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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 cheat codes.


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Catch me if you can!
When in 2player go to Tokyo (if you havn't got it go on the cheat menu and type "roadtrip")
Then one player goes on those circle things with the cube floating on top of it (make sure you have Perfect rail and super stats on by going on the cheat menu and typing "backdoor")then wait for a while...When the player that went on the cube thingy gets really small make the other player try to catch him......
Hard isn't it?!?!?
Freeze the game
First go to multiplayer with a friend and turn on perfect manual. Have both you and your friend manual and start continually do truck flips, at exactly the same time. after you get past about x150 your game will freeze. This is pointless.
How to get 3 Golds
It helps you beat the game in about an hour if you type in backdoor at the cheat menu. Then turn them on while in gameplay. The best ones to turn on is perfict grind and manual, always special.

To get a 99.9 gold medal at Rio (Be sure to put on perfect grind) right after you start go to the left there is a ramp anda quarter pipe with a sing on top, jump that ramp (without moon physics cheat) and try to grind that power line and after you get started jump to the middle line after you hit the stright away on the line, pause the game go to the cheat menu (press X to turn off and on the cheats) find the two cheats moon physics and slow motion put them on. Now after you go back to the game evry time you jump wait a second then start to do tricks but not to fast beacuse after every jump you need to come back down and grind to the next straight and do more tricks. Make sure that you stay on the middle line beacuse that is the line that connects all the way around. And dont worry about your time beacuse the time doesn't stop you once your on a trick.

To get a 99.9 gold meadel at Skater Island find the half pipe jump the sides with the moon and slow cheat on and do tricks.

To get a 99.9 gold meadel in Tokeo Do the exact same thing as Skater Island.


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All Characters
At Main Menu,select Options, and at the Options screen, choose Cheats. At the Enter Cheat Code screen, enter YOHOMIES as a code. If entered correctly, you'll here a sound and all characters will be available.
All Levels
type "roadtrip" in on the cheat menu on options to unlock all levels.
all levels
at the cheat screen put in roadtrip to acess all of the levels.
Beat the Game 100%
To beat the game 100% go to the options menu and select cheats. Type in ,capitals, ROADTRIP. Also before you do that go to carreer and chose the person who you want to use this cheat with. Then the game will be beaten with that caracter. It will give that character full stats and all of the persons boards.
Cheat Cheat Cheat
Get hidden custom skaters.
Enter WeEatDirt at the cheat menu.

Unlock everything
Enter MAGICMISSILE at the cheat menu.
cheat menu
on the main menu go to options go to cheats type i
in backdoor you will hear pennys falling
then start playing press start then on pase you will cheats menu
Type BACKDOOR in cheats menu.
start single session you will have a cheats menu when you pause the game
Snowboard mode
Moon Physics
Giant mode
tiny mode
Perfect grind balance
Perfect manual balance

The other cheat is YOHOMIES in cheat menu
unlocks all levels
Create-a-Skater cheats
When you enter one of the following names in Create-a-Skater you will get a secret custom player (note a '_' counts as a space):

extra specials slot
just complete all goals on a level for any person and that person will have another specials slot.
flying men glitch
go to any level with men best is Airport. when they walk onto the moving sidewalk get in front of them. he'll say 2 things on the 2nd one before he punches u run away he' ll walk through stuff and start floating he'll go through a wall if u follow him he'll go into the girls bathroom and then go through the other wall if u look through the wall he'll be floating over the ocean!
Flying Pause Menu
Go to the cruise ship level and press the pause alot. You can now fly the pause menu!
Funny Things 2
Carrying on from the other funny things:

Los Angeles: The two guys near the pruple pipe, if you listen to them, they argue about lots of different things like a BMX is better than Scooters and stuff like that.
game cheats
type these at the cheat menu in options. a till noise will signal correct activation.

BACKDOOR - All cheats during gameplay

YOHOMIES- All characters unlocked

ROADTRIP- All levels

PEEPSHOW- All movies in options
game cheats
type these at the cheat menu in options. a till noise will signal correct activation.

BACKDOOR - All cheats during gameplay

YOHOMIES- All characters unlocked

roadtrip- All levels

PEEPSHOW- All movies in options
get all cheats at the start menu..
write backdoor with SMALL letters at the option menu in the selection CHEATS.
Grind Combos
In 50-50, Press:

Down+Triangle for a 5-0
Down, Down+Triangle for a Bluntslide
Up+Triangle for a NoseGrind
Up+Up Triangle for a NoseBluntslide
Hidden Combos
Depending on what you button combos are, some will be hard to explain:

When you kickflip, press Square 2x for Double Kickflip. 3x will Triple Kickflip.

This applies to Heelflips, and Shuvits.

Kickflip then press Right and Circle for a Kickflip to Indy.

Kickflip then press Up and Circle for a Kickflip to Crail.

in game jokes
here are some funny lil things in THPS3

Foundry: near TCs rail theres a kind of tunnel, go to the middle and the two workers are talking about a drink at the pub after work.

