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Starsky & Hutch Cheats

Starsky & Hutch cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PS2.

Starsky & Hutch Passwords

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good cheats
these are some good cheats that you might want for starsky & hutch
PasswordWhat it does
up(2)left(2)R1,R2,L1,L2trike cam(don't use cheat until you have collected police badges on free roam and do use cheat in story mode)
up,x,down,triangle,left,o,right,squarefunny car(don't use on trike)
up,right,down,left,L3,left,right,leftinvisible car(only see starsky & hutch)
Submitted by: ashley bates on February 04, 2009

Starsky & Hutch Cheats

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All Bonuses
enter the code as your username to get all bonuses -VADKRAM
Submitted by: Solid Shadow on October 20, 2003
Invisible Car
Up, Right, Down, Left, Diagonally Down-Right, Left, Right, Left

Monster Truck
L1, L1, Left, Right, Diagonally Down-Right, Diagonally Down-Right, Diagonally Down-Right, Diagonally Down-Right

Trippy Cam
L1, L2, R1, R2, Left, Left, Up, Up

Submitted by: schmikes on October 05, 2003