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For this TIP you need 3 rune slots characters(the earliest is Miakis).Equip her/him Wall Rune(you can find it in Lordlake when its revived).With Wall char. can only defend.Next put it Strike-Back Rune for Counter always,and at last equip Crazed orb for 2x dmg.It doesnt matter you cant control because you can only defend.Just put in first row(arrow stance formation and just use frm. skill).The dmg. will be minimal and should counter always.Crazed should really boost it up!!!
I got the ideal when I found Wall Rune and tought of Strike-Back Rune,Crazed was last!!!
Again my own TIP!!!
Once you get Ernst, you'll never have to worry about boss fights again. Simply level him up to about Level: 45. Then, once you get into a boss battle, use Transformation on the first turn and Resounding Roar every turn after that. The boss won't be able to use any attacks or do anything.
Bad Endings
Bad Ending
After Kyle joins your party at Rainwall, go upstairs to your room. When Lyon asks if you are ready for bed, say Yes. During the night you will have a conversation with Salum Barows. During the conversation, you will get three chances to respond to what he is saying. Choose the second option all three times. When Lyon interrupts, choose the second option for a final time. You will then be shown the bad ending and the game will end.

Bad Ending #2
When you finally confront the Imposter Roy in his bandit cave hideout he will challenge you to a duel. Accept his challenge, then lose(Make sure you used the savepoint earlier so you can reload the game afterwards). You will see another bad ending to the game.

Bad Ending #3
If you lose any of the three battles against Zahak, Alenia, or Galleon during the three squad boss fight, you will receive the third bad ending.

Bad Ending #4
If you choose to guard the castle instead of fleeing under the cloak of night, you will enter a War battle. After this war, Childerich and Roy will have a duel. If Roy loses this duel, you will be treated to another bad ending.

Bad Ending #5
In Sun Palace near the end of the game you will have a duel against Gizel. Lose the duel and you will receive the fifth bad ending.
Bath Scenes
This is a list of the combinations of characters you bring into the bath in order to view special scenes.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Scene 01 Josephine / Meroon / Faylen
Scene 02 Kisara /Lun / Subala
Scene 03 Eresh / Leilei / Shunmin
Scene 04 Zerase / Nikea / Bernadette
Scene 05 Lyon / Miakis / Roy
Scene 06 Flail / Byarkuren
Scene 07 Lu / Jeane / Marina
Scene 08 Nifsara / Norma / Linfa
Scene 09 Lorelai / Viki / Zweig
Scene 10 Isabel / Nelis / Sharmista
Scene 11 Lyon / Sialeeds
Scene 12 Maroon / Muroon / Faylon
Scene 13 Dinn / Isato / Matthias
Scene 14 Kyle / Gavaya
Scene 15 Roog / Nick / Rania
Scene 16 Ernst / Ax / Moroon
Scene 17 Logg / Retso
Scene 18 Levi / Wabon / Babbage
Scene 19 Alhazred / Ganoh / Sairoh
Scene 20 Zegai / Killey / Gunde
Scene 21 Nakula / Raven / Egbert
Scene 22 Rahal / Lance / Mohsen
Scene 23 Cathari / Hazuki / Urda
Scene 24 Bergen / Sorensen / Dongo
Scene 25 Georg / Richard / Yahr / Taylor
Scene 26 Shigure / Sagiri
Scene 27 Galleon / Goesch / Murad
Scene 28 Cornelio / Baslan
Scene 29 Cius / Haleth
Scene 30 Shoon / Takamu
Scene 31 Belcoot / Shinro
Easy Healing
This TIP needs characters with 3 rune slots(like Killey,Lorelai,Kyle...etc.)First you equip them Multi Strike Rune(300 000 potch) for more attacks,further you equip them Killer Rune(300 000 potch) and any STR BOOST RUNE (like Boost,DBL. edged,Crazed...).Next step you equip them Eyeball ring (50 000-originally bought in Doraat).It drains 5% DMG to HP.Also equip them Sun,Dawn badge type equipment for further HP healing.Also put Marina in your entourage for healing each turn.In that case you should deal about 1000 dmg. every hit(if u put more STR BOOST RUNES dmg. is higher) and drain 100 to 200 HP every hit dependig on dmg.On every turn Marinas and Sun badge effect should take place.It should you about 100 or less HP.It is better to use characters with higher HP/endurance for longer battle standing.If you do it right every 3 slot character with STR(not magicians) should work.The characters should be on 55+ lvl. for 3 rune slots.Sharpen their WPN. on 16 lvl. gor higher dmg. with Platinum Hammer(found in Storimfist).Put them best armor for less dmg. but it should not really matter because you drain.I think thats all.For this TIP I didnt use any NET cheats or walkthroughs.I made from my own exp.About 3000 to 5000 dmg. dealt at MAX.!!!
Extra Cash
If you're low on cash, just stick Egbert and/or Norma in your party. Their Potch Finder skill will give you an extra 65% Potch each after every battle.
Extreme Damage
How: Have Boost rune, Crazed rune,and Doubled-Edge rune.
Note that, the effect of the runes will be add up if the specific character you used had three free rune slot.