Canada: on your way to get the secret tape, just past the level you grind to raise the quarterpipe, the guy is standing on the edge taking a leak and saying things like 'wow! it freezes before it hits the lake!'

Suburbia: if you go to the half built house there are tewo builders. one is fareting and the other one says 'wow, what did you eat last night!?'
Make Neversoft Team Members
To make members of the Neversoft team that create this game, first go to the Cheat menu and enter WeEatDirt and then goto the Create a Skater screen and enter one of these names:
Joel Jewett
Sandy Jewett
Nicole Winnick
Mike Ward
Trey Smith

Their stats and appearance will change if the names are entered properly.

Make Tony Hawk's Sons
To create Tony Hawk's sons in the game, go to the Cheat menu and input WeEatDirt and go to the Create Skater screen and enter these names:
Spencer Hawk
Riley Hawk

Their stats and appearances will change if entered properly.

Master Code
Master Code - Go to the cheats menu in options and enter backdoor (In lower case) to unlock all
cheat options.
Master Code!!!!
Go to options then select cheats. Enter "MAGICMISSILE" to unlock all movies, completes all carrer mode goals for the selected skater,unlocks the cheats option, and unlocks all secret skaters!!!
Max Stats
To get Max stats, go to the Cheat screen of the Options menu. Enter the code PUMPMEUP to juice up your skaters.
Open all Cheats
Go to the cheat menu and enter backdoor

when doing this you will get all the cheats like perfect balance, moon gravity, first person mode, etc.
open all levels
enter Roadtrip into the cheat screen to unlock all the levels and the 3 secret levels from THPS. this is case sensitive so enter as it appears above.
Open all Videos
Go to the cheat menu and enter peepshow
Perfect balance
Succesfully complete Career mode by completing all goals and getting all gold medals with Rodney Mullen to unlock Perfect balance on the Cheat menu.
Play as Brian Jennings
First go to the Cheat menu and input WeEatDirt then go to the Create a skater screen then input Brian Jennings.
Play as Darth Maul
Complete all the goals in the game and get gold medals in all three competions one time with any character in Career mode.
Play as Officer Dick
Succesfully complete Career mode by completing all goals and getting all gold medals with a custom created skater to unlock Officer Dick.
play as spencer and riley hawk
go into create a player and go to where you put in the name and put in SPENCER HAWK if you you want to play with the baby and put in RILEY HAWK IF YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH THE OLDER ONE. USE CAPS
Play as Wolverine
Get all the gaps in each of the regularlevels in Carrer mode to unlock Wolverine.
Complete the game the following amount of times with a different skater each time to unlock the secret.

Complete x1 = Darth Maul
x2 = Wolverine
x3 = The Warehouse
x4 = Officer Dick
x5 = Private Carerra
x6 = Burnside
x7 = Ollie the Magic Bum
x8 = Kelly Slater
x9 = Roswell
x10 = Demoness
x11 = Snowboard Mode
x12 = Always Special Mode
x13 = Perfect Rail Balance Mode
x14 = Super Stat Mode
x15 = Giant Skaters Mode
x16 = Slowmo Mode
x17 = Perfect Manual Balance Mode
x18 = Tiny Skaters Mode
x19 = Moon Physics Mode
x20 = Expert Mode
x21 = Neversoft Eyeball Guy
x22 = First Person Veiw Mode/Game Complete

Rodney's Special Trick
Rodney Mullen has his own special technical trick in the game. TO do it:

Get in a Truckstand.

When in this, hold down L2+R2 and then press Triangle, and see for yourself!
special meter always full
Succesfully complete Career mode by completing all goals and getting all gold medals with Rune Glifberg to unlock special meter always full on the cheat menu.
Super speed!
this is a very funny cheat!
go onto Tokyo and grind around the circle
with the cube floating over it. (Make sure you have the super stats cheat and perfect rail cheat on) for about 20 seconds then jump! You will now be floating in a different glitchspace, lol you can't do any tricks but it's really funny
sometimes you might not succeed so keep trying!
tonys sons
go to create a skater and put as the name Spencer or Riley Hawk and youll have the spawn of a skating ledgend
Turbo mode
Pause the game, Then hold L1 and press Left, Up, Square, Triangle.Enter code again to disable it.
Unlock All Characters
Go to the options screen, and select the cheats option at the bottom of the screen. Enter YOHOMIES and then accept changes. You should hear a sound like a cash register opening. This will allow you to play as any one of the secret characters without the hassle of beating the game repeatedly.

(with added info by PS2master)
Unlock All Movies
To unlock all movies, go to Options, select cheats, and the enter "peepshow"
Unlock everything with the current skater
Input roadtrip in the cheat menu and you'll get all the levels and stats and decks for the current skater.
Unlock Joel Jewett
First go into cheats type WeEatDirt and then you'll hear a sound of money. After doing so, go to create a skater and type for the name Joel Jewett.
YoHomies= Unlocks all characters!
BACKDOOR= Cheats. (Access while playing)