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The Sims 2 (PS2) Cheats

The Sims 2 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Sims 2 cheat codes.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
unlock gnome (first)enter-L1,R1,up,x,R2
Advanced time by 6 HoursCircle, Square, L1, Up, Down
Horn AudioR1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle
Naked outfit without costumeenter-UP-DOWN-R1-R2-X
Dress upTriangel, Square


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I have been noticing that not many people figured this simple thing out.

LOOK I know your tired of cleaning up those puddles from your Dishwasher/Shower/Sink/Toilet? and that Maid you know she sucks,

<center>!!!SO TO THE POINT!!!</center>

The sewer drain located in your paintings and sculptures((Buy Mode))

So tell the nurse to drop the Oxxy Clean and install your Drain TODAY.

<center>((make sure to put in front of object))</center>
A cheap but exellent dairy drink.
You need:

- The best fridge so you can choose from more ingredients.
- A cooking level of at least 4 so the drink fills up your hunger more.

Go to your fridge and select ' get ingredients '.
Go to the dairy section and choose:
- Cheese
- Egg
- Milk
- Yoghurt
Take out the ingredients, go up to a counter and select ' prep drink '.
Once prepared, go to a cooker and select ' make drink '.

You have made the dairy drink! It fills up your hunger right to the top. It's cheap, it only costs 13 Simoleons!
A Killing Recipe That Works Everytime!
Ok so I recommend using this on free play, but you can use it on story mode if you want. If you use this on story mode,
then I suggest you use it on Felicity and Ossie’s house, because the other houses
are just pure perfection. If you still want to do this on story mode, get everyone out of the house, (including YOUR Sim) and make sure all the toilet and shower
are cleaned and all the beds are made and all the fridge is shut and the radio
is off as well as the tv.
Then use the cheat gnome to get money cheats and get a lot of money. Then just tear down the whole house. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/nosmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Ok so if you’re doing this in free play mode, then I suggest you start with a new family, and a new house. You can have as many people as you want, but if you want only one
person in your family, then just build one house.

Okkkkk so your in story mode and you’ve torn down the house and all. Now build
TWO houses, one very big and nice if you like that because
now you have a lot of money thanks to the money cheat, and one very small and patheticish. You do this for free play
mode too. Make the first house all nice and then make the second house nice like
an outhouse. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Group Kill: get your Sims that you want to die, (you, Felicity, Ossie, and/or other guests) to go into the house. The way you do this is by locking yourself in the big house, making a group meal, going out of the big house, locking it, and then going into your ugly house. (when I say locking, I just mean the buying and selling of a cheap door once you get in and out of the house) Then set the food down on the floor or something and watch all the Sims pile in. That’s the reason why you make the food, so the Sims are attracted because they can’t get into the big house. Then you can exit the room, or stay in there if you too wanna die, then go into start, buy 5 stoves and two fireplaces. Make sure you have a smoke alarm or two in your other house in case the plan backfires. Then take the door out of the crappy house and get out of start. Turn on the fireplaces and BOOM there’s fire works EVERYWHERE!!! Hahahahaha jk you’ll all burn up and rot in hell. No no no jk you’ll just burn up and ya be ghosts lol.

Single Kill: Build a wall around the Sims you want to kill. Let the magic
happen, simple as that.

If you really wanna be theatrical make the crap house look like a prisoners cell and dress them up in prison like clothes.

And that’s how you kill Sims. I suggest that you let your Sims that are going to live carry on by themselves by pressing the “select” button on your controller. Then a green
thingy will appear and you can go watch your
prisoners die without having to worry about your other Sims.
a quick and easy die recipe!
all u have to do is make soup. squid + juice + milk + blender + oven and that's it!make your sim eat it and she/he will vomit then crumple up and die.it's that easy!
A Tip From Tint.
Having trouble? Is your fridge burning down with your cooker? too many fires? no money? well Tints here to help!

1) NEVER put a fridge and cooker side by side in ANY kitchen. and make sure you have a smoke alarm especially if its a heavy duty kitchen. (e.g loads of binging sims)

2) Have more than one Phone. because sometimes when the phone rings you can't acsess a phone in time, and also because if there was a fire or a burgular in your house you don't wanna get caught. so keep at least one phone in every room (it is not advised to be put in a bedroom as it will wake your sims)

3) Fire code warning? well are there any BIG items that you never use or small ones that you don't need? sell em, you get money AND the bar goes down super fast! try and avoid bunging up every corner. Sims, like us, enjoy space, its also hard to see the game through big objects too.

4) short on skills? need that promo but need a skill but the carpools already outside? then forget about work for that day! unless you already skipped the day off before. you wont get fired on a single day its every 2 days ya have off. everyone needs a break every now and again.

5) Your house is a mess, the maids too much money and probably wont clean it all anyway? do it yourself! i'd advies you to get the 'Vaccum' in the appliance catalog. you need to unlock it, either by cheats or by hard work. then simply put it on and take it for a run round the house. it saves time and its awesome walking around with it on your back!

tight on the money isn't fun at all. (those who aren't cheaters will understand) the bills come tumbling in and you aint got the dosh. DON'T WORRY! make sure you always have $1,000 or more! if you die thats already $100 to start with + all the bills and repairs. it does cost money to even buy food! running a house aint free ya know.

7) Pesky neighbours getting greeted by your other sims?
Kick em out when ever they first get greeted, theres nothing more annoying than an uninvited guest. or you could simply look for a guest killing method. that'd show em!

8) when starting the Game (story mode more than free play) boost your skills as high as it can go! you don't need to rush and because the first part of the game is easy just grab a book and go go go! the quicker your skills are at 10 the better. cause soon you'll be told to boost your skills when your person is so depressed it wont even pick up a plate.

9) Trusty house Trashers
did you make a sloppy sim? never cleans up? can't make friends with anyone? feel like shooting them in the head?
get em in a hot tub or a swing and get high friendship. thats the friends solved.
now the cleaning stuff? well, boost (if you can) their cleaning skills. if in story mode and you cant controll them lock em in a room with nothing but trash and the will be FORCED to clean it up. if in freeplay then just boost up their skills of cleaning. then they should worry more about cleaning.

thats all i got for now! maybe i'll make a second one....
About sims
Only Sims that you can control are the ones you can help.To get 100% completion you need to help 15 Sims. These Sims are those you
can control. So you need to complete all their gold wants.
Always have 100$ in pocket!
Every time you play the sims, whether it is story mode or free mode keep at least 100$ as an emergency fund.
But the question is why 100$?
Actually this "Emergency Fund" is for bribing Death to revive you.
You can always find Death outside of your house.
Awesome and normal Recipes
Well, To be Honest, all the recipes are from different users, but i decided to get the good ones!!! I'll tell you all what i know, maybe i can make a second one,but if i have. By the way,you can find many death recipes so find them, here you go:

#1 Death: Cheese, Juice, Fauxlestra, Squid.
Active-at-work juice:Milk,Mangosteen + Blender
Active-at-work Raw:Avocado,Asparagus,white truffle,Mushroom.
Boost Meal: Oastrich,pork,strawberry, Wheat bread.
Marriage Fast-Food:Beef,white truffle,Lobster,Whole wheat flour.
Love Boost Meal: Passionfruit,Orange,milk,Lobster.
Panini:Llama,Beet,Oat Flour,Corn Oil.
#2 Death:Llama,beet,fauxlestra,squid.
Promo:Turkey,strawberry,milk,whole wheat flour.
Godlike Meal:Oastrich,Lettuce,Lemon,Broth.
#3 Death:Fauxlestra,Squid,Hailbut,Juice.
Ultimate Meal:Oastrich,Lettuce,Strawberry.

Thanks for Reading, I Hope your sim enjoys!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i find more,bye.
Awesome Death!
Cheat at the slot machion. If it dont work the first time keep trying.

