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The O trick
When you use forge/bujustsu train/tutor/recieve stuff from ware house/affix rune use the O button and you can see all the characters you have gathered so far. So instead of running to Anne to switch the characters then seeing if there's anything you can do with them you can use this method that is much faster.

I thought this might help someone since I'm on chapter 5 and just noticed the O button option.


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Extra Scenario
Complete the game with 108 Stars Of Destiny to unlock a bonus scenario.
Getting the Sixth Flame
There are six flames, Thomas, Geddoe, Chris, Hugo, the dog, and the last one is Luc. To get Luc's flame you must complete the game with all 108 stars. Afterwards, the sixth flame will be opened up, and you can play through some parts of the game as Luc himself (who is in a party with Sarah and Yuber).
Level Up Trick
Like the trick shown below if you want to know how to get Chris to level 99 this is how you do it.

First enter battle with Chris (or any of the main characters you pick) alone. The Exp you get after battle is 6x as much. If you having trouble surviving use Estella or someone with the Pale Gate Rune. You can use the instant death spell for a easy win. Once you get strong enough take her out and fight alone against a few dungeon bosses. Remember to save often.
Make Potch & Level Up
When choosing your party have at least one character that can heal and make sure Elliot is your support. Also add one of the mounted duo's to your party for strength, otherwise choose who you want. Go to the Fire Champion Hideaway and run back and forth through the cavern. Elliot's potch finding ability doubles the potch at the end of battles. One copper sun gives you 11,000 while three will give you 30,000. Five or six circuits will land you around 1,000,000 potch!

This more useful than trading because the Hideaway is also the best place to level up. Swapping a couple of characters every now and then can give you a well rounded army for the larger battles.

Only do this if your characters are level 55 or higher, or else you'll get wiped out quick. If you're having trouble Mt. Senai or the Ancient Highway are your next best choices. The best place for skill points though is the Sindar Ruins.
Picking Herbs
While traveling in brush-covered areas, you may coe across strange looking plants that have a glowing yellow aura around them. If you walk over to them and press "X", you will have a choice wether to pick them or not. If you pick them, the herb will give you an item. The item varies on how blossomed the herb is.
The Chris Lv99 trick
I think this only works with Chris. Okay first before you get any stars in Chp.4 or if want any stars on Lv99, level up Chris to Lv99, yes it will take a very long time. 15-20hours start from finish.
Tips on Making Potch
Now the most simplest way and one I like to do is once you get Mike the card player you can make some serious money. I simply save beforehand and play a few times, then bet 9,000 potch everytime and before I know it I got 100,000 potch. I just save when I make a lot and play again or if I lose a lot then I restart the game. This could take time if your unlucky but basically it's full proof.

*Note: One card I find very lucky is the 4, if you get an ace it doubles and it has the highest percentage to get a 9. If it goes over just draw again and you should get close to 19.*

Another way I like is by traveling. I start off in a town any town and buy about 5 lottery tickets (4 random, 1 Segmett), get some trade items (make sure you know what ones to sell where to make the most potch) and begin the journey. Each town you stop at buy more lottery tickets, trade, ect... Each battle ground is a way to get more by potch or items to sell in the next town by fighting monsters. Then once you get to the last town on your journey simply go back the same way and do it again till you reach where you started by trading again and cashing in on your lottery winnings. Once your done you should have a healthy sum of money as well as nice level ups for your members. The only draw back is it takes time.