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The Incredible Hulk (PS2) Cheats

The Incredible Hulk cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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In Game Passwords
Go to Start And Press L1,L1,L1,L3,L3 And Enter Any Cheat But Debug First Before Entering Other!!
PasswordWhat it does
STERLINKupper cut death
ASTERincredible speed
WY ROTgrey hulk
HOT HEADon fire
incredible hulk ps2 cheats and ps3 cheats
can be activated in game mode or menu screen when in game mode pause press 2nd select button when in menu 2nd select button
PasswordWhat it does
BRINGITDouble health power-up values
DESTROYDouble damage from Hulk
Menu Passwords
First Main Menu Then Options Then Extras than cheats...
PasswordWhat it does
ALMIGHTYInfinte Rage
WHATTHECRAPRed Hulk And Blue Hulk
TWISTINGSTOIRMFRONTTornadoes In New York City level


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Cruel but halarious
You now how annoying the pedestrians are when they start screaming. Well go to an open area (like the park or that huge parking lot) and pick one up. Move the camera up 'till it stops moving and press and hold triangle or circle. Listen to them scream and watch them fly and turn into a dot in the mist. You can see them smash into things.

P.S. They bounce on the ground and off buildings

P.P.S Once and a while they will say hooooooooooooly sh********t!

And yes it's cruel but you have to admit it's kind of funny!


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Infinite Rage
First you go to the main menu, Next you go to the options menu, After that you go to the extras menu, Thereafter you go to the cheats menu, And finally you enter ALMIGHTY
Infinite Time (Timed Missions)
First you go to the Main Menu, Next you go to the options menu, Then you go to the Extras menu, After that you go to the cheats menu, And Finally enter EVERLASTING
Maximum Infinite Super Power
First you must go to the main menu, then you must go to the options menu, then you must go to the extra menu, next you must go to the Cheat Codes menu, and finally you must go to the code input screen to activate HULKBUSTER
The lake can't throw you on ground !!!!!
I know this isn't such a good cheat but I figured it out.OK first what you do is go maybe 100ft from the middle part of the lake ie. the shore.
Now charge your jump as much as you can then go backward then sprint to the end of the shoreline and jump really far and do a mid-air dash ie.press square.Wait and you will see that the lake throws you but its not far enough so you jump again.Make sure that you are in the middle of the lake for it to work.