Or dace on someones grave for awhile. You will get caught on fire!
Baby blues
I am sorry to say but, however many times u do woohoo, you cannot have a baby! I have tried for so long and then a friend told me. Sorry about that! But if you wish, make a family with a man a women (parents!) and have a adult with the alien skin tone and say it's a child you recived from a alien spaceship! All my friend asked me for this cheat so here you go from me to you. So in conculsion you can make parents but no baby but you can have a made up alien made by you!!!!!
Blooper Reel
On the mission mode, once you complete all 15 people's gold wants and afterwards complete your characters last platinum want(woohoo with 5 sims)a blopper reel will begin of the video at the beginning credits.
boosting skills and sleep by food
first you buy the expensive fridge for 1500. then you get the ingredients ostrich, strawberry, eel, and lobster. (the eel and lobster you would get from harvesting seafood from the aquarium that you can buy). go to the counter and choose prep barbeque, then the stove and make barbeque. it will give you about 130 hunger, 90 energy, and -40 bladder, and!!! it will boost every single one of you skills by 3! its like speed by sim's! the only downside is the skills go away after a few hours, and I can't figure out how to make them stay. however, you still get a lot of energy and food out of it.
Car pool for careers
Here is a list of cars that take you to work after getting 5 promotions. (I may not have all of them)
1.Crime=White old fashioned car
2.Art=Painted car
3.Medical=White Old fashioned car
4.Athletics=Navy Blue Hummer
5. Military=Navy Blue Hummer
6.Law=Police car
7.Business=Black limo
8.Politics=Black limo
9.Science=White Old fashioned car
10.Fashion=Black Limo

cool recipe
To make Hawaiian pizza: get turkey strawberry milk and whole wheat flour then cook it on the stove.
to get an easy way to die what until there is a fire stand next to i and you might turn into a ghost
Don\'t Kill your People
If you kill your people (not your guests) you will not be able to to anything. All you can do is touchure people (in social mode) and you cant use any item so if you die just pay the grim reaper (which should be somewhere on your lawn) or challange him to a fiddle challenge.

Hope That Helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All you do is, go into the Buy catalog, go to Appilances then buy the Fruit Punch Barrel for 950 simoleons. Then when you get hungrey click drink from tap. Done!
Earning money without going to work
To earn lots of money easily simply get your sims art/creative skill level up to 10 and start painting pics on the easel.
This should bring in quite a bit of money per painting.
easy frienship fast
having trouble making friends. you need friends for jobs, aspiration,lots, and clothing, so friends are really freakin important. what you do is go to a lot with some one difficult to talk to. swith to them with L2 or R2. Add the best fireplace have them turn it on with low or high skills and they will catch on fire.[add fireplace in tight spot] if they don't die fast enough kepp trying. when they do die go to there memorial and mourn and your friendship will slowly add up. ENJOY
Easy Marriage
An easy way to get married is to eat food with pink hearts above it. My recipe is: Beef + White Truffle + Lobster + Whole Wheat Flour
Easy marrige!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An easy way to get married is to eat food with pink hearts above it. My recipe is: Beef + White Truffle + Lobster + Whole Wheat Flour, that is really the sorta food you should, you can have another recipe, but thats jus' mine!
Easy Promo!!!!
Items: Frood Tree,Blender

Harvest the Frood Tree. Then,go to the fridge and select get ingredients.
Select Milk frm Dairy & Mangosteen frm Harvested Fruits.
Brng it to the blender & process it.

*Always do diz b4 the carpool arrive. When ur sims arrives frm work,there will be a notice abt his/her promo.

Gud Luck! =]
Easy promotion
To get a fast promotion, create food with Stars effect. An easy way is before the carpool arrives, head to the refrigerator and prepareAvocado + Asparagus + White Truffle + Portabella MushroomEat... (you need not cook it) and head to the carpool. Note: But you
need to have enough friends and good mood for the promotion!

easy skills, promotions and lifestyle. for cheaters.
Gnome (enter first)
Any sim

Open the start screen and enter this code as quick as you can. prctice the code once or twice if you want to in game play.
enter this code to get the Gnome -
unlock gnome enter- L1,R1,up,x,R2
now a weird looking post will apear outside your door somewhere. now enter this code:
Fill all motives enter- UP,CIRCLE,UP,RIGHT,L2
now interact with the Gnome (no name will apear) and click MAX ALL MOTIVES.
not only your needs will be filled but your aspiration bar will be platinum. now you need to unlock all items. enter this code:
Now that you've done that, buy a hamster wheel. (if you don't have enough money then just enter this code and interact with the Gnome and select give sim money. you do not need to enter code more than once.
now go and work out on the hamster wheelwhen your person gets off it due to needs, just simply max all motives again.
of cource you don't need to use hamster wheel, you can read books, play chess and do other things. keep using the money cheat to boost your money. we don't want $996,340 we want $999,999. get your sim a job and watch the promotions FLY in.


unlock gnome (first) enter- L1,R1,up,x,R2
Advanced time by 6 Hours - Circle, Square, L1, Up, Down
Horn Audio - R1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle

Remeber some wont automatically work. you must consult the gnome if it doesn't auto.
Easy Way To Throw A party At 12:OO Midnight
All you do Is First Go to build catalog and click on walls then you pick any type of fence and you build around your front door only And when the police come the cant get in the house to fine you 200§.Or you could do it the hard way and sell all the doors and buy them all back when cops leave.
Easy, quick relationship built-up.
Buy the most expensive bed on list and relax in it.
Then select "enable mojo" and call whoever you want to join you.
Use "woohoo" on them as many times as you need. *hope this helps!*
Energy and fun in one
If you want to save time on filling your fun and energy at the same time, i suggest you folow me.
Somettimes your sim goes to sleep on a couch. When this happens turn your t.v. on or your radio on nearby. You'll notice that your fun and energy bar will go up in the same time. With this you just SAVED TIME AND YOU DIDNT HAVE TO BE BOTHERED TO WORK THEM OUT IN A SEPERATE WAY. i hope this helps!!!
Energy and fun in one
If you want to save time on filling your fun and energy at the same time, i suggest you folow me.
Sometimes your sim goes to sleep on a couch. When this happens turn your t.v. on or your radio on nearby. You'll notice that your fun and energy bar will go up in the same time. With this you just saved time.
Espresso De Shockko
Yea, probibly didnt spell it right butttt, moving on. My brother used to do this over and over to his sims. Heres what ya need:
1. counter
2. espresso machine
3. low machanics
Once you have all three of these requirements, go to the espresso machine and select make drink. Repeat this prosses untill the machine eventually breaks, then try to repair it. Select R1 to fast foward it. If you are lucky, the wrench will get stuck and it will shock you. The shocking will windup killing you. Then, you get to play ghost for a wile untill you deside to return to life. It might not happen the very first time you repair it, so spend your time carefully.

Fireplace trick
Aside from the fact that you can kill your guests by using the genie lamp, you could also try using the fireplace. firstly, go to build catalog and then buy a fireplace. After you've done that, you now have to go to the buy catalog and buy a rug.Secondly now that you have both the fireplace and the rug, you must now call and throw out a burning party by using your phone. When your party guests comes, you must gather them in a small room, then move your fireplace with the rug in the same room too. While doing this you must save first your file so that if you made a mistake you can do it again. Now that you already have all or most of your party guests inside locked up in that room, where your fireplace and the rug is placed, you must go inside too and try to push them nearer in the fireplace so that when you tried your evil plan you wont miss any of them. Light up your fireplace with the rug full of people over it and wait about 10-15 seconds. You will notice that a fire comes out burning the rug with the people over it. Once you have seen this, it means that your plan is now working and any moment by now, your guests will soon die and will be placed in a urn vase, as a sign that they already died. Then walahh!!! you got yourself a perfect garden of tombstones(urn vases as they are still inside the house however if you move them outside your house they will become tombstones)and you have achieved what you wanted.The purpose of this is when you kill people not only your exploring new things in this game but you get a chance to experience what it is like to meet a ghost. I HOPE I HELPED YOU A BIT!!!
fishy food finding.
get a fish tank click harvest animals then you have animals to cook food with!
Food and fun in one easy step
To get your food and fun levels up without having to do it seperately, buy a fireplace and have your sim watch the fire.Watching the fire increases your fun level.Select the fireplace while your sim is watching it and you will have the option to roast marshmallows, and this fills up your food bar. So watch, roast and be merry!
Food Recipes

#Energy Boost Meal
Make a sandwich (that boosts energy and is also a love dish) out of ostrich, pork, strawberry and wheat bread. I think that this will work, but my friend said she wasn't certain, just give it a go!

