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Airyglyph Aqueducts Ice
Is the ice breaking for you?

A good tip is to walk on it by holding circle while moving.
Ancient Book Side Quest
If you go to Suferio (north of Duggus Forest) after rescuing Ameena, you will get Roger back on your team along with 7 ancient books. The books give clues to where you can find treasure.

Treasure list

You have until you defeat Crosell to get these treasures, afterwords they will vanish. Some treasures may require you to advance in the game before you can get them.

1.) Rock left of Mudman in Duggus forest- Health Berries
2.) Tourch left of Hauler levers in Kirlsa Caverns- Magi Berries
3.) Coffin in Sealed Cavers, where you can talk to the Retail Rabbit- Intellect Berries
4.) *Throne in the Ruins of Mosel where you play Runic Chess, B2F- Strength Berries
5.) Skeleton on the screen where the air dragon drops you in the Mountains of Barr- Elven Slippers
6.) Tree directly north of the Abandon Factory in the Bequerel Mine- Demonbane Cross
7.) Torch on the left of the Bunny Statue in the Urssa Lava Caves- Rabbit Ears Chalice

*Getting #4 is EXTREMELY HARD, perhaps one of the game's biggest challenges with one of the worst rewards. It is a good dungeon to do eventually, but if you want the strength berries you need to do it before the fight with Crosell.

If you're up to the challenge it will take a lot of work . To get it you need to clear a dungeon that is REALLY advanced for this point in the game. Go to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel, where you met with the king of Airyglph, and go to the conference room. Use the ring of disintegration on the cover on the eastern set of stairs. This will lead to a bonus dungeon.

First of all you need to do some serious leveling up. (lvl50-60)You also need very powerful weapons. Orichalcums alone won't necessarily do the trick. To get weapons at this point of the game with attack strengths of 6000+, you need Bangles of Accuracy, which have the factors +10% attack and +5 attack. You can make these with Maria, Fayt, and Roger for around 200 FOL. I would recommend NOT using Balbados, he's more expensive and is a hassle to get. Now the trick to these are you have to refine the +10% attack factor, which is impossible with the +5 attack around. You need to synthesize ONE of the factors onto a weapon, and then refine it. You can use Lias (Airyglyph tavern, 28,000 FOL), Cliff and Albel. After refining it it will have a +30% attack factor. I would recommend 5 +500 ATK factors and the rest +30% attack. I would also NOT recommend wearing Bangles of Accuracy as accessories, because you cannot refine the +10% attack factor.

The level itself is pretty simple and straight forward. There are 3 bosses throughout the level. The last two have 2 trophies each (<1 min, no dmg). I would recommend resupplying and saving after each boss fight.
Battle Trophies Rewards
15% or 45 trophies: Unlocks 2P color during the game. Press TRIANGLE at the status screen to use this.
25% or 75 trophies: Unlocks Universe mode when starting a new game
40% or 120 trophies: Unlock 3P color during the game. Press TRIANGLE at the status screen to use this.
55% or 165 trophies: Unlocks music test. Press SQUARE at the battle trophy screen.
65% or 195 trophies: Unlocks 4D mode when starting a new game.
80% or 240 trophies: Unlocks 4P color during the game. Press TRIANGLE at the status screen to use this.
95% or 285 trophies: Unlocks full active mode in battles when starting a new game.
Battle Trophy Award List
  • Collect 15% of trophies to unlock 2P costumes
  • Collect 25% of trophies to unlock Universe Mode
  • Collect 40% of trophies to unlock 3P costumes
  • Collect 55% of trophies to unlock Music Mode
  • Collect 65% of trophies to unlock 4D Mode
  • Collect 80% of trophies to unlock 4P costumes
  • Collect 95% of trophies to unlock Full Active Mode
  • Best Armour

    Fayt, Cliff, and Roger

    The best heavy armour is probably the Valient Mail, which can be found in a treasure chest in sphere211 (106f). It has 380 def, and DEF +20, which can be duplicated using specify plan.

    Sencond best would be either the Battle Armour, which can be bought from Ruddle and Rumina in Aquios, and has 200 def, or the Reflecting Plate, which is in a treasure chest on B1F of the Maze of Tribulation. The Reflecting Plate alos has 200 DEF and has the following factors;

    Def +20 (1)
    Adds water defense (no damage)
    Adds fire defense (no damage)

    It can also be improved through specify plan.

    Sophia, Peppita and Adray

    The best robe available is the Wizards Robe (DEF 130). You can buy as many of these as you wish from Ruddle and Rumina's shop in Aquios.

    Sophia and Peppita can also equip the Seraphic Garb, which can be found in a treasure chest on Sphere211, on 118F. It has DEF 125 and the factor 'DEF +10 (1)' which can be multiplied using specify plan.

    Peppita can also equip the Valkyrie Garb (DEF 600) which is dropped by Lenneth on Sphere 211, 210F. It has the following factors;

    +5 Battle Bonus Gauge increase
    +30% EXP aquisition
    +30% Max HP increase
    +30% Max MP increase

    However, that armour can also be equipped on Maria, Nel and Mirage, so choose carefully.

