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Into the grotto

When in the mansion, you need to set the Fleur de Lis in this order: N, W, S, E. This will take you into the maze that is the garden. Set all the statues facing Venus to make your way into the grotto.
Verified by: graeme0707 Submitted by: swdawg25 on May 21, 2006


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various cheats

At the games menu, go to the sub-menu Cheats, then type in one of the following cheats to get acces to them:
  • Et In Arcadia Ego: Alle bonussen vrijgespeeld.
  • Apocrypha: Every part of the visual database is unlocked
  • Sacred Feminine: Twice as much health.
  • Vitruvian Man: God-Mode.
  • Clos Luce 1519: Level select
  • Phillips Exeter: One hit kills
  • Royal Holloway: One hit weapon kills
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Freeze on October 24, 2006