<span class="wikilists">
  1. A Dairy Drink</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
First buy the most expensive fridge ($1500) from the "Buy Catalogue" (if you haven't got one already). Then buy cheese, egg, milk and yoghurt (all found in the dairy section of the fridge) and go to the "Liquid Blender" (found in the "Appliances" section of the "Buy Catalogue") and click "Make Drink." *For extra boost* go to a kitchen counter and click "Prep Drink" then you may proceed to the "Liquid Blender" to make you desired dairy drink. This recipe is very nice in "Sims 2 PSP Game!" Sims will love it!

#Get Married Fast Food
Go to the fridge and buy beef, white truffle, lobster and whole wheat flour and make any desired food. Make sure it is made in that order and that when your finished making the food it has hearts above it. That way you can eat it, go to your loved one and propose for marriage. It is also helpful if your loved one eats the "love food" as well, but it is not necessarily required. My friend told me about this one, not sure if its true though, i ahvent been able to check it out sense my friend borrowed my game.....

#Love Boost Meal
Want to boost the love of yourself and your loved one? Well here is what to do! Go to the fridge and buy passion fruit, orange, milk and lobster and prepare any food! Whether it's on the counter, stove, food processor, anywhere it will work! (Don't make a drink though). Have you and your loved one to eat it and boost your love together.

#Food with Heart/Love Effect
Go to the fridge and buy llama, ostrich, pork and turkey. Then go to the kitchen counter and make "Carpaccio" I saw this recipe on another cheat website.

#Heart Food
Llama, beet, oat flour and corn oil will make a food with hearts around it. Just make "Panini" and you're done.Thre are many ways to make heart food, just fin it out yourself.

<span class="wikilists">
  1. Ever wondered how to get "Dangleberries"? Well heres two easy ways! Water the Sprouts Couch and harvest them, or dig them up with the metal detector. </li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

#Love Food
Buy pork, carrot, milk and sourdough then make your food. When finished eating it, talk to someone and have fun! My brother told me this one.....

#Vomit Food
If you would like to make your Sim vomit or other Sim then follow this recipe, llama, strawberry, potato and cheese. Then eat it yourself or give it to an arch enemy! Also I think if you get tomato, lettuce, chicken and oranges, that will amke your Sim vomit too. I made it myself but i'm not sure if its oranges.....

#No more hunger Meal
Get lamb, tomato, banana and cheese and Prep Chef's Salad" and then "Make Chef's Salad" Give it to your Sim and it will satisfy your Sim with an amazing 130 hunger!!! So i've heard......

#Killer Food!
Get the best fridge, harvest fish, fruit and vegetables then select llama, beet, fauxlestra and squid. Then get you Sim to eat it then boom, your Sims dead! I dont reccomned you to try it though ahahhaha!!!! Unless you really, really, want to.....

#Promotion and Hunger Satisfaction Food
Buy turkey, strawberry, milk and whole wheat flour. Then go to a counter and choose "Prep Hawaiian pizza". Then, cook/make it.Then eat it of course!!
Food With A Boost
If you put food in this exact order it should make a love boost food passionfruit+orange+milk+lobster=LOVE BOOST use it on someone u want to love if u dont have the fish tank o the two bushes thatu need u should buy them to harvest the food! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Food with Heart Effect
To make food with the Heart Effect, you must firstly buy the best fridge, so you have all the ingredients. Then get the following ingredients:


Now go to a counter with your food, and select "Make Carpaccio".

When your Sim is done they will be holding food with hearts rising out of it. If you eat it you will have a better chance of falling in love with another Sim. Good luck
food with hearts
go into the fridge and get Llama, Beet, Oat Flour and Corn oil and make Panini. This food with have hearts above it and help you with love.
Free food-For the rest of your life!
Desperate for food but can't afford a 12 dollar meal? Then look no further. Just invite someone over by the phone or wait till people drop by outside the house, invite them in, and they'll get some food. Now, wait till they have got their food, go talk to them (they will now drop their food) and click triangle (to cancel action) and pick up their food that they dropped on the floor. This may be faffy, but at least you aren't paying out $12 a day about 3 times. Invite people round whenever you're hungry! Great! Do it every day and you'll be paying nothing, well, maybe great thanks to the neighbours who pay for your meal! Rate it if you love it!
Free Skills
To get some free skills, buy a bookshelf and take a couple of books out. Now sell the bookshelf. The books will remain there for you to use. You can also do this with the Comic Dehydrator.
Get Rich without cheats
At Freeplay mode, do not use any cheats if you want to make normal earnings. Firstly, start with a small house, you can make room mates if you want to but I usually start with myself and ask other Sims to move in with me after i earned lots of simoleons. First, start with the cheap items. Buy a many skill items and make your skills max to 10 and then make lots of friends. Get a job that earns you the most money and keep on working until you live in luxury. Expand your house with expensive furniture, wallpaper and more.
Get a brain-hat like hat.
Successfully complete Science job until level 10. You'll get a brain-hat like in Hat section.
get a vacum thing and how to make your sim jealous
if you get the vacum thingy everytime someone makes a piss use the vac and it will go it also works on spills in the bathroom from the shower. This will save you loads of time. Also if you get married to a sim and then flirt and hit on with another if the other sim is watching they will realy hate you and get realy jealous. Hope this helps!
get promted easily!!!!!
Items: Frood Tree,Blender

Harvest the Frood Tree. Then,go to the fridge and select get ingredients.
Select Milk frm Dairy & Mangosteen frm Harvested Fruits.
Brng it to the blender & process it.

*Always do diz b4 the carpool arrive. When ur sims arrives frm work,there will be a notice abt his/her promo.

Gud Luck! =]
Get your house never get stole.
When night, when you're about to sleep, delete a door that leads to your house. Then your house never get robbed.
Getting a good deal job
when you pick up the news paper you can only look for three in one whole newspaper. if there is one for 300 and take is because if you get to the next level you should get a bonus of 600. really cool

good luck!!!!!!!
Getting Dangleberries
To get Dangleberries, you can water the Sproutch Couch and harvest them, or dig them up with the metal detector.
Getting Friends Quickly
To get friends quickly and without the hassle of carefully picking social options, buy the big hot tub and put 4 people in it and put objects in their way so that they can't get out. They will talk to each other and make friends.
Getting Golden Eggs
Golden Eggs are layed by the Chicken from Prof. Feathers Chicken Checkers (Buy Mode, Skills menu).
God meal (Motives booster)
Put Ostrich, Lettuce, Lemon, and Broth and create Leftovers on the counter. It will have electric bolts and a white light coming out of it. Any orange or red motives will automatically be boosted to halfway <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
help with your sim's last thing to do.
Okay,I haven't tried this when it said for me to do it,bu i hav done this.
You need to be at a place with the vibrating heat beds like HMS Something (the ship).there is 3 people there,so relax in the heart bed.then enable your mojo.call theme in and when the get in they fall under the mojo.they wont get out of the bed.WooHoo him/her,then the other 2 repeting the routine and then invite 2 others and do the same untill u finish.(Note:u hav 2 enable ur mojo wwith every sim.)
Hidden foods
Sometimes,food is made more than one way.Also,foods canbe made that aren't in the recipe book like "Calzone"and the second combo pizza will make everything go up for a limited amount of time.
1st thing you should do is buy the most expensive fridge and buy food processor and blender
2nd you should harvest fish (buy an aquarium then feed first then harvest)
3rd you harvested the fish then if you want to kill others (actually they will only vomit unless felicity is eating it(story mode)Because you can control her..) you have to pick these recipes..:
FAULEXTRA (sorry wrong spelling)

put it in the processor then press "make TarTar"
then after that put it in the blender then make shake...
THERE YOU HAVE IT EAT IT AND.....BOOM......[REALLY IT WORKS..!]i only tried mixing bad things cause really im a cheater so all of my skills are maxed....... i like it when sims die.....
how to die cool
all you have to do is buy a rocket building kit and place it inside your home then build a rocket and walla it will explode and you will be burning and die
How To Kill Sims That You Dont Want To Live With You.(Story Mode Only)
If you dont like your housemates then just simply get them out side and place a 1 by 1 sqaure around them and then they will eventually die.