    Maria, Nel, Mirage and Adray

    All of these characters can equip the Dragon Leather (DEF 370) which can be found in a treasure chest on Sphere211, 111F. It has the factor 'DEF +20 (2)' which can be improved through specify plan.

    Maria, Nel, and Mirage (and Peppita) can also equip the Valkyrie Garb (DEF 600) which is dropped by Lenneth on Sphere 211, 210F. It has the following factors;

    +5 Battle Bonus Gauge increase
    +30% EXP aquisition
    +30% Max HP increase
    +30% Max MP increase

    You could also consider the Mystic Chain which can be found in a treasure chest in the maze of tribulations, B3F. It has DEF 180 and the factor 'DEF +10 (1)'.

    There's also the Battle Chain Mail which can be bought from Ruddle and Rumina in Aquios. It has DEF 180.
    Best Weapons

    You can create the Veinslay through smithery IC fairly early on. It has 900 attack points, and is the best available until after you complete the game.

    You can get the Divine Avenger on the 7th floor of the Maze of Tribulations. That has 1600 attack and an ATK +500 factor which can be duplicated through IC.

    Fayt's best weapon, however, is the Levantine which is dropped by Super Blair, on the 200th floor of Sphere211. It has 2200 attack and the following factors;

    5% probability of breaking
    Enemy DEF x 5
    Enemy ATK +30%
    -90% exp aquisition,
    -1 MP at certain intervals during battle
    ATK +1000

    All except the last factor can be removed using specify plan.

    Cliff & Mirage

    The Mythril Gauntlets, which can be made through smithery IC and has 1000 ATK should carry you to the end of the game.

    After the game, you can find the Raven Gauntlets, in a treasure chest in the Maze of Tribulations (B3F). They have 1800 ATK, and the factor 'ATK +200 (1)' which can be duplicated through specify plan.

    The best weapon is the Valorous Gauntlets, which are dropped by Enraged Crosell, in Sphere 211, on 115F. They have the following factors;

    Gives an uneasy feeling
    Max HP -30%
    -50% EXP aquisition (2)
    5% probability of breaking
    1/2 defense (2)
    ATK +1000 (1)

    All except the last of those factors can be removed through specify plan.


    You can buy the Gravity Laser from Ruddle and Rumina in Aquios. This has an attack of 800, and is the best available until later.

    After the game you an pick up the Shadow Phase Gun in a treasure chest on B1F of the maze of tribulations. It has a factor of ATK +200 which can be duplicated through specify plan.

    The best weapon would be the Dragoon Laser, which is dropped by Arch Demon in Sphere211 (170F). It has the following factors;

    Enemy DEF x5 (1)
    Enemy DEF x5 (1)
    Enemy ATK +30% (2)
    Enemy ATK +30% (2)
    -50% EXP aquisition (2)
    ATK +1000 (1)

    All except the last can be removed using specify plan.


    You can create the Rod of the Evil Eye through Smithery (ATK 650, INT 130), although you may prefer the Adepts Staff (ATK 500, INT 150), which you can buy from Ruddle and Rumina in Aquios.

    Later, you can find the [n]Pumpkin Wraith Rod[/b] in a treasure chest on B1F of the Maze of tribulations. It has ATK 1400 and INT 500. It has also has the factor ATK +200 (1) which can be improved through specify plan.

    Sophia's best weapon would be the Sacred Ether which is dropped by Freya, in the Urssa Cave Temple. It has ATK 2700 and INT 1000. It also has a factor of ATK +1000, which can be duplicated using specify plan.


    You can create the Ice Blades through Smithery IC. They have ATK 880, and the factor 'adds water based damage'.

    Later you can find the Elemental Ticklers in a treasure chest in the Maze of Tribulations (B2F). They have the factor 'ATK +200 (1)' which can be duplicated thruogh specify plan.

    Nel's best weapon would be the Death Bringers which are dropped by Vengeful Shelby in Sphere211 (137F). They have the following factors;

    Gives a cursed feeling
    Gives an uneasy feeling
    Fury use changes...but how?!
    20% probability of breaking (1)
    20% probability of breaking (1)
    ATK + 1000 (1)

    All except the last of which can be removed using specify plan.


    You can create the Paladin's Helm through smithery IC. It has ATK 1200.

    Later on you can find the Helm of the Dark Eye (ATK 1800) in a treasure chest on B1F of the Maze of Tribulation. It has the factor 'Chaos (attack effect)'.

    Roger's best weapon, however, is the Hybrid Helm (ATK 2500) which has the following factors;

    Max HP -30% (1)
    -1MP at certain intervals during battle
    Enemy Attack +30% (2)
    30% probability of breaking (2)
    1/2 Attack (2)
    ATK +1000

    All but the last factor can be removed using specify plan.


    You can create the Claw of Judgement (ATK 900)through Smithery IC.

    Later on you can pick up the Dark Faerie Claw (ATK 1600) in a treasure chest on B2F of the Maze of Tribulations.

