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Tales of the Abyss cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Sonic Thrust
To get this Arte for luke, after you get anise on your team and after you talk to van in katsuar, Sleep in the inn either one is fine, a event will happen a nd luke will get Sonic Thrust
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sonic ThrustTo get this Arte for luke, after you get anise on your team and after you talk to van in katsuar, Sleep in the inn either one is fine, a event will happen a nd luke will get Sonic Thrust


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"Cake" Recipe
After beating the Tartoroo Valley the second time, Go to Tartoroo valley and then go to the place where Luke and Tear were transported to in the very begining, a event will apper and you'll obtain the "Cake" Recipe
Abyss Replica Facility
To unlock this secret dungeon you must be on your second playthrough, which MUST be a New Game+. To gain access to it, you need to have saved Shiba and completed the Ortion Cavern (East) side quest, which is also only avalible playthrough 2. Go to Sheridan and talk to the two men in the northwest part of town, then Shiba, and you will be taken to the dungeon. It costs alot of money though, be warned of that.
During your 2nd playtrough in the game and after completing the Absorption Gate and Natalia joins the party, go to Grand Chokmah and head for Peony's room at the palace, there talk with the Maid. A cut-scene will trigger and you'll receive the Abyssman costumes for everybody!
ok here's what ive observe in casino mini games
it will help you to determine when will you raise HIGH or LOW.

2 > 100% Raise HIGH (definitely no other card is lower than 2)

3 > 95% Raise HIGH, 5% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

4 > 95% Raise HIGH, 5% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

5 > 95% Raise HIGH, 5% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

6 > 90% Raise HIGH, 10% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

7 > 88% Raise HIGH, 12% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

8 > 85% Raise HIGH, 15% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

9 > 65% Raise HIGH, 35% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

10 > 40% Raise HIGH, 60% LOW(this will occur more during the 300 chip max.bet)

J > this Jack is a VERY TRICKY ONE when its FIRST Drawn during Raising it specially in the 300 chip max.bet it might be like this,
55% Raise HIGH, 45% LOW
and when Drawn 2nd or 3rd (so on...) it will be like this
40% Raise HIGH, 60% LOW

Q > 25% Raise HIGH, 75% LOW

K > 10% Raise HIGH, 90% LOW

A > 5% Raise HIGH, 95% LOW

Joker >100% Raise LOW(no other card is Higher than the JOKER)
Dark Key
After the Peace Treaty is signed in Yulia's City, but before completing the Absorption Gate, go to Grand Chokmah and head for the Palace. In the middle of the way a cut-scene will trigger and you'll receive the Dark Key.
Fried Rice Recipe
During your first visit to Baticul, be sure to stay at the inn befote going to the abandoned factory. If you do this, a cut-scene will trigger and Anise will find the Fried Rice Recipe.
Guy's Hopeless Dreamer title
To get this title, enter Eludant once go further to find Noilles brother leave then go to Shridian, go to the meeting hall, then Guy askes Noille to ride the Albiore then you'll get the title and a costume.
Holy Song
After Luke cuts his hair in Yulia's City, and you're about to meet with Teodoro (Tear's Grandfather), a woman will ask Tear to go to her house later. After talking with Teodoro, do so (It's right below where Teodoro is). Talk with her and Tear will learn Holy Song.
How to get the "Tactical Leader" Title
In order to get this title, you must defeat Nebilim with the difficulty setting on "Very Hard" or "Unkounw". After doing so go to Grand Chokmah to talk with Peony. Then go to Daath and talk with Tritheim. Next to to Baticul and talk with Pere to obtain the "Tactical Leader" title!
After Luke visits the doctor in Belkend, but before finishing the Absorption Gate the second time, go to Ion's room in Daath. A cut-scene will trigger there. And Tear will learn the skill "Judgment".
Legretta's Letter
Available: After seeing the final event in Eldrant.
Reward : Tear's "[Locrian Colonel]" title

You must do the Special Training subevent to unlock this. Go to Yulia City
and enter Tear's house. Go to the flower room to see Tear finding a letter on
Van's tombstone. She reads the letter which was written by Legretta.

The truth behind Legretta joining Van is that she wanted revenge because Van sent her brother to his death. Unable to defeat Van, she tries to approach Tear to get back at Van by using his own sister. As time goes by she learned of Van's past and his ideals, changing her mind and followed him after Tear's training was complete. Legretta apologizes to Tear and signed the letter with her real name "Giselle Oslo".

