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Hidden FMV Sequence
Here's a little treat for Dungeons & Dragons fans. This is the same video that has been circulating the net for a little while, if you haven't seen yet it is pretty cool.

From the main menu, select the "Credits" option. While the credits roll across the screen, press the X button and you will access a humourous hidden FMV.

Cast Spells without Delay
When casting a spell press Triangle to display the pause menu, then select the "Inventory" option. When you exit this screen the game will resume, and your spell is cast without any delay at all.
submitted by fantavision

Play tips

Kill tiger rider easily To kill tiger rider easily,just summon up Wraith
submitted by Joseph


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chains without work.
go on to the options menu and where it says chains you can have it set to manual or automatic so set it to automatic and press x.

you can also have it set so it only uses certain chains go on to the skills page for a character and make the ones you don't want to use blank.
to do this go on the one you do want to use and change it to the direction of one that you don't want to use and there you have it chains without work.
ok, so was playing summoner and i keep getting surounded by enemies witch leads to my death. here's how to kill a number of enemies if you can't fire a volly of fire arrows. if there are three or more enemies together, get close enought so one or two see you and then move back. they will come to you and you can kill them one bye one. alo, if there are archers or mage, get them first so they cannot attack you unhinderd. good luck!
Easy Exp.
Once you get to the world map and find the city DON'T go in. Instead there should be some mountains, try and get to the middle (a point you can't pass). Get an encounter and you'll find these robots. A brown one is hard, a yellow one is moderate and the demented one is easy. They are slow but give up to 75 exp.
Easy Exp. for Joseph and Flece
When you've just finished escorting Adeslani (for the ''Adeslani's Brother Quest) to the point where she says, ''We Made it!'' talk to her.When you get the option to reply to her, choose ''We Made it?'', then instead of pressing X to continue, press triangle to quit the conversation. You still get the 4000XP for Joseph and Flece, and you can repeat this as many times as you want!
Easy Gold/XP Accumulation
Once you have finished Mas Ora's Arena for the first time, you can return there and play Time Attack or Survival. Although it costs gold to play, every enemy you kill earns you Gold and XP. If you survive the entire Time Attack Run, you can easily earn over 10,000 gold from your entry fee of 500 Gold. Survival costs 1000 Gold, but you keep going until everyone's HP hits 0, earning Gold and XP for every kill.
Easyier way to get money for bacite tails
A good way to get money for the bacite tails is to fight the ones you find in random encounters on the world map. This is a quicker way to get the bacite tails (and the money you need) since you need to wait until after you get flece to get the bacite tails in the sewer.
Extra XP for Joseph
After initially completing Masad, as soon as you get to the world map, turn around and head back into town (NOT Lenele). The enemies have returned, tougher than before, as have some of the items. This, as far as I know, can be done countless times, but the items don't come back after the second time around.
fleece deadly combo
when you get to the point when fleece is all alone, or its just her and joseph (without his good hand) the best way to dispatch enemies like the samurai etc. is for fleece to trip them up, run behind them and then backstab.. this provides 1500+ damage, which is more than enough to kill all enemies at this stage
How to get dread blade in Summoner.
First of all go to Iona and get the "Tathal the wanderer" quest. Then when your in tower of Eleh go and find a slave pit and get the "emperors dragon scales" quest. The person who gives you the quest also gives you a dragon scale. So now go to Wolong caverns and find a bridge. On the left side of the bridge should be a cave, get in the cave and you will get the red dragon scale. The next one is an encounter. When you got the quest "Tathal the wanderer" that should've enabled the encounter where you find Tathal. Now when you got the dragon scale from Tathal go to liangshan forest. The last scale is on the right side of the cemetery. Get that and then get done with that place and go to the Jade temple. After you beat Murod, go outside and all the jade temple people took over the place. Go down and you will see a guy with a staff thingy, talk to him and give him the 4 dragon scales and recieve the DREAD BLADE.
Infinite Chain
As you probably know, as you use chain attacks they start to use increasing amounts of AP. Well, if you get up to ''chain 4'' and above, they start to get costly (-2 AP, -3 AP each). When this happens, you can hit R2, then L2 (or vice versa) really fast to switch to another character and then back to the one you are controlling. This will reset your chain number to 1, but your character will not pause in his attack.
Quick Casting
Cast a spell, press start for pause menu, then select inventory. Exit the screen to resume game and your spell will be cast instantly.
Quick spell casting to save your life
When you cast spells, there is an initial charge time before the spell is cast. While you wait for the charge to finish and the spell to take effect, you could be getting killed, and losing control of that summon and adding another enemy to the list.