    Albel's best weapon, however, is the Fangs of The Wicked which is dropped by Frenzied Biwig in Sphere 211, 147F. It has ATK 2200, and the following factors;

    20% probability of breaking (1)
    20% probability of breaking (1)
    20% probability of breaking (1)
    20% probability of breaking (1)
    20% probability of breaking (1)
    ATK +1000

    All except the last factor can be removed through specify plan.


    You can create the Damask Cape through smithery IC. It has ATK 900 and the factor 'raises normal attack decision by one (1)'.

    Later on you can find the Efreet Cape (ATK 500) which has the factors 'emits balls of fire when attacking' and 'raises normal attack decision by one (1)', in a treasure chest in the Maze of Tribulation, B4F.

    Peppita's best weapon is the Angelic Cape which is dropped by Furious Berial on Sphere211, 192F. It has ATK 3200 and the following factors;

    Emits balls of lightening when attacking
    Shoots powerful balls of light when defending
    Raises normal attack decision by 2


    You can create The Immortal (ATK 900, INT 100) for Adray using smithery IC. It has the factor 'raises normal attack decision by 1 (1)'.

    Later you can find the Heavens Blade in a treasure chest in the Urssa Cave Temple. It has ATK 1400, INT 300 and the factor 'adds fire defence (no damage)'.

    Adray's best weapon is the Heavenly Spirit (ATK 2000, INT 500) which is dropped by the Shadow Dragon on Sphere211, 126F. It has the following factors;

    Gives a cursed feeling (1)
    Gives an uneasy feeling (1)
    Gives a cursed feeling (1)
    -1MP at certain intervals during battle
    Gives a cursed feeling (1)
    ATK +1000

    All factors except the last one can be removed using specify plan.
    Big bucks later on
    In the beginning, while on the mission to save the little boy from the gang, in a shop, you will see a highly expensive item called: Pomello Juice.
    It's going to have a price in the thousands.
    This juice does not do any more then what the description says, but the description DOES say that the price is constantly rising ( sounds like an alcoholic beverage to me.
    Save up and buy it now. It looks hard to do, but it will not get any easier until the point that it's not worth it.
    Do nothing with the juice for a LONG time ( at least until disc. 2. Eventually, it's resale value will be in the millions.
    By the time you get to 4-D space, it will have a resale value high enough to outfit you with the best goods they sell.

    Make SURE you have plenty of extra Fol though, because you cannot sell it back at the price you bought it at for some time!
    Boots of prowess plus 30% ATK/DEF
    (Note: Make sure you have alot of fol)Once you your character slots are full and can fight Albel in Crossel's dwelling. Go against him repeatedly until you get no more boots of prowess from victory.Go to a workshop and modify them twice (with high level crafters)(It goes 5%, to 10%, to 30%) so you get them to plus 30% ATK/DEF.(Suggesting you synthesise with their best available weapon instead of use as accesory for a greater capacity. 8 on weapon: 30% X 8 = 240% ATK/DEF!!!!! 2 as accesories: 30% X 2 = 60% ATK/DEF!)(Note: You may need alot of synthesis materials which can be found anywhere in Sphere 211. note: if you run out of boots of prowess go back and get more from Albel
    Chains are easy to build up when you are in Vanguard III, near Norton's Hideout. Let's say you are standing near the door of the castle in the Ruins and you travel down two times and you reach a place with a broken bridge, and an item across the bridge - a Nobleman wanders round that area.

    1. Fight this Nobleman.
    2. Exit this area.
    3. Enter this area.
    4. Repeat steps.

    Because of the fact that there is only one Nobleman, the fights will be easy, seeing how Noblemen can only trip and cannot damage you. This can also help in training as there are two trophies associated with Norton. [If you fight Norton with the Bonus of Exp x 300%, Cliff will level up after you defeat Norton. =3] After you can finish the Nobleman with one blow or get bored, go up one area, where another Nobleman wanders. This one comes along with a Scumbag.

    1. Defeat these two.
    2. Go up to the castle area.
    3. In this area, there are two Noblemen each with a Scumbag - defeat them.
    4. Go down and repeat the steps.
    Saying that you have Exp x 300% - you can earn 6 Exp per battle. =3 Go for the Chain of 500 here if you wish!
    Checking if you're under or over leveled
    When you get in a battle look to the rating thing.
    if it is > 100 you are over leveled.
    if it is < 100 you are under leveled.
    Completely outfit all characters with the weapons and armour in Airyglyph in the first visit
    There are quite a few things you can do. One is to keep fighting Noblemen to get the copper idols that sell for 200 Fol, but this takes a LONG time.
    The fastest method I have been able to find however was to fight the enemies in the Airyglyph Aqueducts. The Skeletons drop the most valuable resalable items, worth over 800 Fol. The $ needed for the complete outfitting of your party can be made in only a couple hours.

