Summoner 2 (PS2) Cheats

Summoner 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Gems !!!!!
To make gems for Iari you need the soul comusumntion skills from Morbazan at 100 for a LV10 gem. This lest tells what skiil make what gem.

Soul Search=Green
Soul Transfer=Black
Urath's Prayer=Blue

In An Emergency, Scrolls Are The Way To Go
In this game, summoning a spell to ward of enemies can take some time. Although a simple spell, she takes some time making the light show before the spell is actually cast.

If you see an enemy charging towards you and you will not be able to handle them, use a scroll on them to stop them so you can gain your ground again.
More Money
In mas Ora's district go to the gladiator ring and choose to enter survival mode in compete. Then once you start go to the waterfall and select the waterfall and leave your character selecting the waterfall the timer will still go down and you will survive every round and get 150 gold for every round you survive then when you've got all the gold you want simply die and you will be given the gold.
soul comsum
To get the skills you have to soul comsum mosters and this list is what monsters give you what skill.

Redemption:Indubal Terror, Tree Sentinal,Rock Spider,Rococro,Unseen best,Unseen guard.

Soul Search:Indubal Horro,Pairate,Tusk Wolf,Mud Golms,Unseen guard

Vitalize:Grotto Tree, Inland Ghost, Unseen Best.

Haste:Indubal Fiend, Any Hopiris Mosters.

Soul Transfer:Galdyran Solder

Inferno:Galdyran Magician

Omen:Unseen Guard (Shooters)

Urath's Prayeron't know yet.

Beguile: Unseen Guard.

I will up date the list when I find the rest.


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Easy Money
Head to Mas Ora's district in Munari City and enter the House of Soleil, it's the first on the left once you eter the district.
You'll encounter a human right in front of you, loan him a 1,000 gold pieces and he'll give you a Bodril.
Hold it until later when he asks to return the loan.
Now ask him you wish to purchase the Bodril for 5,000 gold pieces, but answer "NO" whne he asks if you actually want to do that.
You'll gain some gold and experiences. After this he will ask if you actually want to buy it.
Instead of leaving, continue to speak with him, and he will keep asking the same question.
Keep answering "NO" and you will et gold each time.
White Statue Puzzle
After defeating Sepulchre, head over to Miridian's Pass. Once inside, follow the right-hand wall. Follow the trail up into the mountains and you'll find the statue of "The White Lady". Equip Sangaril with a crossbow and enter first person mode. Aim at the colored gongs in the correct order to raise the bridge to the statue. Once there, you recieve 15000 experience points. The order of the gongs is as follows:

Bridge One: Red, Yellow, Blue
Bridge Two: Orange, Green, Yellow, Red
Bridge Three: Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green