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The Sims 2: Castaway (PS2) Cheats

The Sims 2: Castaway cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Sims 2: Castaway cheat codes.


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Bonus Outfits
This Password/ Code unlocks a vest for the "MALE" sim and a tank top for the "FEMALE" sim!! TO DO: Pause the game "press start" select "FASHIONS AND GROOMING" then log in password/ code x8 (PS2 ONLY)
PasswordWhat it does
Square, R2(2), Triangle, DownUnlocks Clothing (really a shirt) for the Female or Male Sim


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you can do this anywhere. u don't have to pause the game but u might press some stuff so its better if u do.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlock Cheat GnomeR1, L1, Dpad Down, Square, R2
Fill All MotivesR2, Dpad Up, X, Square, L1
Give All PlansX, Triangle, L2, Square, R1
Give All ResourcesSquare, Triangle, Dpad Down, X, Dpad Left
Max Current InventoryDpad Left, Dpad Right, Square, R2, Square
Max RELATIONSHIPSL1, Dpad Up, R2, Dpad Left, Triangle
Set SkillsTriangle, L1, L1, Dpad Left, Triangle
Get all foodL1, l2, x, circle, triangle, D-pad up, D-pad down
go to the options menu or gust pause the game
UnlockableHow to unlock
R2,up,x,square,L1max all motives
R1,L1,down,square,R2cheat ghome (first)
left,right,square,R2,squaremax inventory
L1,up,R2,left,trianglemax relationships
square,triangle,down,x,leftunlock all crafting resources
x,triangle,L2,square,R1all plans
triangle,L1,L1,left,triangle,add a skill
R2,R1,left,down,L2,L2,rightunlock all crafting bench
secret of the llama people
there is a secret area on the island where the llama people lived
UnlockableHow to unlock
llama people's lagoonget the crown from the temple and go to the cave and go to the wall with the hole in it the wall opens and you now can go to the lagoon.


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Alien Abduction
Here's how to get abducted by aliens in The Sims 2 Castaway.

Get the Radio from Airplane Jungle and the Transmitter from South Airplane Jungle and go to Crystal Island. Go to that weird platform thing where there is a round piece of ground that's darker than the rest near some crystals and where you found that Treasure Map piece with weird lights above it. Put the radio somewhere in the middle of this circle. Then go to the radio and click Repair Transmitter and wait for your Sim to put the transmitter on the radio. Then click Send S.O.S. and wait. You Sim will be abducted by aliens briefly, and when they fall back down to earth, they will yell at the sky and go and puke in the nearest Fine Sand pit. They will, however, have all completely full and dark green motives no matter what they were at before and you will have Alien Meat in the Meats section of your inventory, which is a very rich and filling food.
BacK home with SHIP
First you must need a radio and a transmitter.....then go to the highest place that is a volcano....then put the radio and and click "repair transmitter"...then click "send SOS"...then you back home with ship
cath a shark on the seond island!
If you go to east beach and stand on the rock you can catch a shark, be patient you sometimes have to catch a few fish first.
Cut Your Hair
Simply take the sewing kit and choose 'Cut Hair' it's so easy, even I could do it.
death daisy!!!!
make sure you have 2 sims. kill one by starving them and then when there dead mourn them and pick up the death daisy.
Fix Invisible Sim
Sometimes a Sim will become invisible. To fix the invisible Sim, have another Sim go to one of the other locations in the game and then use the conch shell to call the invisible Sim. When the Sim that was called arrives they are back to normal visibility, at which point switch to the now fixed Sim and continue the game.
Fix your outfit with out makeing a new one!
Well, If you new your outfit fixed or if you just need to geet you hair-cut off from the massive amount it has grown since your last hair style; Just make a sewing kit! I use it all the time!

If you can't make it use theese cheats:
Cheat Gnome- R1,L1,Down,Square,R2
Crafting Resources- Square,Triangle,Down,X,Left
Add one to Skill- Triangle,L1,L1,Left,Triangle

Oh yeah! It doesn't cut your beard though...That sucks about it.
Getting Fruits, Vegetables, and More Easily In First Island
First Befriend With Chimp And Choose Ask To Chimp (Or Reason name I Forgot bit) Then There's Writing Fruits, Vegetables, Wood, And More And Then Choose One of Them Come Wait Until Chimp Bringing your order Then Choose You Will Get From Chimp to Get Fruit, Vegetables , Berries, And Other Absence The First Island
How to catch the shark
For the shark go to the third island tidal pool and go fishing.

You'll need 10 logic skills and patience.
How to get abducted by aliens!
Go to crystal island and get the radio and repair the transmitter after you repair you will see SEND SOS press it then your Sim will be abducted by aliens and all your motive will go up except the room motive.This will also give you Alien Meat.Which is a very rich and filling food for all of your Sims in the tribe to enjoy,have fun.
how to get beard beards costume
You must have atleast 4 body and 5 logic...