    If you get impatient, then have no fear. While you are able to move about freely ( not trapped in a town ), you can always return to Airyglyph at any time while on the planet. Apparently, a lot of people miss this. The weapons and armour sold in Airyglyph are some of the best you can get up until halfway through disc one and many people seem to assume that once you leave Airyglyph in the beginning, you cannot return until later on. The truth is, you can go back there anytime you can rome freely. Meaning, whenever you are not trapped in a town awaiting a cut scene or something like that.
    The prices of the weapons and armour in Airyglyph become reasonable not long after departure. In short, once the route to Airyglyph is opened that does not require a trip through the cavern, it is a good idea to save up and get your weapons. Then, you will be indestructible for quite a while.
    Create 9999 attack
    You must be at the point where you can enter Gemity freely (usually on a cleared-continued game). Go to the arena and clear the S-Rank single battle to win the Imperial Scroll (Attack +1000)

    Go to a workshop and via Fayt's Writing talent. Select 'Sepcify Plan' and choose the Imperial Scroll and refine it for one time lap. Now you should have two 1000 point attacks on the scroll. Repeat the refinement for more attacks.

    Synthesize the Imperial Scroll on someone's second best weapon and it should let you unleash a fairly powerful 9999 attack.
    Easy alchemy $$$
    Simply put in Sophia, Misty Lear and Ansala. Price 4850 to 4900 or 5200 even to automatically get a stone that has attack plus 500
    in synth. Or 8820+ to get celestial pixie sells for a tremendous amount. (20,500 Fol)
    easy experience
    After you get out of aryglif for the first time (after you jump from the carriage before krisla)you can train there but if you go back(as if you were going to aryglif again)there will be some black brigade soldieres that have about 1540HP and 4MP and they will give you 15 EXP each if divided to three party members but be careful because theyre strong,if it is a group of one you van take it if it´s a group of two escape or you will die.escape and folow the story until your free to leve town again(town of krisla were Nel Zelpher leves you at the in)and then continue to train until your about level 5-7 to try to deafeat a group of two soldiers when you can beat them don´t feel to happy because the two guards of the brige are a group of three and aren´t to be trifel with until level 10-12 because theire atacks will take your life away and you´l only be able to escape if even one of your party members die,escape or game over
    easy experience part 3
    after you do the Easy Experience Tip Part 2 and are about level 20-25,you can go to the Mountains Of Barr and move ahead,there will be a dragon there,but be careful because they are very powerful and have lots of HP/MP and some tricks that can paralyse you,so save before figting them and don't go to far or there will be even more powerful enemies you will be ablçe to move 5-6 areas ahead until you find them for now just stick with the dragons that give you a lots of EXP that will help you level up even more but with these dragons at some point you will have to go to town folow the story and then return later with all the party together again
    Easy Healing
    Later in the game, stock up on food that restores MP, and then, outside of battle, have your inactive characters heal (chances are, you won't be using both Sophia and Adray at the same time). You can use the food to replenish their MP and keep your other characters fresh for battle.
    Easy Level-up/Money Mid-game
    When you have Albel in the party this is made a lot easier as you should be about the right level for it. If not; level up to about Level 23 for this to be easy enough to make it worthwhile.

    Go up to the Mountains of Barr and go behind the waterfall on your way into the Ruins. Right in the first cavern area behind the waterfall; there is a demon.

    Fight the demon. Leave the area, go back in and fight him again. Repeat as often as you need. You are close enough to Arias to heal yourself for free and save the progress and this enemy gives you enough Fol and XP to make it worthwhile. This is even easier if you have Albel equipped with Short/Weak MP attack and chain the attack. They give a lot more XP than the dragons do (and no annoying paralysis attack) so you get both benefits at the same time.

    After this; the creatures in the Urssa Lava Caves are even better for XP and Fol per fight as long as you have MP-hitting short/weak attacks equipped. Albel for example, can take them out in two to three hits. Stack it all up and before you know it, you have a ton of money and boosted your levels.
    Easy Money
    This is not the quickest way to earn money, but it is one of the easiest.

    Get a double fol bonus going, then get into a fight with some sort of nobleman. Get their HP as low as physically possible (use scan enemy - I beleive Fayt is the first character who can use this). The nobleman should fall over every few steps and scream "my money!" Tell all your characters to 'do nothing' and leave the game running for a while. Every time the nobleman falls a small amount of fol is added to your total after the battle. Keep this up for about twenty minutes (since there's a limit to the amount of fol you can get) ten kill him.
    easy money in pesseto forest(early in the game)
    first you have to get into a fight into a noblemen. then get his hp to less then 100. Then hit when he gives you a treasure box which contains a copper idol hit him again with the x button. Which makes him do another spare me and hit him with an x again. Then he will drop coins and so my money etc... after i think 15 or 20 minutes kill him and you will get 2 or 3 copper idol which sells for 2 or 3 hundred fol and 1 or 2 hundred fol from the noblemen.
    Easy way to defeat Robin Wind
    A simple way to defeat Robin Wind without the hassle using items all the time or keep on reviving your characters is to use Nel, Fayt, and Cliff. Make sure your characters are in the late 20's, or higher. When you start the battle, switch to Nel and run all the way back of the arena and let Fayt and Cliff do all the attacking. Heal them when necessary, and make sure their HP does not go under half. No need to use Fresh Sages, or use any berries(besides blackberries or any type of MP healing item for Nel's MP if it's low.).
    Easy Win
    OK when you get to Penetry, go to west and check out the work shop for Inventing Item. Then go to the work shop and expand your work shop to have compounding and next use Fayt only and let him compounding and put the price on 9-12 (in case if you are stupid that means 9,10,11,or 12) and it should come out as a bitter potion or something and it freeze an enemy (does not work on the boss) but still good (try it on an enemy that gives you a lot of expoint and use it, after the enemy freeze you can hit it to make it insanedeath) also you can make the bitter potion over and over again only 9 - 12 fol and you'll get a lot of expoint. (You might need to hire someone with compounding) I did it with Milaya but if you can't I'm sure Fayt will make it anyway)
    Easy XP/FOL
    This trick is only available near the end of the game. Once you return to Elicoor the last time visit the outfitter in West Peterny. Check to see if the item Durian Stun Bomb-R4 has been invented. If not you might have to invent it yourself.

