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Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (PS2) Cheats

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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help on multiplayer co-op
this is gonna help if you bought the game new and youre friend wants to play co-op!
UnlockableHow to unlock
all co-op missions beatengo to mission select and hit L1,R1,L2,R2,>,square,L3,R3 then play


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Double Stealth Kill
In two player mode, if both players stealthily attack an enemy, they will perform a special attack. It looks really cool and it changes for each combo of players.
Fast Kanji
Stealthfully killing someone face-to-face is very hard to do, but it will give you 1.5 Kanji symbols. So if you can learn to pull this off most attempts, then you can get full Kanji a lot quicker.
Kill the Undead
After finishing an undead level, you can use the swords you get and go back into the level and kill the demons with them. This is a good way to recieve a higher score in that level. They do absorb your life though so be careful.
Skip Stealth Kill Intermission Sequence
While performing a stealth kill press circle to skip the short video sequence. It saves time and reduces the risk of getting spotted if other guards are around.


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Add 100 Points
Pause the game, hold L1 + R1, then press Right, Right, Left, Left, on controller Two.
All Characters
At the Title screen, press L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Left, L3, R3
All Powers
During gameplay, pause, hold L1 and L2, then tap Up[x2], Down[x2], Release L1 and L2, then press Square[x2], R1, R2.
All Story Mode Missions
At the Mission Select, press L1, R1, L2, R2, Right, Square, L3, R3
Alternative endings...
Both Rikimaru and Ayame have two endings.

The ending you get when you are Rikimaru depends on what option you choose at the beginning of the 6th mission "Retrieve the Steel for Ressai".

The ending you get when you are Ayame depends on what option you choose at the end of the 6th mission "Escape from Castle Amagai".

You don't need to replay the whole game to get the alternative endings. Simply go back to the 6th mission and choose the other option, save the game after beating the mission and proceed to mission 9 "Assassinate the Evil Tenrai". The videos at the end of mission 9 and 10 will be different now.
B-Side Sound
At the Press Start screen, hold L1 and R2, then press Down, Square, Up, Square, Right, Square, Left, Square.

Now, enter OPtions, Sound, then Language, Select the B-Side option.
Display Score and Time
Pause during gameplay, then press Right[x2], Left[x2] on controller two.
Final Debug Cheat- Control enemies with Player 2 Controller
While in game, pause it with player 1's control. (campaign missions only! not for use in other game modes!)

Use P2's control while paused, and enter...

L1, R3, R1, L3, right, Square, up, Square, L2, left, Square, down, R2.

If done right, the game will unpase. Have player one walk toward an enemy or innocent. When close enough, player 2's controller should be able to move the enemy.

Warning: This code is rumored to cause bugs/glitches in gameplay. Use with caution.

Raijin's Note to Gamer's: Okay, this code works.
It gives player 2 complete access to every enemy at once. When you do the code when near an enemy with the "?" on radar, (meaning they don't know you are there), you will be able to use simple basic controls with player 2. Using only the D pad, not left stick...

press left or right to rotate ALL enemies on the map. They rotate like a character in a Resident Evil game would. Pressing R1 makes all enemies Duck, pressing X makes them all jump. (All enemies can double jump.) Pressing forward on the d pad will make ALL enemies on the level move forward. They cannot attack if the code is done in the "?" state. Doing the code when an enemy is in the "!" state will allow the player 2 controller access to all enemies in attack state. All enemies on the level will be able to do the same thing as "?" state enemies, but will be able to attack with the square button, and will be be able to move backwards with the D button. Enemies do not hurt other enemies, only you. You can also block attacks now with all enemies.

You may turn the code off by entering the code once more, and enter the normal game again.

Basically it's best use is for stealth killing everybody, as when the codes are on, enemies do not have AI anymore, and will no longer react to you on sight, even if you hit them. You can also force enemies off ledges and cliff sides for fun and strategy.
Finding Fugaku, Dokuto, and the Stone of Power
Fugaku (Rikimaru Only) - In the Buddha Temple, it's found on the other side of a large, long and narrow pitfall. Before reaching this pitfall you have to jump onto a very small wooden fence uptop a tower. Once you're on the wood fence, jump down to a landing spot next to the pitfall that sits between two pillars (over to the left). Once there it looks like you can't reach the other side but you can. You have to crawl all the way and edge your way around the columns that loom over the pitfall. In most cases you will fall and die, but this one little area allows you to do this. Once you've reached the other side you'll find the Fugaku - a sword that's more powerful than the Isayoi but is slower and slows down Rikimaru's movement.

Dokuto (Ayame Only) - In the Buddha Temple, you'll find this weapon in a hidden room amongst a large pitfall. This pitfall is in the shape of a gian "L". Close to the middle of this is a wooden platform below which you can jump onto. You'll have to first jump between columns to get here and be crafty with the grappling hook. Once on the wooden platform you can run into a dugout and obtain the Dokuto. These swords are laced with poison and will poison all enemies they hit, however they also affect Ayame the same way each time she equips them. This can be cured with an antidote.

Stone of Power - Both Ayame and Rikimaru will find this inside Amagai Castle. There is an area during the level where you're running across a terrace outside. The Stone is located behind a revolving door close to this area. Once inside this hidden room, a trap will set off that brings the ceiling down on you, you'll have about 15 seconds to get the Stone and leave (plenty of time). This stone cannot be used, but once in your inventory it permanently boosts offense for the entire level.
Getting Tesshu
Beat the game with Rikimaru and Ayame. Tesshu is now selectable at the character selection screen.
Healing waters in the Bamboo Forest
If you crouch in the water spring in the Bamboo Forest your health will be restored.
Increase Items
At the Item Selection Screen hold R2 + L2 while pressing:
Square, Square, Square, Up, Left, Down, Right
Increase Your Score while playing
Pause the game. Now use the controller that is plugged into the 2nd port and press:


100 points gets added each time.
Initiate Aerial Stealth Kills
to initiate an aerial ninja kill, jump from different angles onto the enemy, and push the attack button when within 2-4 feet of that enemy. Works great with the ceiling cling moves.
Muramasa Health
You can use your Muramasa or Yoto Swords to kill regular guards as well. Each Stealth Kill will add HP to your meter.
Play Demo Stage
On the title screen, press UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, X, X, X.
Portable Ninja Brainwipe Machine Cheat
NOTE: You need two controllers (the right controller needs to be at least an Analog Controller) to do this cheat.

Pause (START) on the left controller and on the right controller, press L1, R3, R1, L3, RIGHT, SQUARE, UP, SQUARE, L2, LEFT, SQUARE, DOWN, R2. The game will unpause and you may control the nearest enemy using the right controller when your character is near enough in Story Mode.
Replenish All /items
At the Items screen, simultaneously press and hold R2 and L2, then press Square[x3], Up, Left, Down, Right

Entered correctly the stock items will be replenished.
Restore Health
Pause game and then press:
Up, down, Right, Left, Square, Square, Square
Score Cheats
To display the score, pause while playing and enter RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT on the right controller.

You can also add points artificially by this same method, except you need to hold L1 + R1 while pressing RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT.
Show Score while playing
Pause the game. Now use the controller that is plugged into the 2nd port and press:


Now you can play with your score on screen.
Silence is golden
When falling from high places, or from kinda high places, the sound you make when hitting dirt/water/etc., may alert nearby guards. Also, its a total pain when doing falling to the floor in a level where its raining, hence a big spash noise. To prevent this, hold R1 during the fall. When you land, you will be as silent as a ninja. Also, for fun, or better strategy, instead of a silent fall, you can land with a silent roll. Even better for sneaking up on evildoers that are walking away from ya. Also, holding R1 for the silent fall/rool, prevents your character from hurting themselves/loosing balance after any high fall landings.
Special Move Cheat
While playing, pause and hold L1 + L2. Now press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, release the L buttons, press SQUARE, SQUARE, R1, R2.
Stock Infinite Items
On the item selection screen, hold all the shoulder buttons and press SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, SQUARE, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. Note item slots are limited to six, but the item stock is now unlimited!
Through The Portal Level
At the Title Screen, press L1, Up, R1, Down, L2, Right, R2, Left

If entered correctly, you'll hear a sword being drawn.
Toggle Special Abilities On/Off
Pause the game and hold L1 + L2 while pressing:


Now release L1 + L2 and press:

Unlimited Item Capacity
Pause the game and hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 while pressing:

Unlock All Characters
To unlock all characters, go to the title screen. Then press L1, R2, L2, R1, RIGHT, LEFT, L3, R3.
Unlock All Items
To unlock all items, go to the Items screen, hold R1+L1, then press UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE.
Unlock All Layouts
At the Mission Selection Screen press:
R3, L3, R2, L2, R1, L1
Unlock Bonus Stage
To unlock the Bonus Stage, go to the title screen, then press L1, UP, R1, DOWN, L2, RIGHT, R2, LEFT.
Unlock Outtakes
On the title screen, hold L1 + R2 press DOWN, SQUARE, UP, SQUARE, RIGHT, SQUARE, LEFT, SQUARE. The choice will be listed OPTIONS -> AUDIO -> LANGUAGE -> B-SIDE.
Unlock the Demo Level
At the ''Start Screen'' press:

Up, Down, Right, Left, X, X, X

You will now be able to play the level that was available on the free Demo disc prior to the game's release.