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Decorate the Birdhouse 13 Items Location

Birdhouse - Get it on Quest 3, Shed.
Christmas Lights - Go to the garage.
Toy Soldier - Right of the shed.
Doily - Get it on Mallory's Room.
Old Coin 1 - Get it on the grassy area, get the the Stray Sod dizzy.
Old Coin 2 - Get it on Deep Woods, the place where you can find the Beetle Mimic Sprite.
Old Coin 3 - Get it on Deep Woods(pond), climb the log.
Pocket Watch - After the pond on the Quarry(next to the tunnel with Fire Salamanders)turn right.
Playing Cards - Past the drawbridge turn right.
Crayons - Cellar entrance.
Fencing Medal - Mallory's Room, only as Mallory.
Postage Stamp - After you pass the fireplace drop down the shelves and to the bottom, go forward and get it.
Metal Cricket - In the tunnel, throw a Gobstone, to explode the rock, go through this new way and get it.

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