Happy Killing.
How to make friends fast
1)Buy a hot tub
2)throw a party
3)get in the hot tub and invite other sims to join
4)after they get in, go to buy mode
5)surround the hot tub with furniture to trap them in
6)wait for a while then check your relationships if you made friends
7)to get out, take the furniture surrounding the hot tub away
How to make money without getting a job.
Okay, when you create your sim and fulfill their wants untill you get the 2000 simoleans, buy the electric guitar. If you have to buy a bed, buy a good single bed less than 500 simoleans. Make sure your sim is in a good mood. Get their creativity level up to 10 by playing the guitar every now and then. Anytime you get your sim in a good mood, I reccomend playing the guitar.
When you get their creativity level high enough, sell the guitar. If the guitar does not sell for at least 250 simoleans( It should at an original price of 1500 simoleans) you might have to get a one day job to make up for it.
Once you do, buy the Bonsai tree in "Buy Mode" under "Skill Building." If you have your creativity level at 10, select the tree and select "Prune." Press the R1 button to double the gameplay speed, and it should take no more than 4 seconds to prune the tree. Once you have pruned it, go to "Buy Mode" and selct the tree. Sell the tree and it should sell for 525 simoleans, for a profit of 275 simoleans.
I reccomend doing this one more time, and then using the profits to buy more and more until you are up to 30 trees at a time, and so on. If you sold 30 trees a day, at 525 simoleans, that would be a profit 8250 simoleans a day, and you could possibly do this multiple times a day.
I reccomend doing this until you have a large amount of simoleans, and then pursue your wants to unlock more objects. Just remember to keep your sims in a good mood every day to do this. I hope this helps. God Bless!!!!!!!
How To Make Your Sim An Exilent Guitar Player
Here is a three (3) step way to making your Sim a guitar expert!

1. Buy a Radio, Boom Box, or any other kind of music player.

2. Turn it on to "Mu Metal".

3. Start playing the Guitar.
Hungry and Broke?
Note: You need to have a family member that is not controlled by a human for this cheat..

If you're Sim is Hungry, yet he has no money, There is a really funny trick for this problem. Computers don't have to pay for food from the fridge so all you do is wait till another sim (from your house) grabs food (let them cook it) socialize with them. They will drop their food then just stop socializing and grab their food! (you have to be quick, though.) If the computer is faster than you and grabs their food before you, try again.
Hurt your sim
This is more than a tip really, can work with one or two sims. buy the quarto grav airtub in the buy menu then wait til a sim wants 2 go in once he/she starts changing wait for like a second then turn it off the sim will fall down and hit the floor (ouch)
Hurt Your Sim!!
Buy the workout machine. Then,make ur sim go to it. Press X & select the heavyweight option. Your sim will lift it but then the dumbbells will be too heavy and ur sim will be stuck under it.

Its fun to watch. =]
hurt your sims
Ok, buy an alien tank and make your Sims go to sleep in it. Then get another Sims to go to the tank and click clean. Your Sims will spin around really fast. I did this to Jonas at the alien crash site a lot.
hope you like it:)
Hurt Your Sims With The Rat Race Executive Power Wheel!!
Wait until your Sim/a Sim decides to go on the Rat Race Executive Power Wheel.Once they're running,choose the option "Lock Wheel" and the Sim inside will get hurt!!muahahaha!
iii!!!build up friendships fast!!!iii (need vibromatic love bed)
If u want to build up an relationship with a sim quick and easy all you need to do is buy a vibromatic love bed or use the one at Cliffside Retreat in Story Mode. You can do this tip with a complete stranger but you must use this bed.

This is soooo easy all you have to do is relax in the bed and get another sim to join you. Select on the enable mojo option while your in the bed and then you woohoo.
Everytime your do this you build your relationship up by 20.

Hope it helps lub channie & Eden!
Increasing Hunger and Fun at the same time.
Buy a table
Buy a chair
Buy a radio

Place your radio at the table, and then eat your food while the radio is on. That's it! Hunger and Fun are increased at the same time.
Job Master
To master the Business career you must have Creativity at level 9, Logic skill at level 9, and Charisma skill at level 7.

Keep your job
If you miss your ride to work on your second day of missing work, before it says you have been fired, quickly find another job by looking in the newspaper or the Internet. Once you have avoided the call to get fired, you can change back to your previous job without being demoted and getting deducted skill points.

Kill Sims With the Rocket Bench
To kill Sims with the rocket bench, launch a rocket in the house. Your Sim will catch on fire and die.
Kill your Sim!
First, get the Jimmy Three Fingers Rocket Bench. Then, buy a bunch of rugs and put them near every flammable object. After that, create a rocket and launch it in the house. Finally, when you see where the fire is, stand on the rug you put near it! If the rug catches fire while your Sim is standing on it, it will not take long for your Sim to burn... >=D
Killing Guests
Buy the Genie Lamp in Buy Mode/Miscellaneous and talk to it when someone is visiting. They will catch on fire and die.
Lezbian Marrage!
Ok, yes I'm a boy, and not gay, i've currently got a girl friend, but on the sims 2 you can technically do anything, even get lezie's and gays married on it!, I'll show you how to get 2 lezies married!:

1. make 2 girls in creation mode
2. make the house
3. after as soon as you have finished the house you have to...
4. resume game
6.talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, joke, joke, other stuff, etc
7.after you have reached friend (relation ship 40)
8. start talking and joking then start playing with the new options
9. get relation ship to 100, then after choose the kiss options
10. AFTER you've done all lovey dovey
11. ask to propose (marry) and if she says yes then your a lezbian marrige!
love food
pork+carrot+milk+Sourdough Then talk to somone and have your fun.
love food for sim
go to the frige and get carrot+lime+tomotos youre sim well fall in love with it
Make your sim vomit
Make a recipe including:

To make your sim vomit.
Making Friends
When you're trying to make friends with a Sim who just won't budge and seems impossible, remember this. Buy a swing or a sofa, or a hot tub. You can sit on that and call the victim over, providing they aren't at work, sleeping or doing something else, but if they don't come over, be persistant. Once they're sat down near you don't give them time to escape. Simply cage your Sim and that Sim in to the sofa with chairs or something else so there is no escape. Leave them for a few Sim days and they should have 100 friendship. It works with hot tubs particularly well, because you get to box in a whole lot of Sims and have lots of friends in a very short time!
Max Room Mood.
Buy 3-4 Polyp Sculpture
Buy 3-4 Computer Rag Wizard

Your room must be paint a wallpaper and floors to max the room mood.
Meny Ways To Kill Sims
Here Are Some Ways To Kill Sims.

1. Get a Fireplace and a rug. Place the Rug in front of the fire place. Light a fire. close all walls and wait for the Sim that is in there to burn. Must have some office chairs.

2. Buy the Slot Machine and have your Sim cheat. Do it over and over again until your Sim dies.

3. Buy the Rocket Bench and then launch a Rocket from your house.

4. Repeatably dance on a grave.
mom cleans up
get mom a telescope and make her look in it for ages and she should get takin away and she will come back and click clean up and she will
More Ingredients
The better fridge you have, the more ingredients you'll be able to use.
Moving Sims out in Story Mode!
Okay, this is tricky, but works. Set a hot tub at the place you live, and invite any amount (up to 3) sims from where you want them to leave. Get in and invite the others to the hot tub. While they are in it, block it with counters, fence posts, etc. Eventually they will die. When they die, leave them there, and go to the area they originally lived. There should be no one there, and you can do whatever you want.

The way they die is that they will pee and poop in the hot tub (Eww...) but this will make it to where the ghost are permanently stuck there.

EDIT: This cheat works well if you dimmer them down before inviting them, and making sure your sim doesn't have to use the restroom.
No more sleep
Buy a fridge during freeplay mode, and eat a plate of pork, chicken, beef and water 5 times. Your sim will never get tired
No options needed.
Ehm, y' all know the gnome cheats and blahblahblah right? Oke, here's the hint. You do not need to go options to do that cheat, actually. As i actually tried doing the cheats outside ( Not during options ) and it works! As the skill cheat got a triangle command so whenever i did that i always went out of the options. So i just dont care and did it outside. *sorry if you dont understand my english. :}
Not playing but controlling your player(s)
While playing, hit select and your player does stuff on it's own! If you want to control him/her while having them do their own stuff, move the green bar that shows up and click on something. Your person will do that task! You can also make a list for your person to do if you don't want to! I do it all the time.
Not too late
If you throw a party and it last past midnight the cops will come and fine you 200 dollars.
So it is recommended not to throw a party up to too late in the night.
not what you think
people when you read a hint saying how to make a great meal plese get it throuh your head that you sims cooking skill depends on what you will get if your cooking skill is at 10 it will fill your sim up more if you skill is at 0 it will not fill you up as much as being at 10
Paying bills
To avoid paying bills, simply collect the bills from the mailbox and dropit down. Press Select button and go to Buy Catalog. Press Square button to enter Grab Mode. Select the bill and press square to remove it. You need not pay the bill now!
pixel (blur) ghost
buy a costume trunk for $5,500 and go to it press x and select 'wear nothing' build a 2x2 room and put a fire place in put a door on the room put 1 sim you want to kill in there take the door off make the sim light the fire put sim at a corner and buy a sprawl-mart end table and wait until sim dead then pixels (blur)will be there and you can pixelise anything ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pointless but quite fun (for those who want to try some thing new)
Go to your fridge (you have to have a fish tank and harvest the fish and the most expensive fridge) buy some squid and brew (a pot of soup) go on make soup once it is made eat it.
This has mixed results depending on how good you are at cooking, when my Sim tried it, my Sim vomited, then the Sim messed Himself and died!!!!

Bear in mind it won't work if you do it wrong.

<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> hope you got a kick out of it, i did <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
popstar death
Get the DJ System under Electronics in Buy Mode, and place it any where.
Make the Sim you want to die do the DJ Command.
Keep making them press the laser button until they get electrocuted.

Your Sim must (not unless you get lucky) have low creativity skills.
promotion juice
Not many people know this but if you get a

1. Blender (Electronics section)

2. Milk (Dairy section)

3. Mangosteen (Harvested fruit section)

Tip: Get The Mangosteen by harvesting it off a Fruid Tree

Go to the fridge and get the two ingredients .
Go to the blender.
Mix the ingredients Into a Fruit Shake.
Drink it and stars will appear above your head.
And there you have it, The Promotion Juice!!!

Tip: Use it before The carpool comes to take you to work, but also if the carpool comes at nine don't use it at 7 or the effect will where off.

Warning: If you don't have the stats it wont work.

Good Luck!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Putting Things That can Only be Placed Outside in Your House
If you remove 1 wall from your house, you will be able to put things that can only be placed outside in your house. If a Sim died in the house, their urn memorial will turn into a tombstone. You can also get rain in your house by doing this.
Quick & easy way to die
I've tried it and it DOES work...

1: Get your sim out in an open space. Next, build a small room around your Sim. Then buy a fireplace, and put it in the room. Select "LIGHT A FIRE", then press START and buy a few gas stoves (they are the ones that look older than the others), and surround your Sim with them. MAKE SURE YOUR SIM IS IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE! Then, fast-forward time (R1). Eventually, the stoves will catch on fire, in turn YOU will catch on fire!

PS: Watching the Sims burn is entertaining, as they start freaking out.
Recipe For +Energy, +Love, +Promotion Effect! ^_^
*Note: This is an Update from my previous post under my very old username: BlackCatGamerGoddess.

For One Person Meals, you'll only need to Harvest once per Miscellaneous Item. For a Group Meal serving, you'll need to Harvest three times per Miscellaneous Item. As long as you Buy & Sell Items before Midnight, you won't lose any Simoleons.

1. Purchase in Buy Catalog ~ Miscellaneous Tab: "Frood" Tree, "Manilla 1000" Marine Aquarium, and GenoLife Garden Hutch.

2. Harvest fruits, seafood, and vegetables from all three.

3. Get from any Refrigerator: Shark, Lobster, White Truffle, Mangosteen.

4. Go to a nearby Counter & Prepare Kebabs.

5. Bring Pot to Stove & Make Kebabs.

6. Depending on your Sims Cooking Skill Level, This Recipe satisfies: 91 Hunger, 65 Energy & -29 Bladder. It Boosts your Sims Energy, causes Love Effect {Hearts Over Their Head} & Promotion Effect {Stars Over Their Head}.
Recipe For Energy, Love & Promotion Effect
1. Harvest From "Frood" Tree the following:"Manila 1000" Marine Aquarium & GenoLife Garden Hutch.

*Note: For One Person Meal, You Will Only Have To Harvest Once Per Miscellaneous Item. For A Group Meal Serving, You Will Have To Harvest Three Times Each. As Long As You Purchase & Sell Each Item Before Midnight, You Will Not Lose Any Simoleons.

2. Get From Any Refrigerator: Shark, Lobster, White Truffle & Mangosteen.

3. Go To Nearby Counter & Prepare Kebabs.

4. Bring Pot To Stove & Make Kebabs.

5. This Recipe Satisfies: 91 Hunger, 65 Energy & -29 Bladder. It Boosts Your Sims Energy, Gives Them A Love Effect {Hearts Over Their Head} & Promotion Effect {Stars Over Their Head}.
Save time
When sims are getting changed (using the changing curtain thing) they will take up to 6 sim minutes. To lower this time simply wait till the curtain goes round your sim and then hold the pause button (L1). Then wait for feet to appear out the bottom of the sims curtain. Now you can let go of the pause button and you've saved 6 sim minutes.
skill food
buy the best fridge get lama strawberries potatoes and cheese select prep chef salad then kook it itll make u throw up but it will greatly boost your skill temporarily
Skip job
Want to skip job without being fired?

Do this 3-4 hours before your regular work time
Just enter the 6-hour advance code
Thats all!!
do this whenever you like...
Somebody In Your Way?
Lets say you want to go on the Computer and another sim is already on there, this means you have to wait until the sim has decided to get off right? Well no, simply start to socialise with the sim in your way and they will leave what they were currently doing to talk to you. Now cancel talking to the sim and quickly get onto the Computer before the sim goes back on.
Start with 40 thousand simelions
Hii <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />

Rightt, go on the freeplay and then go onto the newbie family. Evict them from their house and then bulldoze it, ( or dont if you want to keep the same layout). Then go on move in family and click on the newbie family. Then press edit family and delete their sims and make up your own. Then move them into whatever house you want and you will start with all their money. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" /> <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />

If you want you could play on their family until they get more money and then use my cheat. Then you could have more <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />

Hope i helped <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />
Supe Food!!Makes You Sim Say:"I'm Full!"
This is MY super food tip on how to fill your Sim's belly if they're starving.First of all, you need a fridge tat will give you all ingredients.Then, go to it and select "Get Ingredients".Then, take out lamb+tomato+banana+cheese and prepare it.Next select "prepare chef's salad",then "cook chef's salad"on your range and wallah!Food for your Sim that will satisfy around 130 hunger!!I'm still trying to fix this problem where I always end up burning something after looking at the food...It's probably how lame my Sims cook!*grin*
The Sim's 2 music is just like the actual!
Turn on the radio and choose a song. All the songs that are "Pop", just sound like the actual, cool, music. So just turn it on, and hear some good music free. (The only problem is that is in Sim's Language, but it's still pretty cool and very good music).I recomend: Paramode = Pressure, and Kitty Shakes = Another World, and some other cool musics.
Theres a ghost in my hot tub
To get a ghost in the hot tub invite someone over, get someone in the hot tub then call the person over then once they are in the hot tub go to the taxi stand and hit move location and move to the location they live at then the person that is in the hot tub at the other house yeah yor gonna have to kill them once you do move back to the location you used to be at and they will be a ghost in your hot tub. this also works with the bed
Well just buy the things (separately)and sell them immediately afterwards.

Well to put your mind at rest, BURGLARS NEVER COME! I HAVE COMPLETED THE GAME AND I KNOW THAT BURGLARS NEVER COME- BUT THEY MIGHT FOR YOU! But, if your one of those people that have bought loads of expensive stuff at the house, then buy a BURGLAR ALARM if you want.

Do all their skill things that they need, but do at least 1 more in the skill levels, and go to work in a good mood and you should get promoted quickly.

Well just keep trying to kiss the other Sim, and if the Sim keeps on rejecting you, your level will go to FRIEND, and you can do more things in FRIEND status, like CHARM and HIT ON_ but be aware that sometimes HIT ON just makes you become BEST FRIENDS.


In Story Mode, when you get to the house that is FENG SHUI and is called YAMOTA sumert, just do Larry's gold wants and that will unlock the next location-You might have to do Chantal's wants. When the next location is unlocked, GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE! cos your main Sim will probably lose his/her job- it has happened to me 3 TIMES!!!

Also in Story Mode< when you go to the next place (JUGEN HOUSE) you've got to make the old guy become enemies with 3 people, and one arch enemy. Just make sure that the old guy doesn't fall out with your Sim.

In Free Play, if you wanna make a new house, but don't wanna spend all that money and time building it, just build ONE room and put the shower, phone and toilet in there. Outside, put everything else, like the bed and the food stuff. And your Sims can pee and take a shower in peace,they don't get
woken up by the phone ringing and you keep a lot of extra cash! Everybody wins!

If you are sick of another in-game Sim, just get the Sim to go into a room, and sell all the doors, windows e.t.c so the Sim is in darkness and alone. Then you can listen to that Sim cry and stuff happily, and you won't have to worry about the Sim botherin you. But, when that Sim eventually dies, they will be able to leave that room, and you'll have to keep on trapping them.

If you want to get one of those GOLD WANTS that says that you need to be at LEVEL 8 CAREER LEVEL, and your at level 7, there aren't any foods or stuff that can help you get promoted. You are just gonna have to do all the skills that they need.

Tips for Newbies
If you are a newbie and need help then read this.

First if you are playing freeplay mode then you need a make your sim first. If you are geeting married then put the boy are girl in your family so they will be easyier to get married to. Now you need to make your house. If you need money the use a cheat code.Here are some.

R1 L1 R2 Right Left Give Money (9,999)
L1 R1 Up X R2 Unlock Gnome (enter first)
Up,Circle,Up,Right,L2 Fill All Motives
R2 Square Up Down Right X Unlock All Recipes
Square R2 Down Right Square Unlock All Clothing
L2 Circle Down Left Up Unlock all Objects

Now that you have money, It\'s time to build your house. If you read your guide then you know how to make a house if you didnt then oh well.

You will need a nice house with a lot of room depending on how many sims are living there. 1-2 sims =a small house. 3-4 = a big house.
Once you made your house make a few freinds and get maried. To get married give the sim food, talk with them and eventally, the sim with fall in love with you and then propose once your realsionship is at 100. They should say yes.

Now you will have to get a job. The lawyer job pays the most but you have to get sevral promotions. Getting a job is all up to you, but it is the most common way of earning money.

You need to figure out every thing else on your own now. Hope That Helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tips in General
Ya know how you always have sims asking for items worth a certain amount of money for their really annoying aspiration bars? Well buy it. Even if it is overpriced. All you have to do, though, is sell it right after that particular sim gets their aspiration points (this does not work on PC). You get all your money back and your sim has aspiration points. Neat-o!

If you also need to buy objects in lots(houses) to learn some things, just sell them when you leave that lot. Buy them again in that certain lot.

Ok, have you ever been to sunset canyon? There is NOTHING I repeat NOTHING to do there. Your sim would be in such a bad mood. What I suggest is stay in the HMS Amore or Cliffside Retreat (whatever comes before Sunset Canyon if you move) and earn loads of cash there from working (you can't live off of Ossie and Felisity's 2000$ in the beggining of the game). Then move to Sunset Canyon and furnish that place. All they have there is slot machines, a bathtub, a bar table, and some crappy trashed dining room.

Friends are sometimes so overrated in this game. If your sim is having trouble making friends quickly make a recipe of lemon, lime, and carrot. I think this recipe produces hearts from it. If you cook it, make sure you do sweet vegetable soup (and make it a group meal). After you make it, serve one plate of it to the friend you wanna have, and eat one plate all to yourself. Then socialize with that person, and use all the high scoring social interactions. They don't fail if you have hearts above your head! Just a not of caution though, you have about an hour (1 minute to you and me in real life) to do this. Use your time wiseley! The hearts eventually wear off, and if you don't see that, it might be disastrous.

Want a filling food? First you'll need a really good fridge, and then select all the meats from it. Cook it to make a roast, and I believe it fills your hunger by 90 something. Happy cooking!

Wanna kill sims? All you do is build a room around them, and make sure it is empty. They will evenually die after some long long minutes. It's a rather slow process.

Hope these tips come in useful! - Ma Yum

#First buy a "Heart Bed" from the "Buy Catalogue". Then hit relax. When you get in pause, save and quit. Then go back to your "Sims 2" game. You should be able to walk around nude. You will walk around nude but you will have the blur still covering the genitals, just find out how to get the "No Blur Cheat" and there you go your fully, visible naked!

#Buy any "Telescope" and use it for a long period of time. (Make sure your Sim does not need to go to the toilet, have a shower, hungry etc.) Then your Sim will disappear due to "Alien Abduction". A few hours later, your Sim will reappear with different stats.
Tired And Work Is Just A Hour Away?
Work is just a hour away and your sim has been up all night making friends and getting the vital stat points needed to get a job promotion. Because your sim has been up all night they are very tired as they haven't had any sleep, so I highly recommend you go and sit on a couch and take a power nap. A quick power nap will boost your sims energy and get them ready and pumping for work so that job promotion can be yours for the taking.
Unlockable Objects
The following objects can be unlocked when you reach a certain number of Aspiration Points.

Comic Dehydrator --------------------- 500
Hawaiian Fantasy Tiki Torch ---------- 700
Dial-a-While Bird Bath --------------- 900
Wurl 'N' Hurl Retro Jukebox ---------- 1100
Snuffit Fire Destroyer --------------- 1300
"Fists of Bunny" Poster -------------- 1500
Fruit Punch Barrel ------------------- 1900
Sproutch Couch ----------------------- 2000
Hippity Humpity! Arcade Game --------- 2100
The Eggalitarian --------------------- 2300
Driver Pro 2006: "Chip Shots." ------- 2500
The Vibromatic Heart Bed ------------- 2800
Piazza Amoretto Fountain ------------- 3100
Cuddler's Cradle --------------------- 3400
Retro Space-Age Action Pinball ------- 3700
White Rabbit Bubble Blower ----------- 4000
"Truth" Telescope -------------------- 4300
Dig Dog Hotdog Dispensary ------------ 4600
Summer Breeze Toilet Hut ------------- 4900
Defective Arcade Genie Lamp ---------- 5300
"The Heffe" Raw Hide Rug ------------- 5700
P5 4400SX+ DS ------------------------ 6100
"Magic Fingers" Hydraulic Massage ---- 6500
Niagara Love Tub --------------------- 6900
Strike-a-Match Air Hockey ------------ 7300
U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism ---- 7700
Trampoline --------------------------- 8200
Blade Vision VERY High HD TV --------- 8700
Spin the Bottle ---------------------- 9200
"Procedural" Music System ------------ 9700
Screaming Death Bonfire -------------- 10300
Psychonautica's Cerebro Chess -------- 10900
Radioproactive Heating Stove --------- 11500
Madcap Miner Metal Detector ---------- 12000
Prof. Feathers Chicken Checkers ------ 12100
Facade King Western Hotel ------------ 12800
Cantankerous Bowel Fish -------------- 13500
Facade King Western Bank ------------- 14300
U-Probe-It Computing Organism -------- 15100
Peppy Pete's Player Piano ------------ 15900
Turntablitz DJ Booth ----------------- 16800
Quattro-Grav Air Tub ----------------- 17700
Pathologie Costume Trunk ------------- 18600
Facade King Western Store ------------ 19600
Facade King Western Saloon ----------- 20600
Rat Race Executive Power Wheel ------- 21700
Freedom Vacuum ----------------------- 22800
'White Fire' Teppanyaki Table -------- 24000
SlumberGell Immersion Pod ------------ 26500
Wurl N' Hurl Gnarlosurf 2000 --------- 27900
Vomit Party
Want To see people vomit in your house ?
Just follow this steps !
1a.Buy A freedoom vacuum (why I say this? Because I don't want to see a dirty house!)If You Have This Vacuum Skip This Step

