but is also the most dangerous of the 4 types of battle, as it is reckless and because you enter the heat of battle with many people.

As you might imagine, a typical scenario in a multiplayer game will usually involve a combination of 2 or more of the above types of fighting. The key is to know which strategies and guns to use during whatever type of fighting your engaged in, and the ability to think on your feet.

Remote Mines require the most strategy to use, in my opinion, and are also the most aggravating if you die before you can set one off. However, killing someone while you are on the other side of the level is soooo cool. I like to put remote mines on the ceilings of rooms and underneath guns and health. Then I swith to guns until I see someone in that area and then I'll switch back to mines to blow them to bits.

submitted by Abyss (Logicdragon@aol.com)

During a game press the Start button and then press L1, R2, L2, R1, R1, L2, L1, R1, L2, R2.

submitted by master benben (benben@organizer.net)


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A lot of Handgun ammo on Chinese
When playing the Chinese level, take a couple of steps back when the level first begins to find 200+ handgun ammo.

I think this are only there on hard difficulty.
Easier way to kill people on Tomb - Story
When you first enter the tomb shoot the boxes from half way down the ramp. Then do it again to all the boxes if you see them. Do it from a range so you don't die.
How To Unlock...
Here a list of levels to beat and rewards that you can unlock. There are different rewards for beating the level on a certain difficulty and beating it in a certain amount of time. (times listed are rounded, may be off by a little)

Rewards include: Playable Characters (PC), Cheat (C), Arcade Level (L), Bot (B), Bot Set (BS).

Note: Cheats must be turned off or no reward will be recieved.

-Story Mode-

>1935 Tomb
Easy- Cultist (PC)
Timed secret- Paintball (C)
Time- 1 min

Normal- Graveyard (L)
Timed secret- Priestess (PC)
Time- 2 min 45 sec

Hard- Eyes Mummy (PC)
Timed secret- Teeth Mummy (PC)
Time- 2 min 20 sec

>1970 Chinese
Easy- Chinese Chef (PC)
Timed secret- Chinese Waiter (PC)
Time- 1 min 15 sec

Normal- Site (AL)
Timed secret- Gun Sounds (C)
Time- 2 min 45 sec

Hard- Suit Hoodlum (PC)
Timed secret- Mr. Big (PC)
Time- 6 min 5 sec

>2005 Cyberden
Easy- Badass Cyborg (PC)
Timed secret- Siamese Cyborg (PC)
Time- 1 min

Normal- Streets (L)
Timed secret- Tuxedo Cyborg (PC)
Time- 1 min 45 sec

Hard- Female Cyborg (PC)
Timed secret- Enemy Rockets (C)
Time- 1 min 55 sec

>1950 Village
Easy- Period Horror (BS)
Timed secret- All Heads Detachable (C)
Time- 30 sec

Normal- Castle (L)
Timed secret- Hick Hyde (PC)
Time- 1 min 15 sec

Hard- Fishwife Mutant (PC)
Timed secret- Insect Mutant (PC)
Time- 2 min 20 sec

>1985 Chemical Plant
Easy- Usual Suspects (BS)
Timed secret- Male and Female SWAT (PC)
Time- 30 sec

Normal- Bank (L)
Timed secret- Infinite Ammo (C)
Time- 1 min

Hard- Lumberjack (PC)
Timed secret- Malehood (PC)
Time- 2 min 35 sec

>2020 Planet-X
Easy- Space Opera (BS)
Timed secret- Green Alien (PC)
Time- 1 min seconds

Normal- Spaceship (L)
Timed secret- Float Alien (PC) and (B)
Time- 1 min 40 sec

Hard- Pillar Alien (PC) and (B)
Timed secret- All Characters Headless (C)
Time- 2 min 30 sec

>1965 Mansion
Easy- Horror Shocker (BS)
Timed secret- Big Heads (C)
Time- 1 min

Normal- Mall (L)
Timed secret- Overall Mutant (PC)
Time- 1 min 40 sec

Hard- Priest Mutant (PC)
Timed secret- Girl Zombie (PC)
Time- 1 min 35 sec

>2000 Docks
Easy- Law and Order (BS)
Timed secret- Male and Female Soldier (PC)
Time- 1 min 15 sec

Normal- Compound (L)
Timed secret- Big Hands (C)
Time- 1 min 30 sec

Hard- Gasmask Soldier (PC)
Timed secret- Shock Tropper (PC) and (B)
Time- 2 min 40 sec

>2035 Spaceways
Easy- unlock Challenge Mode
Timed secret- Red Alien (PC)
Time- 1 min 15 sec

Normal- Warzone (L)
Timed secret- Female Alien (PC) and (B)
Time- 1 min 5 sec

Hard- Spaceways Stewardess (PC) & (B)
Timed secret- Small Heads (C)
Time- 2 min 55 sec

-Challenge Mode-

1-A Behead the Undead
Get- The Living Dead (BS)

1-B Putrid Punchout
Get- Green & Brown Zombie (PC)

1-C Dusk of the Dead
Get- Police, Skull, & Jacket Zombie (PC)

2-A Flock Around the Dock
Get- Duckman (B)

2-B Dock Duck Shoot
Get- All enemies are Ducks (C)

2-C Crispy Duck
Get- Duckman Drake (PC)

3-A Tin Man Trial
Get- Robofish (B)

3-B Lobster Run
Get- All enemies are Robofish (C)

3-C Bowl them Over
Get- Robofish (PC)

4-A Shame if Something got Broken

4-B Don't Wait Around
Get- Enemy Bricks (C)

4-C Brick Flung High
Get- Brick is now available as a weapon

5-A First Impressions
Get- Impersonator (B)

5-B Lasting Impressions
Get- All enemies are Impersonators (C)

5-C Who's he Trying to Impress?
Get- The Impersonator (PC)

6-A Barrel Blast

6-B Bodyguard
Get- Gasmask SWAT (PC)

6-C Heist
Get- Veiled SWAT (PC)

7-A Shop `til you Drop
Get- Ginger (B)

7-B Sorry, Was That Your Bag?
Get- All enemies are Gingerbread's (C)

7-C Everyone Must Go!
Get- Gingerbread Man (PC)

8-A Girls `n` Boys
Get- Fun-bunny (B)

8-B Dinner Dates
Get- All enemies are Bunnies (C)

8-C Bone Grab
Get- Farrah Fun-Bunny (PC)

9-A I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming
Get- TimeSplitters (BS)

9-B Flight Delay
Get- TimeSplitter #2 (PC)

9-C Space Vandals
Get- TimeSplitter #1 (PC)


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A Cool Shourtcut
When you play in the level "Venice" there's a shortcut to get max damage. To get there first you must be in red team. Then when you start, go forward to the stairs but keep going. You'll eventually end up in a place that has a arched hole in a building. Wait there until a boat appears from the hole. Then go on it. You will ride through the whole game area. And also get a max damage power up. When you reach another Arched hole, get off of the boat then you can go on it again
Mansion Trap that we all fell into....
To avoid getting ambushed by monsters after you get the evidence, simply do NOT pick up the health pack when you get upstairs. Why, you ask? It is a trap. It generates a Priest Mutant who appears down the stairs when you pick up the evidence, a Girl Zombie and a bunch of TimeSplitters outside near the gallows. Try not picking it up, and you'll see. You have better chance of surviving by not picking up the health and staying with low health, than picking it up and getting beat up by zombies.