Tekken 4 Cheats

Tekken 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Tekken 4 cheat codes.


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Command Continuous Playback
In practice mode, you can have a move repeated continuously by first recording it with the command capture, then by playing it with "SELECT + SQUARE" buttons.
Get Into High Scores on Survival Mode
Get a score of 8 or greater to be on the high scores list.
In Tekken force when the bad guys are down keep kicking them and you will get extra points!!!
Move Distribution
To view how often you have executed a certain move in the game, go to the "Command List" and press "L1" or "R1". This will break each move down percentage-wise to how often that move was performed
during a match or practice mode.
Movie Director
You can change the order your Game Replays are displayed by pressing the "square" button after the replay files are loaded from the memory card, while in under "Replay" in Theater mode.

1) By date and time, starting with the most recent save (Default)
2) Group by fighter on left side (Player 1)
3) Group VS battles together, then CPU battles, by date and time
4) Group by fighter on right side (Player 2)
5) Same as #4
NOTE: This should be ordered by location, but there must be an error in the programming.
6) Go back to #1
Pre-Match Power Up
Yoshimitsu can regain health during his Indian Stance Healing (down + X + O), before the match officially begins. This can be very useful during Survival and Team Battle Modes.
Steal moves!
To steal other characters' moves, pick Yoshimitsu.
If you press Square+Circle before they attacked, you will block their combo and your sword will turn red, and when you press Square+Circle you can use the move you just blocked!
The sinking look
To make a character look like they have sunk simply pick the beach stage, walk towards the water and kick your opponent so they fall into the water.
Time Release Characters
Characters are unlocked by completing Arcade or Story mode. The
order in which the characters are released are unlocked:

1) Jin Kazama
2) Lee Chaolan/Violet
3) Nina Williams
4) Lei Wulong
5) Bryan Fury
6) Julia Chang
7) Kuma/Panda
8) Heihachi Mishima
9) Combot


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After defeting story mode with xiaoyu you get kuma high light kuma and press X then u can be puma
beat the game with anyone
to beat heihichi do a combo repeat it and he will fall i prefer king so i would use his jaguar driver or a big combo into muscle buster what ever works for you
Choose Victory Animation
After winning a round and you see the replay showing, pressing each button( [X], [O], etc...) will result in a different victory animation. This also works when the opponent wins.
Display Attack Names during Game
In Arcade/Time Attack/Team Battle/VS mode, press Select during the game and you will see the names of your attack moves. Every time you enter a command attack, its Japanese name will be displayed.
Dogo Stage and Theatre
Dojo stage:
Successfully complete the game in Tekken Force mode.

Theater mode:
Successfully complete the game in Story mode.
Fight as Eddy and Miharu
Fight as Eddy Gordo:
Successfully complete the game in story mode as Christie Monteiro. Then, highlight Christie and press RP (Triangle) at the character selection screen. Eddy Gordo plays exactly like Christie.

Fight as Miharu:
Successfully complete the game in story mode as Ling Xiaoyu . Then, highlight Ling Xiaoyu and press RK (Circle) at the character selection screen. Miharu looks like Ling in her schoolgirl outfit from Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament and plays just like her.
Get pauls hair from the 3rd tekken.
Press triangle on paul to get old hair
How to get Jin?
To get Jin you need to succesfully complete story mode with Kazuya./Of course you will also get Kazuya'svideo in the theater.
Internet Ranking password
To recieve your internet ranking password, first complete Time Attack, Survival, Force, or Training mode. Hold down square and triangle and press up+right (right diagonal) on the control pad. You can then submit it to Namco Japan's Tekken 4 webpage to see how you rank against the rest of the world.
Paul's "Special" Taunt
crouch down without moving and wait for three seconds and Paul will perform taunt. It looks like people from Dragonball Z powering up.
Play As Eddie Gordo
Successfully complete the game in Story mode with Christie Monteiro, then highlight Christie and press Triangle at the character selection screen


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Play as Heihachi.
Complete story battle, arcade or time attack with Craig Marduk and Heihachi will become playable.


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Play As Ling Xiaoyu In School Uniform
Successfully complete the game in Story mode with Ling Xiaoyu, then highlight her and press triangle at the Character select screen
Play as Miharu
Successfully complete the game in Story mode with Ling Xiaoyu, then highlight Ling Xiaoyu and press Circle at the character selection screen
Play as Violet
Select Lee with the circle button to play as his alter ego Violet.
Play the Arena stage without any cages. (JP Version Only
This is a glitch more than a Cheat, but you can use it to play in the Arena stage without any cages.
  1. Finish Time Attack Mode.
  2. Play Story Mode using the SAME CHARACTER. When you reach the final stage, skip Heihachi's intro (ie. press Start).
When the round begins, you'll see that the cages are down (actually, they're invisible). You can leave the Arena by going to the ramp which Heihachi walked down in the intro.

Note: In order for this code to work, you must play as a character who actually fights in the Arena Stage during story mode (for instance, Jin never fights in the Arena, so the glitch doesn't work for him).
Practice Mode Move Percentage
Enter Practice mode and select any character. Then press start and choose the command list. Now press and hold any of the shoulder buttons (R1,R2,L1,L2) and you should see the precentage of how many times you have performed that move in practice mode instead of the button combination for the move.
reverse neck breaker
Hidden Nina Williams throw not on command list. Hold down d-button down-to-back and simultaneously press triangle+circle (normal throw)
Same People in videos
if you go it laws video and you see the guys you know the people that say the food sucks and if you go to christies video they wil be in it
Statue Stage
Statue Stage - Complete Story Mode with Steve Fox
Unlocking All Characters
Successfully complete the game with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding fighter.

Hwoarang to unlock Jin Kazama
Christie to unlock Eddy Gordo
Xiaoyou to unlock Kuma/Panda
Yoshimitsu to unlock Bryan Fury
Bryan to unlock Violet, if Jin is already unlocked; otherwise, Jin
Violet to unlock Combot (and Violet can now be Lee)
Kazuya to unlock Nina
Nina to unlock Lei
Marduk, Paul, or Law to unlock Hiehachi (unless all others are unlocked, in which case anyone unlocks him).
View move names
During a fight, press selectthen enter a combo. It will show combos name.