Tear tells everyone to leave and breaks down in tears. After that, she receives the costume you saw in Tear's flashbacks.
Luke's Berserker Title
Available: After clearing Adsorption Gate and Natalia rejoins the party.
Rewards: Luke's "Berserker" title

Fight 256 times on "Hard" mode and above. Then go to the coliseum stands in Baticul and talk to the man standing on the pillar(he only appears after
Natalia rejoins the party). He will give Luke the costume title.
Money Gathering tips :D
Well After the Tips in the Casino on your 1st game collect 16 of this stuff
Great Sword 3000 chips
Undine 10,000 chips
Soul Steal 30,000 chips

If You Manage to get those Before The War Breaks Stock them and all of your UN-USED ITEMS and Equips DONT SELL THEM.. ONLY sell ITEMS DURING THE WAR (it will be like 1 day event) SELL THEM IN CHESSIEDONIA during the war and YOU'LL BE FILTHY RICH! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> the prices of buying stuff will SKYROCKET! after this event and still not enough...

sell them to Grand Chokmah AFTER the war because they buy stuff much higher...

there will be more prizes in the casino after lowering the outer lands into the qlipoth so watch out for that

and now sell your un-used stuff to ENGEVE because they're buying Stuff Much Higher than Grand Chokmah <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Proud Maid
When Ingobert agrees to the lowering land operation go to Natalia's room. (Right, Up, Right from the Audience Chamber.) Talk to the maid, and after a scene Tear will earn the Proud Maid title and a costume.
Saving Shiba
To trigger this event, go to Aramis Spring after Chesedonia sinks. There you will find a dog who wishes you to rescue his owner Shiba. Do so and you'll receive the King's Portrait.
Strongest Weapons
The strongest weapons i found were the weapons you get from the coliseum on single battle,it's quite easy to defeat the monsters on the second playthrough though.
Tear's maid costume ~_^
There are 2 events that you have to trigger in order to obtain this costume:
1) After visiting the King of Baticul for the first time, go find the guest room on the right side of the castle and talk with the maid.

2) After Ingobert IV acknowledges Natalia as his daughter, go talk to the maid in Natalia's room, and Tear will obtain a new title. Select the title in the status screen for Tear and she will wear a maid costume!
Time Traveling Hero
The "Time Traveling Hero" is an accessory for Anise, that can be obtain the first time you visit Chesedonia (you can come back for it later in the game though). Enter Astor house, and from the main hall take the upper-left door, in the next screen take the door that is right in front of you (the other door of this room doesn't open anyways). In the following room you'll find two beds and a bed-side table, check the latest and you'll find the Time Traveling Hero, this accessory when equipped will greatly raise Anise's critical rate.
Unlocking the secret shop
In order to unlock the secret shop you must completely fill the collector's book in the game (( This, unfortunately, requires at least two playthroughs )).
Upon completion, speak to the man dressed in purple at the library in the Daath church to receive Jade's " Item Collector " title.
Speak to the man again with the title equipped and the shop will appear near the Inn in Grand Chokmah

Easter eggs

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Original Dragon Buster costume in Tales Of Dragon Buster Minigame
When at the title screen for the Dragon Buster minigame in Namco Isle L1, R1 and Triangle at the same time, and you'll unlock the original Dragon Buster Costume!


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Collector Book
After Luke and Tear stay in Engeve for the night, talk to the apple seller. He will ask you to look for a box in Cheagle\'s Woods and will reward you if you find it. Once you enter the forest, take the first turning to the left and open up the chest to obtain the box. Go back to Engeve and talk to the apple seller to get the Collector Book. You can also give it back to him when Guy joins you.
The collector book, serves as a list that shows you all the items, weapons, armors, etc that you have bought/found/received.
Fonic Music Discs
There are a total of 6 of these discs:
1)In Daath, go to the lower-left corner, up the stairs, to get Prelude.
2)In Sheridan, go to the house on the north-east side labelled as Music Box House for a scene.
3)In Daath, there's a side-entrance into the shops building. Go inside and inspect the chest to find Purity.
4)First, do the "Shiba & The Choral Castle Portrait" event. Then, go back to the Choral Castle, up to the middle of the second floor and return the portrait. In the secret path that opens you should find Requiem.
5) Go to the room with the cameras and head to the far left. There\'s a Katz off- screen. Simply pay attention to the Examine/Talk tag at the bottom of the screen. You should get the Comedy disc.
6)Enter Chesedonia and on the north side, go to the left side, with the woman that is always clapping. Watch. You will obtain Finale in the end.

Now that you have all of them go to the Music Box House in Sheridan. After the event, Tear will obtain the title of "Servant of Melodies".

Note: You can do this side-quest at any moment of the game.
Get Asch in your party permanently
In the OverWorld, when there is no loading occurring, open the disc tray and remove the game disc, then shut the disc tray. Without the game disc, you can go anywhere in the OverWorld. Once you got to the desired spot, open the disc tray and put game disc back in, then close the disc tray. You can get Asch on the Albiorl and leave Luke forever in the Mushroom Road with this trick. Note: You will lose Luke if you do this.
How to get Jade's Battle Master Title
To get this title, you have to beat the single battle in the coliseum by Jade and you'll get it.

Hope I helped!
How to get Natalia's Adventurous Princess Title
To get this title,you have to find all the search points in Auldrant even the unlisted ones then put curious princess title on Natalia and control her while entering Din's shop in Chasedonia. A cut-scene will happen and Natalia will receive Adventurous Princess Title.

