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Super Robot Taisen Impact (Import) Cheats

Super Robot Taisen Impact (Import) cheats, and Codes for PS2.

Super Robot Taisen Impact (Import) Cheats

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master code:
EC878304 1434A4A4

max capital:
1CB46B60 17E9C70C

unlimited SP:
4C8980DA 1456D7A5

master code:
EC878304 1434A4A4 gs2/ar2

FA46006E 328B4B81 cb

unlimited EN and SP
(will also effect enemies too):
4C82863A 1456D7A5 gs2/ar2

1A4CC7D5 00001000 cb

16x experience after battle:
9C8285CC 1454D6A5
9C8285D0 15F6E79D
9C8285D4 39A1E7D5 gs2/af2

all music open:
1CB46DD0 61DFB00C
1CB46DD4 61DFB00C gs2/ar2

all demo open:
1CB46DE0 61DFB00C
4CB46DE4 1456B00C gs2/ar2

all character and robot encyclopedia open:
7CB46D50 1436E7A6
EF6A8023 1456E7A5 gs2/ar2

AP 99:
(compatability, you need this to get some hidden robots)
3CB46B68 1456E788 gs2/ar2

Infinite Movement

9C889B30 1456E7A5
9CB42588 14450165 PAR

Morale (chi)150 for Everyone:
4CBB3B74 14561445
4C8AD9C0 1456E7D7 PAR
Submitted by: SD NEO SEED on April 04, 2004