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Star Trek: Shattered Universe cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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How to deal with Constitution class Starships
You can can stay under the neacells or in between them and keep fireing, just make sure you get out in time before it explodes
How to deal with K`Tinga Class Ships
If you fly underneath one of the warp neacells or wings you will be impervious to attack from that ship.
How to deal witMrianda class starships
If you fly underneath the ship, you will completely impervious to attacks from the ship
How to inflict more damage on Capital Ships
Hold down the x and square buttons simutaneously when firing at a capital ship to inflict more damage.
Mission 12: Sight Unseen
This is the scout mission, this tip is for navagation point 3 only.

When you see the I.S.S Punisher surrounded by floating parts of other ships, you have 60 seconds to destroy them, dont destroy the ship parts individualy. Blow up the I.S.S Punisher and you should only have 1 peice of ship left. Destroy that yourself
The Best Fighter
The best fighter to use in any mission is the Imperial "Spectre". With 2 phaser guns, and a wepon that fires 4 photon torpedoes at one, it is truly the best. In Addition it has a very strong sheild


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Inviciblity and unlock all ships
At the screen where u have options, play etc..
enter these codes (make sure the screen says play)

Invinsiblity: L1,O,L1,R1,Triangle,Triangle,O,Select

All ships unlocked:

if you did this correct, you will see on the upper part of screen the cheat name u just unlocked. When more cheats are uncovered follow ups will be posted.
level select + All medals and ranks unlocked
This will be the final update: As set in previous cheat, make sure ur on he bridge screen where it says play. If done correctly, you will see the cheat name in the upper right screen for a brief second.

Levels: R1,L1,O,square,L1,R1,triangle,select

Medals: L1,R1,L1,O,R1,triangle,select

Enjoy I hope these help you reach where no man has gone before, no, i'm not talking about that place either...