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Stuntman (PS2) Cheats

Stuntman cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Career Rankings
There are a total of six rankings that can be obtained in Stuntman. In order to get most of the rankings, you must acquire certain amounts of money (i.e. try for 100% completion rates on each level). The rankings are as follows:

Rookie - You begin the game at this ranking.

Professional - Have a total of $20,000 in career mode.

Senior - Have a total of $50,000 in career mode.

Lead - Have a total of $100,000 in career mode.

Assistant Coordinator - Have a total of $150,000 in career mode.

Coordinator - Have a total of $200,000 in career mode


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All Cheats
Unlocking Everything!
-Stuntman has four cheat codes. Input them in the New Game menu as your Driver's name. Thse codes are cse-sensitive.

All Toys
-Enter "MeFf" for all the Stunt Constructor toys you can place.

All Trailers
-Enter "FellA" for every movie or Trailer in the game!

All Cars
-Enter "spiDER" for all the cars. Use them in Stunt Constructor or Training Game modes.

-Enter "Bindl" to unlock all the Trailers, cars, and toys in the entire game, but only when you think you=ve earned it.


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Braking Tips For Snowmobile & Tuk-Tuk
The driving system is different on the Snowmobile and Tuk-Tuk, if your going to use the O or emergency brake you will oversteer, so just use the reverse or Square button, which is a slower braking system and gives you more time to counter steer
First 10 Cars and how to get them
Car #1 Stunt Car #!

Available: From Beginning

Car #2 Yellow British Sedan

Available: Hiccup With the Pickup Completed
(Toothless in Wapping)

Car #3 Dark Gray British Sedan

Available: Safe Stealin' Completed
(Toothless in Wapping)

Car #4 White British Van

Available: Rozzer Bovver Comleted
(Toothless in Wapping)

Car #5 British Police Car

Available: Fink in the Drink Completed
(Toothless in Wapping)

Car #6 Green Tow Truck

Available: Filled in Completed
(Toothless in Wapping)

Car #7 Stunt Car #2

Available: Filled Inn Completed
(Toothless in Wapping)

Car #8 Stunt Car #3

Available: Cannon Jump Completed
(Daredevil Stunt Show)

Car #9 Yellow American Hotrod

Available: Outta town Nitro Completed
(A Whoopin' and a Hollerin')

Car #10 Orange American Hotrod

Available: The Corckscrew Completed
(A Whoopin' and a Hollerin')
Guaranteed PAL(UK) version stuntman cheat
This code will unlock all cars, all levels, all stunt arena toys and all games. No bullshit people, this cheat works.

Go to the new driver name entry screen and enter the code below (case sensitive)

Level Skip Glitch
After failing a stunt select ''View Replay'' instead of ''Restart''. Towards the end of the replay press X continuously.(It must be timed precisely for it to work, you will hear a click) NOTE: This is a glitch. Side effects will be that you won't see the trailer when you complete the movie. You will also not receive credit for the scene.
Movie 1 Stunt One
Stunt #1 Hiccu with the Pickup

Step #1: 180 E-Brake

Difficulty Level: Medium

Follow the white van that passed until the director yells "180 Degree E-Brake!" That's to cue to swimg the car around to face the opposite direction. Why? Because a gang of Yardies occupy the white car that blocks your path! Slam on the E-Brake and ture right. Keep holding () until you swing around, then floor the accelerator! Make sure most of your car swings inside the yellow square. To shave seconds off your time, E-Brake earlier so that only the car's left side enters the yellow squre you wont' travel as far.

Caution: Do not attempt to ram the car or van in front of you! Don't stop the turn halfway through--Keep pressing () until you're almost stopped, then floor it. Also, don't turn left instead of right--That railing is solid!

Back on the road traveling toward your start piont, follow the green arrows pointing right. Take this corner late so you end up on the left side of the road. Take another right almost immediately, toward a narrow alleyway. Avoid the car comming along the right side, then make the turn.

Step #2. Hit the Boxes!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Gun the engine and zoom down the alleyway as the director yells "Hit the boxes!" Oblige him and stay to the left slamming through a pile of banana cartons and other debris. At a checkpoint (once you perfect the coruse, ideally you'll have seven seconds left in the countdown), make an immediate right. Stay on the roads right (near) side, and don't hit that car accelerates by! You can complete this entire section without breaking. Almost immediately, the director shourts "Left into the tunnel!" Oblige him, swing to the left followoing the green car.

Caution: Don't hit the green car! Also, don't swing left too early or you'll slam into the sign-post or tunnel corner, losing valuable time.

Step #3: Overtake on the right!