1: Take a raft to the second
2: go right into the bushes.
3: go up to the big rock.
4: inspect it.
5: after that your sim should
Push the rock to the side.
6: go forward into the cave.
7: go onto the ship.
8: there is a treasure chest.
9: open it.
10: you will now have beard beards
11: and if you have already unlocked
Beard beards book you will also
complete a goal (because that is
the treasure)
How to Get Married
Getting married can be difficult because Sims are known to be picky and seem to say no all the time. But all you need to do is up your Creativity score, get to a crafting bench, look under the clothing category and craft two of the Wedding Lei (jewelry) and two of the Marriage Beanie (hats). Then put one of each on both Sims and then propose and they will accept.
Sometimes, the game will tell you that you need to make a better bed when you try to travel, even if your sleep motive is full. What you need to do is make ALL you motives in green, not just your energy. Once you do get them all green, you can travel. If you are having trouble with this, you can always cheat...

Enter these codes during gameplay without pausing. The Cheat Gnome must be activated before any other cheats will work.

R1, L1, Dpad Down, Square, R2 - Unlock Cheat Gnome

R2, Dpad Up, X, Square, L1 - Fill All Motives

Dpad Left, Dpad Right, Square, R2, Square - Max Current Inventory

L1, Dpad Up, R2, Dpad Left, Triangle - Max Relationships

Square, Triangle, Dpad Down, X, Dpad Left - Give All Resources

X, Triangle, L2, Square, R1 - Give All Plans

Triangle, L1, L1, Dpad Left, Triangle - Set Skills

And iv'e got on the 3ND Island on the Sims 2 Castaway on January 3ND 2008 and I will give you more info how to is you have to have most of the mood things green and also this will work to get there is...

Hunger /Green

Bladder /Green

Energy /Green

Social /Green

Hygiene / Green

Fun / Green

Comfort / Green

Environment / Can be Red also...

I did this and it worked...

And also I used the Cheat Fill All Motives...

And I think this will work because I done this and I do not know if this will work again if it does not work im sorry...

And also you find 2 of your Crewmates on the 3ND Island also.
How to hook a fish FAST!
First craft a fishing pole and cast close to a ocean side. Fast foward it intill you see the orange bulber go under. Then quickly tap the X button.
How to spear a fish!
Not all of you know this so here you go!

When you get of your spear you have to wait abit. When you see a fish jump out of the water, quickly push the X button and you got a fish!

Oh yeah! If you spear fish in new or random places you will get new fish!
are you sick of your sim then leave it in the sea with no energy and it will drown if i dose not work i am sorry.
max relations easy
sit round a campfire and then occupie them with something e.g cook (this will not make them wonder off) then select your friend and walk over to the campfire and sit your sims will talk fast forward until they are best friends(i tried this and it does work)
Moving Truck!
If you go to your inventory, and go to grab mode, you can grab stuff. When you select an item, press square. Don't worry about deleting it, it will give you a Yes No option. In that menu, it will also let you add most furniture to your inventory! Yes, you CAN actually bring benches, beds, and even fires with you. This saves a LOT of resources.
No ripping outfit
When you are on the first island, and you go through the brambles, your clothes rip. Instead, make you sims wear no clothes and go through. Tada! No ripped clothes!
If you're going to build a home, make sure you have explore the second island, go to the cave and build it there and no rain and wind won't destroy your house!!!!!!!!!
Raise your relationships!
If you sit around the fire and keep telling ghost and funny stories your relationships with other people will rise!
Tired of Beards?
If you are bored of that irritating beard on your male Sim (of course it wouldn't be your female Sim XD) then simply go on to the clothes and select 'Facial Hair' then click the one that has none. Simple! The only drawback is the long loading times.
to get a fish or to get a shark
to get a shark you need 10 logic and tidal pool on the third island;)

to geta fish you will need 1 body and a bamboo spear,obsidion spear.wooden fishing pole,bamboo fishing pole and you should have a fish the first one maybe a sardine:)
Unlimited Death Daisies!
When in game play and one of your Sims dies, pick up their death daisy. Then, activate the 'Max all objects' cheat. You will have 999 death daisies!

If any of your Sims die again, you'll be ready and waiting!
No treasure hunting!! <3

Easter eggs

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sitting on water? wierd
if you put a living room chair in pirates cove in front of the boat and then you can put it in the water and make your sim sit on the chair and your sim will be sitting on the water! (it will still make your sims comfort high)!
UFO can pick you up!
When you're in the crystal, try to call the aliens in the crystal island with the radio + transmitter. Choose "Send SOS" and they'll pick you up to fulled your motives. And also, they'll gave aliens food to you....^o^


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Bonus outfit
Pause the game, then press Square, R2(2), Triangle, Down at the "Fashions And Grooming" screen to unlock a vest for a male and a tank top for a female.

Cheats list
Cheat Gnome
While on a lot, quickly press R1, L1, Down, Square, R2 to spawn the Cheat Gnome. The Cheat Gnome appears at different locations, depending on which island you are on. Find the Cheat Gnome, then enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding option on the Cheat Gnome:

All motives
Quickly press R2, Up, X, Square, L1.

All plans
Quickly press X, Triangle, L2, Square, R1.

All crafting resources
Quickly press Square, Triangle, Down, X, Left.

Maximum current food and resources
Quickly press Left, Right, Square, R2, Square.

Maximum relationships
Quickly press L1, Up, R2, Left, Triangle.

Add one to skill
Quickly press Triangle, L1(2), Left, Triangle.
Really, when you do the sims occupation, and then, you make them a teacher, (for ex.) and you go along and find out that there is a new Island, and you try to make a raft, but you need about 2 mechanical skill points, so make sure that you read the skills for being a mechanic before you choose the occupation for you sim!