    Once the shop has the item, buy 20 of them. This should be about 200,000 fol. Don't worry though you'll get that back and more. After you have 20 bombs, head to Irisa Plains. There will be the white winged monsters roaming the field. Go up to one and start a fight. As soon as you can use items, use the bomb. Instant Win.

    Now in order to get a ton of EXP and FOL you need to get in a battle a make a bonus battle occur and win. After this happens repeat the bomb trick. When your chain starts to have 300% and 200% fol, you will see the trick at it's best. With two of the white winged monsters defeated at once you gain about 12,000 EXP and 33,200 Fol. When you run out of bombs, go to Peterny, buy some more, run back, then repeat.

    This trick is ideal for people who want to level up to very high levels in a short amount of time, collect hard to get battle trophies, level up low level char, get lots of Fol. An example I will show is that in about 5 minutes I got a level 1 character to level 40.
    esay experience part 2
    after you leave the mines(with the hauler(turtle thing)after the town of krisla)you will find a plain with monsters that give you about 11 EXP each, but are easy to kill, and when you kill alL the monsters don´t go into the town!!!(to the left of a closed mine theres a wolf near the entrace but you can still figth him)if you go into town there will be a cutscene and wen you can finaly leave town you won´t have Nel Zelpher in your party so stick in the plains after the mines. theres a save for you there so that you can save without the fear of game over and din´t save thing.When you finish all monsters you can go to a place to the left of the Hauler mines that is called mountains of Barr when you get here returN back and kill all the monsteres again and repeat these steps:kill all monsters,save,mountains,return,kill all monsters etc.you should get batlle bonus very fast and with triplle exp and double fol youl be rich and experienced.and there are some nobleman around the plains to so that you can do the copper idol tip(see on this site)to get more money if you need.With this you can get to level 20 quickly and you don´t need to worry about HP or MP you'l barely need to use items since with the batlle bonus increased recovery rate gives you life and magic.and the enemies 90% of the time will do 0 damage.With the bonus EXP you'l be receiving an average 99 EXP per batle
    Get Adray before War
    If you go to the Audience Chamber in Castle Aquaira. Talk to everyone. After that, proceed to the exit. Adray will arrvive and will have a little spat will Lasselle. Then he will ask you if he can go with you. Select Yes for him to go with you. (Note: if you miss this, he will not come after the war, and "will" arrive the second time you go to Ellicor 2)
    Get Analas
    to get Analasa you`ll need a special stone .Is start with a P I forgot.will any way.Here are the people you`ll need Misty leaf found on mountain near mountain of barr.Shopia get her at moon base in the main story,eliza east aquio for only 3100 fol,and the most important thing,LUCK.once you get these people.put eliza, misty leaf, and shopia in and look for the price 11 or 12 then invent.is all up to luck ,now.there a 1/20 chance that it will succeed.Eliza suck but you need her to get the price 11 or 12.once you get Anasa you make alot of good synth stuff.
    Get Ancients Books
    After defeating the Mudman, head out West out of Peterny and then go to North to Surferio. Find Roger S. Huxley there and talk to him. He'll give you the Ancient Books (if you agreed to take him along in Duggus Forest).
    get roger insted of nel
    In order to get Roger insted of Nel you have to head back to the Sandmite Republic (don't know if it is the right place but it is next to the forest) and find Roger arguing with the person who made him get the statue in forest and fayt will tell him that Roger was a big help from when you get him. Now when you begin disk 2 insted of Nel destroying the jammer it's going to be Roger.
    Good way to make money
    Ok, this is not a cheat just a little help to make some money. This hint will work once you get Grats at the copper smelter. He costs 30k to hire but there is a chest nearby that has about 21k so be on the look out for that. For this to work you will need Grats, Cliff, and Fayt. When you get to Petemy go to the workshop and pick smithing. Next cycle through original invention till you see a cost amount between 4988 thru 5400. This will produce a rune sword worth 10k each. The success rate for this is very high and I have made about a half million in a short bit from doing this. With this money ive gone through and produces many inventions. I hope this helps any out there looking for a way to make money a bit more quickly. Good Luck
    Great Experience in the Main Game
    This is a good little trick you can do when you get to Gemity. Fight your way up the rankings to the second Twin Beast team, which consists of two Medusa Beasts. They're enemies from a post-game dungeon with around 70,000 HP apiece. Their movement speed is pretty fast, but their attacks are predictable. You can block the majority of their attacks just by standing still, and the one you can't is very slow and easy to spot. When they run up to you and rear up on their hind legs, either hit them or run to negate it.
    As for the actual experience, a battle with no boosts of any kind gets you 6,666 EXP. With Triple EXP (which shouldn't be a problem to get due to the Medusa Beasts' high levels), that's 20,000 experience in one fight!
    Many people have troubles getting through "mini-game", so here's how.

