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The Punisher (PS2) Cheats

The Punisher cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Beat Jigsaw
The easiest way to beat Jigsaw while he has the jetpack, is to actually get as close to him as you can. Try to get right underneath him, and he won't be able to shoot at you, and you'll have a clear shot at his jetpack. Once he loses the jetpack, you'll have to start picking up RAMS. When you get close to him, throw a RAM on the ground next to him and shoot it to make it blow up. Repeat until Jigsaw dies.

Soldiers will begin interfering. Killing them gives you a RAM. But the best way to kill them is by getting away from Jigsaw, interrogating them, and then killing them. This way you get some health and 2 RAMS.
Beat The Russian In The Apartment
This is one of the most memorable boss fights in the game, but also the easiest. The best way to dodge The Russian's big punches is to quickly dive out of the way while his arm is back. Then he'll attempt to smash the ground, jump again while he does it and it won't stun you.

The Russian will pause, and you will have to use this oppertunity to get behind him, jump on him, and walk him over to the special kill regions.

The first will be a fridge. The Russian will then toss you through a wall, and you will have to repeat the process and smash his head through the 3 computers. In the last room, you'll have to do the same with the TV until his life runs out.

The Punisher will then throw The Russian out the window, and the level will be over.
Beat The Russian The Second Time
Once you get to The Russian on Grand Nixon Island, he will begin throwing burning oil containers at you. When he lights one on fire, you have to shoot the container while it's over his head, and it will blow up, hurting him. Continue to do this until he jumps down to fist fight you. Don't even think about fist fighting!

Instead, lure him to more oil containers, and they will light up automatically. While they're burning, shoot them and the explosions will hurt The Russian. Of course, you'll also have to deal with more soldiers, but an easier way to finish off The Russian is with grenades. So before the fight, you might want to stock up on grenades.
Mad Points
Stark Tower

At the end of the level kill the snipers in the helicopter. Take the chopper down to a the last hit. Go back to the door and wait to ambush the soldier that exits. Torture him and kill him. Repeat using different torture methods until you have your fill of points and a huge multiplier and then finish the chopper with the grenade launcher.


While fighting the Russian run to the ammo point. Grab a human shield and then exit and wait near the ammo room door. Focus your sights on the big doorway on the bottom floor and wait for baddies to spawn. You will eventually figure out exactly where to shoot when your sight turns yellow to kill with one shot. When you have a lot of points, shoot the Russian's Donkey Kong Barrels until he catches fire. Run to the bottom left side of the room (As oriented by where you enter) and stand in the corner away from the staircase. When the Russian runs at you he will catch the barrel on fire. Take a step down the grade to the bottom and he will turn around to the stairs. He will then get caught in an explosion. When he gets to the bottom go back up the grade and he will then use the staircase again. Use this in a cycle until he is dead, then go kill the fat general.
More points
In the fitfh mission Bobby's funeral, instead of sweeping all the people with the M60; get out and do quick kills. You can get 200 points for each one. Depending where you attack from. You should get six or seven different kills per set of weapon. After you get each one the point value starts diminishing.
Unlockable Weapons
Here is a list of weapons, followed by what you have to do in-game to unlock them:

5.56mm Assault Rifle

    Beat Central Zoo level.

7.62mm Assault Rifle

    Beat Pier 74 level

Auto Shotgun

    Beat Takagi Building level

Battle Rifle

    Beat Stark Towers level

Hand Cannon

    Beat Gnucci level

Machine Gun

    Beat Grey's Funeral Home level

Machine Pistol .45 cal

    Beat Chop Shop Level

Machine Pistol 5.56mm

    Beat Grey's Funeral Home level


    Beat Lucky's Bar level

.50 cal Semi-automatic Pistol

    Beat Igor Baltiysky level

Sniper Rifle

    Beat Grand Nixon Island level

.40 cal Submachine Gun

    Beat Gnucci Estate level

5.7mm Submachine Gun

    Beat Fisk Industries level

Grenade Launcher

    Beat Pier 74 level

Flame Thrower

    Beat Igor Baltiysky level

Anti-tank Weapon

    Beat Pier 74 Revisted level


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Punishment Mode -Central Zoo
In this glitch you can walk into the closed cage and use the cage as cover plus get the weapons inside. When you did the Central Zoo level in the last part there was a cage. Walk up to the bars and all the way to the LEFT side and you'll walk through the bars and be able to go inside the cage.

If you turn around and fire at the bars you'll notice bulleet holes except for the last few bars where you walked through. You can use the area you walked in through to fire OUT of and it's the only part you can get HIT if you stay to the left once in the cage you can't get hit, you can exploit this by grabbing enemies and bring them into the cage to interrogate them
or using the left side of the cage as cover.

be careful you can only fire on enemies or be fired on on the right side looking out of the cage. This is useful as long as your using weapons with long range.

Easter eggs

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Demonic PA
In Central Zoo, There is an announcer that subtly gives you hints and sarcastically subliminal messages. If you are anywhere where she is, go into slaughter mode. She will have a considerably deeper voice and talk a little slower. DEMON ANONOUNCER, RUN EVERYODY!


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Crazy Kills
enable the cheat v pirate at the name selection screen you will unlock all the cheats turn the cheat crazy kills ON when you exit save then go to warzone choose any mission you like ........you should choose the mission where you kill the gnucci brother in the bar because you do not have to walk far during this level just step up and shoot them they will fly a cross the room and if you do it right they should keep bouncing back and forth when there dead shoot them and watch the way they move
Infinite health
Name your profile "V-pirate" to unlock everything, including the cheats menu. Once on the cheats menu, turn infinite health on.
Infinite Slaughter Mode
Get a gold medal on the Taikagi Level (2nd last level) to receive infinite slaughter mode.
Kill points
a little tip in kill points, if you are interrorgating someone, and when your done, instead of killing him by the same torture method you were using, switch back and do a quick kill. you get a lot of points, if you use the torture method, you will lose points
Unlock evrything
to unlock everything create a profile called V PIRATE
Unlockable Cheats
Earn a gold on each of these levels to unlock the corresponding cheat.

Crazy Deaths Cheat: Lucky's Bar Level
Gun Splitters Cheat: Crack House Level
Unlimited Ammo: Pier 74 Revisited
One Shot Kills: Ryker's Island Level
Unlockable Cheats
Earn "Gold Medal" on the following level to unlock the associated cheat.

Takagi Building Level - Unlimited Slaughter
Stark Towers Level - No Reloads