Difficulty Level: Hard

Keep left. Don't oversteer the corner and end up on the right side of the road--a "dustbin lorry: (trash truck) is coming at you! Stick to the left, and wait for the director's call. He yells for you to overtake the green car. Accelerate around the right side of the car with your left side. Don't clip the car or you may spin and fail the scene. Finally, there's a white car driving toward you on the right. Stay left and squeeze between the two vehicles. Spot another car on the right, then the tunnel exit, and another checkpoint counting down. Speed over, ignoreing the "Give Way" sign on your left (this means "Yield, and swing left as you exit.

Caution: The tunnel exit is narrow, so don't swerve into the signs or oversteer.

Step #4:

Difficulty Level: Easy

As you straighten out, a truck blocks the left side of a gated entrance. Zoom straight through the gap to the right of it, but left of the mesh fence. Floor it through the tires, and don't hit the truck!

Step #5 Hit the boxes!

Difficulty Level: Easy

The next stunt occurs immediately. Look for the "hit" icon and slam through the pile of cartons and junk. Keep your car pointing straight ahead, zooming past the truck on the right.

Step #6 Through the gap!

Difficulty Level: Easy

The roadway becomes a narrow alley between two buildings, made smaller by a read dumpster on the left. Weave the car between the dumpster and the left wall. If you hit the dumpster, you'll know about it!

Caution: If you plow through the green arrows or go off into the other alleyways, your stunt ends. Stay focused!

Step #7 Hit the boxes!

Difficulty Level: Easy

As you pass the dumpster, note the green arrows pointing left. Take the corner (perhaps easing off the gas a little) at speed and get ready for more boxes straight ahead. It's hard to miss the crates. Be more concerned with the tight left corner to come. Swing around it.

Step #8 Brake!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Almost immediately, you're suprised by a "brake" sign, and the director yells for you to stop. Slam on the brakes ([]), and stop with part of your car in the yellow square. Overshoot and the stunt fails!

Tip: Aside from the mandatory braking, there's no need to use the regular brake ([]) at all during this level. If you must sloow down, simply remove your thumb from the accelerator (X)!

That's a wrap!

100 Percent time bonus to beat: 12: 03 seconds.

1000 percent complete gives you:

New Car!

Yellow British Sedan

New Toys!

Ramp #3.
The real Cheats.
Go to the "New Career" option in the Stuntman Career menu, and enter the following codes as your name.

All driving games, cars and toys
Enter "BindI" a case-sensitive driver's name to unlock all driving games, cars, and toys.

All cars
Enter "spiDER" a case-sensitive driver's name at the "New Game" menu to unlock all cars in stunt constructor and training modes.

All toys
Enter "MeFf" a case-sensitive driver's name at the "New Game" menu to unlock all toys in stunt constructor mode.

All trailers
Enter "FellA" a case-sensitive driver's name at the "New Game" menu to unlock all trailers.

All of these codes are proven to work, so have fun.

Quick start
During the pre-race countdown, hold R1.

Car identifications

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage: White car from the "Live Twice For Tomorrow" mission.
Buick Skylark: Yellowish-white colored car.
Chevrolet TrailBlazer: Black SUV.
Chevorlet Truck: Monster truck.
1969 Dodge Charger: Blue car with orange flames.
1969 Dodge Charger: Car painted with the stars and stripes.
Ferrari: Yellow rear engine car with circular brake lights.
Ford Mustang Fastback: Yellow car with a black stripe with "GT" on the back.
Ford Van: White vans.
Jeep Wileys: Green army jeep.
Lamborghini: Yellow car with the black spoiler and the word "Zardes" on the back.
Lotus Espirit V8: Blue sports car.
Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda: Orange car with a black stripe on the side with the number "808" on the side near the trunk.
Porsche RUF CTR-2: Red race car with the blower on the hood.
Vespa: Gray moped.
General Lee Dodge Charger (Dukes Of Hazzard): Orange car, black stripe on the side, with "808" on the side near the trunk. Honk the horn for the same sound as in the television show.
Tip For The Tuk Tuk
Here's a little tip for when you do the Tuk Tuk scenes in Blood Oath. Don't use the E-Brake because it will slow you down too much and possibly cause an easy roll over which is quite annoying.
Unlock all cars, driving games, and missions
If your tired of having to do missions like World Record, A Whoopin and A Hollerin, etc. This is for you...

This will unlock everything except for movie trailers and Stunt Constructor Toys.

Enter the code, which is case-sensitive, at the New Game screen.
Just like that, as easy as 1-2-3.
Unlock All Toys
If your tired of having to earn the high scores on some of the most challenging levels in order to get cool toys like Car Launcher and Loops just use this cheat.

Goto New Career, and when it asks for you to input your name simply put in "MeFf" just like it is spelled as the cheat system is case-sensitive.

Once you go to your Stunt Constructor all the toys will be unlocked, expect for the cars you select to play the Stunt.