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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (PS2) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 cheat codes.


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Lots of Cheats
enter cheat at options. CASE SENSITIVE!
PasswordWhat it does
watch_me_xplodeUnlocks Every thing
Matrix Modenospoon
Moon Physicssuperfly
Perfect Grindssbsts
Perfect Skitchhookybob
lolps94.00564 unlocks all the tricks


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Bird combo in zoo
It may be hard to get 40 birds in one combo. (I thought it was). So, if you just roll up to one of the birds that are sitting on the spine in the middle of the room, he will jump up then go back down repeatedly until you move away. You can easily get forty birds in the two minutes if you use this method. Just make sure you don't jump because the bird count will restart.
carnival passeges
in the carnival level you will see a haunted house and two ity bity bars grind on them and you will go to another demention filled with floting skulls exit out of the big mouth!
go to the college level. then go to the place where Jamie Thomas wants u to complete his second goal.Next to the big ramp(on the left)u will see some doors. Just skate inside it and BAM!! an elevator should be right in front of you
Get as many points as you need!
This will only work if you have unlocked one of the secret characters... this one being "Jango Fett". Choose him at the character select menu and enter any level. This certain character has a special air trick called "Jango Jump Jet". When you get into the level (any level you choose), get special, pick up some speed and ollie. Once you are in the air hit the default commands for "Jango Jump Jet", left, right, grab. You will then notice that you will skyrocket into the air. When you start to fall hit the commads again and again until you decide you want to come down. This also works off any kicker or ramp or quarter-pipe.


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Simply enter the following into the cheat code menu in the options section:


it's ( then lower case o repeat.
always special
type DOASUPER on the cheat screen
Cheat! Cheat!
DoASuper: Unlocks infinite special
MullenPower: Perfect Manual
SSBSTS: Perfect Rail balance (also applies to liptricks)

Then start a game and go to the Options Menu and select the cheat list and pick the ones you want.
To get the skater daisy simply type in (o) into the cheat code box in options. (note: This only gets Daisy)

To get some more skaters type in Homies in the cheat box to get: Jango Fett, Eddie and Mike Vallely!

Happy Skating!
To unlock/buy Daisy (character) you need $9000 and then buy her (in game not real life)
Disco Mode
To unlock/buy Disco Mode you need $1000 and then buy it (in game not real life)
To unlock/buy Eddie (the zombie from iron maiden) you need $9000 and then buy him (in game not real life)
Even MORE Premade Skaters...
Type in these cheats to get mroe premade skaters:

Andrew Skates
Dave Stohl
Brian Jemmings
Aaron Skillman
Adam Lippman
Big Texx
Chauwa Steel
Captain Liberty
Ben Scott Pyre
Andy Marchal
Chris Peacock
Fakes the Clown
Henry JI
Stacey D
Top Bloke
Ted Barber
Mr. Brad
Little Man
Extra Air
In order toget extra air with out Moon Gravity or by using Jango Fett's Jango Jet Jump, all you have to do is press up at the very top of a vert. This may also work with a ramp but I have not seen any diferences.
Flame mode
to unlock flame mode, get $1000 and buy it.

this allows flames to come out after you grind.
Get Angus
Increate a character call the guy Angus and wala
get daisy
go to cheat code thingy where you enter the cheats and enter "highheels" - if this doesn't work, try "(o)(o)".
gone naked!
have you ever wanted to naked in public?well now you can!just chose for shirt shirtless and chose breifs!(any color but for more fun chose white the defult!)and viola!your half naked in public!
Gorilla Mode
To unlock/buy Gorilla mode you need $1000 and then buy it (in game not real life)
Hover Board
To unlock/buy Hover Board mode you need $1000 and then buy it (in game not real life)
To unlock/buy Invisibility mode you need $1000 and then buy it (in game not real life)
Jango Fett
To unlock/buy Jango Fett (bountry hunter from Star Wars 2) you need $9000 and then buy it (in game not real life)
Little Man
In create a character enter little man as the guys name
Mat Hoffman
It would be good having him in this but wait you can if you type mat hoffman in the create a character
Matrix Mode
In the Cheats section this cheat/code can be unlocked

Matrix Mode - nospoon
Matrix Mode
Enter Nospoon at the cheat entry to get Matrix Mode
Mike Valleli
To unlock/buy Mike Valleli you need $9000 and then buy him (in game not real life)
Moon Physics
To unlock Moon physics without buying it Enter Superfly at the Cheat menu (in options)
Moon Physics
Once again go to the cheats menu to unlock the cheat

Moon Phyics - superfly
Enter NoSpoon at the cheat entry and you unlock Matrix Mode
perfect grind
type SSBSTS at cheat menu to have perfect grind
perfect manual

type MULLENPOWER at cheat screen
Perfect Manuals
Enter mullenpower as a cheat for perfect manuals.
Perfect Rails
Enter ssbsts as a cheat for perfect rails.
Perfect Skitch
Enter hookybob at the cheat menu to get perfect skitching.
Slow mo
To unlock/buy Slow-mo mode you need $1000 and then buy it (in game not real life)
stats to 13
Enter 4nitwits at the cheat menu to get stats up to 13.
Super Blood mode
To unlock/buy Super Blood mode you need $1000 and then buy it (in game not real life)
Ultimate height
put matrix mode and moon physics on by entering nospoon for matrix mode then click done then enter another cheat which is superfly for moon physics then click done then play a level and put them both on in the cheats menu and when you jump up a ramp or something you will go really high.
Unlock Daisy
To unlock daisy, enter this at the cheat code menu: