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The Simpsons Game (PS2) Cheats

The Simpsons Game cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Command codes

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all cliches
at the extras menu and press left square right o right L1


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easy enemys
when the lots of enemys come close use lisas sax a phone hold o for 3 seconds and let go of it and lots of enemys will die its best use unlimted power
On the dolphin level where you have to rescue the sea captain jump in to the water when i did i got a cliche normally around where you have to use the hand of budda to put the boats on the stands and jump up them.
Reviving Characters
In co-op, when your buddy is killed, you can automatically revive them by going over to them and pressing triangle. Marge can do the same thing to members of her mob.


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Unlimited power
To get unlimited power, select "Extras" from the main menu, and press O, left, right, O, square, L1.
Unlock all Movies
To unlock all of the movies, select "Extras" from the main menu, and press square, left, square, right, O, R1.
Unlock All Trophies
In the "extras" menu enter the code as follows: right, left, square, square, circle, R1. When entered correctly it will unlock all the trophies that would originally be obtained by collecting the duff beer caps, krusty coupons, stacey coupons, or hair spray bottles.