Hope I helped!
Map Glitch
This hardware glitch allows you to travel to anywhere on the world map, passing through mountains, walk across ledges and over water.
Save your game, stand still on the world map, eject the disc tray/open the disc cover of the PS2, now remove the disc and close the disc tray/cover. Next run a short distance, all "obstacles" should dissappear. Now go wherever you wish to go, when you are in the wished location insert the disc and close the disc tray/cover to resume the game normally.

Do NOT insert the disc again if you are over water, a mountain, or a very tiny island will leave you unable to move.
Map Glitch for Refined Flight stone
Go to the original entrance to Mt. Roneal and use the map trick. Go north a bit, into the blizzard, and examine the search point for the new flight stone.
(note this make take less time, but if you want treasure go the normal way)
Original Dragon Buster costume in Tales Of Dragon Buster
When you start a game of Tales of Dragon Buster on Namco Island you can use the original Dragon Buster costume.
This will also Unlock the minigame Retro Music and Sound effects !

Code :
Press L1 + R1 + Triangle at the DB Title Screen ^^

Peony\'s pet piggies and the spa!
After clearing the Absorption Gate for the first time, and having Natalia re-join party, go to Grand Chokmah and go to Peony\'s room and the maid will ask if you\'ve seen the Emperor\'s Rappigs. Now enter his bedroom, and he\'ll tell you to find his beloved bigs. There 5 in total, and you need to find one to make another appear:

Pig 1: Exit Peony\'s room and check the side of the left staircaise.

Pig 2: Go to the Audience Chamber and examine behind the right throne (it\'s
against the wall)

Pig 3: Go to the Guest room on the second floor to find it.

Pig 4: Go to the Library to find it.

Pig 5: Exit the Library and it should be there.

After retrieving all the pigs, you\'ll recieve a Spa Pass, as well as a title for Jade.

Now with the Spa Pass in hand, go to Keterburg, and go to the Hotel. Approach the counter and a scene will trigger, asking if you want to use the spa. Use it and you\'ll obtain titles for everyone, as well as their Swimsuit costumes.

Talk to the employee on the right side of the counter and enter the spa again. An amusing scene with Tear, Natalia, Anise, and Guy will occur, with Guy getting the title Naughty Devil.
Soft Meanie Title for Jade
1) After completing the Absortion Gate for the 1st time and Natalia re-joins your party. Go to Grand Chokmah, to the screen where the bar is and speak with the person in the lower-left part of that screen. A cut-scene will trigger. Now go to Sheridan, to the Meeting Hall. Go up to the right room on the second floor and speak to the girl there.

2)After you see that Sync starts reading the score in Chesedonia and you speak with Teodoro in Yulia's City. Go to Grand Chokmah and to screen with the bar. Head to left for the last cut-scene of this event, Jade will receive this new title.
Tales of Symphonia reference.
After completing the Tower of Rem and heading to Daath, speak to the replica to the right of the chapel entrance. When spoken to twice he says, \"...Zel...os...died...\"; this refers to Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia.
Tear\'s Pendant
Do you remember that Tear gave away her pendant in order to pay the coach driver? Well, you can get it back:

After entering Chesedonia for the first time, Talk to the man by the medicine shop in the north side of the town. He\'s the coach driver that Tear payed for with a jewel but it seems the guy already sold it.
Now continue with the game normally.
After Chesedonia sinks talk to the same man, who will say he sold it to a guy named Raiz in Grand
Chokmah. Go to the shops section to find him and buy it from him at the price of 100,000 Gald.
The Sword dancer
In order to get the Ultimatus sword, you must first defeat this optional boss three times.

1)You\'ll encounter the sword dancer for the first time in the Choral Castle, after defeating Arietta. Go back to the main hall of the castle and you\'ll find a sword thrusted in the ground (use the save point near you before examining the sword). Now check it to fight the Sword Dancer.

2)When you are told to go to Theor Forest you\'ll see a Search Point south-east of that forest (in the world map), be sure to save before checking it. The battle will trigger as soon as you check the search point.

3)After clearing the Isle of Feres you can fight this boss for the third and final time. Go inside the manor where you met Arietta and after going back out, you will see the sword there in plain sight.
After defeating it again, you\'ll receive the Ultimatus sword as a reward. This weapon has 765
of P. ATK.
TOS reference
In Namco Isle on TOA go to the north of the room above the ladder (assuming you already unlocked it)go right till you hit the second door go in and examine the red costume. it will refer to TOS as the tale of two worlds.
"Unknown" Difficulty: Beat the game once

"Very Hard" Difficulty: Beat the game once

Game Record: Available at title screen after beating the game.

Grade Shop: Save a clear file after beating the game, and you will be able to start a new game with the Grade Shop by loading it.

Sound Test: Available at title screen after beating the game.