1b.Have a maid ( if you don't want to move and expensive)

2.Have 3 table (please don't buy 3 big table!)If You have a big table skip this step

3.Have a aquarium (Tou Need to harvest the fish) if you have this skip this step

4.Choose Goup meals !

5.choose fish (Meat can be used too!) Four in the same type

6.Prepare it (Can use counter,stove,juicer or proccesor)

7.Put it on the table

8.throw the party

9.Greet all the guest

10.wait until the guest eat the food (the fridge must be hidden) not in a room that have a door please

11.Let the vomit start !!!

12. after the party end use the vacuum to clean the room (if you have maid just wait the maid clean!)


tips:Do the party outside the house

some time I will make this again see ya!!!
Walk Around Naked
All you have to do is buy the costume trunk and set it in your house somewhere and then click on it and choose "Wear Nothing" and there you have it ... I had a house full of nudes Lol ... Its fun . But there is still a blur nd fer all the pervets i dun know the unblur cheat <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Lol
Want a fast crush
getting a crush is easy, make sure your Sims are in a good mood, then get your Sim and the Sim that you want to fall in love with and press hit on twice and there you have one, pressing check out is another way, but if you do that it will be hard to do things like hold hands, caress, and smooch.
Want to make good pictures (social)
Need to draw goo pictures to make a friend? Just get HIGH Creativity Skill Points!
Ways to Die
Here are all the ways to die -

Starvation -
Don't feed your Sims for a couple days

Fire -
When there's a fire stand next to it eventually you'll catch fire and burn

Dance on Grave -
Dance on a grave and you'll burst up into flames and die

Poison -
If you make really bad food (e.g Llama, Beet, Flauxlestra & Squid) and make your Sim eat it they will throw up and die

Electrocution -
If a Sim stands in a puddle whilst trying to repair an electrical object or tries to repair something with low mechanical skill they'll get electrocuted and die

Lazered -
If you continually use Lazer's on the dj booth eventually your Sim will get Lazered and die
Ways to Kill Your Sim
I have found some ineffective and some effective ways to kill a Sim. One way that definitely DIDN'T work very well, was trapping my sim in a small room and waiting for him/her to die. It took WAY too long. Running around trying to starve my sim didn't work so well either. Sometimes feeding my sim "sushi" (Which is just raw fish) worked. But the MOST effective way to kill my sim, was by fire. Place a fireplace in a small room. Light it. Then place a bed next to it. Sometimes u can get ur sim to stay in the bed, sometimes u can't. If the sim gets out of the bed, its ok. That just means it will catch on fire! Then u get close to the fire until ur sim catches on fire. Oh yeah, and make sure there are NO DOORS!!! You don't want the fire department arriving to save you. <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Now your sim should be dead. Then you can play around and be a ghost and mess with ur guests and family. This method is 100% guaranteed to work. I promise. If you have any questions, just email me. <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Have fun killing your sim!
Working 'Poison' Food!
Just get a fridge with the following ingredients:

Squid (Harvested)
Dangleberry (Harvested)
Avocado (Harvested)

Get them out and prepare the first item, the one with the ' in it.
Eat it! You'll vomit and die! Great!

Serving suggestions:
Give to someone you hate.
Make a group meal, put it in a room, call a party and get every one in there. Remove the doors and they all die! (Note: don't put a fridge in the "Death Room")
you think....
People think you have to complete ALL your wants, you dont just lokk for the golden box at the top and thats the only wants you need to complete keeep working on it for your sim and the others sims that need help.

If you wanna know how you've helped a sim the box will be green, all of them will be green,look for the sims that have the platinum and gold boxes


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Board feet
This happened once with set skill cheat on. I set my body level to 10,then as I wa bored,I went on the surf machine and I pressed R1 to fast forward time.Then my sim went off the machine and a board was stuck to my feet!
cell phone
Ok here is how you get the cell phone glitch it is very simple just buy the phone and go up to it then click it then click prank then fart on phone; as soon as the phone gets to your sims ear pres triangle and you should have the phone part in your hand; (NOTE) if you do this you can not use ANY other phone even your new (cell phone) again. ever!
Death Potion
With the recipe given below, you will be able to make a smoothie that makes the drinker blow chunks then DIE.
Good for getting rid of unwanted guests or enemies.
CAUTION:Guest's ghosts will remain on the lot and haunt you and your guests

Red Snapper

Food processor

Tip:Make a group serving of the drink and set it down and watch random people drink it then die
New Character!!!
In Shoreline Trails, you can access a character besides the one u created and Farah! When you fall in love and marry Torin, his character is unlocked! Then, you can customized him any way you like.

Little adjustion: All you have to do to get a new character is get them to be your best friend or lover and ask them to move in you don't have to marry them and it can be anybody.
Not home for a day or two...
This is available at Story and Freeplay Mode

When your sim is workin at a particular job, before the end of his/her job use the advace 6-hour code, then your sim or two is not going home for a day or two!!
Skills up 3 pionts
Alright i'm here trying to make Combo Pizza and i get Turkey+Tomato+Cheese+Whole wheat Flour and I didn't look at the recipe for Combo Pizza and I make Chefs Salad (this was on Free Play Mode) and eat it ! time and it put me up 3 skills points I eat it again (so I know I can put it on neoseeker cheats) and then it took away my 3 skill points. Well hope you guys like it.
The Campsite bed

The freaky thing about Sims is they do not sleep normal although it may look like. Buy any bed but it is very difficult to see but possible so i recommend you should buy the campsite bed. Then select sleep(i don't know if relax would do) and look under the bed quickly if your Sim is not tired and the sleep motive is full so low energy need is the best thing because it can take 10 minutes in real life when Sims sleep and that is plenty of time. And there, you have a leg glitch. Verify if you like it and if it doesn't work for you it works perfectly for me <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Wierd Legs
First, get on a bed. Call anybody you want (I think you should call the one you love.) Then, WooHoo with her/him. And after its done, Wait for the girl/boy to get off the bed. And you do the same like her/him. And speed the game up (R1). And you will see your legs is like.. Uhh... Under you legs? lol. (You will need some practice.) (NOTE: His/Her legs wont be like that forever. It will turn back to normal.)

Easter eggs

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Christmas tree
want a christmas tree? well all you have to do is put a pine tree outside(put it where you want it to be in your room) and put walls around it.
Make Out Fast
Go to a fridge and pick get group meal ingreadients then use these food.> carrot+lime+sourdough+water, then make soup and bread. then grab a plate, when done, talk to the person u want to marry and pick make out <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Potty Food
When you take pork, turkey, chicken and beef and put it in the food prossesor and select "make tartar" you end up having the need to go to the bathroom!