Head rune slot: Boost rune
Right-h rune slot: Crazed rune
Left-h rune slot: Doubled-Edge rune.

Instead inflicting 2x damage, you will inflict 6 times more damage than usual.Most of you all might probably know this tricks already...
Fight against Jidan
After the battle for Sable (optional 10th war battle) Dinn joines fighting party then Lucretia tells you to pick your fighting party to go after Jidan.

You're fighting Jidan and 5 Armes Bodyguard.

The battle trophy is Vengeful Child S (1) and Mother Earth Piece (1).
Never get hit
This might not work for everyone, but it has worked all the times I have tested it.

Take a Firefly Orb and give it to Raven. His Raven Rune makes him untargetable, while the Firefly Orb makes it so that he's the only person targeted. Instead of cancelling each other out, the enemy's attack will miss every time.
New Game +
After completing the game (regardless of how many stars you acquire), you will have the option to save your game. Loading this file will start a new game+, meaning you get benefits from your last play through. These include your Potch, formations, party SP and all of your items. Pressing L2 will also make you run faster.
Richard VS. Raging Childrch
After the full war battle against Stormfist that has Childrch and Dhuber, Shoon will join you and show you the underground tunnel that goes to the arena. If you take Richard with you he will give a little speach about him losing the Sacred Games because he was drugged. He will ask you to let him fight Childrch. If you let him, then you have to use him to fight the one on one duel. if not then you do it yourself. The fight is realtively easy. You can figure out his attacks. long grunt means special. short grunt means attack and a lot of guh's means defend.
Southern Mountain Corps vs. Hero's Army
One of the FAQs lacked this battle so I'm putting it here.

Southern Moutain Corps: 2800 Vs. Hero's Army (depends on set up)

Battle Conditions:
To Win: Get Hero to Sable
Lose if: Hero is Killed

Battle Trophey:
30,000 Potch, Windspun Cape
For destroying Infintry: Crown of Destiny
For destroying R/ Archer: Flowing Piece

You have control of 10 units.

Enemy has:
3 infintry (one is a spear)
3 Archers (One has 1/1 Flowing, one has 1/1 Rage, and the 3rd one has 2/2 Barrage)
3 Calvary (Jidan is one and one of the calvaries has 1/1 charge)

They won't attack unless approached.

You can decide the best tactics for this fight.
Please note this is only AFTER you have saved Lordlake.

If you're in an area where the enemies keep giving you a total beatdown, put someone like Gavaya or Goesch in your party with the Wall Rune and Firefly Rune. Then stick them in the front of a formation like Arrow Stance. They take almost no damage, leaving you free to level up against difficult foes.
Trade in
If you're desperate for cash, you can take someone with Trade-In with you and immediately sell any items you pick up for cash. Just remember that instead of making 50% of an items value, you will only make 33%.


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RaftFleet Glitch
Staying at the Raftfleet Inn after the "Intercepting Luger's Fleet" battle activates a glitch that takes you back to just before the battle begins,making you go through the entire thing again. This is a good way to farm Flowing Pieces and Luck Rings, and can be done over and over using the same method mentioned before. To end the glitch and continue on with the story, simply exit Raftfleet immediately after the battle without staying at the Inn.