If, during the charge animation, you go into one of the game's menus such as 'Skills' or 'Inventory', a glitch in the game cancels out any charge times and instantly casts the spell.

This comes in handy when you NEED to heal instantly. Cast heal on the person, press Triangle, click on inventory, and you hear the heal spell come out instantly. Try a barrage of fire arrows and you will kill just about any boss.

Its cheesy, and it takes advantage of a game's fluke, but if you need it enough and it means not having to reload 2 hours of gameplay, I dont feel cheap using it.
Secret Video
Select the credits and when they start to roll, press the X button for a funny video that involves one of the classic RPGs (D&D)


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Best and most easy EXP
the best and most easy EXP to have is Archlord, once he does by you hand (death, poison, etc but not the spike pit) you will gain 6666 EXP, you can repeat this after Joesph has his hand recovered and left the caves, after that, renter the caves and battle him again, this can be done unlimited amount of times, you will get to level 20+ easy.
Defeat The ArchLich
Having trouble killing the ArchLich in Wolong Caverns? There are three ways to do him some damage.

1. Remember the spike traps? Send one of your team members out on solo mode and keep the rest of your team near the trigger switch to one of the manual spike traps. Have the solo member lure the ArchLich over the trap, and when that member is safely across, switch over and have another team member trigger it.

2. Equip as many characters as you can with a Khosani Dagger, which has a poisoning ability. You can find these weapons on the bodies of dead Khosani Warriors from random encounters outside the Khosani volcano.

3. Have your players cast "Death" on the ArchLich.
Easy EXP
To get easy EXP. for Joseph and Flece, just listen to this...After you get through the palace for the FIRST time, go outside of Lenele City. Then, explore the entire world map. Afterwards, you will see a volcano on the screen. Walk up the part where the volcano is curved inwards. There, you will fight "Red Oni"s. They are pretty easy, but can prove themselves worthy of fighting you... They give over 5000 EXP. each time.
Extra Bacite Tails
Try to have an encounter with some bacites. Kill all the bacites in site(or all of them at all.) Go to a yellow line(or exit line). Say no when it asks if you want to go to the worldmap. Turn around and start walking strait. Soon bacites should turn up. If you keep doing this you can get at least 20,000 to 100,000 gold pieces
by the way, this happens very rarely but it is sometimes worth if you have no money.
Invalid Cheats / U.S. Version
The following is to notify all Summoner players that the "All Spells" and "Double Summon" cheats DO NOT WORK. They are two of the most talked about cheats in the game and inevitably drive people mad when they won't function. So keep in mind that these codes are completely bogus and any rumors of them working properly are false. This applies to the United States release version of Summoner, but keep in mind that this may be different for overseas versions.
Khosani Labyrinth
You can obtain bonus experience points in this dungeon by passing each of the floor tests flawlessly. Just make sure you save your game prior to entering the dungeon so that if you make a mistake, you can load your game and try again. For example, in the first room, to get bonus points, simply move your team around the edge of the room and make sure they don't step on the symbol in the middle of the floor. For the next two areas you must solve the puzzles right on the first try to get bonus points. If you make a mistake here you'll know because a golem will be released from one of the secret rooms if you goof.
Reduce AP Cost
Get "chain 4" or higher attack and quickly press R2 and L2 to switch to another character, then switch back.
In order to succesfully complete the Beggar's Eyes and the Apothecary missions, you'll need to find something called the Salamanka Tongue. You get this from the Salamanka, which is a unique enemy that only shows up in one area once you've taken on the quest. Head up into the mountain range above Lenele and get into a random encounter. You'll know you're in the right place if it's daylight, and if there are golems roaming around. The Salamanka should be sitting in the middle of the field. Be careful of its fire attacks and make sure your characters are well prepared. The creature will drop its tongue when you defeat it.
Secret Weapon
In the tower of eleh, there will people that you can talk to. Talk to the one that walks behind a post. If you talk to him about 50 times he will give you a Long Poleaxe
Triple Damage
A good strategy to get the jump on enemies is to first send Flece out in Solo Mode. Make sure she has the Sneak ability on so that she is invisible to most foes. Walk up SLOWLY to the rear of your target, then go into your action menu and use Backstab for a considerable amount of damage. This will bring Flece out of invisiblity mode, so after her initial attack bring her out of Solo Mode so that the rest of your team can swarm in and help out.