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More Money
If you don't like using cheats, you can use this for extra money. (freeplay only) If you have the Newbie family, instead of deleting them, make a new family. Instead of starting with $20,000, you start with $40,000
Cheats and Aspiration Unlocks
Aspiration Unlocks
Comic Dehydrator --------------------- 500
Hawaiian Fantasy Tiki Torch ---------- 700
Dial-a-While Bird Bath --------------- 900
Wurl 'N' Hurl Retro Jukebox ---------- 1100
Snuffit Fire Destroyer --------------- 1300
"Fists of Bunny" Poster -------------- 1500
Fruit Punch Barrel ------------------- 1900
Sproutch Couch ----------------------- 2000
Hippity Humpity! Arcade Game --------- 2100
The Eggalitarian --------------------- 2300
Driver Pro 2006: "Chip Shots." ------- 2500
The Vibromatic Heart Bed ------------- 2800
Piazza Amoretto Fountain ------------- 3100
Cuddler's Cradle --------------------- 3400
Retro Space-Age Action Pinball ------- 3700
White Rabbit Bubble Blower ----------- 4000
"Truth" Telescope -------------------- 4300
Dig Dog Hotdog Dispensary ------------ 4600
Summer Breeze Toilet Hut ------------- 4900
Defective Arcade Genie Lamp ---------- 5300
"The Heffe" Raw Hide Rug ------------- 5700
P5 4400SX+ DS ------------------------ 6100
"Magic Fingers" Hydraulic Massage ---- 6500
Niagara Love Tub --------------------- 6900
Strike-a-Match Air Hockey ------------ 7300
U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism ---- 7700
Trampoline --------------------------- 8200
Blade Vision VERY High HD TV --------- 8700
Spin the Bottle ---------------------- 9200
"Procedural" Music System ------------ 9700
Screaming Death Bonfire -------------- 10300
Psychonautica's Cerebro Chess -------- 10900
Radioproactive Heating Stove --------- 11500
Madcap Miner Metal Detector ---------- 12000
Prof. Feathers Chicken Checkers ------ 12100
Facade King Western Hotel ------------ 12800
Cantankerous Bowel Fish -------------- 13500
Facade King Western Bank ------------- 14300
U-Probe-It Computing Organism -------- 15100
Peppy Pete's Player Piano ------------ 15900
Turntablitz DJ Booth ----------------- 16800
Quattro-Grav Air Tub ----------------- 17700
Pathologie Costume Trunk ------------- 18600
Facade King Western Store ------------ 19600
Facade King Western Saloon ----------- 20600
Rat Race Executive Power Wheel ------- 21700Freedom Vacuum ----------------------- 22800
'White Fire' Teppanyaki Table -------- 24000
SlumberGell Immersion Pod ------------ 26500
Wurl N' Hurl Gnarlosurf 2000 --------- 27900

R1 L1 R2 Right Left Give Money (9,999)
L1 R1 Up X R2 Unlock Gnome (enter first)
Up,Circle,Up,Right,L2 Fill All Motives
R2 Square Up Down Right X Unlock All Recipes
Square R2 Down Right Square Unlock All Clothing
L2 Circle Down Left Up Unlock all Objects

Yes, 2 people have posted this, but I thought it would be better to have it all in one.

Even greater killing power!
My sims do not die when given milk, water shark and squid, or tuna red snapper eel and squid, so i invented my own recipe!
it is:
then make hors de'oueveres. The food has pink hearts over it, but these vanish when ur sim dies... >
Full Motivation Cheat (All Bars Full!!!)
When you have unlocked the cheat gnome/trophy,enter during gameplay Up,Circle,Up,Right,L2 and it will appear on your cheat gnome/trophy.

Good Luck!!
How to get married more than once without the other sim knowing
Ok. You will start out with the two roomates Ossie and Feicity. And I know this sounds weird but you must merry Felicity. When she marries you then merry Ossie. Merry him right in front of her to make her jelous. Then go down to shorline trails and merry everyone. When you a=have married them all then divorce all girls that you have married.Make them mad. And there you have it none of the guys know that you are cheating.
Kill Sims With the Slot Machine
To kill Sims with the slot machine, have the Sim use the "Cheat" option over and over again and they will eventually die.
Killing Guests
Throw A Party And Start Cooking A Group Meal Pizza (Squid,Milk,Sourdough) And Leave It On The Counter Before You Finish preparing It and Answer The Door. The Guests Will Eat It And Die.
Set A Skill Level
you need to goto the main screen and then click wether you prefer free play or story. It should then come up as load saved game or start new this is were you type in L1,R1, up, X, R2 you should here a women sigh. you then go into the load game. got the family you want and enter into their house.
Near the letterbox there should be a little trophy with a sims diamond on top. You then need to find someone and while *talking* you enter any cheat codes. After your done talking got the trophy and click on it all the cheats codes you have entered should be there...
I am 100% positive that this works I must say the best cheat to use is the fill motives. This cheat makes your sims need go up so i use this cheat alot.
ps. you need to type this cheat in for all the cheats at the begining of each time you play.
Skill up!

Enable the "Cheat Trophy" code, then press Triangle, Circle, Square, R2, Left while playing the game. Select the Cheat Trophy, then Interaction/Location: Change Skill - [name]/Change to [number].

Cheat trophy code is: L1, R1, Up, X, R2.

Hope you enjoy.
SUPER FOOD!!!! (for stomach and promotion!)
Tired after having your sim reading books or doing things all day? I know I am.

turkey + strawberry + milk + whole wheat flour.

Go to a counter and choose to PREPARE hawaiian pizza. Then, cook it. It's stats should be around...

120 hunger, -3 bladder, blah blah bl - The rest of the good news is the fact that it is a food with stars coming off of it and, if your mood bar is AT LEAST 1/4 full then you are GUARANTEED a promotion up to level 3 jobs.

This is to set your skill level
Ever tired of burning food, taking 4ever to repair stuff wothout hiring. Well besides being rich and hiring you can use this cheat:
triangle circle square R2 left

Use this to stop your sim from burning down hte house... >: D


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When making a sim sleep, it takes times and even makes the other bars ( bladder/ hunger/ ...) fall.

There's a really helpful recipe to fill your empty stomache, plus your energy bar with a small bladder fall, to say nothing about other impressive effect!! Hunger+energy+skill+lovelife

First, buy the most expensive fridge (which costs $1500).
Get: Ostrich, lettuce and strawberry.
PREPARE Kaspab ( i don't really remember the dish name, am pretty sure it starts with "Kas..." . However, there's only one choice for PREPARE, you can't miss it).
And after that, make Kasba.

The dish will have hearts effect. It not only fill your stomache but also FILL UP your energy bar, increase your skill level ( a lot ) and make the eaters easier to fall in love!!!!! Cool recipe, right?

The higher your cooking level, the better points the dish has. And, try this recipe for a Group meal is a smart idea! Try making this every time you have guests or about to go to work! Actually, eversince i have this recipe, i only make this dish hehehe.

However, eating this dish takes time. About half hour or more. But it really worth that!!

BTW, it's MINE recipe. So give me some credit hehehe. Try it and the only thing you have to do in this game is take a bath, really LOL


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Unlock all locations
If you want to unlock all locations simply type in the cheat for the cheat gnome and stand infrount of it . press save then as it is saving type in : circle , L2 , left , circle , up , circle. until you hear you sim sigh with releaf the press on the gnome and it should say unlock press that then pres all locations . And you will be able to go to any location and meet new people. Hope that helped you a bit.
If you want to make your sim vomit, go to Fridge, then select these:


Then make Drink, then your sim will vomit after drinking.
Well all you got to do is make sure your sim isnt far away from needing a shower, then quikly go on another sim (r2) and check to see if there not far away from taking a shower .Then buy a love tub (plumbing) then go in the love tub then call the same sim over that you check was not far away from taking a shower, then wait till they go in and fast foward (r1) till your other sim goes out, but in that time you would see two people and a plus sign and you would get pretty far with your friendship with that sim.