    During the Kirlsa Caverns you must ride in carts pulled by giant turtles called Haulers. To get to the end of the caverns choose the steady hauler and set your speed to about 23 Kph.
    When the turns come up (It will tell you on your screen) choose the following directions

    1. Left
    2. Right
    3. Left
    4. Left
    5. Left

    During the trip you will encounter wooden barricades and falling rocks that will raise your haulers stress if they are hit, so if your hauler's stress is getting too high stop, then get back on and finish. This may take 2-3 tries to get it right.
    How to make the Ultimate Sophia
    Ok, for all you out there who use sophia extensively in your party, here's a little thing that allows her to be nearly invicinble and a godly tank, but i'm pretty sure most of yall already know it...maybe...maybe not anyway here it goes.

    Ok first off you'll need i think its the tattered tome, which teaches a character the convert hp/mp skill. Teach sophia this and go to tatic skills and set her on conserve Hp. Next equip her with a victory trophy, it'll save you accessory slot and some slots in your weapon because it has 1/2 cast rate and 6% mp recovery. Also make sure to give her all the Magi berries you can find. With this set up, all the damage sophia will take will be Mp damage, and since she has that 6% mp recovery she'll recovery most of that damage up in a matter of seconds. So this way you dont really need to worry about defence for sophia at all.
    Ok, this is probably just me, but the best sophia is an explosion sophia, ya know explosion set on both weak and strong long. So ok for her weapon i'd advise you to use an adept staff which is obtainable through the supreme shop in aquios(one of the houses with ruddle and rumina in it). Here is what you should have in it:

    Adept staff:

    +1000 Int (refined dark crystal)
    +1000 Int
    30% int (refined bangle of intellect)
    30% int
    30% int
    -3 fury
    50% extra fire damage (refined flare ring)
    Either 20% mp or another 30% int factor (20%mp is from refined star talisman)

    Ok this is what i have in my staff, but by all means you can change it, ok that 50% extra fire is for an explosion sophia, but if you want a thunderflare/thunderstrike sophia then you can switch that out for a 50% wind damage. Incase your wondering, that -3 fury factor along with the -2 fury factor from the victory trophy added up with the Beserk mode (yea set her on beserk mode) Allows you to cancel bonus explosion all the way to 300% dealing devasting amounts of damage. Oh yea please note that the explosion sophia is only really useful for earth,galaxy, maybe universe difficulties, while the thunderflare/thunder strike or thunderflare/thunderflare sophia is geared towards 4D difficulty (stuns lock enemies so they cant hit you, while you get to pummel them to death).
    With this set up, your sophia should never die, well depending on your mp if its high then yea she'll prolly never die. Not only that you should deal damages upwards of 60 thousand and maybe even 70 thousand with explosion(depending on your intelligence). Also if that boss or enemy is immune to you, then just sit sophia right in front of the boss and use her as a punching bag(yup thats right she's an awesome tank too!!) or something while your melee guys pummel the enemy to death or use the thunderflare/thunderstrike combo on them. So she's great offensively and defensively!!
    How to obatin the items required to recruit inventors
    Keen Kitchen Knife - Can be bought in a shop in Gemity

    Dremela's Tool Set- Found in a treasure chest at the 4th level of the Sphere 211

    Philosopher's Stone - Obtained through Item Creation. Category has to be Alchemy, base price around 12(even thought I haven't been successful creating it through the base price of 12..)
    Strange Book-Obtained through Item Creation. Category has to be Writing, base price around 5400.

    Sunrise Dictionary - Found in a treasure cheast at Moonbase

    Potion of Youth (Fake) - Obatined through Item Creation. Category has to be Compounding, base price around 5.

    Winking Sage Cider - Obatined through Item Creation. Category has to be Cooking, base price has to be around 330. I think that it could be bought from shops, too.

    Antique Jewlery - Found in a treasure chest at the Kirlsa Caverns. The Ring of Distegration is needed though (the chest is behind a bunch of boulders)

    Bent Mystic Blade - Get 100 points in the Bunny Racing game at Gemity.

    Book of Prophecies 1 - Found in one of the treasure chests behind one of the walls in the Shrine of Kaddan. The Distengration Hammers are needed to break the cracked wall down. The wall is near the first saving point.

    Spirit Stone - Found in a treasure chest at the Ruins of Barr.

    Adorable Kitty Doll - Obatined through Item Creation. Category has to be Crafting, base price around 241.

    Ultimate Bomb - Created through Item Creation. Category has to be Engineering, base price around 180.

    AI Program - Obatined from talking to Leira in the 5th floor of the Sphere 211.

    Golden Curry - Obatined through Item Creation. Category has to be Cooking, base price around 63.
    IC Special Items
    Having the following special items in your inventory will boost your inventors combined talent levels by 20 for the sort of IC mentioned.

    Talent: Alchemy
    Item: Alchemists Stone
    Found: Treasure Chest on the far northwest edge of the Mosel Dunes.

    Talent: Compounding
    Item: Multi-Flask
    Found: Treasure Chest in the north-east of Arias.

    Talent: Cooking
    Item: Keen Kitchen Knife
    Found: Can be bought from the outfitters shop in Gemity (55,000 fol).

    Talent: Crafting
    Item: Cherubic Bust
    Found: Treasure Chest near the north-east corner of the Palmira Plains.

    Talent: Engineering
    Item: NC Program Disc
    Found: Treasure chest in the west research zone of the Moonbase.

    Talent: Smithery
    Item: Smithy Hammer
    Found: Treasure Chest in Flad's home in Arkives.

    Talent: Writing
    Item: Enchanted Pen
    Found: Treasure Chest in the Shrine of Kaddan. You need to use the Disintegration Ring to destroy the lower left rack of broken spears, in the room just before the first earthquake.
    When you go to Penetry all you have is Nel Cliff and Fayt. If you notice they make a great smithing team so you can invent weapon for right there until you get more characters.
    Keeping Albel through the rest of the game
    Instead of losing him at midpoint and beating him 3 times almost done with the game, while you still have him before disk 2, go to Peterny inn and spend the night he will ask you if you hate him. Say not really. At the beginning of the second disc when you have to return to Elicoor2, instead of Nel destroying the teleport jammer Albel will. Albel will stay with you the rest of the game.
    Levantine special feature .
    When you obtain Levantine from super blair.You can make it better by using special plan (Not the original the other one)in inventor.You can deletete all of the bad effect on it.But when I did that I found out that the Enemy Atk +30% can turn in to Enemy atk +30% & fol x 3.And you can increase it to Enemy atk +100% & fol x 10( that the highest i got to there may be stronger one).You can make alot of money by battleing monster with this.And your Levantine won`t break.
    But the enymy atk will be high so i would train before using this trick.But is not imposible.I fought fedya like.And won,and i got 12,934,343 fol
    lots of money early in the game
    Early in the game, around the escape pod there is a enemy that drops money, and gives you copper idols. When you fight hit him once or until he begs for his life. He will give you a Copper idol, when he does hit him again fast. Then he will normally give you another. And finally finish him. then rinse and repeat till you have 20 Copper Idols, then you can sell them all for 4000 fol. do this as many times as you want until you have all the money needed for a weapon in Airygylph(sp). you can also complete the map for the item that increases speed by 5%. then sell it for 9000 fol.
    Medecentra Pyroxene
    This is an item that is missed by almost everyone, and it is rather good. What it does is it reduces the HP use of Special Moves by 50%. That's right, cuts it in half.

    To get this accessory, first you must kill Norton (the first boss). Then you have to go talk to the mayor of Whiple. And he will give this to you.
    Millions of $ before landing on Elicore II
    Get the Pomello juice on the first planet and leave your game on over night. The price of the juice raises with clocked time. Before continuing the game, leave it on over night and/or while at school, and it can be worth millions in resale value in less then a week.
    Then you can sell it and never have to worry about going broke for a long time, maybe even for the remainder of the game.
    Never loose your bonus gauge without a dead party member
    The most easy method for maintaining your bonus gauge without keeping a dead party member highlighted is to put your preferred healer on Manuel and switch to them at the beginning of battles. Then, just stay away from the fighting. As long as their not taking hits, you will never loose your bonus gauge. Although more then 90% of the enemies are pronouncedly easy to avoid in this method, you should choose your battles wisely.
    I could be wrong, but I do not think that magic attacks and falling rocks can break your bonus gauge.
    Norton's Code
    When in the area before Norton's Hideout look for the graffiti on the wall. These numbers in order are 2, 5, 6. This is the code to open the door in Norton's Hideout.
    powerful weapons
    try getting gusto asap and make the most powerful item creation weapons ( having Lias and grats helps) the create orichulums ( made by fayt, eliza, misty lear, pepita)those i know for sure and dark stone ( by ansala ) for +500 atk and snyth as much to those weapons
    Ruddle and Rumina
    You can start this quest anytime after leaving Peterny for Aquios, but you must complete it before battling Crosell.

    Go back into Peterny, and talk to Ruddle and Rumina in one of the rooms in "The Front Door" luxury Inn, the one you stayed at with Nel. After a short scene they will ask you for directions. Tell them to go south.

    Head to Arias and look for Ruddle and Rumina again in "The Dozing Inn". This time you can tell them to travel through either the northwest or southwest gates. Your party members like you more if you tell them to take the northwest gate, but it really doesn't make much difference.

    Now head to Airyglyph and look for Ruddle and Rumina in "The Wyverns Tail" Inn. Tell them that they already passed Kirlsa.

    Finally, head to Kirlsa, and you should find Ruddle and Rumina in the "Iron Stomach" Tavern. If you speak to Rumina she will sell you the blueprints for 5000 fol. Ruddle also has a few items to sell.

    On a side note, when you return to Elicoor II later, check out Ruddle and Rumina's new shop in Aquios. They sell some of the best weapons and armour in the game.
    Shatter Enemies
    Once you learn Ice Daggers with Nel, you can use it to freeze some enemies. If you attack them while they're frozen, it will automatically kill them. This helped me a lot when I got her back in my party [before you fight Shelby], and I wanted her level to be close to Fayt's and Cliff's.
    Spere Company Floor 100-211
    To acess to these Place you must beat Cave of trials.
    Stun Bomb method
    Having trouble beating the big bosses who have deadly uncancellable attacks? Using any type of stun bomb is sometimes the best way to cancel attacks. Have two combatants fight the enemy. The manual combatant should be used for disabling any attack that an enemy is readying. Stun bombs have the ability to even stun the big bosses. Make as many stun bombs and explosives that you can through engineering.(EM Stun bombs recommended)
    The side kick method
    An attack that just barely eats away at your fury and CP, and can easily be repeatedly used in cancel bonuses. Equip sidekick on both short range special slots. When fury is full you should be able to do a combo of at least 4. It can be heavily increased with tri emblem(not emblum) and victory trophy.Each time you do it it does more and more damage.(note: take my word for it, with an ATK of 8000 I can do 150,000(three fifty thousands)with one side kick.)
    Unlockable:Bonus Dungeons
    After beating the game it will be saved as "clear". Loading this game will take you to the Spiral Tower save point before the boss battle. Go down the stairs and talk to the bunny character to travel to the Fire Wall, the Ruins of Mosel or Surferio. The bonus dungeons include the Aquatic Gardens of Surferio, Maze of Tribulations, and the Urssa Cave Temple.
    Use rabbit ears chalice
    Doing Roger's Ancient Book Sidequest will give you an item called the Rabbit Ears Chalice in the Ursa Lava Caves.

    Have the item equipped during battle and enter: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, (CIRCLE X or X CIRCLE, depends on refinement).

    Your character blow up and deal damage to the enemy
    Wind Fairy
    When you go to the wood to save the girl who look like Sophia look for an item call wind fairy if you find it you can combine it with your weapon to have thunder attack (each time you attack a thunder ball come out).


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    Bonus Dungeons
    After beating the game it will be saved as "clear". Loading this game will take you to the Spiral Tower save point before the boss battle. Go down the stairs and talk to the bunny character to travel to the Fire Wall, the Ruins of Mosel or Surferio. The bonus dungeons include the Aquatic Gardens of Surferio, Maze of Tribulations, and the Urssa Cave Temple.
    Floor 100-211 (Save point)
    When you somewhere on floor 100-211 If you want to save you can get out by using the tranporter.
    Get adrays before shrine of kaddan (2nd time)
    When you come back from sphere go to aqios and go time adience chamber. Then go to city of suferio and head mosel dunes right before you leave the city for mosel adray should come to u instead of after you goin to shrine of kaddan the second time
    Hidden Cave
    To access this hidden dungeon, you must first beat the game. After loading your new clear Data, return to Urssa Lava Caves on Mount. Barr. Head through the lava cave until you reach Crossel's room. From in here, head northeast where a treasure chest is. Rotate the camera north to find a door that wasn't there before you beat the game. Head through it and you're now in the hidden dungeon of "Urssa Cave Temple".And to Open the door you need to beat level 211 to get angel orb and that the key and inside is the real last boss
    How to make a ton of money!
    First off you will need one of the Sphere 211 super weapons . Roger, Fayt, or Maria's will be needed. They have the factor Enemy Attack +%30. If you refine this, it will eventually become Enemy attack +100% X10 Fol. This means the enemy will be twice as strong, but you will get 10 times the Fol. Now you go to the battle arena and fight the Dragoon Knigts. You will get over 2 million Fol per battle. In half an hour, your money problems will be over forever!
    If your low on cash after beating the game then go to the Maze of Tribulations.

    When you get farther into the maze you will find a brown yeti thing. Before killing it be sure to have a Bonus Gauge with Double Fol. Then kill it. Be sure that the your gauge won't break or else this fight is going to be partly useless. Once you defeat it you will notice that it gives you at least 130,000 Fol. Without the Bonus Gauge you will get way lower than this! Be sure you are high enough level so that once you get hit, your HP total is still maybe 8,000. If not, I suggest leveling up more. And try finding the ultimate moves in this dungeon. Even the weapons are hiding inside here. :]

    Hope I helped.

    PS. I don't remember what floor it is on.
    UNLOCK spere 100-211
    After beating the game.YOu can go in Cave Of Trials IN MIning Town OF Kirla after beating that you can go back to Gemity and enter the spheer company but this time you can go to spheer floor 100-211 you`ll have to do one at a time thought.And on your way you meat some boss you meat in the main story.But they`re stronger so be careful.
    Whoa, No damage from Freya.
    This cheat only applies for people who are playing in Galaxy or Earth mode.

    To get NO damage on Freya just put eight pairs of fully-refined Boots of Prowess,{On your weapons} and two in your accescory slot, and voila! If you have over 5000 defense Freya will it 0! (Symbology excluded.)